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A new AD at Washington State could be announced next week per Wazzu's 247sports outlet as the pool of possibilities has been narrowed from 40 to 10 to now just a handful of candidates. The focus for Prez Schulz reportedly continues to be a leader with serious fundraising chops. Schulz: "We’re going to bring somebody in that people go, 'wow! I’m so excited that that person is going to be our next athletic director.'" (link)
Another 247sports note comes at Auburn where Oregon AD Mullens & Iowa State boss Pollard are believed to be at the top of the list for the Tigers. Names have started flying around the last couple of days &'s Marcello uses "serious" alongside Mullens' candidacy. There's probably more behind the paywall, but it feels a bit too message board-y for my liking. (link)
One search where we definitely know the finalists is at North Dakota, but the search committee chose not to meet for its final time due to rough weather yesterday. Interim VP for University & Public Affairs Johnson: "Committee members have the opportunity to share strengths and weaknesses about each candidate with Tom (DiLorenzo, chair of the committee), who will provide feedback to President Kennedy. President Kennedy attended all of the open forums. He also had one-on-one meetings with the Executive Council (which is his advisory council) this week." (link); The Spokesman Review's Allen reports Eastern Washington AD Chaves is the frontrunner for the spot in Grand Forks. Curiously, Allen cites social media as one indicator the choice for UND could be Chaves, but also points out Chaves' resume is clearly the most seasoned of the final foursome. (link)
"I haven't made any decisions about my future.… There are still a lot of things that we would like to accomplish both from winning championships to graduating student-athletes and enhancing and building more facilities." That's UCLA AD Guerrero in a wide-ranging interview with the LA Times' Bolch on a question about his contract that runs through 2019. Guerrero touches on the Pac-12's TV situation, points to the positives since there's nothing that can be done about the negatives for another six years. Offers a flat "no" on if the Bruins have been asked for any information in connection to the MBB-FBI developments. Does expect change from the league's MBB task force, though it could take a couple of years. Guerrero also says there's real clarity on the role President Trump played to get two MBB student-athletes released from Chinese supervision. Lots more, including thoughts on new FB HC Kelly, the importance of new MBB & FB facilities & ADs having HC candidate lists on hand at all times. (link)
Sticking in the Pac-12 for another moment as Utah boss Hill gets dinged to the tune of $10K & a public reprimand from the league for his pointed thoughts aimed at MBB officials after a loss last weekend to Arizona State. Pac-12 Commish Scott: "The Pac-12 membership has established conduct rules that prohibit our administrators from derogatory language, as well as publicly commenting about officiating. We have an obligation to our members to enforce approved conference rules. While we appreciate Dr. Hill’s public apology, as a part of our officiating program, there is a protocol in place for our administrators to provide feedback directly to the coordinator of officials in a private and appropriate manner." (link)
Outgoing Charlotte AD Rose chats with espnW's Fader, reflects on four-plus decades in the industry, "I decided then that I was going to make the announcement a little bit later in March. Then I decided there's been a little unrest, I guess you would say, because we haven't been as successful in basketball and football as some of our fans would like, so I said, you know what, I'm going to make the announcement earlier." Rose points to former Pepsi-Cola Bottling Co. CEO Halton & Rodgers Builders' namesake boss as two prominent Charlotte-area female executives who took her under their wings when Rose was first named AD & was the only female AD on the east coast. Most important lesson: "Hire good people. [...] I want them to challenge me. [...] I want people that understand the business." How do more women advance to the AD chair? "No. 1, I think, is mentoring. We all have a responsibility to do that. […] Diversity overall, whether it's men, people of color, different religions, it's good because our student-athlete base is quite diverse, and we need to kind of mirror our student-athlete base." More. (link)
