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+ Longtime Michigan State AD Hollis retires: "Our campus, and beyond, has been attacked by evil, an individual who broke trust and so much more. As a campus community, we must do everything we can to ensure this never happens again; to make sure any sexual assault never occurs. But to do so, we must listen and learn lessons. Only then can we truly begin the process of healing. I have tried to do this since first learning about the abuse in September 2016. [...] This was not an easy decision for my family, and you should not jump to any conclusions based on our decision – listen to facts. I am not running away from anything, I am running toward something. Comfort, compassion and understanding for the survivors and our community; togetherness, time and love for my family. Much attention has recently been given to outside investigations into the University and the Athletic Department, including those both by the Michigan Attorney General and the NCAA. Let me be clear, that in retirement, I will fully cooperate with these and any other investigations. As a University, we must focus on the healing of the survivors and the entire community." (link, link)
+ ESPN's Outside the Lines releases more reports from East Lansing, points to sexual & physical assault challenges within the FB & MBB programs. Former MSU sexual assault counselor Allswede: "Whatever protocol or policy was in place, whatever frontline staff might normally be involved in response or investigation, it all got kind of swept away and it was handled more by administration [and] athletic department officials. It was all happening behind closed doors. ... None of it was transparent or included people who would normally be involved in certain decisions." Lots more. (link)
+ Spartans MBB HC Izzo after last night's win over Wisconsin, "Well, I'm not going anywhere in my mind. I’m definitely not retiring. There’s a lot of things that happened today that are a part of life. I’m going to worry about my team, I’m going to worry about the survivors, and worry what I do. And have no plans on doing that. [...] I tried to say what I could say last week, and I’m saying what I can say this week. And that’s about all I’m gonna say right now, is I’m gonna stick with the survivors. … There is nothing I’m going to say right now after a game in a press conference except that I support the survivors to the Nth degree. I hope that I’m a big part of the healing process for them and our campus community. That’s what I hope I can do here, since I’ve been here longer than anybody." (link)
+ The Athletic's Auerbach reports NCAA Prez Emmert was first alerted of issues at Michigan State back in November of 2010. National Coalition Against Violent Athletes Founder Redmond sent a letter to Emmert about the situation after the pair met in Indianapolis, "What I really got from the experience with Mark Emmert was, that governing body governs him. He met with me, which was great and I appreciated that. But the governing board has an awful lot of power. … It’s a strange setup. You do kind of get the fox guarding the hen house mentality. You do feel like the NCAA doesn’t like to do investigations because they like their relationships (with university officials and conferences). I think Mark Emmert came in with the right tone but quickly realized, 'There’s not a lot I can do here.'" (link)
+ Statement from the Big Ten: "The conference will continue to closely monitor each of the investigations, along with the numerous lawsuits filed against Michigan State University before drawing any conclusions as to whether there is further action required." (link)
Former UTSA AD Hickey is back in the game, at least temporarily, as the new interim boss at Eastern Washington. Hickey says her angle on the job permanently is yet to be determined & right now is focused on making sure she's meeting the needs of Eagles coaches, staff & student-athletes. Interestingly, Big Sky Commish Williams, who played WBB for Hickey at Texas A&M, was the conduct to the opportunity in Cheney. EWU Prez Cullinan would like to have a new AD in place by mid-June & announced an internal search committee to be co-chaired by Provost Gordon & Trustee Murphy. Twelve additional members of the university community, including FB HC Best & WBB HC Schuller, are part of the committee. (link)
Buffalo also named an interim AD in Senior Assoc. AD for for Sport Administration & SWA Twist. Prez Tripathi: "I am grateful to Kathy for her willingness to serve in this important role in an interim capacity […] Thanks in large part to Allen’s strong leadership, we are very well positioned to attract outstanding candidates in this national search." According to the university, that "national search" will launch soon. (link); Outgoing UB AD Greene still believes the Bulls should be dominant across the board in the MAC. Full article behind a biz journal paywall. (link)
