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MBB-FBI: Dawkins' attorney Haney to the jury during his closing arguments, "You saw TJ Gassnola. Would you buy a used car from TJ Gassnola? Let me ask you another question: Would you buy a new $100,000 car from TJ Gassnola?" Also, "What harm did Louisville suffer? Brian Bowen never even played at Louisville. [...] They thumbed their nose at the NCAA. Within 90 days of going on probation, they continued to commit NCAA violations by making cash payments to players." Closings for former Adidas employees Code & Gatto are set for today, then the case heads to jury. (link, link); LSU HC Wade: "It was a little bit surprising (to see his name brought up). I'm very proud of everything I've done as LSU's head coach...I or we have never ever done business of any kind with Christian Dawkins." Tigers AD Alleva: "I believe Will Wade is building a program marked by those characteristics (integrity & excellence) even as he leads this team through tragedy. He is a smart and driven coach who works as hard as anyone in college athletics. I am excited to see where he leads this program for years to come." (linklink); Yahoo's Wetzel says the numbers 35 & 20, which are the number of years in jail witnesses Sood & Gassnola say they could have faced without cooperating with federal authorities, are important when considering their testimony. Wetzel: "Jurors are human, though. So are defendants. Thirty-five and 20 are laying out there, a heck of a lot of years for even what the government is claiming is a federal crime but to the jury may seem a lot more like a game gone bad. It’s no surprise the defense would like those numbers to be front and center when deliberations begin. It may be the secret key to winning." (link); OSKR partner & antitrust economist Schwarz weaves together the Alston case & the case in Lower Manhattan to argue fans don't care of student-athletes are paid or not, "...if instead what we see if business as usual, maybe this time we’ll finally stop accepting the ever-shifting goalposts, the amateurism gaslighting, and just acknowledge that what fans care about is college sports played by college athletes, no matter what they’re earning." More. (link)
OregonLive's Canzano hosts Pac-12 Commish Scott on his podcast, describes the conversation as "terse." Canzano points to Scott's, "I don't know off the top of my head," when asked if the league had a written policy for its instant replay procedures. Canzano also challenged that the Pac-12 suffered from a lack of public trust, to which Scott responded, "I asked those questions point-blank of the replay officials...I had a chance to interview our replay supervisor on multiple occasions, and others, and he told me point-blank that this was the only incidence that he was being influenced to make a particular call." (link - excerpts, link - full convo)
While University System of Maryland leadership will be briefed on the second investigation into Maryland's FB culture this Friday, we won't know anything publicly until the middle of next week at the earliest. The USM board will meet this Friday, then again next Tuesday & within one week of that date will hold a presser. Board of Regents chair Brady: "...members of the board will need appropriate time to study the findings, ask follow-up questions, come to conclusions, and consider any potential outcomes. As public servants, we have an obligation to take the time necessary to get this right. Once the board has had the time it needs to review the findings, the information will be shared with people of Maryland in a fully transparent fashion." (link)
Syracuse boss Wildhack jumps in on a number of topics with's Carlson. Dynamic pricing will be used for MBB's tip in the Carrier Dome with Duke as Wildhack points to secondary market prices, though the sales process won't start until seasons ticket timelines are exhausted. Says the growth of the FB program under HC Babers is "demonstrable" as the Orange sit at 4-2. Calls renewal discussions with Nike "productive." On the current MBB-FBI developments, "I think (apparel deals are) something universities have done going back decades, right? I think it's more, kind of, how we police our own institutions. I'm confident in the way that our coaches conduct themselves. We recruit aggressively but we also do it the right way." (link, link)
A 10-year, $80M relationship between UConn & IMG College that started in 2008 gets extended by another 15 & is worth a minimum of $96M this time around, $6M of which the Huskies will get this year. Key terms, "It gives UConn 100 percent of net revenue generated from such things as radio commercials, in the first three years of the contract. The percentage then decreases incrementally to 80 percent by the end of the contract. It also includes a $2 million signing bonus for the school." Huskies AD Benedict points to "a unique revenue sharing model." Highlights also include a continuation of WBB HC Auriemma's high-profile podcast & social media staff bandwidth to help tell behind-the-scenes stories. (link, link)
Montana State lands an anonymous $2M commitment, the largest ever for the Bobcats, earmarked for the new Bobcat Athletic Complex & the Athletic Excellence Center in the Brick Breeden Fieldhouse. MSU AD Costello: "This gift moves us toward our goal to create centers of excellence that embrace our mission to create champions in the classroom, in competition and in life." Costello is pushing to raise $16M in private cash for the projects. (link)
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The fervor of ESPN College GameDay visiting Pullman & Washington State for the first time ever leads the city council to vote in favor of an emergency measure to use Pullman Transit buses to help move fans around town in the coming days, including to/from campus. (link); Check out the scene as the GameDay bus arrived with a fire truck escort. This was on Wednesday. Could be a wild scene come Saturday. (link); WSU Prez Schulz's wife says a number of guests from out of town are staying at her Presidential house to make more room at hotels, "WSU leaders are working as team to make this all work." (link)
