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ECU: Early in the day came report the Pirates AD search was down to Southern Miss boss Gilbert & UNC Wilmington AD Bass, a former longtime senior leader in Greenville. Later, Bass released a statement indicating he's out, "I am not a candidate for the vacant ECU athletic director’s opening. Sarah and I love UNCW and our student-athletes. We look forward to continuing UNCW’s athletic and academic excellence. Go Seahawks!" (link); StarNewsOnline's Riley says Bass did meet with ECU Special Advisor Hart. The Daily Reflector's Woodward adds, "I still stand by my reporting that Jimmy Bass was a finalist for #ECU AD, involved post-BOT meeting Wednesday. Didn’t work out, which tells me lot of eyes should still be on USM’s Jon Gilbert." (linklink)
Looks like Air Force is getting its house aligned ahead of a new AD starting in Colorado Springs. Air Force Academy Athletic Corporation CEO Hixson will also serve as Deputy AD for External Affairs for the Falcons. AFAAC Chairman Gregory: "On behalf of the AFAAC board of directors, we are delighted to announce this strategic alignment of duties as we enter the next chapter of the athletic corporation's evolution in supporting of our exceptional cadet–athletes. In her expanded role, Dr. Hixson will lead all business operations of the nonprofit as we welcome the incoming athletic director." (link)
Mark your calendar for August 22nd of next year for the official launch of the new ACC Network linear play. A Clemson-Georgia Tech FB matchup will kick things off. Commish Swofford: "The thing that's been really good from our schools is that they're all in on the network. Everybody understands the importance of scheduling." ESPN Prez Pitaro: "With just under nine months until launch, we are all systems go with ACC Network preparations. The strength of the season opening game between Georgia Tech and Clemson is indicative of the robust schedule and programming we have planned for ACC fans." (link, link)
Swofford also commented on the growth of Pittsburgh's brand as part of the league ahead of today's ACC Championship Game pitting the Panthers against Clemson. Swofford: "Heather’s been outstanding around the conference table. I don’t think there is any question that she is a quality athletic director with excellent leadership capacities and knows what a successful program is going to need going forward. And I would say the same about (Pitt Chancellor) Pat Gallagher. They both understand what an excellent athletic program can mean to the university as a whole and where it should fit and how to get there. I think the resources are generally there and the next piece of the puzzle most of the time is the people. You talk about the two people in leadership positions and then you talk about the coaches who have been hired recently in multiple sports and I don’t see how you look at it any other way than an upward arrow." (link)
SEC Commish Sankey says discipline connected to the post-game Texas A&M-LSU FB game will be handed by the schools, not the league. Sankey indicates he was "very disappointed...I made it clear that that type of behavior is unacceptable." The disciplinary measures are not expected to be made public. (link)
Pac-12: Commish Scott met with the media ahead of last night's FB title tilt, comments on the recent multi-part series from The Oregonian's Canzano, "I think there’s a lot of mischaracterizations in it. I know we’re challenging to follow because we’re unique as a conference in that we’re a conference on the one hand, but when it comes to head counts, financial results, we’re actually a media company as well. The way all that gets reported is all together. That’s very hard to parse. We do it internally with our members. What I can tell you is that we’re confident, and I know our members are confident, that we operate very efficiently and that we are aligned in our strategy going forward. We know where we’re going. We’re very confident with who we are." Further, Scott says the rent comparisons Canzano outlined are not apples to apples with other leagues since the Pac-12 fully owns the Pac-12 Networks & pays for its space. More Scott, "What I can say with absolute confidence is not only are we comparable with other conferences in terms of conference operations, but we’re very, very efficient. What we do for the amount of expense to run the TV network compared to peers is admirable. Our presidents measure success, our ADs measure success, and we measure success, and that’s what matters." Scott says he continues to work with league CEOs & ADs on "future plans and strategy. [...] We're constantly looking at what we can do differently." More, thanks to the San Jose Mercury News' Wilner's transcription. (link); Wilner also succinctly lined-up his recommendations for how the league can improve its FB image & increase exposure: 1) Play conference FB games on Labor Day weekend; 2) Create at Pac-12 competition committee; 3) "Move the center of gravity to Las Vegas"; 4) Overhaul the FB schedule; and, 5) Use social media to explain controversial calls. (link); In Canzano's final entry, former Utah AD Hill pushes for an internal review of the league's spending habits & indications are league ADs never see a detailed look at the league's pro forma. Hill: "The CEO Group is not going to look at nickels and dimes. What's $85 million to them in a $3 billion budget? But the AD group could do that." More. (link)
