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#10: Fresno State Interim AD Robertello selects San Diego State AC Hutson as his new MBB HC. Interestingly, Hutson announced in his presser he's engaged to Aztecs WBB HC Terry. (link)
#9: Cincinnati's student newspaper runs a piece on the athletic department's deficit & the onus placed on the student body via fees. Of note, "Between 2014 and 2017, the athletic department’s deficit totaled almost $102 million — a 33 percent increase over the prior four years, records show. [...] For a full-time undergraduate student, the four-year price tag to cover the athletic department’s deficit was almost $4,900, records show." The News Record says it was given assurances it could speak with UC AD Bohn about the trend lines, but such a conversation never occurred. Lots of pushback comments from students in the article. (link)
#8: The Wall Street Journal publishes an annual look at MBB program valuations executed by IUPU-Columbus professor Brewer. One-hundred & seventy-seven listed in total topped by Kentucky ($246M), Indiana($243M), Louisville ($233M), Kansas ($191M) & Duke ($169M). Interestingly, the biggest mover year over year is Georgia Southern at 104.14% ($2.825M to $5.767M). Someone please ping me when one of these programs is sold on the open market. (link)
#7: ECU hires Florida Gulf Coast MBB HC Dooley for his second stint of leading the Pirates. (link)
#6: Northwestern FB HC Fitzgerald teases with a photo from inside the new indoor practice space, which officially opens Saturday. What. A. View. (link)
#5: Here's a look at NCAA MBB Tourney cash earned per conference before Monday night's title game with the ACC ($35.3M) & Big 12 ($31.9M) as the two who have topped the $30M mark. The Pac-12 with a startling $5.1M. More. (link)
#4: Check out Portland State's new $52M Viking Pavilion at the Peter Stott Center that's nearly ready for the public as MBB HC Perry comments, "For the investment to be made into our programs, to have something like this in the future and what we can recruit to, and what it means to our teams and our programs, it's a game changer." PSU AVP for Enrollment Management & Student Affairs Accetta notes the building's multifunction design to host a variety of events as the university's student body demographics are changing. Video & pictures here. (link)
#3: New Learfield Directors' Cup standings are out now that hoops & fencing seasons are complete. Top 10: Stanford, Penn State, Michigan, N.C. State, Ohio State, Texas, Duke, Wisconsin, USC, Notre Dame. Top-ranking non-Power 5 is Princeton at 31. Additional non-P5s in the Top 50: Villanova at 42, New Mexico at 44, BYU at 45, Boise State at 46, & New Hampshire at 50. If I'm counting right, the SEC has the most institutions in the Top 50, 11, for the P5 leagues, followed by the ACC and Big Ten, which each have 10 in the Top 50.  (link)
#2: Nova: Wildcats standout student-athlete Brunson after his second title in three years, "I just think it starts with Coach Wright and his mentality of recruiting. He recruits great young men, not just on the basketball court, but in the classroom and obviously as a person. We're very intelligent on and off the floor. And I think that's a credit to just making sure he gets the right people for this program. Not everyone is fit for it. But I mean it's just the type of person that these kids are, that we are. We're great people. I like to say all of us are great people off the court. We try to be the nastiest on the court, but off the court we try to be genuine people as much as we can. I think that's the most important, is just finding the right kids to keep this culture alive." More, obviously. (link); Michigan HC Beilein: "Jay's been able to do it with highly rated guys. And that's something that -- I think it's every coach's dream and there's a bunch of redshirts out there. And they saw a championship team two years ago. They said let's just work and get better. So many young men are in a hurry to get out of the best years of their life. I think he recruits -- escape from the best years of your life, that doesn't make sense sometimes. And Villanova has done a great job of getting the right kid who probably values that. And we try to as well. I mean, we've really done a good job, I think, doing that. But every situation is unique. We've had some guys go pro that I think, yes, you should go because this is a great thing for you right now. But others have stayed around. And those that stayed around are usually very happy they stayed around." More. (link);'s Dodd says Villanova's natty gives the BIG EAST even more redemption after its makeover a couple of years back. Wildcats HC Wright admits being nervous about a potential quality drop when realignment played out. Commish Ackerman on the Nova story: "I hope it restores confidence in what college basketball is all about. Great coaching, great play. Doing things the right way, 100 percent graduation rate. Senior leadership. They build character. They were not fazed." More comments from key voices. (link); And, of course, here's One Shining Moment. (link)
#1: The story of the hiring of San Diego MBB HC Scholl is truly one for the ages, per the San Diego Union-Tribune's Miller. Here is the teaser: "The final pen strokes that landed Sam Scholl involved a none-the-wiser FedEx guy, a spelling challenged bakery employee, a frantic knock on an unsuspecting door and an athletic director testing speed limits in a rental car." Toreros AD McGillis flew to Seattle to surprise Scholl with the offer while he was spending time with his in-laws on Easter. Quite the story. (link)
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