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Iona Prez Nyre introduces Deputy AD Glovaski as the new boss for the Gaels, "Matt Glovaski has been a great ambassador for Iona College and its athletic department during his time in New Rochelle. We look forward to his inspiration, leadership and support for our student-athletes, coaches and administrators and the continuation of the success of Iona Athletics on the field and in the classroom and in the community." Glovaski has worked his way up through the department since 2005, "Some people have really believed in me and provided me the opportunity to get to know all the nuances with running a college athletic department. I'm proud of that experience. I think it's going to allow me to hopefully shorten the learning curve and be able to hit the ground running." (link, link); Here's video of the full presser. (link)
Pac-12 Commish Scott earned $4.8M in 2016 per the league's tax returns reviewed by the USA Today's Berkowitz, a total that was up $600K from 2015. Base comp was $3.5M, $855K more year over year. $1.08M in bonus awards, down $220K from '15. Scott was also benefiting from a loan of "nearly" $1.9M from the conference. It might go without saying, but the total means Scott was the highest paid Commish in 2016. Additionally, nine league leaders were at $450K or more in '16 as Pac-12 Networks boss Murphy-Stephens stacked $1.2M+. (link); Pac-12 Hotline's Wilner says don't blame Scott for his pay, instead it is the CEOs around the league who should field questions. Wilner also estimates Pac-12 Networks expenses at $90M & notes the ~$30.9M in distributions per school is a gross number, not net. (link)
LEAD1 Executive Director McMillen, a notable Maryland grad & former student-athlete, says there's "just a lot of restlessness out there" from key supporters on where the AD search is going in College Park. One such supporter is longtime donor DesRoches, who has put together a group with historical giving into the eight figures for the Terps, claiming Prez Loh has stacked the search committee to ensure Executive AD Evans ends up with the permanent job. DesRoches: "Athletics is the glue — the strongest piece of glue — that binds alumni to the school. It makes the state as a whole supportive of the school. It’s got potential to be phenomenal here, but it’s going to take the right type of leadership to make that happen. [...] I did not see the process as it was evolving as being set up to get us a really highly qualified candidate." Top 20 athletics donor Baldwin to Loh, "We've been irrelevant in our revenue sports for nearly two decades. We have to completely change the way we do business. [...] Be bold." However, it should also be noted Baldwin is pressing for a run at Oklahoma AD Castiglione, which seems like a massive long shot. Turnkey Search Managing Director DeFilippo: "Turnkey was hired by Maryland to assist with a national search and that’s exactly what we’re going to do. We are well-equipped to help choose a leader who will chart the path forward in Maryland Athletics." More. (link)
Maine's search for a new AD will be led internally by VP for Student Life & Dean of Students Dana with the rest of the committee to be squared away by the end of the week. Dana indicates the university will partner with a search firm to ensure a thorough approach to the process. Interim AD Settele will not be in the mix for the permanent appointment. Dana: "We want to find someone who has a broad skill-set and is eager to be in the driver’s seat, if you will. Of course, they will have to understand the complexities of the job. (Dealing with) operations, government, facilities, compliance, marketing, Title IX…all of those things. It has to be somebody who will be community-minded and willing to do some heavy lifting." (link)
N.C. State has new word marks & a customized Wolfpack front & the release from Raleigh on the development starts with, "Simple. Modern. Bold." Per comments from AD Yow, adidas was involved in the new look, which will be gradually phased in during the 2018-19 competition seasons. Of note, "Research done for the brand positioning more clearly identified the traits of a wolfpack to be incorporated into future uniform and branding campaigns, such as wolves' ferocity in attacking with their fangs, an element factored into the font design." (link)