The Hawai'i Bowl names SoFi as the title sponsor. (link); The Orlando Sentinel's Bianchi suggests the Peach Bowl committee would be advised to pit Florida against UCF in this year's edition, "I’m telling you right now, Gators fans, believe it or not, would be much more excited about playing UCF than Michigan. And UCF fans would obviously be more excited about playing UF than LSU. The Gators and the Knights would actually try to out-do one another to see who could sell more tickets and there would actually be a buzz surrounding the Peach Bowl." Gators AD Striklin is "all for it." (link); As Wyoming awaits its bowl game fate, Pokes AD Burman says of his discussions with the Mountain West: "I’ve had daily conversations with the conference office, Craig and (deputy commissioner) Bret (Gilliland). They have been transparent in saying from the very beginning, 'We’ve got seven bowl eligibles and five contracted bowls. Getting a seventh team in is going to be challenging.' And getting six teams in is going to be challenging." (link)
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It's That Time of Year: UAB FB HC Clark gets extended through 2024, with a $1.45M salary that will make him the highest paid in Conference USA. Can reach as high as $1.65M. (link); New Mexico AD Nunez announces FB HC Davie will be back next season. Davie's deal runs through 2021. (link); Charlotte rescinds its offer to JMU FB HC Houston. 49ers AD Hill: "This was based on the fact that [Thursday] evening, Coach Houston informed us that he had interest in exploring other head coaching opportunities, while remaining under consideration here." (link, link); USF AD Kelly supports FB HC Strong despite the five game skid by the Bulls after a 7-0 start. Kelly: "I just believe he's a good, good fit for us. He's had a great career. Relates well to student-athletes. He recruits Florida well. As I came here, I was excited that he was here. I've only been here four months, but I think it's a great fit to build the program with. I think we're really fortunate to have him." (link); Colgate gives FB HC Hunt a five-year extension through 2023. (link); Utah State AD Hartwell on his FB HC search: "At the end of the day, we’re looking for as rapid and as efficient of a process as we can. We’re going to vet a lot of candidates, and want to make as quick of a decision as we can to have the very best coach leading Utah State football going forward." DHR will assist. (link)
Ohio State FB HC Meyer was asked about reports from FootballScoop that he's told Bucks AD Smith he'll step down before the 2020 season, responds with a, "No comment on that." Smith: "Have seen [the report] and been asked, no truth to it. Urban and I have not talked about that." (linklink)
Forbes' Dosh writes on "The Little-Known Impact Of The College Head Coaching Carousel On Facilities Projects." Advent VP of Implementation Cyphers says the firms update team springs into action when a new FB HC is hired to "start pulling together a packet showing every display that's coach-specific, whether that's his name or something like his coaching mantra or philosophy." Overall, Cyphers indicates an HC change mid-project usually ends up in 10-25% of design plans being changed, "When it's just words, it doesn't slow us down, but it can be anywhere from a couple of weeks to a couple of months if the changes are more substantial. Some coaches just want their photo up instead of the old coach, while others have more grandiose ideas." More. (link)
Cincinnati MBB HC Cronin on nearly taking the UNLV job a couple of years back, "I’m a weird guy in that I don’t get caught up in Power Five stuff. For me, it’s about places where I’m comfortable living in, places you think you can be successful and where you know people. So that’s all what made it very real for me." (link); Stadium's Goodman continues his 'Conference Chain of Command' series with Conference USA as coaches from around the league ranked each MBB program in the league on nine different variables. Overall rankings: Western Kentucky, Old Dominion, UTEP, UAB, Middle Tennessee, Charlotte, Marshall, North Texas, Louisiana Tech, Rice, Southern Miss, FIU, FAU, UTSA. (link)
$1.2M. That's the amount the Arizona Board of Regents have paid to date for legal work connected to the MBB-FBI developments as former Wildcats AC Richardson was one of the central players. $651,800 to Steptoe & Johnson, $629,092 to Jackson Lewis. (link)
Fairfield rolls out its 2017-18 annual report, which includes a lengthy Q&A with Stags AD Schlickmann, including, "I want all our stakeholders to know we are going to do it the right way. We will operate with integrity and purpose to build student-athletes for life while instilling a sense of pride in all our constituents." FY18's STAGiving Day generated $1.6M, up from 1.35M a year prior, 88% of student-athletes with at least one semester of a 3.0 GPA, seven public recognitions from the NCAA, lots more. (link)
