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CBS Sports hoops analyst Rothstein now says the St. John's hire of Duke Deputy AD for Operations Cragg as the Red Storm's new AD is a done deal. "Official announcement expected soon." Earlier in the week Rothstein tweeted that the move was likely. (link)
In a seemingly related development, Duke announced the hire of Longwood AD Austin as its new Senior Assoc. AD for Internal Affairs. Austin: "Kim and I could not be more excited to embark on this next step. Every Duke graduate knows how special this institution is, and I’m both humbled and honored to return to a place that means so much to me. I cherish the memories of being a student-athlete as well as the relationships fostered during my time at Duke, and look forward to helping make the experiences of both current and future student-athletes the best they can possibly be." Austin's start date in Durham is October 22 & Deputy AD Meadows Shular will take the reigns in Farmville on an interim basis. (link, link)
Tenth & final day of the Alston case in Oakland. Wake Forest Prez Hatch, NCAA survey expert Isaacson, America East Commish Huchthausen, Stanford economist Noll & NCAA VP for Administration McNeely all testified. Law360's Atkins continues her good work, most notable tweets, "The @NCAA's counsel is asking Isaacson about a survey - over the athletes' objections - that the athletes' expert, Hal Poret, conducted. Isaacson is repeating criticisms he brought up yesterday, testifying that Poret's 'entire approach lacks any theoretical perspective.' Isaacson says 68.5% of his survey respondents say they oppose offering student athletes 'unlimited payments.' Isaacson notes that Poret never included the scenario in his survey. […] Hatch says based on his experiences at @NotreDame and @WakeForest, he thinks paying student athletes more than the cost-of-attendance would cause 'huge kick back' from faculty and it would be 'very divisive' within the university. The judge repeatedly sustained objections to the @NCAA's q's asking Hatch what he thinks other school presidents would do if the NCAA lifted pay rules. The judge said she's concerned that Hatch's lay opinion testimony 'would include predicting the future,' which isn't allowed. […] Hatch says he has 'lived in academia for 40 years' and he doesn't need a survey to know what would happen if the @NCAA lifted its pay rules. The athletes' counsel notes that he hasn't lived in academia without the pay rules. He concedes he has not. The parties wrapped with Hatch. […] @AE_Commish says she doesn't think her responses to q's about paying Power 5 student athletes during the panel were positive for her conference. 'I see it as more of a neutralized outcome,' she says. During the panel, she said paying Power 5 athletes might 'equalize' conferences. @AE_commish says she didn't have enough time while on the panel to go into this "very complex issue" of paying athletes. If the rules were lifted, the @americaeast would have to evaluate whether it would want to stay in the @NCAA and overall, it would be harmful, she says. […]  The athletes' attorney asks Noll if people might oppose the @NCAA moving to cost-of-attendance but not know of the 2015 change. Noll: 'The notion that somebody cared deeply about.. a relatively small change in compensation, but they didn’t notice, just doesn’t make sense to me.; […] With less than 20 minutes left in trial, the CFO is getting into the details of the NCAA's 2017 and 2018 revenues. The judge commented that "there's nothing  particularly controversial" in McNeely's testimony." Both sides will file their closing arguments in written form with Judge Wilken. If Wilken operates off a similar timeline from the O'Bannon case, we could see a ruling in 30 to 45 days. (link)
Maryland: Terps AD Evans says he was given inaccurate information about the handling of the McNair situation within its first 48 hours as the Walters, Inc. investigation confirmed. Evans: "I regret that those details, which were based off the information shared with the university at the time, contained inaccurate information. We learned through the preliminary findings that the appropriate protocols were not followed, and the university apologized for the mistakes made. […] Following the initial press conference, conflicting information about the timeline emerged and it became clear that the independent review would need to discern the most complete timeline possible — one that could be verified by multiple eyewitnesses and all sources of information available to us." (link); The Price George County State Attorney's Office indicates it will review the Walters report & "all circumstances surrounding" McNair's condition to determine if any criminal charges are warranted. Former state prosecutor Alexander: "For involuntary manslaughter, it would have to be proven that a person did some unlawful act – or failed to perform a duty – and by doing so acted in reckless and wanton disregard for human life. […] Civil responsibility is easier to determine than determining if anyone is criminally responsible. Probable cause to charge is 51% and you could argue that PG County already has that. But in (criminal) court, you have to prove beyond a reasonable doubt." (link); McNair's parents were part of a HBO Sports piece that aired last night & took a look at the 30 FB student-athletes who have passed away from workouts since 2000. (link, link)
