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Sports Illustrated columnist Deitsch asks a panel of five journalists who have covered the Nassar case in full about insights into their reporting and what the public should know about this sort of investigative work. Indianapolis Star reporter Alesia says a voicemail from a former rhythmic gymnastics national champion served as a tipping point that alarmed him as to the scale of the scandal. He notes that her story "tracked closely" with those of others, but adds: "At no point...could I have ever imagined more than 250 victims/survivors coming forward to police." A majority of the panelists say they believe some combination of gender and the sport played a role in the story's level of national coverage. Detroit News columnist Kozlowski: "The Jerry Sandusky/Penn State case involved the national pastime of football and a legendary coach, besides the assaults of young boys and cover up. However, the Nassar case eclipsed the number of victims in the Sandusky scandal a long time ago. Our society seems a little more shocked when boys are assaulted than girls. Maybe this will help change that." (link)
Former Auburn AC Person and former NBA official Michel are scheduled to stand trial on Feb 4, 2019, for their alleged roles in last year's FBI investigation into MBB. Both have been charged with six counts, including conspiracy to commit bribery, solicitation of bribes, conspiracy to commit honest services fraud and conspiracy to commit wire fraud. Earliest defense motions are due by March 9. (link); The Courier-Journal reports that former Louisville MBB HC Pitino reached out to Adidas rep Gatto on behalf of former student-athlete Rozier, whose sponsorship deal with the company had recently been terminated. The account, based on documents and an unnamed source, would support Pitino's claim that his conversation with Gatto had to do with supporting a former player rather than participation in the alleged malfeasance concerning payment of a recruit. (link)
Creighton AD and NCAA MBB Tournament Selection Committee Chair Rasmussen confirms that non-conference schedule strength will factor into the committee's decision making process. He explains that the committee will consider teams' "intent in scheduling: Did they schedule some games away and at neutral sites in the non-conference? We call it intentional scheduling. What did they intentionally do that they didn't have to do? Did they challenge themselves?" (link); For the first time, the NCAA will reveal its tournament bracket on TBS, pursuant to a rights deal signed by CBS and Turner Sports that allows the network which airs the Final Four and national championship to also broadcast the selection show. Turner did not exercise that right two years ago. The show, which will be co-produced by CBS and Turner, will feature on-air talent from both networks, including Ernie Johnson, Charles Barkley and Greg Gumbel, among others. It will return to CBS next season. (link)
UConn AD Benedict on the current student-athlete transfer debate, "One of the biggest questions everyone is trying to answer is consistency on how a transfer rule is applied. Right now, there are different rules for different student-athletes depending on what sport they play. The other piece is the restrictions we sometimes place on student-athletes. What their rights should be vs. if a coach decides to leave, why shouldn’t they decide to leave? I think we have to find some middle ground. I don’t think necessarily think free agency, when you can leave any time you want, is the appropriate way. I do think there has to be a commitment from the university and a commitment from the student-athlete." Huskies FB HC Edsall: "It upsets me a little bit to hear people say coaches can leave anytime they want, too. Yeah they can, but they have contractual obligations. They have to pay a buyout or somebody does. The kid signs a contract with the NCAA, they’re getting their scholarship for free. If there’s no penalty to sit out a year, what good is the national letter of intent? The problem with the NCAA is they get scared anytime anybody says ‘Sue.’ That’s the problem. Everybody in this society does. Then sign [athletes] to a four-year contract. If they break it, then they have to sit out a year." (link)
Washington State won't yet see its student pass fee increase from $239 to $265, which could have produced an additional $1.623M+ in total, as student leadership voted not to add a referendum to an upcoming ballot. The final vote was 11-8 & a two-thirds majority was needed. Former Interim AD Johnson presented to the student Senate with comparative data from around the Pac-12 & noted eight other institutions have similar fee structures. (link)
Michigan FB HC Harbaugh announces his squad will begin its spring practice on March 22 before ending with a trip to France toward the end of April. After visiting Rome (and bestowing His Holiness with a pair of custom Jordans) last year, this year's Wolverines squad will visit Paris and Normandy. (link)