WaPo's Maese & Stubbs dig in on systematic organizational issues at Maryland they believe have been negatively impacting the Terps for years & making it that much harder to move forward given recent events in College Park. LEAD1 Prez/CEO McMillen's perspective, "Building bridges will be key. The student-athletes have had lots of upheaval, and they need some calm. Fundraising will be important, but that cannot start until the temperature is reduced throughout the athletics program. Normalcy and stabilization must be the priority." FAR Hadley believes one of the reports unfairly labeled the entire athletic department as "chaotic" & "disorganized," "When they went beyond football and tried to extrapolate to athletics as a whole there, I don’t think they had done a thorough job. . . . That was unfair to the department as a whole." Terrapin Club membership is down to 6,241 from a high of 10,900 back in 2008, with turnover in the lead Development post - four in the past five years - as one potential reason why. Endowment funds of $19.5M are noted as the smallest in the Big Ten & there are notes later in the article about Temple AD Kraft having momentum with a number of donors to become the next AD for the Terps when the job ended up going to current boss Evans. Lots here. (link)
More from Northwestern AD Phillips alongside the NU student newspaper, this time on the topics of rebuilding programs & the use of analytics. Phillips sounds very Collins-esque on the former, "There are no quick fixes. There are no instant successes. You either build it to last or you don’t. And it just takes time. It just does. People don’t want to hear that. I understand we are in a society where we want instant gratification and fulfillment. But, you have to really understand who you’ve hired, the program that they’ve walked into, how long it’s going to be, you have to understand the recruiting process." On the latter, Phillips points to synergy for his baseball & football programs with the Kellogg School of Management on a variety of data-driven projects. Finally, Phillips says his Wildcats' top-ranked GSR is the accomplishment he's most proud of, "I love to win and I’m for excited for Saturday and the rest of it, but if you peel it all back, that to me is what I’m most proud of." (link)
"There are facilities in football that I believe need to be upgraded. I don’t know if it’s necessary to do it immediately, but we do need to have a long-range plan to address some of those things and we’re in those conversations as we speak." That's Nebraska AD Moos on the Husker's FB needs. More: "I want to be aggressive, and yet, we also want to be smart and really make sure, as we develop funding models for any of our facilities, that they are solid and realistic. That’s really where we are right now on a variety of three, four, five facility needs that I think are important. Certainly we can get by and I think we can be competitive without (upgrades). But like I’ve said before, I’ve got people that are thinking about tomorrow and (also) that are seriously working hard to make sure we get things done today, but my mind is five to 10 years down the road. That’s where I have to have my focus. In that regard, there’s a lot of things that I think ideally could improve within the next three to five years." Moos also reiterates that despite football's 136-man roster, which HC Frost wants to grow to 150, Moos does not have to cut any sports nor add any to maintain Title IX compliance. (link)
Penn State announces the cost of FB tix in the main bowl, Mount Nittany Club and suites at Beaver Stadium will increase by $14 ($2/game) next season. That makes tickets in the bowl $434 for the 2019 campaign. Parking will also be increased, as single-game passes go from $5 to $25, but season parking permits will not change. PSU AD Barbour: "The decisions we make come with careful deliberation about the potential impact on our loyal fans and community, improving the overall fan experience and the conditions for success we create for our student-athletes." (link)
UNC Asheville has a new strategic plan dubbed "Believe.Achieve.Thrive." Collegiate Consulting aided the process. Main themes: Athletic Competitiveness, Student-Athlete Success, Community & Engagement, and Organizational Capacity. "The strategic plan outlines key areas of focus and growth in developing lifetime leaders from the most valuable resource that UNC Asheville athletics has in its student-athletes." (link - release, link - full plan)
Also Noticed: New Hampshire Volleyball HC Hirschinger retires after 40 years on the sidelines. She will continue in an advisory role for the program until a new HC is hired. (link); SIUE Men's Soccer HC Sanchez resigns to accept a position as the Director of Youth Development and Community Relations for Louisville City FC of the United Soccer League. (link); Eastern Kentucky Women's Soccer HC Flohre steps down due to family reasons. (link); Pac-12 and 76 extend their presenting partnership for the league's FB championship. (link); As part of the SEC College Vault collection, IMG College Licensing will introduce vintage-inspired apparel this weekend, complete with a "Blitz the season" social media campaign to promote the goods. (link);  AT&T's potential sale of Hulu could boost the company's bottom line by $930M... just two years after Time Warner paid $583M for it. Not a bad return! (link)