Another AD move of note as IUPUI Deputy AD/SWA Barksdale is named the new AD at Sonoma State (DII). Barksdale will be the first female leader of the Seawolves' department & plans to head west to start on February 1st. Barksdale: "Sonoma State University's values and tradition of excellence in both academics and athletics make this a tremendous opportunity and I look forward to working with the student-athletes, coaches and staff who have created this strong foundation." (link)
Old Dominion AD Selig does not expect the new tax code regulations to materially impact giving to the Monarchs as the average annual gift is $1,500, a sign that few are donating to gain a tax break. Virginia Senior Assoc. AD/Executive Director of the Virginia Athletics Foundation Katstra doesn't think major gifts will decrease, but also says, "I wonder if it will affect the people who give us between $200 and $2,000. There is a lot of research that indicates a tax deduction is not a big factor when it comes to those contributions. But the truth is, we just don’t know." (link)
More on the NCAA probe at UConn as the MBB program's investigation includes the recruitment of at least three players, though not necessarily ones who eventually became Huskies. Prez Herbst: "UConn is absolutely committed to a culture of compliance and intends to fully cooperate, as always, with the NCAA. We will do so in a thorough and transparent manner reflective of the model athletic and academic institution we continually strive to be." HC Ollie's contract runs through 2021 with no buyout clause if he is fired "for cause." (link)
Eastern Illinois will maintain a portfolio of 21 sports, but the Panthers will reduce their overall scholarship commitment by $400K over a two-year period. Looks like the cost-cutting measure will be achieved by reducing every sport's total scholarship count by one. EIU Prez Glassman: "Eliminating one or more of our the athletic programs would be detrimental to the interests of our student-athletes ... and also could have a negative impact on our tuition income." Scholarship agreements with current student-athletes won't be changed & Glassman says he also recognizes the potential impact to competitiveness. (link)
Eastern Michigan Prez Smith also touches upon the potential elimination of sports as the Eagles grapple with budget challenges, "Can you be at 21 for long periods of time? Can you sustain that? I think that is a fruitful discussion, a deep discussion, and one that A.D. Wetherbee is open to continuing to discuss and to debate and to look at." Smith says athletics is going through the same cost-cutting scenario reviews just like the rest of the university, recognizes the need to sell more corporate sponsorships & generate more development dollars. (link)
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"It’s pretty simple: The shiny new product of the SEC wore off. Everybody rode them around for two or three years -- now you don’t see them anymore. The newness has worn off." That's Oklahoma State FB HC Gundy on the geographic recruiting battle as Big 12 schools inked 15 of the Top 24-ranked prospective FB student-athletes during the early period last month. More Gundy: "The players we recruit, when it first happened, when A&M jumped over, it was, 'OK, I’m infatuated with LSU or Ole Miss or Mississippi State or whatever.' We’re not seeing that as much anymore. We’re seeing that we’re back to competing against the people in this part of the country. That’s the direction it’s going." (link)
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Another 'Ask the AD' with Kansas State AD Taylor (kudos on the transcript option), indicates Northwestern AD Phillips delivered a message of "we need more action" to his peers at the NCAA Convention last week in Indy. Taylor notes the push to develop a stronger MBB non-conference schedule, but it's challenging to get the right type of opponents to agree to play. Taylor also notes the Big 12 bowl discussions coming up in a couple of years & an interest in potentially building more ties to Texas-based games. (link)
Still relatively new Arkansas AD Yurachek rapped with local media personality Mattingly, "I think what my job is moving forward is for me to get out and about and make sure that everyone understands they’re a big part of the Razorback program, regardless of where games are played." Yurachek is partially referring to moving FB's Spring Game to Little Rock as construction in Fayetteville would have been significantly altered had the kick stayed on campus. On the future of more tilts in the state's capital, "We’re going to play Ole Miss in LR this year. We’re going to continue to evaluate the situation and a plan for moving forward." (link)