Useful thread from media analyst & investor Jackson on Disney's strategy of pricing the new ESPN Plus OTT service at $4.99 per month. Jackson: "It’s a sandbox. […] They’ll experiment with “personalization”... do it on the main service when it goes OTT down the line […] If they get any subs, it will be like the incremental benefit of being in a skinny bundle on PlayStation Vue. Then they can say it helped “abate” linear sub losses." @SportsTVRatings' Seidman also chimes in. (link, link)
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The Mercury News' Wilner explores how the Pac-12 is having to deal with SEC and Big Ten FB programs increasing their recruiting focus on the west coast. 247Sports National Recruiting Editor Huffman on why more west coast recruits are choosing schools outside the Pac-12: “As you’re seeing more and more west coast-tied coaches getting better paying jobs in the midwest and the southeast, they’re naturally trying to hit the west coast harder. And you’re seeing more power programs emphasize the west coast.” (link); A total of 22 delegates with ties to Pac-12 institutions will take part in the Olympic Winter Games, which are set to officially get underway with the Opening Ceremony tontomorrow in Pyeongchang. (link)
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Reviews are mixed regarding this season's inauguration of an early FB signing period. Morgan State AD Scott observes that the early window is beneficial to those who are 100% in their commitments, but potentially inconvenient to those who aren't: "I’m a little cautious when we start to move things up too early because you’re dealing with very young prospective students and asking them to make one of the most important decisions of their life so early is difficult. Some folks know where they want to go and it’s easy for them. But there were a couple of student-athletes whom we weren’t sure of, and a couple more that we’re still trying to get. It all depends." (link)
SMU FB HC Dykes asserts that the program's commitment from the university and its alumni is a signal that it is serious about its upward mobility. Specifically, Dykes notes that the "ultimate goal" is to land in the Big 12: "I think all of us in this room would love to see us playing in the Big 12 someday in front of sold out crowds at the University of Texas and people like that. ... I want to do the same thing Central Florida did this year where they proved to Auburn that there's not that big of a difference between [power five and non-power five]." AD Hart agrees, saying SMU seems like a "natural" fit for the Big 12. "We're in the middle of the footprint of the conference, which is anchored in the state of Texas. I understand it can be argued whether we bring the quote/unquote Dallas market, but what we do is solidify the Dallas market." (link)
Ohio State FB HC Meyer will reportedly sign a contract extension through the 2022-23 season. Prez Drake gave AD Smith the go-ahead to pursue extension talks with Meyer, who has said that "we're going to sign an extension here soon because the university has been good enough to extend something to me." Smith, who will present the extension to trustees in April: "He’s got three years left and it probably hurts in recruiting, so we need to sit and I brought it to him and said, 'Hey, we need to talk about an extension in order to alleviate some of those concerns.' I know how healthy he is, how excited he is to be here. So, we just need to deal with that." Terms of the extension have not been announced, though Smith says the salary will likely not be in the range of Alabama HC Saban, who made $11.1M last season. Meyer earned $6.4M. (link)
The Athletic’s Hamilton profiles Grand Canyon MBB, focusing on HC Majerle and program investments as the Antelopes hope to go dancing this spring in their first season of postseason eligibility. GCU’s new practice facility and improvements to Grand Canyon Arena were part of a $1B campus expansion project and the school spent $4.34M on MBB for FY16, which is almost $900K more than Saint Mary’s shelled out. Majerle on the positive energy on campus: “It’s Pleasantville, man, I’m telling you. It’s like it’s not real. It’s like a TV show. There are hidden cameras in the trees or something. Because everybody opens doors for everybody, everybody is smiling, everybody says ‘Hey, how are you,’ everybody is so nice.” (link)