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Long & important entry from the NCAA with insights from working group leaders who are focused on improving the MBB landscape. There are key takeaways from the chair of every working group, including Bryant Prez Machtley, who is leading the Association-Wide Issues unit, on the introduction of independent members to the NCAA Board of Governors, "The nominees should have 'experience, stature and objectivity.' This description ensures we select the right individuals and creates a standard that avoids even the appearance of conflicts of interest. To ensure an expansive pool of qualified nominees, we opened the process to allow nominations from all NCAA constituents. We also recommended that the Board of Governors Executive Committee review all nominations and recommend nominees to the full board. A lead director also would be selected to serve on the Executive Committee." ACC Senior Assoc. Commish Hostetter (Agents & Advisors), Georgetown Prez DeGioia (Student Support/Degree Completion), Big East Commish Ackerman (NBA-Related Issues), Penn AD Calhoun (Apparel Companies), UCLA AD Guerrero (Nonscholastic Basketball), Xavier AD Christopher (Enforcement & Infractions) & Hofstra Special Asst. to the Prez Hathaway (MBB Oversight) also provide updates from their areas & groups. (link)
America East leaders met last week in Providence with key decisions including an expanded relationship with RISE on the race relations & social progress fronts ("The two-year agreement will focus on research and analysis of each member institutions’ current practices as well as education and outreach"), as well as associate Field Hockey memberships for UC Davis, Cal, Pacific & Stanford. All ADs, SWAs & other "select administrators" were in attendance. Commish Huchthausen points to further leveraging the league's positioning as an "elite mid-major" & its focus on diversity, inclusion & mental health. (link)
More shakeup at ECU as WBB HC Macy resigns after posting a 137-117 mark in eight seasons, "I regret that my misunderstanding about practice rules has led to this end, but I have chosen to resign in order to save the University and the team from any unnecessary distractions." Pirates AC Killinger will lead the program on an interim basis. Will this hire eventually be made by a new AD in Greenville? (link)
Stadium headliner Goodman continues his 'Conference Chain of Command' series with the Atlantic-10. Based on feedback from MBB coaches around the league & weighing the variables of tradition, exposure, atmosphere, budget/resources, buy games, recruiting base, facilities, selling pros & admission requirements, here's where each program ended up: Dayton & VCU tied at #1, followed in order by Saint Joseph's, Rhode Island, UMass, St. Louis, Davidson, Richmond, George Washington, George Mason, Saint Bonaventure, Duquesne & then a tie at 13 between La Salle & Fordham. There's a run down of coach's comments on each, as well. (link)
Facilities: Old Dominion wants to add $2.5M to its Foreman Field revamp to include a 'Founders Club' restaurant-style club concept. A state department of planning & budget official says he'll sign off on the upgrade since it's less than 10% of the overall sticker price of $65M. (link); Sounds like Duquesne is getting ready to roll-out plans on a renovation to the Palumbo Center. The announcement coming next week may mean the Dukes will have to find a new home venue for the 2019-20 season. (link); Georgia State will being construction later this month on phase two of its FB operations center. Coaches offices, team meeting spaces, weight room, training room, equipment space all part of the mix. (link); Arizona has added a new exclusive hospitality area in the McKale Center, the Courtside Lounge, which includes private access to beer, concessions, TVs & "bistro seating." (link)
TV/Tech: Check out the new 'CourtVision' product being rolled out by the L.A. Clippers that gives fans a number of new interactive ways to watch a game, including a version where shooting percentages & other stats show up above the heads of players depending on where they take a shot from on the floor. Very interesting. Being beta tested right now. (link); SBJ's Ourand reports Disney has passed around a bid book for the selling of the 22 RSNs picked up from Fox that have to be divested. Comcast is not in the mix as of now, but many others, including the big tech players are believed to be. (link); Facebook faces major legal heat on claims it knew about misleading video view statistics for advertisers & did nothing about the situation. The murky world of digital advertising continues to be just that. (link)
Davis & Company namesake, founder & CEO for Inc., "How to Explain Something So that Everyone Understands It." First and foremost, research the background of the people with whom you're sharing information, then abide by these rules to develop your content: 1) Use familiar vocabulary, language style, examples and references or at least take time to explain unknown terms or concepts; 2) Draw examples and experiences from the group which helps to build bridges from the familiar to the new concept; and 3) "Innoculate" your learners by warning them that you are moving into negative experiences. This way you can "diffuse resistance by demonstrating sympathetic awareness of past problems." Davis concludes with, "By meeting people where they are and acknowledging their experience, you can explain your topic so that everyone understands it." (link)