Seems like this one has been a long time coming as Missouri parts ways with Softball HC Earleywine, whom the school had investigated last year after complaints of mistreatment by some players. AD Sterk: "We do not take action of this magnitude without careful thought and consideration, however, we have lost confidence in Coach Earleywine’s leadership to foster the type of healthy environment we expect for our student-athletes, and as a result, believe it is in the program’s best interest to make a change at this time. Since my arrival at Mizzou, I have had a chance to consider concerns within the softball program that arose before my time and observe Coach Earleywine’s leadership of our program. This decision was based upon a culmination of leadership concerns, not just one incident, which caused me to reevaluate his position within our softball program at this time. While we are appreciative of the many successes Coach Earleywine’s teams have enjoyed on the field during his Mizzou tenure, we had serious concerns about the culture within the softball program and the experience our student-athletes were being provided as a result. I recognize that the timing is less than ideal, but I did not believe I could hold off in making a decision to ensure that our student-athletes experience a constructive environment that is consistent with the department’s expectations and values." Earleywine's contract was set to expire June 30 with a base salary of $182K. An interim HC will be named next week. (link)
SwimSwam reports Stony Brook has dismissed Women's Swimming & Diving HC Atkinson and AC Bowen after "alleged emotional abuse of the swimmers [that] included what they described as intense screaming, degradation, and regular use of profanity that became unbearable." The S&D program was just reinstated this past Fall after taking a competitive break in 2012-13 while the pool underwent renovations. Since the beginning of this season, six of the 13 student-athletes on the roster have left and another is on "hiatus." Stony Brook no comments, but the athletic department's website for S&D does not list either coach. (link)
Yahoo's Thamel wonders if President Trump will grant Army West Point senior FB student-athlete Toth a waiver as he could be the first Black Knights player to be selected in the NFL Draft since 2008 and is the first one in school history to participate in the Senior Bowl. Attendance at Army West Point includes a five-year commitment of service after graduation, and typically individuals may apply for a waiver to pursue a professional sports career after two years of service. It would take Trump's signature to waive the service commitment. Toth on his situation: "I’m inclined to do my two years of service. It’s why I went to West Point. I’m not one of the average players worried about draft stock. There’s a chance for it to get it waived. It would take a lot more higher-ups, like presidential at that point. But I mean if it doesn’t happen, it doesn’t happen. I’m not going to try and pursue something that would be outlandish." (link)
More Personnel: Arkansas MBB HC Anderson gets extended through the 2021-22 campaign, looks like the deal was actually signed back in November. (link); Western Kentucky MBB HC Stansbury sees his base pay bumped by $150K up to $650K & a buyout that increased from $250K to $1M. (link); Longtime Clemson SID Bourret will retire this summer. (link); Interesting note during the intro presser for new Fresno State Women's Volleyball HC Winder: The Bulldogs have the largest WVB budget in the Mountain West. (link); SC6 host Hill is staying at ESPN, but transitioning to a spot at The Undefeated. Makes you wonder what may happen to the show in the near future. (link)
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The IndyStar looks at the social media efforts by Butler to show behind-the-scenes footage of MBB HC Jordan and his program. Jordan: "Any time we can share what it is that we do here, how we do things here without giving away too much, but let people in on what’s so special about being a part of this university and this place, we’re always more than willing to do that. ... We try not to share secrets, but I think it's a great thing to do, and we embrace it." The effort includes frequent Q&As hosted by radio play-by-play announcer Minner, locker room footage and more. (link)
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Air Force AD Knowlton met with the media to discuss the government shutdown that impacted his Falcons last week, as well as steps that are being taken should we see another stoppage next month. Knowlton: "We could be in the same boat again. The guidance that we will get, should there be a government shutdown, if it’s different from this one we’re going to have to look at it because every one is a little bit different." Knowlton indicates his team had a solid plan for continuing through the shutdown last weekend, but a last minute guidance changed course. There is a chance private monies could be used to continue operating, but it's all about the specifics from the government. More. (link, link)