LEAD1's annual meetings got moving yesterday in D.C. A number of pictures tell the story of who is in attendance, a list that includes Northwestern's Phillips, Texas' Del Conte, the NCAA's Emmert & Gavitt, Vanderbilt's Williams, New Mexico State's Moccia, Temple's Kraft, SMU's Hart, Auburn's Greene, Utah State's Hartwell & obviously many others. Select sessions covered the changing media consumption landscape with college sports having better TV ratings staying power of late compared to professional sports broadcasts & a healthy discussion with the Commission on College Basketball. (link)
Underdog Dynasty takes a long look at Texas State AD Teis' tenure & his non-commitment on providing cost of attendance stipends for Bobcats student-athletes as the transition to FBS hasn't been entirely smooth. The good: Cleaning up the department back in 2004, the 2005 FCS Playoff run, a number of key facility project completions. The challenging: FB attendance trends, overall marketing, some coaching hires. Of note, "'s still unclear that Teis and his athletic department have truly learned how to cultivate and respond to an FBS fanbase yet." Sounds like more is coming on the topic. (link)
Another executive-level move as Kansas AD Long turns to Arkansas Senior Assoc. AD for External Operations & Strategic Communications Freet as his new Deputy AD for External Engagement in Lawrence. Long: "Chris's strategic thinking, planning and communication skills will benefit us in all areas of our external outreach to alumni, fans, donors, students and the many other constituents we serve. […] Chris and I have a shared vision and philosophy for our external areas, and I believe he will not only be a great asset to our development team, but also have an immediate impact on our marketing, promotions, ticketing, and student and fan-engagement areas. With the addition of Chris, and with Sean Lester's continuing role as deputy athletics director for administration, Kansas Athletics is better aligned to meet the challenges and opportunities of a modern intercollegiate program." (link)
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The Foster Farms Bowl in San Francisco will now be the Redbox Bowl. New Year's Eve at Levi's Stadium. (link); Arkansas & Texas A&M FB will continue to meet at AT&T Stadium in Arlington through 2024 as both programs get $5M from the Cowboys. Aggies boss Woodward & HC Fisher like the arrangement, as Fisher points to getting his program used to playing games in neutral sites where the crowd is evenly split. (link); The high-profile Bayou Classic kick between Southern & Grambling on Thanksgiving Weekend will stay on NBC Sports Network through '21. (link); Samford & Youngstown State will meet in Week 0 of next season in the Guardian Credit Union FCS Kickoff game at the Cramton Bowl in Montgomery. (link)
presented by Anthony Travel reviews Syracuse's lack of female HCs among its leadership ranks, noting that the Softball hire of Dartmouth HC Doepking "broke a streak of 12 consecutive male head coaches hired by the school, including eight to lead women's programs." Further, the 2017-18 competition seasons featured only one female HC for the Orange. SU AD Wildhack: "I don't view it as an issue per se. I think it will provide an opportunity for us as we go forward and we have coaches depart. At the end of the day you have to hire the person you believe is the best candidate to lead that group of young women or men. ... I would hope over time the gender-ratio will be improved compared to where it is now." Lots more. (link)
Two unique profiles from The Athletic, starting with LSU Director of Sports Nutrition Reagan, who, along with her staff of three, is responsible for the eating habits of the nearly 500 Tigers student-athletes. Reagan: "Most people, when they talk to us, it’s almost like they want to hear that we do some really strict diet with them and micromanage every single calorie and macronutrient and vitamin and mineral. We get more enjoyment out of helping them love food." Positivity, building trust, not judging & offering simple guidelines are part of Reagan's building blocks. FB HC Orgeron praises Reagan & longtime Strength & Conditioning HC Moffitt notes the challenge of overcoming a student-athlete's preferences built from "mama's home cooking." More.  (link); The second is a close look at Arizona State Athletics Grounds Facility Manager Johnson who's been at his craft for 33 years as Sun Devils AD Anderson remarks, "I’ve seen him out there with his nose to the turf. I’m like, 'There’s Brian.' One thing I know for sure is he is so in love with his own turf. He knows it like you would know your puppy." Johnson has worked 22 Super Bowls & a litany of big-time post-season college FB matchups, notes the long hours, but, "Sometimes it will be March and it will be 80 degrees and I’ve got flip-flips on and I’m mowing grass and I have to stop and pinch myself. I’m getting paid to mow grass, you know?" More. (link)