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• The “State of College Sports” from NCAA President Mark Emmert
• “A Time for Change and for Action” - A commitment to honesty, transparency and athletes voices being heard – a one-on-one interview with USOC CEO Sarah Hirshland
• “Unleash the Innovation and Growth Within Your Organization – a Focus on Mission, Brand and Culture” with former ESPN President and Executive Chairman George Bodenheimer
• “Basketball’s Turning Point” – A one-on-one interview with Notre Dame Men’s Basketball Coach Mike Brey
• Arizona State University Athletic Director Ray Anderson will give the audience a virtual guided tour through the renovation of Sun Devil Stadium.
• In his inspirational address, Chris Norton, who suffered a spinal cord injury while playing football at Luther College (Iowa), will share his story – showing that no matter what you go through, there is always hope.
• “A Call to Action for Intercollegiate Athletics” – a one-on-one interview with Katrice Albert NCAA Executive Vice President, Inclusion and Human Resources

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(NEW!) Director of the Roadrunner Athletic Fund (Assistant Director of Development) (University of Texas at San Antonio / San Antonio, TX): This position is responsible for increasing overall participation in the Roadrunner Athletic Fund by developing and coordinating all fundraising strategic plans. More details HERE.

(NEW!) Ticket Office Assistant (San Diego State University / San Diego, CA): Provide customer service and ticket sales in person & telephone. Assist with seat relocation/additional seat requests. Assist outbound ticket sales team. Supervisor for football and baseball games. More details HERE.

(NEW!) Assistant Athletic Trainer (UGA Athletic Association / Athens, GA): Supervise and coordinate athletic training services for student-athletes participating in intercollegiate athletic programs for the University of Georgia Athletic Association. More details HERE.

Senior Director of Development, Athletics & Associate Athletics Director (Marquette University / Milwaukee, WI): This position is responsible for raising gifts to support the mission, vision and priorities of Marquette University. The position will cultivate, solicit and steward identified athletics donors. More details HERE.

(Assistant Athletic Director of Development - Major Gifts (San Diego State University / San Diego, CA): Oversee the identification, qualification, cultivation, solicitation & stewardship of major gift prospects. Primary liaison of the Aztec Club to promote SDSU Athletics. Secure annual and major gifts. More details HERE.

Videographer (University of Oregon / Eugene, OR): The Videographer will be responsible for producing high-quality video board content for all sports within the University of Oregon athletic department. More details HERE.

Director of Ticketing and Parking Operations (University of North Carolina, The Educational Foundation, Inc. / Rams Club / Chapel Hill, NC): This role provides vital support to the Member Services team which includes coordination of all Rams Club ticket and parking related functions and other member services functions as assigned. More details HERE.