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Kansas Chancellor Girod not in favor of using athletics or endowment funds to make up for the $20M budget shortfall in Lawrence. Interim Provost Lejuez notes during a town hall that only $1.5M is routed from campus funds to the Jayawks & 98% of gifts to the the $191M endowment are specifically earmarked, leaving little wiggle room. Lejuez on the pending position cuts, "I don’t know any specifics. I have said clearly most (position) cuts would come in the next year. But, I am hearing from units and they can’t move forward, because they don’t have enough cash." (link)
The attorney for former New Mexico AD Krebs says his client was advised to personally donate $25K to match public funds used for the donor trip to Scotland by university EVP/CFO/COO Harris. Quote: "Basically, David said if you can get a $25,000 donation, that will take care of everything. I don’t think it was good judgment, but Paul, rather than trying to go out and beat the bushes for a donation, just thought, 'Well, I’ll just be the donor.'" Harris in a statement: "I have never advised Paul Krebs on any matters related to the Scotland trip, financial or otherwise." (link); Current Lobos AD Nunez: "We've taken audits that we've received - findings that have been found in regards to our department - and we've addressed every one of those so, from my perspective, my responsibility for the department is to make sure we do our things right and that's basically where we are right now." (link)
Former Idaho Diving student-athlete Jameson has sued the university for the way it handled her 2013 sexual assault allegations case that involved a former FB student-athlete. Jameson's counsel, "In particular, six University of Idaho officials, at least, knew about the sexual assault (of Jameson), and all of them failed to follow Title IX, which requires that they report it to the dean of students immediately." There's further sharp words aimed at former AD Spear. Jameson is seeking unspecified financial damages. (link)
Northern Illinois bought back $273,619 worth of FB tix last season to comply with NCAA attendance requirements, which officially amounted to 56,345 tickets. Huskies Senior Assoc. AD for Finance & Operations/Chief of Staff/SWA Boughton: "The emphasis is on attendance figures through an allocation of tickets. We use revenue already associated with [football games]. For resources, we actually met with the NIU Foundation to get the resources we need to do an internal purchase." AD Frazier: "I’d garner if you did research on [on ticket buy backs], you would probably find 100 percent ratio where schools our size or in our conference do something similar to what we do. ... At the FBS level, we’re dealing with a whole different ball of wax. We’re dealing with access to major corporate sponsorship. We’re dealing with access to major guaranteed money that’s coming in from different institutions. At the FCS level, they aren’t receiving that." (link)
Sacramento State's Clinical and Sports Psychologist Petruzzelli featured in the university's student paper. Petruzzelli recounts progress made in recent years, including that of the 'Me Too' movement helping to empower victims. Petruzzelli: "I help break down the stigma for athletes when it comes to handling emotions. In athletics culture, the stigma is that there is one way to handle emotion. Suck it up and cope with it. If you can’t, there’s this message that you’re weak and I break down that stigma by letting athletes know if they see me it’s not because they’re weak." (link); The Athletic's Cohen details the Green Bay Packers' mental training methods. Lots here, but York University Professor Baker: "We need to be thinking about a new player who is drafted into the league on Day 1. Yeah we’ll give them a physical-conditioning program, we’ll give them the game book with all of our plays and stuff. But we also need to develop a strategy for training anticipation and decision-making skills that parallels the development of physical skills. Because those are the types of things that we’re relying on emerging naturally through experience and through training and scrimmage, but we can train them so that they emerge faster." (link)
Also Noticed: Check out Navy's Under Armour uni for the Army-Navy game...inspired by Bill the Goat. (link); Interesting footnote in the full NCAA infractions decision on Charleston Southern. Footnote #12: "CSU asserted that it was unable to hire additional resources due to losing over 10 million dollars as a victim of a Ponzi scheme." (link); The matchups and dates have been announced for this year's Summit League/WAC Challenge. Begins Nov. 6 with Grand Canyon at South Dakota State and wraps up Dec. 20 with Chicago State at Western Illinois. (link); Former Notre Dame FB student-athlete Adams is collecting $500K in a loss of value insurance policy after an injury before the NFL draft left him undrafted. (link); Amendment 3 of the Florida Constitution is on the ballot next month, which would require 60% state-wide support for new casinos, a threshold that would "protect the local hegemony of the Seminole Tribe of Florida ... and Walt Disney Co." Combined the two have given $36M to support the measure with $20M coming from Disney. (link); UMass highlights tweets from fans by spreading them across the design of this year's MBB season tickets. Pretty cool. (link); Ingles is the official new title sponsor of the SoCon's MBB and WBB Championships. (link); Hand, foot and mouth disease is highly contagious and spreading across many campuses nationwide. Johns Hopkins has 120 confirmed cases, while Lehigh claims 116. Mars Hill (DII), Princeton, Wesleyan (DIII) and Florida State also report outbreaks. (link); Satirical look at the history of wardrobe choices by West Virginia MBB HC Huggins. Good stuff. (link) powered by Turnkey Search
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(NEW!) Director of Student-Athlete Development (Mississippi State University / Starkville, MS): Responsible for the planning and execution of required Life Skills seminars, career development, special projects, as well as developing new programming for all student-athletes. More details HERE.