"If I felt it was an impossibility, I wouldn't have taken the job." That's new Louisville MBB HC Mack, who also says the goal for this year's squad is, "Being able to stay together, not fracture and not be affected by the outside world." Mack further reflects on becoming the new boss in the Derby City amid tumult, questions the true criminal nature of what's been alleged in the MBB-FBI situation, adds that he's never been a long-range planner, "I've always been content where I’m at and that's really how I went about my business and how I still go about my business." Understands the curve for the fanbase, but still believes the ability to win at a high level is more than possible for his program. (link)
The San Jose Mercury News' Wilner points to high-end long-term success for first-year UCLA FB HC Kelly as key for the Pac-12's overall trajectory. Former Fox Sports executive Crakes: "Think of it this way. If USC-UCLA were one of the top games picked in a draft with ESPN and Fox, that’s an A+ for the conference … that would drive real value in a negotiation. You have a Tier 1 conference in a Tier 1 market with two of the top-10 games. Those type of games don’t just roll off the truck. They’re powerful." The Athletic's Feldman notes the consistency of Stanford under HC Shaw, but says he doesn't move the needle nationally like Kelly could. However, so far, per Wilner, "nothing has changed." (link)
More Personnel: Southeast Missouri State AD Barke revamps his senior leadership team a bit, adds Valpo Assoc. AD for Event Management Yates as Assoc. AD/SWA & promotes Asst. AD for External Affairs Saverino to the Assoc. AD line. (link); Phone interviews for the Big Sky commish chair start Monday. (link); During yesterday's press conference, a reporter asked UConn FB HC Edsall about Wake Forest firing DC Sawvel in-season. Edsall responded "I'm done. I can see where this is going. I'm done" and walked out. The Huskies have allowed 49, 56, 62 and 51 points in their four games this season. (link); Nevada WBB HC Levens signs a five-year $1.09M salary, making her the highest-paid coach of a women's sport in Wolf Pack history and the first non-FB/MBB HC at Nevada to get a contract longer than three years. (link); ESPN signs veteran college voice Blackledge to a multi-year deal. (link); College of Charleston AD Roberts announces Sea & Caye LLC co-owner and former Wisconsin part-time coach Jewett as head of the Cougars' Sailing program. (link); Michigan State will use Storbeck/Pimentel and Associates to lead the search for the school's next president. Input sessions on campus in two weeks. (link)
Nike's latest quarter performance - before the Kaepernick 'Just Do It' marketing campaign - shows total revenue up 10%, 6% growth in North America, which still trails China (20%), Asia/Latin America (14%) & Europe (9%). Self-lacing shoes coming this year. Swoosh boss Parker on the 'Just Do It' push, "We feel very good and are very proud of the work we’re doing...we’ve seen record engagement with the brand." (link, link); Inspire Brands, owner of Arby's & Buffalo Wild Wings, is buying Sonic for $2.3B including debt. Sonic did $477M in sales last year. WSJ's Jargon on Inspire's strategy, "to guard against restaurant-business fads and downturns by covering the dining spectrum from takeout to sit-down." (link)
Security Management International Managing Director Bencie and Jr. Assoc. Araboghli contribute to HBR: "A 6-Part Tool for Ranking and Assessing Risks." The duo dives into the tactics in CARVER, an acronym for Criticality: how essential an asset or critical system is to your company; Accessibility: how hard it would be for an adversary to access or attack the asset; Recoverability: how quickly you could recover if something happened to the asset; Vulnerability: how well (or not) the asset could withstand an adversary’s attack; Effect: how much of an impact there would be across your business if something happened to the asset ; and Recognizability: how likely it is that an adversary would recognize the asset as a valuable target. Using a five-level grading system, "CARVER can provide a quantified justification for standing by — or abandoning — a decision or initiative." Next time you think about a SWOT analysis, maybe CARVER is a better tool. (link)
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Hampton AD Marshall chats with 1.Question's @TaiMBrown with updated reflection on the Pirates move to the Big South & the support he receives from HU Prez Harvey, who has led the institution since 1978. Marshall: "It takes time for people to understand when you change tradition”. […] When you do what's right and what's best for your university and your student-athletes, you take solace in it and in time people come around to the things you do. […] When people are unhappy with your decision, you continue to work, be respectful, keep them informed, understand their point of view, and keep moving forward. Twelve-plus minute listen. (link)