Director of Development (Cal Poly / San Luis Obispo, CA): Director of Development is responsible for providing advancement and fundraising services designed to increase private support for the priorities of Athletics and the University. More details HERE.

Sr. Director/Director of Development (University of Nevada, Las Vegas - UNLV / Las Vegas, NV): The University of Nevada, Las Vegas invites applications for Sr. Director/Director of Development, UNLV Athletics, [R0112744]. Please visit: More details HERE.

Head Women’s Soccer Coach (UC San Diego / La Jolla, CA): Overall operation of the Women’s Soccer program in accordance with University, conference and NCAA regulations. The position is a 100% time, 12-month contract position with full benefits. More details HERE.

Vice President | Client Relations (SIDEARM Sports / Syracuse, NY): Lead SIDEARM's externally-facing teams with key focus on providing exceptional service to our 1,100 collegiate athletic partners. More details HERE.

Assistant Director of Development, Athletics (Northwestern University / Evanston, IL): NU Athletics Development is seeking a new frontline fundraiser focusing on leadership annual fund donors, major gifts and engaging former student-athletes. More details HERE.

HEAD COACH, FOOTBALL (Brown University / Providence, RI): Head Coach of Football program with coaching, recruiting and administrative duties. Incumbent also maintains positive relations with alumni and friends' groups. More details HERE.

Executive Director of Compliance (Duke University / Durham, NC): This position is responsible for education, monitoring, and enforcement of all ACC and NCAA rules, including but not limited to rules related to amateurism, recruiting, eligibility, and financial aid. More details HERE.

Director Of Development - Athletics (University of New Hampshire / Durham, NH): The Director of Athletics Development will join UNH at an inflection point at the University as it welcomes a new President and begins planning for its next campaign period. More details HERE.

Senior Associate Athletic Director (Army West Point Athletic Association / West Point, NY): Senior Associate Athletic Director overseeing Administration and Sports Performance. Direct oversight of Football, Athletic Training, & Strength and Conditioning. Reports directly to AD. More details HERE.

Director of Championships (Atlantic Coast Conference / Greensboro, NC): Oversees the regular season and championship event for designated sports; manages officiating programs and conference schedules; and serves as head coaches' liaison. More details HERE.

Head Football Coach (Eastern Illinois University / Charleston, IL): Eastern Illinois University is seeking candidates for the position of Head Football Coach (Div. 1 FCS). More details HERE.

Director of Video (Athletx Sports Group / Louisville, KY): We’re looking for someone who can lead the video efforts for a media team focused on the strategic direction of all Athletx Sports Group digital & social media properties (including, but not limited to, native websites, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, event apps and more). More details HERE.

Assistant/Associate AD Development (Long Beach State Athletics / Long Beach, CA): Looking for an experienced Asst/Assoc DOD who will support and enhance the mission of the Long Beach State Athletics by optimizing philanthropic support for our student-athletes Job ID 1013669. More details HERE.

Assistant Director of Marketing (Northwestern University / Evanston, IL): Responsible for oversight of select sports.This position facilitates the creation & execution of strategic plans supporting brand awareness, ticket sales & other revenue-generating initiatives. More details HERE.

Assistant Athletic Director for Annual Giving (University of Pittsburgh / Pittsburgh, PA): The University of Pittsburgh is seeking an Assistant Athletic Director for Annual Giving. To view full Job Description and to Apply: PI105617945. More details HERE.

Director of Football Compliance (University of Georgia Athletic Association / Athens, GA): This position is responsible for developing, directing, implementing and maintaining a comprehensive compliance program in the sport of football and other assigned sports. More details HERE.

Director of Video Services (Charlotte Athletics / Charlotte, NC): Director of Video Services will oversee the Video Production Unit that is responsible for creating video content for external use and in-game presentation, producing live events and coordinating video. More details HERE.

Manager of Athletics Marketing (University of Missouri - Kansas City / Kansas City, MO): This position will oversee Athletics brand activation, social media, fan engagement including spirit squad, dance team, and the mascot. Create and execute department and sport marketing plans. More details HERE.