More Personnel: Georgia Tech MBB HC Pastner on recently resigned AC LaBarrie: "He was a big part of everything that we did. ... Darryl, he did a great job for us. He’s an excellent coach, he’s an excellent recruiter, he was great on the floor. ... I don’t know what our record would have been, but there’s no question that we would have had more wins this year if Darryl was there. It’s life, but that’s just part of it." (link); Colorado State MBB HC Eustachy's administrative leave is of the paid variety. (link); Ohio State FB will have multiple ACs making $1M+ next year, though Bucks AD Smith wouldn't indicate which ones. Logically, OC Day and DC Schiano, who both turned down NFL offers this offseason, would be in that mix. (link); Wisconsin AD Alvarez confident that MBB HC Gard will "right the ship" despite the Badgers suffering their worst season in 20 years. Gard's contract goes through May of 2022 and he is making $2.25M this year. (link); The Idaho State prez search is down to five finalists: Boise State VP/COO/Special Counsel Satterlee; The State University of New York System Administration's Chief Officer of Academic Health and Hospital Affairs Azziz; Missouri University of Science and Technology Provost/EVC for Academic Affairs Marley; Weber State Prez Wight; and Idaho State EVP/Provost Woodworth-Ney. The candidates will visit campus in the coming weeks with the intention of a replacement for retiring Prez Vailas to be on board by March. (link); The Pac-12 has reprimanded Oregon State WBB HC Rueck for comments he made to the media about the officiating following the Beavers game against Stanford last week. (link); Clemson FB HC Swinney on the transfer debate: "You look at what's on the table now is free agency and total chaos. ... What we're trying to create is no consequences. We want a society with no consequences. OK, everybody says this coach makes a lot of money or that coach makes a lot of money. Somebody's getting paid a lot of money, too. There's consequences. There's buyouts. There should be consequences. You deal with young people, sometimes young people need to learn how to hang in there a little bit. ... I understand there needs to be some changes, needs to be some modernization. But we've got to find the right balance. We can't go from here to here. There has to be a right balance that's good for everyone." (link); Here's Part II of the 1.Q with Stanford FB HC Shaw (link) and Houston Dir. of HS Relations Teykl (link) which highlight their views on topics such as the recruiting process, developing young people and the growing size of FB staffs.
Interesting deal for SIDEARM with DISH that brings "Sling Studio" to the marketplace at a $999 price point.  Value prop: "wireless multi-camera livestreaming and recording without the need for a production truck or hours spent running wires across a venue." SIDEARM CEO/Prez Rubin: "SlingStudio makes it even easier and more affordable for a wider variety of sports to be represented and broadcast via our client schools’ existing content streams." (link)
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Sporting News explores why the Twitter accounts for the Texas, Georgia, Missouri, and South Florida FB programs were suspended this week. Although the issues were resolved quickly, the accounts were reportedly suspended due to the Digital Millennium Copyright Act, which prohibits the use of copyrighted songs in promotional videos. (link); Starting this weekend with NBC’s coverage of the Winter Olympics in South Korea, Snapchat is launching a tool that will allow television networks to show live video directly on the social media app. In an effort “to capture a live audience and capitalize when people want to tune in to see a high-stakes moment in real-time,” NBC will broadcast live segments of key moments that last between two and six minutes. Snap VP of Partnerships Schwerin: “We do believe that the best place to watch a live game and a live awards show is on television. But if we can show the one moment that matters most on Snapchat, we think we can create a complementary experience.” (link)
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More on new Yale AD Chun as she discusses her vision for the Bulldogs: "I firmly believe in the powerful combination of academics and athletics to bring together a university community and create leaders for society. The opportunity to help build on the strong athletic foundation that Athletic Director Tom Beckett created, at an institution with the incredible academic reputation of Yale, is simply unparalleled. Yale is a world-class institution with a rich athletic tradition. My vision for our athletic department aligns with what Tom Beckett started and what President Salovey has stated — we are working to expand our winning culture, grounded in strong academics, built to support the entire Yale community near and far." Says winning is "equal parts talent and expectation" and that the two must match for success. Lots more. (link)
In Arizona AD Heeke's latest 'Wildcat Wednesday' he dives into updates on the facilities projects underway in Tucson. Phase I of the Arizona Stadium includes renovating the lower east side Zona Zoo concourse and gate entry with a target completion date of Sept. 1. The Hillenbrand Aquatic Center re-do will get under way April 1 and plans to have a rebuild of the 50-meter pool and old dive well, expanded lanes and upgraded pump and plumbing infrastructure by 2019. The Hillenbrand Softball Stadium renovations to seating areas and press box will begin after the season is complete. A new Indoor Sports Center will break ground in April and the 90-yard field will be completed in December. The McKale Center Locker Rooms include new spaces for Men's Golf, Soccer, Men's Tennis and Women's T&F/XC. Women's S&D and Men's T&F/XC will get remodeled locker rooms, with all of it starting next month and a target completion date of August 15. Heeke: "In addition to this group, we’re looking at future projects that would enhance our golf programs, soccer, tennis, and track and field, while looking at further upgrades to Arizona Stadium, Hi-Corbett and McKale. As I mentioned when I began my tenure at Arizona, we’re going to be aggressive in modernizing our facilities. We have a lot we want to address and your support through Wildcat Club membership and attending our events goes a long way to making that happen." (link)