NMFishbowl's Libit back on the scene, this time sourcing athletic department emails via freedom of records requests that indicate New Mexico MBB HC Weir had some support from his superiors to continue looking into the possibility of renovating some suites in The Pit to offices amid a financially tight time in Albuquerque. Back in July Lobos AD Nunez noted support for the plan also included Prez Stokes & EVP Harris. However, Harris to Libit, "When Coach Weir broached this subject with me, I indicated to him that a thorough review including an architectural assessment and a complete financial review would necessarily precede any action. I did in fact ask our facilities group to coordinate with the Molzen-[Corbin] folks that were helping Coach Weir to ensure that any forthcoming analysis would be complete. I have not endorsed this concept, as I believe the cost to be prohibitive." (link)
Purdue officials have met with Populous architects to lay the groundwork for the eventual end zone renovation of Ross-Ade Stadium. AD Bobinski on the meeting: "I thought it was a great, healthy exchange of ideas. I would categorize it as a starting point for a re-imagining of Ross-Ade Stadium and a necessary first step." BoT chair Berghoff: "What we found (in the meeting) is Greg Brohm said after two years in (the Football Performance Center), we like the place. He said we don't need a locker room like we have in the Football Performance Center. Do we need a team meeting room? Yes. Do we need a place for coaches to gather? Yes. Would it be nice to have recruiting areas to showcase what it's like to be here on a Saturday? Yes." Populous will modify the original plans that were made in 2015 and Berghoff expects to receive the modifications by the end of the 2018. More Bobinski: "It's certainly not a fully formed plan at this point because I think it's going to take lots of work to get this put in place because at first we imagine a plan and it's amazing how then things change over time. The world around us changes all the time and what I need to say is how I really appreciated how open (Populous) is to rethinking it around the new vision we have for this project in 2018 (link)
Louisiana used feedback from a pair of fan surveys to make changes to the Cajundome for MBB games this season. The Bayou Bar will move to two courtside locations which will leave more space for the Kids Zone, a new LED scorer's table is going in and the Ragin' Cajuns Gameday Ambassador program will provide parking shuttles and in-game hospitality. (link); Green Bay will add a 40x20 Daktronics HD video board and 40 feet of digital LED scorer's table to the Kress Center ahead of first tip this season. AD Guthrie: "While it is essential we continue to focus on enriching our existing first-class facilities for student athletes, we also needed to enhance the experience and interaction of external audiences visiting the Kress Center." (link)
PwC releases its third annual Sports Survey featuring feedback from 470 industry leaders. Notable: The top three market segments for growth over the next three to five years are believed to be digital media rights, sponsorship & advertising, as well as licensing & merchandise. Top two threats: Shift in consumer behavior by younger generations & access to alternative entertainment formats. 56.3% responded that senior leaders in the sports industry are "behind the curve." Lots more. Link includes a full report download option. (link)
Also Noticed: South Alabama announces the creation of the Student-Athlete Leadership Academy, which will "provide comprehensive and cutting-edge leadership development programming through interactive workshops, 360-degree feedback, one-on-one coaching, peer mentoring, supplemental online training and educational resources." (link); Old Dominion FB HC Wilder calls his team's upset of Virginia Tech over the weekend "surreal" and "life-changing": "What needs to happen to have an upset, number one, you have to have belief, and number two, something significant has to happen early in the game," something "that affects the crowd. ... I don’t think it’s sunk in to anybody in that locker room. They were dancing, they were cheering, they were doing all their stuff, but I don’t think they understand the magnitude yet of what they just did." (link); The SEC fines Kentucky $100K for fans storming the field after Saturday's upset of Mississippi State. Should it happen again, it would be UK's third such violation and the Cats would have to pony up $250K. (link); With 4.3M viewers, the Oregon-Stanford game was the most-watched Pac-12 game on ABC/ESPN in four years. (link); News & Observer's Giglio predicts what the TV schedule would look like with the ACC Network in play, most importantly, it could cut down on the number of Noon kicks. (link); Influencer (INFLCR) selected as one of five companies for this fall's cohort of the Stadia Ventures Accelerator Program. (link); Looks like former Louisville MBB HC Pitino stopped by Cincinnati's MBB practice this week. (link); Recode's Molla explains why billboards/outdoor advertising is bigger than ever. Projected to be up 3.1% globally year over year in 2018. Why? "This old-school ad format is booming precisely because digital ads are so commonplace. Amid all the digital noise, it’s a guaranteed way to reach a broad swath of people." (link) powered by Turnkey Search
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(NEW!) Athletic Director (University of Missouri-Kansas City / Kansas City, MO): The University of Missouri-Kansas City (UMKC) seeks a visionary leader who is innovative, engaged and experienced to direct their NCAA Division 1 athletic department. More details HERE.