West Virginia AD Lyons pens to the WVU fanbase, starts with a laundry list of achievements. Facilities wise, the new Mountaineer Aquatic Center should be done in the Spring of 2019, new outdoor Track & Field digs are also looking good for '19. Also coming online soon is "a fully renovated football athletic training facility, which is going to double the size of the current area and will be fully operational by the time training camp begins in August." (link)
The Big East executed its first MBB contest alongside FS1 with both HCs mic-d up the entire game as Providence's Cooley defeated DePaul's Leitao last night. I could really get used to watching hoops like this as the intimacy level is off the charts. At one point Cooley said to an official on a no-call, "You don't just bleed on purpose, unless you're a vampire!" Split screen & audio with game action & both coaches commenting on their team's play is pretty fascinating. (link)
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How many leadership voices do you have? Well, according to Paravis Partners co-founder Jen Su in HBR, you need several. 1. Your voice of character (constant and consistent, "grounded in fundamental principles about whom you choose to be and what guides and motivates your interactions with others"); 2. Your voice of context (as you move up the ladder, your ability to provide the bigger picture to others must grow); 3. Your voice of clarity (help the team stay focused and productive); 4. Your voice of curiosity (never approach a situation as if you have all the answers); 5. Your voice of connection (increase your skills as a storyteller, thank and acknowledge others, make time for rapport-building to start a meeting). Conclusion: "Discovering and developing your voice as a leader is the work of a lifetime. The key is to stay open to an increasingly wide array of new situations and people. Use each situation as an opportunity to access more parts of your voice, rather than having a one-size-fits-all approach." (link)
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SBJ/SBD's Smith chats with Atlanta Falcons brass on the difficulties of getting fans into Mercedes Benz Stadium for Monday night's CFP National Championship game due to President Trump's visit. The Falcons had the quickest ingress time from around the NFL this season & for the SEC Championship tilt the average wait time was just six minutes. "The primary issue was Gate 1, which is where most of the fans enter the stadium for other events. But with Trump using that gate to enter the CFP title game, only 9,391 fans came through Gate 1, compared to 23,355 for the SEC Championship. […] McKay (Prez/CEO) was in the stadium’s control center with CFP officials and Secret Service, but largely the stadium’s leadership was operating in the dark in terms of preparing for Trump’s visit." (link)
Georgia Tech MBB HC Pastner has filed a suit against former friend Bell on the grounds of "defamation, intentional infliction of emotional distress, civil conspiracy, aiding and abetting and injurious falsehoods and attempts to blackmail and extort." As you may recall, Bell hit the wire back in November with all sorts of allegations of alleged rules violations committed in connection to Pastner's programs. Eye-opener: "According to the lawsuit, a copy of which was obtained by USA TODAY Sports, Bell then made an allegation during a Dec. 6, 2017 phone call with NCAA investigators that Pastner had sexually assaulted Pendley, who is Bell’s girlfriend." Pastner: "I am disgusted and devastated by the actions of two individuals to whom I showed compassion. My family and I are victims of fraud and extortion and the extent to which these individuals have gone to harm us is truly unfathomable." Lots more. (link)
The Texas Tribune's Najmabadi asks "How are schools vetting Art Briles' former assistants?" As for the two most recent hires - Houston OC Briles and OL coach Clements, both coaches received "verbal recommendations" and were vetted through the process beyond "normal protocol," which included an interview with VP for Legal Affairs/General Counsel to specifically discuss Title IX compliance, according to UH Exec. Dir. of Media Relations Rosen. UH AD Pezman also "made several calls to former colleagues of the candidates," which, as Rosen points out, is not typical for an AD "to be involved in hires at this level." A bit more, and while Baylor continues to keep most of the Pepper Hamilton investigation under wraps, BU VP for Marketing & Communications/CMO Cook confirmed that the school "knows which former coaches' actions had been flagged as problematic in Baylor's own report." (link)