Texas AD Del Conte communicated more of his vision for the Longhorns during a tour stop in Dallas, says FB game scripts will be simplified & "try to make it all about the band," also speaks of a "carnival experience" around home games, "What are we known for in Austin? Food trucks? Foodies? Beer and wine and have a nice little concert? So we’re going to create all these activities around the game that draws students from west campus and draws fans to come back and say this is the University of Texas." Del Conte also points to changes for in-game music (jokes he thought Migos was a breakfast meal), a review of concession prices & a continued push to upgrade facilities. More: "The last 10 years, we’ve taken our lumps, but that ends today. It ends with you all." (link)
July 1st is when we'll learn which New Mexico programs will be discontinued as the Lobos look to get into a more workable budget situation. AD Nunez: "When it comes to the criteria of assessing our sports, I think what everybody needs to understand we’re compiling everything — not just the financial side. We’re looking at the donor ramifications, the fan base, the student athletes." Nunez has met with the HC & a student-athlete rep of every team, "Ultimately, to let them know they have a voice in this process, and so do our coaches. I want everyone to feel like there’s going to be an opportunity for them to say what they want to say." (link)
This one slid by last week as The Drake Group believes the Rice Commission "missed the mark on several key issues regarding reform in college athletics." More specifically, the group believes all "elite development opportunities should exist outside of intercollegiate athletics and that professional leagues have an obligation not to impede that effort," as well as, "The biggest miss was the Commission’s failure to make a recommendation on allowing athletes to earn money outside their participation in intercollegiate athletics via being allowed to market their own names, images and likenesses (NILs) and how such freedom might address some of the corruption and scandal at issue." (link)
The Athletic's Brown crunches some data to identify some interesting trends within the first four years of College Football Playoff rankings. 1) Alabama has had the greatest presence in the weekly rankings; 2) The eventual national champion has been ranked No. 1 in just two of the 25 weekly top 25s; 3) Clemson is the only non-SEC team to be ranked No. 1 by the selection committee; 4) 12 of 14 SEC institutions have appeared in the rankings for a total of 134 cumulative appearances; 5) The three Playoff champions are the only teams to appear in all 25 of the committee’s top 25s; 6) Sixteen Power 5 teams have yet to appear in the CFP top 25. One of them is not like the others (Texas); and, 7) The American is in its own world between the Power 5 and the other Group of 5 conferences. (link)
Disney-ESPN: A strong film division & a surging theme parks vertical led to Disney's best quarterly results in the last seven. Here's the full earnings call transcript as ESPN or BamTech was mentioned 34 times in total. Of particular note is CEO Iger noting satisfaction & continued excitement around the build-out & growth of ESPN+, though he didn't offer any exact sub numbers. Looks like the BamTech buildout will have a $50M more negative impact on financials than originally expected ($180M in total). Lots here. (link); Former ESPN boss Skipper is back to work as the new Executive Chairman of the Perform Group with the aim of expanding DAZN, which is a key rights holder of the Women's Tennis Association, as well as the NFL in Canada. (link); Speaking of ESPN+, soon it will have a package of high-profile content, as well as a deep library of past fights, from UFC. According to the New York Times the deal is worth $150M annually. (link, link)
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Gotta love an in-the-weeds entry like this as SB Nation's Dobbertean reviews the status of some MBB exempt events for the 2018-19 season. The new Suncoast Classic is short on details & may not be happening (could impact Boston College, Richmond & Wyoming) & there still seems to be one opening for the Belfast Classic in Northern Ireland alongside Buffalo, Wisconsin-Milwaukee, Albany, Dartmouth, LIU Brooklyn, Marist & San Francisco. Lots more including notes on what feels like every MTE known to man. (link)
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Michigan State Trustee Mosallam is pushing forward a list of policy changes designed by the Board to create more oversight & transparency for the university. New roles needed: An independent sexual misconduct ombudsman, as well as a chief compliance, ethics & culture officer. A new rule would require the Board to be informed anytime a faculty or staff member is accused of sexual misconduct. There's also a suggestion to add a student & faculty member to the decision-making process around tuition costs & the selection of a new Prez. (link); The Chronicle of Higher Ed's Brown on former MSU Prez Simon: How a Transformational President Set Michigan State on a Course to Disaster. Thesis: "...nearly two dozen current and former faculty members and administrators who did speak with The Chronicle described Simon as a driving force behind the campus culture that so many people now call into question. She was encouraged, they said, by hands-off trustees who prioritized athletics and the Michigan State brand." Lots more. (link)