Tix/Attendance: Conference USA-leading Middle Tennessee MBB is certainly putting a solid product on the court as external leadership continue to push ticket promotions in an effort to put more butts in seats. Per game average of 5,867 trails UTEP (6,199) & Old Dominion (6,158) within the league. (link); Minnesota AD Coyle on Men's Hockey challenges, "It’s not other people’s problems that people aren’t coming to our games. It’s on us to figure out how to get people to come to our games, and there’s no doubt that it’s a concern for us that we’ve got to figure out." Season tix are down 30% from program highs. More. (link); Texas Tech MBB success has paid off at the box office to the tune of over 5,200 total season tix being sold, the top mark for the Red Raiders in 10 years. (link)
Legal: Baylor has asked the U.S. District Court in Waco to throw out a Title IX lawsuit filed by Jane Doe 11, who alleges the "school mishandled a sexual assault investigation after announcing it had implemented extensive reforms to its processes." BU faces five lawsuits with pending Title IX claims, which include 17 plaintiffs, one a former staff member. (link); Kansas State MBB student-athlete Wainright's car was involved in a road-rage shooting in Overland Park last month and though there have not been any arrests, police list the junior guard as an "involved other." Wainright is listed as the driver of the car, but a passenger in the back seat fired the gun. KSU's statement: "We are aware of the situation involving Amaad Wainright. Amaad fully cooperated with authorities and was not charged. To our knowledge, this matter is resolved." (link); From Law360: "A federal judge on Tuesday refused to give New Mexico State University and its board of regents a quick win in the U.S. government’s suit alleging a female ex-assistant coach in the school's track and field program was discriminated against by not being paid the same..." (link)
Yesterday was National Girls & Women in Sports Day and the Ivy League profiled three notable female leaders, former Brown student-athlete turned Penn AD Calhoun, former Cornell student-athlete and current Northeast Conference Commish Morris, and former two-sport Princeton student-athlete Marcoux Samaan, who is now AD at her alma mater. Marcoux Samaan: "I think the Ivy League has something unique in terms of its pure focus on values, whatever those values may be, and it’s not this concept that we have to choose values over success." None of them went to college "with the intention of becoming a collegiate administrator — in large part because they didn’t know it was an option, since few women occupied athletics director and conference commissioner positions at the time — but each fell in love with college athletics through their Ivy League experiences. This pioneering group is seeking to make college athletics even more equitable by multiplying the opportunities available to young women eyeing a career in athletics." A handful of others mentioned, as well, as it more detail into the history of the league's progress in equal opportunities for females. (link)
Also Noticed: UMKC names UTSA Interim Provost/VP of Academic Affairs Agrawal as the school's next chancellor. (link); Illinois State will guage interest in a new indoor practice facility to "complement Horton Field House." Per AD Lyons, a "deluxe" version could cost as much as $25M. (link); Nebraska has officially sold out its Red-White Game for the first time. (link); Yahoo's Forde: "Update to this: Mountain West suspended UNM's Joe Furstinger for Saturday game for slamming Boise player. Also reprimanded Boise's Justinian Jessup for his "provocative response to the situation." (Jessup was not the player shoved to the ground.)" (link); Blue Star Innovation Partners, a fund founded by Dallas Cowboys owner Jones, his family and entrepreneur Weshsler, recently invested in CounterFind, a software company founded by former Cowboy Woodson. Notable for this space as Ohio State is a customer. (link)
Data journalist Chalabi delivers this TED Talk on "3 ways to spot a bad statistic." Says to be wary of government-issued numbers, in particular. Uses some pretty hilarious visualization graphics to prove her point. Ask yourself: 1. Can you see uncertainty?; 2. Can I see myself in the data?; and, 3. How was the data collected? An entertaining 11:46 listen. (link)
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