Senior Associate Athletic Director for External Relations (California State University, Fresno / Fresno, CA): Senior Assoc. A.D. for External Relations is responsible for assuring an effective approach to advancing the image & notoriety of Fresno State Athletics. Apply at: More details HERE.

Associate Athletic Director, CFO (Boise State University / Boise, ID): Boise State Athletics seeks an Associate AD, CFO to administer, organize and supervise the financial and accounting systems for the budget and reporting functions of the Athletic Department. More details HERE.

Accountant - Athletics (Vanderbilt University / Nashville, TN): Responsible for all aspects of Student Athlete Scholarships plus Comdata student debit cards and other duties as assigned. Also serves as primary contact for assigned financial unit. More details HERE.

Assistant Director of Facilities and Event Management (University of North Carolina Wilmington / Wilmington, NC): Coordinate the day-to-day functions of assigned sports programs, plan and organize activities, communicate program policy and procedures, establish and maintain positive working relationships. More details HERE.

Athletic Academic Advisor - Football (James Madison University / Harrisonburg, VA): Assist the Associate AD for Student-Athlete Services in the organization, coordination and implementation of academic support services for student-athletes. More details HERE.

Development Coordinator (San Diego State University / San Diego, CA): Clerical/administrative support & project coordination; donor prospect research/identification, coordinate/disseminate communications; prepare documents/ presentations & maintain database/files. More details HERE.

Development Assistant (University of Oregon / Eugene, OR): Support the execution of emerging annual giving campaigns and annual giving stewardship. This position will support fundraising efforts, including: direct mail, email, telefund, crowdfunding, etc. More details HERE.