Kentucky AD Barnhart says the Wildcats will continue to wear some uniforms that feature a checkerboard design originally connected to the silks of legendary horse Secretariat. Barnhart also noted the never-ending challenge of uniform design in the eyes of fans, "...if I asked our football team what uniforms they want to wear, they want to wear the platinum ones and the black ones, and the minute we put those on, I get 84,000 emails about, 'Don’t wear black and platinum.' I got one guy that writes me an email — when we go on the road, we wear white uniforms, which is by rule, we have to wear the white uniform. He says, 'You’ve worn white. You’re already surrendering before you’ve ever taken the field.' I said, 'That’s great, buddy. I really appreciate you understanding the rules of college football.’ That’s the mindset of what I deal with.'" (link)
New Chicago State AD Zorich: "I didn’t take this blindly. All I know is what I’ve read in the newspaper — and there were some crazy things written in the paper. I want to change that. I want people to know we’re open for business. It’s frustrating because when you read those (stories), there weren’t the positive ones. We have some amazing stories. [...] I really think this is a hidden gem. I’ve had the opportunity to be around some successful cultures. I’ve seen what success looks like and what you have to do. … It’s going to take time, and I’m willing to put effort into it." Also, given some past business financial issues, Zorich says he's learned he has to sign every check, cross every 't' & dot every 'i'. (link)
IUPUI AD Perry hires former Alabama State Senior Assoc. AD for Internal Operations White for a similar title in Indianapolis as White will also add SWA duties. White will oversee Men's & Women's Soccer, Volleyball, Softball & Athletic Training, focus on the student-athlete experience, "budget maximization" & internal processes, as well as assist with donor cultivation. (link)
More departures at Nike amid the internal investigation connected to workplace issues: VP & GM of Global Running Lesnard, Director of Sports Marketing Kain, VP & GM of Nike East, North America Kim, Global VP of Marketing for Performance Categories Pestridge & Senior Creative Director Hasan. Eleven exits in total now as the initial investigation into complaints is now complete. Managers will now be required to have, at minimum, quarterly performance check-ins with employees. (link)
More Personnel: UT Chattanooga WBB HC Foster retires after 40 years of leadership & 903 career wins. (link); Kansas State AD Taylor will hire a new Baseball HC for the Wildcats as 15-year HC Hill will step away. (link); Florida FB's AC salaries released, led by DC Grantham's three-year $4.47M deal. ACs Warren & Scott will have a majority of their pay ($390K & $415K, respectively) covered by Tennessee. (link, link); Former Louisville MBB AHC Johnson, who exited as part of the MBB-FBI developments, looks to be joining the new staff at La Salle. (link); Longtime Navy Squash HC Dawson steps down. (link); Another big name to The Athletic: Bruce Feldman. (link); Air Force Men's Hockey HC Serratore with an extended deal through 2023. (link); Furman AD Buddie will go through the process of hiring a new Men's Golf HC. (link)
Fox MBB analysts Gottlieb & Elmore, along with former Texas Women's AD Lopiano speak out on opposition to pay-for-play. Gottlieb: "I can think of five or six big-name (basketball) head coaches who will publicly say (they’re) for players (being paid), but privately will say this is the biggest bullshit ever. They just don’t want to be crucified on Twitter. […] It’s great that you can have substandard grades in comparison to the rest of your freshman class and still get in. Try talking to a parent of a non-athlete. Ask them what it’s like to apply. […] When you get everything for free, there’s no accountability." Lopiano calls the NCAA "crooks," also, "The profits in college spots should go back into their purpose," which in Lopiano's view is clearly the student-athletes. Elmore: "If you have 18-year-olds receiving checks, paying taxes, hiring agents to negotiate contracts with universities, those things can interfere with the idea of going to class and getting the best education you possibly can. I have a legitimate fear that it will hurt rather than help." (link)