(NEW!) Assistant Athletic Director for Compliance (University at Albany / Albany, NY): Responsibilities include, but are not limited to:manage and monitor all aspects of Bylaw 13, 14, 15 and 17; coordinate and create rules education initiatives for athletics department staff, coaches... More details HERE.

(NEW!) Director, Ticket Sales (University of Arizona / Tucson, AZ): This position will develop and implement ticket sales strategies and best practices for individuals and businesses through comprehensive sales campaigns. More details HERE.

(NEW!) Director, Compliance for Financial Aid (University of Arizona / Tucson, AZ): Responsible for all activities associated with Bylaw 15 to meet NCAA/Pac-12/institutional guidelines. Directs Athletics financial aid awards, the NLI program and institutional/federal aid eligibility. More details HERE.

(NEW!) Director of Advancement for Athletics (George Mason University / Fairfax, VA): George Mason University is seeking a Director of Advancement for Athletics. This position plans and manages all development-focused programs More details HERE.

(NEW!) Assistant Director- Athletic Compliance Office (University of Minnesota / Minneapolis, MN): Responsible for all compliance tasks for their assigned sports including interps, waivers and violations. Will serve as point of contact for the respective coaches and student-athletes. Job ID:326723 More details HERE.

Associate Athletics Director of Compliance (Colgate University / Hamilton, NY): Colgate University Associate Athletics Director for Compliance serves on the VP/Director of Athletics leadership team with primary oversight of compliance, academics, and student-athlete development. More details HERE.

Assistant Athletic Director of Human Resources (University of Wisconsin - Madison / Madison, WI): This position is a strategic, operational and a leadership position that is responsible for leading a team in executing a broad range of human resource management functions. More details HERE.

Assistant Director of the Phoenix Club (Elon University / Elon, NC): The Assistant Director of the Phoenix Club will create and manage multi-channel communications for the Phoenix Club including solicitations, events, and special projects. More details HERE.

Assistant Athletics Director, Engagement (Stanford University / Stanford, CA): This position will manage the athletics development engagement team and lead the strategy for the communications, events, and stewardship in support of the department’s fundraising goals. More details HERE.

Athletic Communications Director (University of Missouri-Kansas City / Kansas City, MO): The primary function of this position is to research, develop, design, and execute complex and strategic communications, educational and/or media projects for UMKC Athletics Department. More details HERE.