Assistant/Associate Director of Athletics for Compliance and Student Services (Fairfield University / Fairfield, CT): Responsible for overseeing the day-to-day administration and operation of a comprehensive compliance and rules education program for 20 varsity sports and 450 student athletes. More details HERE.

Assistant Coach 1 - Strength & Conditioning (Middle Tennessee State University / Murfreesboro, TN): Assist the Assistant Athletic Director for Strength & Conditioning and the Head Football Strength & Conditioning Coach with general oversight of the Strength and Conditioning Program. More details HERE.

(UPDATED TITLE!) Assistant Athletic Director Marketing and Promotions (Florida Atlantic University / Boca Raton, FL): Reports to Senior Associate AD for External Relations. The position will develop & execute annual marketing plans, create & implement marketing strategies, develop event scripts. More details HERE.

Assistant Ticket Director, Job #443336 (Ohio State University / Columbus, OH): Manages ticket operations for selected events including programming, invoicing, allocation, distribution, season database maintenance and assisting customers with inquiries and ticket purchases. More details HERE.

Assistant Ticket Manager - Sales (Brown University / Providence, RI): This position will provide support to the Assistant Director of Athletics – Marketing & Ticketing, specifically in the area of Ticket Sales. Ticket Supervisor for select paid athletic events. More details HERE.

Assistant Coordinator (Athletics) (Mississippi State University / Starkville, MS): Provides customer service to Bulldog Club members & season ticket holders on a daily basis; makes in person contact with potential donors for the purpose of giving financial support to MS State Ath. More details HERE.

Learning Specialist/Academic Advisor (Washington State University / Pullman, WA): WSUAthletics is accepting applications for the position of Learning Specialist/Academic Advisor. Applications are accepted through October 21, 2018. More details HERE.

Assistant Athletics Director (Kansas Athletics, Inc. / Lawrence, KS): The Assistant Athletics Director assists with fundraising efforts, serves as Sports Administrator for Track & Field and Cross Country, and chairs a diversity recruitment committee. More details HERE.

Director of Photography (University of Minnesota / Minneapolis, MN): Direct all facets of photography for 25-sport Intercollegiate Athletics Department. Serve as the primary photographer for the athletics department including all studio, specialty, event and live games. More details HERE.

Assistant Coach, Strength & Conditioning (University of North Carolina Wilmington / Wilmington, NC): Under the direction of the Head Coach, Strength & Conditioning, the Assistant Coach, Strength & Conditioning, will develop and manage effective individual and group strength/conditioning programs for. More details HERE.

Associate Director/Director of Licensing (University of Arkansas / Fayetteville, AR "Best Place to Live in the SEC"): Looking for a revenue-generation focused creative to join the Razorback team. This individual will manage our licensing program and help shape one of the most unique brands in sports. More details HERE.

Assistant Director of the Phoenix Club, Special Events and Hospitality (Elon University / Elon, NC): The Assistant Director of the Phoenix Club, Special Events and Hospitality is responsible for building relationships with alumni and friends of Elon University. More details HERE.

Website/Digital Specialist (Ohio State University / Columbus, OH): The Website/Digital Specialist is responsible for the daily maintenance and updating of, the official website for the Department of Athletics. Job #443337 More details HERE.

Deputy Director of Athletics (Virginia Commonwealth University / Richmond, VA): Oversight and leadership of maximizing all revenues and awareness of the formal strategic objectives of the athletic department and provides leadership of the daily operations of the department. More details HERE.

Director, Video Content (University of Miami / Coral Gables, FL): Miami is seeking a dynamic, energetic and creative visual storyteller to help direct video content for one of the most iconic brands in collegiate athletics, with a special emphasis on UM Football. More details HERE.

Associate Director of Promotions (UGA Athletic Association / Athens, GA): Directly responsible for development and coordination of promotional plans, emphasizing awareness, attendance and event atmosphere for softball and men’s basketball. More details HERE.