The DI Council edited language around sports betting back in April that's now getting some pub. Instead of an automatic loss of eligibility for student-athletes involved, such cases will now get reviewed individually & include an appeals process. Mainstream media points to the pending PASPA case in front of the Supreme Court as context for the NCAA's change. (link)
"We’re doing our best. We’re calling schools from the ACC, SEC and Big East. We do it every year, and they just won’t come here." That's Old Dominion MBB HC Jones who lamented the scheduling challenges at an ODU Athletic Foundation celebration last week. It's to the point now where the Monarchs have agreed to play power schools on the road, even with no promise of a home game in Norfolk in the future. Sources told the Virginian-Pilot's Minium that Virginia backed out of a verbal agreement to host ODU next season, going with George Washington instead. The Virginian-Pilot's Minium: "This goes to show you how much the deck is stacked against mid-major basketball schools. ... Being in a one-bid league means, on average, you should expect to go to the NCAA tournament about once every 14 years." (link)
Eastern Kentucky Women's Tennis ran the table in the OVC this season and earned the program's fourth berth to the NCAA Tourney, just two weeks after it was announced that the sport - both the men's and women's teams - would be eliminated from the Colonels portfolio. All eight of the team's student-athletes, and all but one of the men's student-athletes, are international, which HC Oertel notes as the "path of least resistance" to an athletic department looking to save money. Oertel: "The players are overseas. Yea, they can write emails with their dissatisfaction but, are they knocking on the door of the AD’s office? Are they knocking on the door of the newspaper? No. They’re overseas." Oertel pegs it at a less than 1% chance to save the women's program. (link)
More Media Rumblings: DISH boss Ergen says he doesn't see a day when his company gets into content creation when asked about the potential AT&T-Time Warner mashup. More, "I think you’re starting to see the seeds of potentially some major consolidation efforts out there; or depending on the ruling of AT&T-Time Warner, you may see a bit more of a cold shower." (link); 21st Century Fox CEO Murdoch has reportedly been telling people he won't be heading to Disney if the pair's deal eventually works out. Instead, the Wall Street Journal's Hagey & Flint say Murdoch is planning to launch his own venture fund focused on digital & international media. (link); BTIG Research's Greenfield, whom some of you experienced first-hand in Santa Monica, continues to believe 21st Century Fox needs to take the offer from Comcast, not Disney, but longtime expert & Mediatech Capital Partners' Bibb believes the Disney bid will eventually prevail. (linklink)
Also Noticed: The Pitt-Penn State FB rivalry may not return until 2030 or after according to Nittany Lions AD Barbour. (link); Looks like Arkansas has sold-out suites & loge boxes in its new North end zone expansion. Fewer than 300 club seats remain. (link); Changes to Facebook Live should make it easier for creators to attract larger audience. A rewind feature is also getting tested. (link); I'm a fool for organizational hierarchy charts & here's one of the new Facebook management structure. (link); Adidas has reportedly paused Facebook video ads while an efficacy review is completed. (link)
Paravis Partners Managing Partner Bowman explains for Harvard Business Review, "How to Get Yourself Invited to Important Meetings." Step 1) Assess your value - how will you advance the goal of the meeting?; 2) Assess your style - perhaps your behavior left you on the outside looking in; and, 3) Use the right strategy for the situation (does your boss go in your place? is a peer intentionally excluding you? are you on the organizer's radar screen?) "In any of these situations, it may be that you weren’t left out of the meeting intentionally. Making clear that you’re interested in attending and explaining what value you can bring can often remedy an oversight. When you’re not invited to a meeting, it’s easy to point the finger and blame others for leaving you out, but that typically won’t get you the invitation. Ultimately the responsibility is yours to prove why you should be in the room." (link)
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(NEW!) Director of Athletics (Clayton State University / Morrow, GA): Clayton State University, a member of the Peach Belt Conference, is seeking an Athletic Director responsible for managing all aspects of intercollegiate athletics. More details HERE.