Annual Fund Coordinator (Washington State University / Pullman, WA): Member of the Cougar Athletic Fund team responsible for the development, coordination, and implementation of all aspects of the annual fund as well as some operational and administrative support. More details HERE.

Assistant Director of Marketing and Fan Experience (The University of Mississippi / Oxford, MS): This position is responsible for coordinating, creating, developing, and executing marketing campaigns that enhance the Ole Miss fan experience. More details HERE.

Staff Psychologist (Purdue University / West Lafayette, IN): The Staff Psychologist will provide assessment, diagnosis, treatment planning, psychotherapy, and other mental health services to student-athletes. More details HERE.

Director of Media Relations (Ohio University / Athens, OH): Responsible for arranging and coordinating media coverage for assigned varsity sports (women’s volleyball, men’s basketball, and baseball). More details HERE.

Assoc Director/Director of Development/Major Gifts (Ole Miss Athletics Foundation / Oxford, MS): Assoc Dir/Dir of Dev/Major Gifts is a member of the Ole Miss Athletics Foundation staff charged with identification, solicitation, raising of philanthropic gifts to support Ole Miss Athletics. More details HERE.

Vice President of Texas Region (Tailgate Guys / Austin, TX): Tailgate Guys is seeking an executive to head up our TX Region - dynamic leader with proven track record in a service oriented hospitality business, managing a team, and driving revenue and growth. More details HERE.

Associate or Assistant Athletic Director for Development (Utah Valley University / Orem, UT): Raises funds from external constituencies. Manages an assigned portfolio of donors and prospects. Identifies and qualifies prospects. Engages and cultivates current and prospective donors, etc. More details HERE.

Director of Development, Seattle Operations (Washington State University / Seattle, WA): Member of the WSU Cougar Athletic Fund team based in Seattle, sharing significant responsibilities for the advancement of the CAF’s annual, major, and planned giving development efforts ($25,000+). More details HERE.

Director of Clinical & Sport Psychology (University of Wisconsin-Madison / Madison, WI): The Director of Clinical Psychology for student-athletes will oversee the delivery of clinical and sport psychology services to student-athletes within the established medical model. More details HERE.

Annual Fund Coordinator (Washington State University / Pullman, WA): Member of the Cougar Athletic Fund team responsible for the development, coordination, and implementation of all aspects of the annual fund as well as some operational and administrative support. More details HERE.

Compliance Coordinator (University of Richmond / Richmond, VA): The Compliance Coordinator independently coordinates, plans, organizes and implements all monitoring systems of the Athletics Compliance program, developing/implementing programs and procedures. More details HERE.

Senior Associate Athletic Director for Compliance (San Jose State University / San Jose, CA): Job ID: 24742, Classification: Administrator II, Hiring Salary: Commensurate with experience. More Details HERE.

Coordinator of Student-Athlete Development (University of Oregon / Eugene, OR): Assist student-athlete development staff to develop and implement innovative programs and individualized support services that empower student-athletes to succeed in college and in life. More details HERE.

Assistant Director of Media Relations (College of the Holy Cross / Worcester, MA): Assistant Director of Athletic Media Relations - College of the Holy Cross - Please apply at More details HERE.

Assistant Coach, Men's Lacrosse (University of Richmond / Richmond, VA): This position is responsible for assisting with all phases of the Division I Men’s Lacrosse program at the University of Richmond. Specific responsibilities include but are not limited to: coaching an. More details HERE.

Director of Sports Nutrition (University of Louisville Athletic Association / Louisville, KY): Position oversees all aspects of the Sport Nutrition program to advance the development and delivery of nutrition services for 23 sports. More details HERE.

Assistant Athletics Director for Communications (California Baptist University / Riverside, CA): Oversee the day-to-day communications and media relations for all 18 NCAA Division I sports under the supervision of the Associate AD for External Relations. Serve as primary men’s basketball contact. More details HERE.

Assistant Director, Multimedia Services (Boise State University Athletics / Boise, ID): The individual will work with Bronco Athletics staff members to design, create and implement the department’s graphic identity for production, print, digital and web applications and special projects. More details HERE.