Georgia Tech Prez Peterson on desired outcomes of the Rice Commission, "We’re not in a position where you can put a few band-aids on this, patch it up and send it back out to play. I think there’s probably some pretty significant changes (that are necessary). [...] One of the challenges is, if you’re playing a lot of junior and senior players, you’re probably not very good. So I think there’ll be significant changes. […] You talk to a college athlete, whether they went on to a pro career or not, I can’t imagine that you’d find very many that didn’t say their experience in intercollegiate athletics helped shape who they are. That’s certainly my case." (link)'s Norlander writes on the four-month mark after the initial MBB-FBI developments hit the fan, "No one's heard much of anything because no one's saying much of anything. That's the scare of a federal investigation. That's the power of the FBI." In conversations with leaders around the industry, Norlander says there's a curiosity of when the next shoe will drop with March Madness' spotlight a potential marker. In closing, "But just because the FBI gave college basketball its season back doesn't mean it can't or won't stride in once more and flip the sport on its side. So, we wait on a federal selection committee of sorts. We're only five weeks from March, that time of year for brackets -- but also another term synonymous with the sport: busted." (link)
Two Missouri State MBB student-athletes were seriously injured, though the ailments aren't long-term in nature, due to a cryotherapy session gone wrong. Bears AD Moats says no more as the university investigates what exactly happened. Moats didn't know about the recovery practice, but indicates the MSU strength & conditioning staff has autonomy to service student-athletes effectively & cryotherapy is used nationwide by sports teams & athletes. (link)
How might the new XFL impact student-athlete talent movement from the collegiate to professional ranks? One big question that still remains is how much XFL players could make, thought founder & WWE big name McMahon believes there will be plenty of talent available. Purdue HC Brohm, who was an initial XFL standout, sees it this way, "Not a whole lot [of] them are fired up about going to the Canadian league or going overseas. The chance to play in the States, be on TV, have a following and backing to make it the next closest thing to the NFL, get training and hopefully good coaching and tape you can show the NFL teams (is appealing)." Lots still left to understand. (link); A secondary topic on the XFL front is which broadcaster may pop for the league's TV rights. Fox seen as the early frontrunner. (link)
Also Noticed: Texas Tech gets a "significant monetary gift" from former FB student-athlete Campbell toward the renovation of Jones AT&T Stadium. (link); Northwestern State adds $118K to its top line after the sale of donated land from key supporters Bryant & Heloise Lewis. (link); Miami (FL) is touring its new indoor FB practice facility today at 2p on Facebook. (link); NBA superstar & former Texas student-athlete Durant inks with YouTube for a behind-the-scenes series as the content battle between digital players continues. (link); Twitter is selling a new ad unit: Sponsored Moments. (link) powered by Turnkey Search
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Director of Clinical Counseling Services for Student-Athletes (Mississippi State University / Starkville, MS): Provision of general psychological services (evaluation, treatment and education) to student athletes. More details HERE.

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Athletics Marketing & Promotions Graduate Assistantship (Ball State University / Muncie, IN): Execute in-game promotions for football, mens/womens basketball, women’s volleyball, baseball & softball. May include the role of mascot coordinator, supervision of 6-10 sports mktg student staff. More details HERE.

Assistant Director of Multimedia (Conference USA / Irving, TX): Serve as primary strategist for the C-USA social media initiatives, as well as lead development of the visual style and communication of C-USA online outlets. More details HERE.

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Assistant Director of Athletics, Communications (University of Richmond / Richmond, VA): The Assistant Director of Athletics/Communications oversees all public relations and media relations activities and budgets, including supervision of full-time, part-time, student, and game day staff. More details HERE.

Assistant Athletics Director for Marketing and Multimedia Services (San Jose State University / San Jose, CA): The Assistant Athletics DIR will be responsible for the development, implementation, maintenance of all marketing and promo strategies... Apply here:, Job ID: 24378. More details HERE.

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