Head Women’s Volleyball Coach (Old Dominion University / Norfolk, VA): The Head Women's Volleyball Coach position is primarily responsible for the management of the women’s volleyball program and instruction and counseling of student-athletes in the program. More details HERE.

Assistant Athletic Director, Communications (Florida Gulf Coast University / Fort Meyers, FL): The Assistant Athletics Director, Communications oversees all media relations and social media platforms for FGCU’s NCAA Division I programs. Please visit More details HERE.

Assistant Director, Development (Stanford University / Stanford, CA): This position will serve as a field fundraiser for the Buck/Cardinal Club and manage the priority seating program. More details HERE.

Assistant Director of Development/Annual Fund (Ole Miss Athletics Foundation / Oxford, MS): This position is a member of the Ole Miss Athletics Foundation staff charged with the identification, solicitation and raising of annual fund gifts to support Ole Miss Athletics. More details HERE.

Assistant Athletic Director for Athletics Business Operations (California State University, Fresno / Fresno, CA): Assistant Athletics Director is responsible for daily management & oversight of accounting & budgetary transactions for CSU, Fresno Athletics Corp. To apply: More details HERE.

Senior Associate Athletic Director (AD) for Compliance (Florida Atlantic University / Boca Raton, FL): Under the direction of the Chief Compliance Office, the Senior Assoc. Athletic Director will be responsible for leading, planning, and organizing all phases of a Division I NCAA compliance program. More details HERE.

Director of Development (Texas State University / San Marcos, TX): Responsible for the daily operations of the Bobcat Club annual fund, executing solicitations and stewardship, maintaining accurate records/reporting and special events, including Bobcat Bonanza. More details HERE.

Assistant Director of Ticketing Services (Kansas State University / Manhattan, KS): Point-of-contact for w-volleyball & baseball ticketing responsibilities; hire/train/manage student staff; dev/manage customer service program; liaison to Ahearn Fund for premium seating & parking. More details HERE.

Assistant Director of Compliance (Purdue University / West Lafayette, IN): Monitor and educate our staff on the NCAA, Big Ten and Purdue University rules and policies. Provide research and recommendations with educational outreach regarding NCAA or Big Ten rules. More details HERE.

Associate Athletics Director for Finance & Business Ops/Director of Finance (Seattle University / Seattle, WA): Seattle University is hiring an Associate Athletics Director for Finance & Business Ops/Director of Finance. This role will oversee all financial and administration operations in Athletics. More details HERE.

Director of Content Strategy & Innovation (Purdue University / West Lafayette, IN): Member of Creative Services team that focuses on developing and implementing a comprehensive social media strategy that supports the values, mission and brand of the Purdue University Athletics Dept. More details HERE.

Assistant-Associate Director, Army A Club (Army West Point Athletics / West Point, NY): The West Point Association of Graduates (WPAOG) is dedicated to furthering the ideals and promoting the welfare of the United States Military Academy (USMA), and to supporting and serving its graduate. More details HERE.

Assistant Director of Communications/Creative & Emerging Media (Ball State University / Muncie, IN): Ball State University Intercollegiate Athletics invites applicants for an Assistant Director of Communications/Creative and Emerging Media. More details HERE.

Director of Athletics Communications and Creative Services (Elon University / Elon, NC): Elon University invites applications for the Director of Athletics Communications and Creative Services role.The successful candidate will hold a bachelor’s degree and 4 years related experience. More details HERE.

Coordinator, Development Operations and Benefits Fulfillment (University of Arizona / Tucson, AZ): This position will manage internal development operations for the Arizona Wildcat Club, including parking, benefits fulfillment, database management & analytics in support of the Athletics department. More details HERE.

Assistant Director-Athletics Premium Seating (University of Iowa / Iowa City, IA): Assist with managing premium seat allocations and customer service issues while providing elite level services for game day patrons. More details HERE.

Assistant Director, Human Resources (Stanford University / Stanford, CA): Stanford's Department of Athletics, Physical Education and Recreation seeks a highly-motivated, energetic and team-orientated individual with strong communication skills to fill the role of Assistant Director, Human Resources. More details HERE.