"As I said before, when a difficult situation like this arises you go to your university officials and you follow the process and the policies. And I'm very comfortable we did that." Minnesota MBB HC Pitino continues to harp on following the processes in place as student-athlete Lynch is embroiled in sexual assault allegations. More: "We know this is a difficult situation for all parties involved. The first thing that I do is I go to my boss and university officials, ask them what's the policy, protocol and procedure. We followed those. So certainly it's difficult for everybody. That's why I go to my boss and the right people. I trust them and believe in them as well." (link)
Looks like the Big Ten will stick with two MBB league games in December next year, between November 30 - December 4 for the 2018-19 season, when it shifts to a 20-game conference schedule. (link); Missouri MBB HC Martin has some thoughts on improving the fan experience at games, namely allowing each player six personal fouls instead of five. Martin also wants to reduce the shot clock and switch to four quarters, says "I think the women's game is sometimes ahead of ours in a lot of ways." (link)
More HC & Personnel Notes: South Carolina FB HC Muschamp gets the BoT's stamp of approval for a three-year extension and a starting salary of $4.2M, rising to $5.2M in the final year of the deal, worth $28.2M overall. (link); Georgia Tech AD Stansbury on his extension for FB HC Johnson: "He’s proven that he can navigate the challenges that we have at Georgia Tech and do it in a way that puts us in a position to win championships." (link); Nebraska FB AC pool is $4.875M for the upcoming season, includes all 10 ACs plus S&C HC Duval. (link); Auburn Track & Field HC Spry denies the allegations brought against him by former AC Ghioraie, which include negligent training or supervision. (link);  More from South Carolina MBB HC Martin on bringing embattled MBB-FBI student-athlete Bowen into his program, "I chose to be in education; that's who I am. That's why that kid is in school right now. I'm not into the phoniness of this business. You give him a chance. That's what education is about. […] Given what he's been through, he's got a very uplifting spirit. Quiet, very humble. Very engaging. The part that grabbed me: he's just dying for someone to believe in him and give him a chance." (link); Fresno State FB HC Tedford earns another $200K in bonus monies, these connected to an uptick in attendance data. $850K in overall incentives generated for Tedford. (link)
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Amazon says its NFL Thursday night streaming numbers averaged 310K viewers who spent at least 30 seconds with the contests. Twitter is believed to have averaged 265K last season, though neither company released apples-to-apples data. Differences in the calculations include auto-play on Twitter, while Amazon viewers had to actually press play. Here's an example of exactly why Amazon could be a major play for sports rights in the future, "Prime subscribers who watched NFL coverage were 41 percent more likely to buy a Crock-Pot on Amazon, likely due to their tailgating needs." (link)
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Arizona State sports law professor & industry thought-leader Wong pens on the key legal storylines for college athletics in 2018. Wong points to the Rice Commission & posits, "Questions to be answered: Will amateurism be tweaked or changed, and if so, how and to what degree? How can the NCAA influence the NBA’s draft eligibility ('one-and-done') rule? What the impact of federal intervention and possible legislation be on the NCAA’s enforcement structure and mechanisms?" More from Wong, "Given the money at stake, ADs may find it worthwhile to review their coaches’ contracts to ensure that language addressing criminal investigations – even those in which the NCAA is not a party – is included as a basis for 'for cause’ firings.'" And, “Athletic directors are now tasked with having at least a working understanding of tax law, criminal law, and variety of other legal and business disciplines that may have been on the periphery in eras past." (link)
Since Charlotte Hornets Prez/COO Whitfield is on the committee to help select the next AD at Charlotte, this 'Weekend Plans' piece from SBJ with Whitfield may have some value for some of you with interest in the 49ers' post. Whitfield notes the importance of the upcoming MLK holiday & how his jersey is being retired on Monday back at his high school in Greensboro. Whitfield's game-watching style, "I’ve been here 12 seasons and I’ve never actually sat and watched the game. I prefer to stand in our team tunnel, which leads back to our locker room and our two premium clubs. It allows me not only to watch the game, but also interact with our customers. I try to look at it as if I’m hosting a party at my home." (link)