Assistant Director of Athletics Development Operations (University of North Carolina Wilmington / Wilmington, NC): The Assistant Director of Development Operations is a member of a team of development and advancement professionals within a dynamic and growing athletics program. More details HERE.

Associate Athletics Communications Director (University of Texas at San Antonio / San Antonio, TX): Provide assistance with planning and implementing communications strategies as they relate to the goals and objectives of UTSA’s 17-sport NCAA Division I athletics program. More details HERE.

Senior Production Manager - Video Boards (University of Arkansas / Fayetteville, AR): The Senior Production Manager - Video Boards will be the lead point of contact for all matters relating to video boards (et al.) at University of Arkansas athletics facilities. More details HERE.

Senior Associate Athletics Director for Major Gifts (San Jose State University / San Jose, CA): The Senior Associate Athletic Director for Major Gifts raises funds for buildings, endowments with a focus on the Football Athletics programs, facilities and students. More Details HERE.

Assistant/Associate Athletic Director for Video, Broadcast and Network Services (North Carolina State University / Raleigh, NC): The Assistant/Associate Athletics Director for Video Broadcast and Network Services will oversee all video and broadcast productions and related services for NC State Athletics. More details HERE.

Director, Brand Marketing (Atlantic Coast Conference / Greensboro, NC): The Director, Brand Marketing is a multi-faceted position within the ACC's Brand Marketing group. More details HERE.

Director of Multimedia Integration (University of Oregon / Eugene, OR): Responsible for creating and executing creative/branding, digital, and social media strategy for the University of Oregon Athletic Department. More details HERE.

Director of Business Operations (University of South Florida / Tampa, FL): Reporting to the Sr Assoc AD/CFO, this position serves as the Athletic Department's primary contact for monthly financial reporting for administrative units and intercollegiate sports programs. More details HERE.

Director of Special Events and Donor Stewardship (James Madison University / Harrisonburg, VA): Create exciting and innovative event experiences for all donors and prospective donors of JMU athletics, which includes golf outings, hall of fame banquets and building dedications, and more. More details HERE.

Facilities Director - Maintenance (University of Southern California / Los Angeles, CA): The Facilities Director supports our Maintenance Operations. He/She is responsible for planning, administering & directing all unit activities related to facility maintenance & engineering services. More details HERE.

Sports Facilities Coordinator (University of New Mexico / Albuquerque, NM): UNM's Athletics Facilities seeks a Manager of Sports Facilities to coordinate the management, maintenance, and scheduling of all sports fields, stadiums, and associated facilities used by UNM. More details HERE.

Associate Athletic Director for Development (University of South Carolina Upstate / Spartanburg, SC): This position is responsible for organizing, planning, and executing a comprehensive strategy to grow, promote and optimize philanthropic support for Spartans Athletics. More details HERE.

Head Coach - Women's Soccer (University of Illinois at Chicago / Chicago, IL): The University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC) is seeking an individual to serve as Head Coach - Women's Soccer. This is a full-time (12 month) position. BA degree & 5 years coaching experience required. More details HERE.

Director of Business Operations (University of Oklahoma / Norman, OK): The successful applicant will combine proven financial and leadership skills with a determination to provide our student-athletes with resources necessary to compete for championships, to excel in the classroom and to prepare for successful lives after graduation. More details HERE.

Vice President/General Manager - USC Sports Properties (Home Team Sports / Los Angeles, CA): Fox Networks Group/Home Team Sports is looking for a Vice President/General Manager who will be in charge of managing all aspects of the USC Sports Properties business. More details HERE.

Athletic Facilities, Events & Ice Rink Operations Manager (College of the Holy Cross / Worcester, MA) : Athletic Facilities, Events & Ice Rink Operations Manager - College of the Holy Cross. To apply, visit More details HERE.

Compliance Specialist (Georgia Southern University / Statesboro, GA): NCAA Compliance Coordinator Athletic Compliance Services. Minimum Education Required: Bachelor’s Degree. Job Closing Date: 11/26/2018. More details HERE.