(NEW!) Director-Managerial (Standard) Associate Athletic Director - Development (University of Texas at El Paso / El Paso, TX): Associate Athletic Director Directs, coordinates, and implements all fundraising initiatives for Department of Athletics. UTEP is an Equal Opportunity Employer. More details HERE.

(NEW!) Assistant Athletic Director, Facilities & Event Management (Tulane University / New Orleans, LA): The Assistant AD, Facilities/Event Management reports directly to the Sr. Associate AD, Business & Operations. Manages the day-to-day aspects of facilities maintenance activities. More details HERE.

(NEW!) Director of Communications (American Athletic Conference / Providence, RI): The individual will serve as a key member of the American Athletic Conference's communications/external relations team with primary responsibilities focused on men's basketball. More details HERE.

Assistant Athletic Director for Development (Eastern Illinois University / Charleston, IL): This position will direct all aspects of the fundraising arm of intercollegiate athletics with oversight of special events and fundraisers and the coordination of the courtesy car program. More details HERE.

Assistant Athletic Director for Compliance (Eastern Illinois University / Charleston, IL): This person will be responsible for the oversight of Athletics compliance with NCAA and OVC rules and regulations. The incumbent will serve as a member of the Athletic Department's Senior Staff. More details HERE.

Assistant Athletic Director for Communications (Vanderbilt University / Nashville, TN): Will oversee the communications and media operations for the Vanderbilt Athletics Department, including the planning and execution of communication efforts for Vanderbilt’s 16 sports. More details HERE.

Head Fencing Coach (University of North Carolina / Chapel Hill, NC): The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Department of Athletics is seeking applications for the position of Head Fencing Coach. Responsible for the men's and women's fencing programs. More details HERE.

Asst AD - Football Communications (Clemson University / Clemson, SC): Asst AD- Football Communications-Primary external contact for Clemson Football. More details HERE.

Associate Director of Fan Engagement (Baylor University / Waco, TX): The Associate Director of Fan Engagement assists with creating fan engagement and a great game day experience! Be a champion! Be a Baylor Bear! More details HERE.

Assistant/Associate Director of Fan Engagement (Baylor University / Waco, TX): The Assistant Director of Fan Engagement assists in creating fan engagement and a great game day experience! Be a champion! Be a Baylor Bear! More details HERE.

Associate Director of Development Events-Intercollegiate Athletics (Purdue Research Foundation / West Lafayette, IN): In cooperation with the Intercollegiate Athletics development team (John Purdue Club), assist in achieving the Athletics Director’s and the John Purdue Club’s development goals. More details HERE.

Digital Marketing, Program Coordinator (University of Notre Dame / Notre Dame, IN): This position will manage digital advertising and email marketing campaigns within Athletics Marketing at University of Notre Dame. EEO/AA. More details HERE.

Senior Associate Athletic Director (Colby College / Waterville, ME): Colby College, a member of the NESCAC is seeking a dynamic, Senior Associate AD to work closely with the Harold Alfond Director of Athletics. Visit the Witt/Kieffer link for a detailed job description. More details HERE.

Associate Athletic Director for Development (Louisiana Tech University / Ruston, LA): The Division of University Advancement at Louisiana Tech is seeking an individual to oversee the athletics fundraising office (LTAC). Emphasis will be placed on major gifts of $10,000 or more. More details HERE.

Assistant Athletic Director for Development (Rice University / Houston, TX): The Assistant Athletic Director will plan, organize and manage the development of major gift support for at the $100K+ level and will work with key volunteers in assigned regions/groups. More details HERE.

Assistant Director of Athletics Communications (University of Iowa / Iowa City, IA): The University of Iowa Department of Athletics seeks applications for an Assistant Director of Athletics Communications. More details HERE.

Executive Senior Associate Athletics Director/Assistant Vice President for Development (Purdue Research Foundation / West Lafayette, IN): Work in direct partnership with VP/Dir of Intercollegiate Athletics, Deputy Athletics Dir and the VP for Dev to provide leadership & guidance to advance private fundraising & marketing efforts. More details HERE.

Director of Marketing and Fan Engagement (Bowling Green State University / Bowling Green, OH): Responsible for marketing initiatives and coordinating game day atmosphere and fan engagement at all athletic events. Manage relationships with constituents across campus and throughout community. More details HERE.