Assistant Coach, Cross Country/Track & Field (Brown University / Providence, RI): Assist Director of Cross Country, Track/Field in all phases of the program, recruiting, coaching, training, with a particular emphasis on coaching distance events and cross country. More details HERE.

Deputy Athletics Director, Business Operations (University of Notre Dame / Notre Dame, IN): University of Notre Dame is accepting applications for a Deputy Athletics Director, Business Operations. For full description view EOE/AA. More details HERE.

Director of Creative Design and Services (American Athletic Conference / Providence, RI): The individual will work with conference staff members to plan, design, prepare and execute the conference’s graphic identity for production, print, digital and web applications and special projects. More details HERE.

Athletics Annual Giving Officer (San Jose State University / San Jose, CA): Develops a plan to identify & prioritize new prospects, make discovery calls & build a prospect pool based on new prospects & past donors at the leadership giving level of $2,500 or greater. More Details HERE.

Ticket Sales and CRM, Database Manager (University of Arizona / Tucson, AZ): Arizona athletics is looking for a dynamic leader that will assist in supporting sales, marketing and development campaigns by providing metrics and tracking for success. More details HERE.

Associate Director of Annual Fund (Arizona State University Foundation / Tempe, AZ): Help us lead the annual fundraising for Arizona State University Athletics and help grow ASU the most innovative university in the US! More details HERE.

Assistant Athletic Director/Ticket Operations Coordinator (San Diego State University / San Diego, CA): Assist with administering all aspects of the day-to-day operations of the ticket office. Provide lead work direction/training to staff & students. Supervise events. Assist with annual ticket planning. More details HERE.

Director, Ticket Sales and Service (University of Texas at San Antonio / San Antonio, TX): Lead the UTSA Athletics Ticket Sales and Services team to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of customer ticket sales and service. More details HERE.

Director - Athletics Information Technology (Texas Tech University / Lubbock, TX): Direct and manage all information technology activities for the Intercollegiate Athletics Department; knowledge and experience with the latest hardware/software, programming, planning and development. More details HERE.

Director, Risk Management and Compliance Services (University of Texas at Austin / Austin, TX): To maintain and ensure an effective risk management and compliance program and ensure institutional control within Texas Athletics with a high level knowledge of NCAA rules and regulations. More details HERE.

Director, Athletic Compliance (University of Southern California / Los Angeles, CA)The Director, Athletic Compliance will assist in developing, implementing, and maintaining a comprehensive, in-depth, and effective athletic compliance program. More details HERE.

Assistant Director of Compliance (Pepperdine University / Malibu, CA): The Assistant Director of Compliance is responsible for monitoring and documenting compliance with the NCAA and West Coast Conference legislation for Pepperdine Athletics. More details HERE.

Sports Science Coordinator (University of Oregon Athletic Department / Eugene, OR): Responsible for the development and planning of performance support for world class student-athletes. Assess and enhance athlete readiness, performance, and recovery. More details HERE.

Assistant Director, Communications (Stanford University / Stanford, CA): Stanford University seeks a highly-motivated, energetic and team-orientated individual with strong communication skills to fill the role of Assistant Director, Communications. More details HERE.

Head Cross Country & Track and Field Coach (CSUN / Northridge, CA): The Head Cross Country & Track and Field Coach oversees the management of all aspects for both the Men's and Woman's programs. More details HERE.

Asst. Track & Field and Cross Country Coach (Montana State University / Bozeman, MT): Responsible for assisting the Montana State University’s Men’s & Women’s Track & Field and Cross Country programs in Bozeman, Montana. More details HERE.

Assistant Athletic Director for Ticketing (Vanderbilt University / Nashville, TN): This position will manage the day-to-day elements of the Vanderbilt Athletic Ticket Office processes. More details HERE.

Director, Premium Seating and Major Gifts (Syracuse University / Syracuse, NY): The Director of Premium Seating and Major Gifts will work with the Athletics Development Team with specific responsibility for developing, marketing and evaluating the premium seating program. More details HERE.