The Denver Post breaks down the budget details at Colorado for the past four fiscal years, including FY17, when the Buffs finished in the black by $192. Compared to the year prior, Football ticket revenue jumped more than $1.4M up to $11.162M, Pac-12 distribution monies increased nearly $4M to $30.384M, and donations were up $200K to $7.42M. Annual scholarship expenses rose $300K to $10.87M. (link) Full RAPID Annual Report from AD George. (link)
Rules & Regs: Softball leaders are pushing the NCAA to adjust early recruiting statutes for their sport that would restrict contact with prospective student-athletes until September 1 of their junior years of high school. NFCA Prez & Tennessee co-HC Weekly: "The biggest problem facing college softball today is early recruiting, but it is not going to change unless the coaches and the NCAA work together to make it change." (link); SEC Baseball HCs will be allowed to use up to two challenges per game, no matter of the outcome of either, in league play this season. The ACC will operate under the same challenge system & has also given the green light to coach-catch electronic communication to call pitches & speed up the game. The Big 12 is adding a 15-second pitch clock. (link); Key legislation conversations at next week's NCAA Convention include student-athlete transfer guidelines, the preseason start date for WBB practice & both WBB & MBB games, preseason FB practice changes, plus those for Soccer, more. (link)
When Wichita State MBB comes to town, opposing fans show up. Connecticut sold out its 15K-seat XL Center for the first time this season and East Carolina welcomed a season-high crowd of 5,539 to Menges Coliseum - nearly double the season average - for the AAC tilt. (link); 12,614 fans watched Louisville WBB convincingly defeat Notre Dame at the KFC Yum! Center on Thursday night, the largest crowd of the season for the Cards. HC Walz: "...if you don’t want to come back after that, I don’t know what to tell you. So I’m hoping we had a lot of first-time people, possibly, that came. That’s some pretty darn good basketball. It’s entertaining. And the kids play so hard. It’s not that we have to score 100, but they play hard. They’re diving on the floor after loose balls, they’re picking each other up. The excitement is there." (link)
Also Noticed: Southern FB will play only 10 games next season, AD Banks points to the SWAC office, "We were dealt a limited hand." (link); ESPN's new morning show "Get Up" with Michelle Beadle, Mike Greenberg and Jalen Rose will premiere Monday, April 2. (link); Disney CEO Iger's total compensation in 2017 dropped to $36.28M, down from $43.88M in FY16. Four others "suffered" as well, as CFO McCarthy's total comp dropped to $8.95M, Chief Strategy Officer Mayer's pay fell to $8.4M, General Counsel Braverman's slipped to $8.45M and Chief HR Officer Parker dipped to $5.09M. (link); More from Disney, as Facebook COO Sandberg and Twitter CEO Dorsey will leave the board, "citing conflicts of interest as Facebook and Twitter push further into Disney's business." (link)
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Director of Athletics (West Chester University of Pennsylvania / West Chester, PA): West Chester is a NCAA Division II school with outstanding athletics tradition & a member of Pennsylvania State Athletic Conference. For a detailed leadership profile visit the Witt/Kieffer link below. More details HERE.

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Director of Development for Athletics (University of North Carolina Wilmington / Wilmington, NC): Responsible for planning, development & implementation of strategies that position UNCW to acquire, manage & distribute funds that will enhance educational mission of the Department of Athletics & UNCW. More details HERE.

Coordinator of Academics for Football (University of Akron / Akron, OH): Position will assist football student-athletes in pursuit of their educational goals by developing and assisting with study plans to increase retention and graduation rates of athletes. More details HERE.

Director of Aztec Club (San Diego State University / San Diego, CA): Promote the SDSU athletic program; solicit private contributions; and sponsor or host activities to provide alumni, donors, and fans a vehicle to remain loyal to SDSU Athletics. More details HERE.

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