Director of Athletics (University of Alaska Fairbanks / Fairbanks, AK): The Director of Athletics (AD) is responsible for the daily management and long-term planning for the University of Alaska Fairbanks Department of Intercollegiate Athletics. More details HERE.

Associate AD Development (University of Missouri - Kansas City / Kansas City, MO): Oversight of athletic development office - including fundraising for private gifts and corporate sponsorships, and enhancement of donor relations, and alumni relations. More details HERE.

Associate Athletic Director - External and Media Relations (California Baptist University / Riverside, CA): Direct and supervise all athletic department corporate sponsorships and external revenue development; negotiate contracts; sell naming rights for athletic facilities; establish a licensing program. More details HERE.

Associate Director of Development for Athletics (University of North Carolina Wilmington / Wilmington, NC): The Associate Director of Development for Athletics is a member of a team of development and advancement professionals within a dynamic and growing athletics program. More details HERE.

Director of Sales, Corporate Partnerships - External Relations (Stanford University / Stanford, CA): This position will be responsible for creating a high volume of new business and implementing high-level corporate marketing partnerships for the university athletic program. More details HERE.

Assistant Ticket Manager-Business & Premium Seating (Purdue University Intercollegiate Athletics / West Lafayette, IN): Manage daily accounting functions for the Athletics Ticket Office. Create, prepare & maintain spreadsheets to report & analyze financial data. Coordinate new premium seat contract execution. More details HERE.

Director of Athletics (California State University, Fresno / Fresno, CA): The Director of Athletics is responsible for providing leadership and administrative oversight for an Intercollegiate Athletics Program with a rich history of tradition and community support. More details HERE.

Assistant Director of Athletics for Marketing & Fan Development (University of Richmond / Richmond, VA): The AD of Athletics for Marketing and Fan Development is responsible for the generation of revenue through ticket sales, attendance and creating a positive and exciting game day atmosphere. More details HERE.

Part-time Ticket Sales Representative, Intercollegiate Athletics (Ball State University / Muncie, IN): Market and sell full seasons, partial seasons, group tickets, and mini ticket plans, through outbound sales activities for all ticketed sports. More details HERE.

Director of Men's & Women's Basketball Operations (Mid-American Conference / Cleveland, OH): This position is responsible for the implementation of key operational activities related to men's and women's basketball in the Mid-American Conference. More details HERE.

Assistant Athletic Director, Creative Services (University of Miami / Coral Gables, FL): Assistant AD, Creative Services manages the creative direction and visual brand standards for University of Miami Athletics, works with the graphic design, video content and digital strategy depts. More details HERE.

Senior Associate Director of Athletics (Washington State University / Pullman, WA): Senior Assoc AD provides oversight and mgt of external operations within WSU Athletics; serves as a member of the AD’s senior mgt team. Apps accepted through 5/8/2018; EO/AA. More details HERE.

Assistant Athletic Director of Facilities & Event Management (University of North Carolina Wilmington / Wilmington, NC): The Assistant Athletic Director for Facilities & Events Management oversees the UNCW Athletics Facilities and Event operations for a Division I program with 19 varsity sports. More details HERE.

Director of Development, Major Gifts (University of California, Berkeley / Berkeley, CA): This position is responsible for helping to meet the fundraising objectives of the Department of Intercollegiate Athletics the identification, cultivation, solicitation, and stewardship of major gifts. More details HERE.

Academic Coordinator (San Diego State University / San Diego, CA): Assist at-risk student-athletes in achieving academic objectives, model/teach successful study skills/strategies, direct SA to university resources, set up/leading review sessions & provide tutoring. More details HERE.

Men and Women's Swimming Head Coach (College of the Holy Cross / Worcester, MA): Lead NCAA Division I men's & women's swimming program by recruiting and developing qualified student-athletes. More details HERE.

Associate Athletics Director - Strategic Communications and Management (UC San Diego / La Jolla, CA): Responsible for positively influencing the external dialogue about UC San Diego Athletics through expertise in communication methods, information flow, media relations & brand management. More details HERE.

Ticketing Director (University of Notre Dame / Notre Dame, IN): The Ticketing Director serves as one of a team of ticket managers that each has primary responsibility for a reserved seating sport. Application deadline 5/2/2018. EEO/AA. More details HERE.