Athletics Compliance Specialist (University of Delaware, Newark, DE): Responsible for implementing a Division I compliance program for 21 varsity sports teams made up of 600 + student-athletes, athletics department and University staff. More details HERE.

Vice President, Sponsorship Sales (JMI Sports | Clemson Sports & Campus Marketing / Greenville, SC): Key member of executive team. Athletic & Campus sponsorship sales. Recruiting, training, mgmt of sales staff. Partner relationships/procurement/account mgmt/strategic planning/financial analysis. More details HERE.

Assistant Athletic Director Ticketing Sales and Service (Pennsylvania State University / University Park, PA): Penn State Intercollegiate Athletics (ICA), a Division I and Big Ten Conference Institution, is seeking an Assistant Athletic Director for Ticketing Sales and Service. Apply at More details HERE.

Sr. Account Executive (JMI Sports | Clemson Sports & Campus Marketing / Greenville, SC)Athletics & Campus sponsorship sales. Develop and leverage strong relationships with brand decision makers to generate mutually beneficial partnerships that boost the Clemson brand and provide RIO to partners. More details HERE.

Assistant Director of Annual Giving, Athletics (University of Pennsylvania / Philadelphia, PA): The Assistant Director of Annual Giving is a member of a Development and Alumni Relations team focused on achieving the fundraising and alumni relations goals of the Athletics Department. More details HERE.

Asst. Dir of Development (William & Mary / Williamsburg, VA): The Asst. Dir. of Development works closely with the Director to build a high-level program that generates significant revenue for William & Mary’s priorities. Full time with benefits. More details HERE.

Assistant Director, Athletic Advancement (Florida Gulf Coast University / Fort Myers, FL): Assistant Director of Athletic Advancement is responsible for all aspects of growing, communicating, delivering benefits and development cycle progression. More details HERE.

Asst. Sports Info Director (Davidson College / Davidson, NC): A NCAA Division I school and member of the Atlantic 10 Conference, is now accepting applications for the position of Assistant Sports Information Director. More Details HERE.

Assistant Athletics Director for Development (Director of Development, Major Gifts) (University of Texas at San Antonio / San Antonio, TX): The Assistant Athletics Director of Development will be responsible for identifying, cultivating, soliciting and stewarding major gift ($25,000+) donors and prospects for Intercollegiate Athletics. More details HERE.

Coordinator, Marketing and Fan Engagement (University of Arizona / Tucson, AZ): The Marketing Coordinator will be in charge of marketing and game presentation for Arizona Soccer, Gymnastics, and Softball and will have a hand in football game day presentation/operations. More details HERE.

Assistant Media Relations Director (Texas A&M Athletics / College Station, TX): The Asst.Media Relations Director (classified as Info Rep II) is responsible for being a liaison between the Athletic Department and the Media (print, radio, television and other electronic media). More details HERE.

Men’s and Women’s Diving Coach (Davidson College / Davidson, NC): This position will prepare student athletes for competition and recruit qualified students. More Details HERE.

Assistant Swimming Coach (Davidson College / Davidson, NC): This position will prepare student athletes for competition and recruit qualified students. More Details HERE.

Student-Athlete Affairs Assistant (Florida Gulf Coast University / Fort Myers, FL): The Student-Athlete Affairs Assistant oversees all aspects of the Student-Athlete Development program including the Student-Athlete Advisory Committee. More details HERE.

Associate Athletics Director/Director of Athletics Development (Boston University / Boston, MA): Boston University Athletics is seeking a qualified candidate to lead the strategy and execution of the department's fundraising efforts, including oversight and management of development staff. More details HERE.

Assistant Director of Athletic Communications (Vanderbilt University / Nashville, TN): This role will work with local and national media to promote the Vanderbilt women’s basketball brand, in addition to other assigned sports, as well as provide content for our More details HERE.

Assistant Director - Membership Services (University of South Carolina / Columbia, SC): Position plays a key role in guiding the athletics annual fund- tracking benefit fulfillment, updating priority points and directing membership drives. Focused heavily on ticketing and gift reporting. More details HERE.
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