Deputy Athletics Director External Relations (University of Missouri - Kansas City / Kansas City, MO): Primary functions revolve around fundraising and donor management. Member of AD's executive leadership team. Oversight of development, ticketing, strategic communications, and marketing. Job #28442. More details HERE.

Assistant Football Sports Performance Coach (Stanford Athletics / Stanford, CA): STANFORD UNIVERSITY, an NCAA Division I FBS member of the PAC-12 Conference is seeking qualified applicants for the position of Assistant Football Sports Performance Coach. More details HERE.

Athletics Development Officer / Assistant Athletic Director (Utah State University / Logan, UT): Utah State University seeks a Athletics Development Officer/Assistant Athletic Director. More details HERE.

Business Services Specialist (University of New Mexico / Albuquerque, NM): The University of New Mexico Lobo Club seeks a Business Services Specialist to manage our financial responsibilities, and provide services to the University, UNM Foundation, and over 3,000 donors. More details HERE.

Assistant Athletic Director- Annual Giving (Texas State University / San Marcos, TX): Responsible for overseeing, evaluating and directing the development operation of the Department of Athletics. More details HERE.

Athletics Accounting Specialist (University of Kentucky / Lexington, KY): University of Kentucky Athletics Business Office seeks a dynamic individual to provide support to assigned sports and units in the areas of team travel and payment processing. More details HERE.

Associate Athletics Director of Compliance (University of Missouri / Columbia, MO): This senior management position will be responsible for day-to-day oversight of the Athletics Compliance office with additional responsibilities for growth based on experience of successful candidate. More details HERE.

Associate Athletic Director - Facilities & Events (Middle Tennessee State University / Murfreesboro, TN): The Associate Athletic Director will work under the general supervision of the Director of Athletics to oversee and manage all athletic facilities and event operations. More details HERE.

Assistant Director/Communications (Athletics) (Mississippi State University / Starkville, MS): Mississippi State University Athletics is seeking an Assistant Director/Communications to join its communications and external team, primarily for women's basketball, but also to oversee women's golf. More details HERE.

Assistant Director of Marketing (Charlotte 49ers / Charlotte, NC): Charlotte 49ers is seeking an Assistant Director of Marketing to oversee all marketing efforts for women's basketball, and men's soccer to include advertising, fan experience, and in-game promotions. More details HERE.

Associate/Senior Associate Athletics Director - External Operations (University of Southern Mississippi / Hattiesburg, MS): Opportunity to lead a creative and energetic external team to advance the positive reputation and prestige of Southern Miss Athletics. Contact Jeff Mitchell, Deputy AD, at More details HERE.

Director, Athletic Facilities & Maintenance (University of Miami / Miami, FL): Miami Athletics seeks a Director, Facilities & Maintenance to oversee various aspects of the athletic department facilities to include, but not limited to, building & grounds maintenance, & security. More details HERE.

Coordinator of Athletics Event Management (University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill / Chapel Hill, NC): The Department of Athletics at The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill is recruiting for a Coordinator of Athletics Event Management. More details HERE.

Assistant Director - Career & Student-Athlete Development (Texas Tech University / Lubbock, TX): Responsible for programming of the J.T. & Margaret Talkington Leadership Academy student-athlete development initiatives to support student-athletes’ career growth and experiencing continued success. More details HERE.

ASSISTANT DIRECTOR OF DEVELOPMENT (Kansas State University / Manhattan, KS): Manage large portfolio of major gift and annual fund prospects with expectation to make 200 personal annual visits. Frequent travel required within state of Kansas and bordering states. More details HERE.

Athletics Video Producer (University of Miami / Miami, FL): Miami is seeking a dynamic, energetic and creative visual storyteller to help produce video content for one of the most iconic brands in collegiate athletics, with a special emphasis on UM’s Football. More details HERE.

Account Executive (University of Miami / Miami, FL): University of Miami Athletics seeks an Account Executive for assisting in the solicitation of new season and group ticket sales for all athletic revenue-producing events. More details HERE.
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