Athletic Director (University of Missouri-Kansas City / Kansas City, MO): The University of Missouri-Kansas City (UMKC) seeks a visionary leader who is innovative, engaged and experienced to direct their NCAA Division 1 athletic department. More details HERE.

Assistant Athletic Director for Compliance (University at Albany / Albany, NY): Responsibilities include, but are not limited to:manage and monitor all aspects of Bylaw 13, 14, 15 and 17; coordinate and create rules education initiatives for athletics department staff, coaches... More details HERE.

Director, Ticket Sales (University of Arizona / Tucson, AZ): This position will develop and implement ticket sales strategies and best practices for individuals and businesses through comprehensive sales campaigns. More details HERE.

Director, Compliance for Financial Aid (University of Arizona / Tucson, AZ): Responsible for all activities associated with Bylaw 15 to meet NCAA/Pac-12/institutional guidelines. Directs Athletics financial aid awards, the NLI program and institutional/federal aid eligibility. More details HERE.

Director of Advancement for Athletics (George Mason University / Fairfax, VA): George Mason University is seeking a Director of Advancement for Athletics. This position plans and manages all development-focused programs More details HERE.

Assistant Director- Athletic Compliance Office (University of Minnesota / Minneapolis, MN): Responsible for all compliance tasks for their assigned sports including interps, waivers and violations. Will serve as point of contact for the respective coaches and student-athletes. Job ID:326723 More details HERE.

Assistant Athletic Director of Human Resources (University of Wisconsin - Madison / Madison, WI): This position is a strategic, operational and a leadership position that is responsible for leading a team in executing a broad range of human resource management functions. More details HERE.

Assistant Director of the Phoenix Club (Elon University / Elon, NC): The Assistant Director of the Phoenix Club will create and manage multi-channel communications for the Phoenix Club including solicitations, events, and special projects. More details HERE.

Assistant Athletics Director, Engagement (Stanford University / Stanford, CA): This position will manage the athletics development engagement team and lead the strategy for the communications, events, and stewardship in support of the department’s fundraising goals. More details HERE.

Athletic Communications Director (University of Missouri-Kansas City / Kansas City, MO): The primary function of this position is to research, develop, design, and execute complex and strategic communications, educational and/or media projects for UMKC Athletics Department. More details HERE.

Associate Athletics Director of Compliance (Colgate University / Hamilton, NY): Colgate University Associate Athletics Director for Compliance serves on the VP/Director of Athletics leadership team with primary oversight of compliance, academics, and student-athlete development. More details HERE.

Staff Psychologist (Purdue University / West Lafayette, IN): The Staff Psychologist will provide assessment, diagnosis, treatment planning, psychotherapy, and other mental health services to student-athletes. More details HERE.

Director of Media Relations (Ohio University / Athens, OH): Responsible for arranging and coordinating media coverage for assigned varsity sports (women’s volleyball, men’s basketball, and baseball). More details HERE.

Assoc Director/Director of Development/Major Gifts (Ole Miss Athletics Foundation / Oxford, MS): Assoc Dir/Dir of Dev/Major Gifts is a member of the Ole Miss Athletics Foundation staff charged with identification, solicitation, raising of philanthropic gifts to support Ole Miss Athletics. More details HERE.

Vice President of Texas Region (Tailgate Guys / Austin, TX): Tailgate Guys is seeking an executive to head up our TX Region - dynamic leader with proven track record in a service oriented hospitality business, managing a team, and driving revenue and growth. More details HERE.

Associate or Assistant Athletic Director for Development (Utah Valley University / Orem, UT): Raises funds from external constituencies. Manages an assigned portfolio of donors and prospects. Identifies and qualifies prospects. Engages and cultivates current and prospective donors, etc. More details HERE.

Director of Clinical & Sport Psychology (University of Wisconsin-Madison / Madison, WI): The Director of Clinical Psychology for student-athletes will oversee the delivery of clinical and sport psychology services to student-athletes within the established medical model. More details HERE.

Compliance Coordinator (University of Richmond / Richmond, VA): The Compliance Coordinator independently coordinates, plans, organizes and implements all monitoring systems of the Athletics Compliance program, developing/implementing programs and procedures. More details HERE.
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