Assistant Director of Sports Administration (Big Ten Conference / Rosemont, IL): Liaison for sports, assist with management of championships, support to Sports Management Committee, manage awards program, coordinate product orders, assist with SCORE, other duties as assigned. More details HERE.

Assistant Director of Video and Creative Services (American Athletic Conference / Providence, RI): Assists in all aspects of the digital and video department promoting The American's 22 sports. Serve as an integral part of the The American Digital Network staff. More details HERE.

Assistant Director of Communications (American Athletic Conference / Providence, RI): Assists in all aspects of the communications/external relations area in promoting the Conference’s 22 sports while serving as the primary contact for assigned sports. More details HERE.

Deputy Athletics Director or Executive Associate Athletic Director for Finance & Strategic Initiatives (University of Texas at San Antonio / San Antonio, TX): Provides senior leadership, financial oversight of facilities operations, and oversees/ directs the operation of the Athletics budget for the UTSA Athletics Department. More details HERE.

Director of Digital Media Services (Mid-American Conference / Cleveland, OH): Create video content that drives views, conversations, and fan engagement to the Mid-American Conference website and social media platforms. Oversee all MAC created video content. More details HERE.

Director, Partnership Development for Auburn Sports Properties (Auburn Sports Properties / Auburn, AL): The Director of Partnership Development will be responsible for developing, selling and managing all aspects of fully integrated corporate sponsorship packages for Auburn University. More details HERE.

Associate Director, Ticketing (University of Notre Dame / Notre Dame, IN): The Associate Director, Ticketing serves as one of a team of ticket managers that each has primary responsibility for a reserved seating sport. Application deadline 5/2/2018. EEO/AA. More details HERE.

Director of Digital Media (Austin Peay State University / Clarksville, TN): Marketing, digital media and creative services for all 16 NCAA Division I programs as well as selected special initiatives with the goal of increasing awareness, attendance, and revenue. More details HERE.

Asst. Dir., Athletic Communications (Clemson University / Clemson, SC): Determines and develops media relations and social media strategies for WBB and other sports. Provides content development for digital platforms, and leads and instructs student assistants. More details HERE.

Assistant Director of Athletics Communications (Austin Peay State University / Clarksville, TN): Football Contact - Performs the role of an internal beat reporter, focusing on telling compelling stories in written, video, social media, graphics or other innovative formats.  More details HERE.

Assistant Director of Athletics for Marketing and Fan Engagement (North Dakota State University / Fargo, ND): Develops, coordinates & executes advertising campaigns as well as promotions and in-game entertainment. Designs events that engage student-athletes & coaches with the community. Supervises interns. More details HERE.

Assistant Athletics Director of Ticket Operations (Temple University / Philadelphia, PA): Incumbent will be responsible for leading, planning, and directing the execution of all aspects of ticket operations, distribution, and delivery. More details HERE.

Ticket Operations Director (UC San Diego / La Jolla, CA): The Ticket Operations Director manages ticket operations, development of the ticketing platform, including seat mapping and digital ticketing programs for Athletic Department events. More details HERE.

Director of Intercollegiate Athletics (California State University Northridge / Northridge, CA): CSUN is searching for an AD to lead their D1 program. For all inquiries, please contact Glenn Sugiyama of DHR International c/o Tom Snyder, Senior Associate at More details HERE.

Assistant Director, Athletic Communications (University of South Florida / Tampa, FL): Serve as primary contact for USF men's basketball, track and field, and cross country and secondary duties with football, conducting communications, media relations and social media engagement. More details HERE.

Associate Director, Development (Stanford University / Stanford, CA): Stanford Athletics is seeking job applications for a major gift fundraiser. This position will be focused on identifying, cultivating, and soliciting gifts of $250,000 or more. More details HERE.

Assistant Director for Compliance (Xavier University / Cincinnati, OH): This position along with all coaches & staff is responsible for the integrity of Xavier’s intercollegiate athletics program and for protecting the reputation of the University through compliance..... More details HERE.
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