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As promised, below is a rundown of the conversation between NCAA Prez Emmert, Stanford AD Muir & Minnesota Prez Kaler moderated by notable media personality Katz on the state of MBB. Also, here's the full video. (link)
+ Emmert found out about the investigation when everyone else did. Reaction: rumors and suspicions had been around; it took FBI to get involved to bring down systemic issue as opposed to episodic, like the NCAA can, due to its ability to subpoena, conduct sting operations, force witnesses to testify, etc.
+ Muir says the investigation never came up in selection committee meetings
+ On potential recommendation from Rice Commission to move enforcement and infractions committee to a third party. Emmert: majority of cases go pretty straightforward without controversy, becomes problematic in small # of high profile cases which become more like courtroom setting, hopes commission brings recommendations that consider different models around contentious cases
+ Why did S-As mentioned in Yahoo and ESPN articles get cleared within 24 hrs, but previous cases have taken weeks and months? Emmert says cases were pretty straight forward, just all at once, de minimis questions
+ Emmert on power to affect change: "I think I have the ability to provide leadership to the decision-making bodies, the presidents and the counsel that the ADs sit on and keep them focused on the real issues and the real questions that need to be resolved and use the bully pulpit, if you will, to keep focused on the fact that this is about higher education as much as it is about sports and make sure that people stay focused on what’s working for student-athletes and then steer them in directions to finding the right answers."
+ Muir: A sport czar (aka commissioner) would be very difficult in our membership driven organization
+ Kaler on role NCAA should be in college sports, aside from running championships & administrating rules: controlling eligibility, championships, most of funds from MBB go back to member institutions, D3 and D2 need funds from NCAA
+ Emmert on how NCAA would apply Olympic model: Olympic model most athletes are professionals, no recruiting involved. “I think we need to take a long hard look at what parts of that could be applicable and which parts couldn’t. I don’t know whether or not any of that applies to college sports but it is a conversation that needs to occur and I think the Rice Commission will be talking about that.”
+ If there was this “free market” model in endorsements, Muir, “I think it would be sheer chaos because right now what Nike provides Stanford allows me to outfit our entire 900 student-athletes and 36 sports. Now if all of a sudden we had these side deals and separate deals where all 900 athletes go get their own deal, some might go without and so they’ll look to me saying 'where’s my gear, where’s my equipment to compete.'" Kaler on how schools would fund outfitting their S-As on their own: would have to take $$ from tuition or state appropriations
+ Muir on how benefits have changed since his playing days: in last 5 years alone, used to say there’s an arms race just in facilities, still doing that but that arms race is now going even farther with food, resources to create world-class S-A experience
+ If 47 coaches make > $2M, why shouldn’t players get a little? Muir, “I think they do. I think what we’re talking about in terms of providing a scholarship, which at my place (Stanford) over a four-year period that’s over $200,000 a year now… You could say our student-athletes are benefiting well over six figures over the course of a four year, sometimes five year period, and that adds up."
+ Emmert on realistic changes from Rice Commission on S-As getting a little more: Not a big fan of the one-and-done, "Hope young people get choice" Also, "We need to keep focused on making sure that we’re providing those student-athletes with everything they possibly need as student-athletes . … Rules have been changed over the past five years to give them increased benefits every place we can continue to do that we ought to do it. There needs to be a discussion about whether on not any kind of endorsement deals could be considered. You’ve heard some of the problems with that, but that doesn’t mean the Commission shouldn’t debate it and discuss it, but once you move over the line and say okay we’re now going to pay, you’ve turned that into a professional athlete. I mean that’s the fundamental problem here, you’re no longer primarily a student-athlete, you’re now a professional athlete that becomes problematic." Muir wants to provide better advice to the small number of individuals that can go pro straight out of high school
+ Kaler believes there’s a "really strong possibility" that agent-athlete changes will be a recommendation of the Commission
+ On benefits of one-and-done, Muir, "I think as long as there’s an education being sought after it’s okay." Happens in other sports, but want to make sure they’re working towards degree. Kaler says it's up to NBA and NBAPA but people forget that, emphasizes having choice
+ Muir on players not getting drafted in NBA being able to come back to school, "It’d be a little bit awkward, but I think it’s something that we could work through and we definitely need to study and certainly get input from our college basketball coaching community to say how could this work because in fairness to the young men who had that opportunity, we’d love for them to come back and get another year in school no question about that."
+ What do you think will happen with the landscape of college basketball next season? Muir: "I think awareness is going to go up, make sure integrity of the game stays clean, we’re going to make sure our programs are running in a manner that is serving our students in an appropriate way." Kaler: "Conversations on one-and-done, pathway for professional, better opportunities for advice." Emmert: "Changes in youth summer basketball, some changes in enforcement."
Longtime Loyola Marymount AD Husak pens a letter to Lions supporters & announces he'll retire at the end of July. In the letter, "It is time for me to move on to another phase in life and for this Athletics Department to have new leadership. […] They say coaches forget their wins quickly, but the losses linger. The same is true for Athletics Directors. However, I prefer to focus on the accomplishments we achieved together over the course of these past 20 years rather than any disappointments. […] Twenty years ago I walked onto the LMU campus for a luncheon meeting prior to interviewing for the Athletics Director's position. When I returned home I said to Tish, 'I can't explain this, but I feel like I belong there.' A few weeks later it was a gray, wet Easter Sunday and we both took a trip to the campus. It was beautiful with the flowers in bloom and clean buildings and grounds. The few people we saw and spoke with seemed to be enveloped in an aura of happiness and contentment. Returning to the car that was parked in Hannon Field I asked Tish, 'What do you think?' She replied, 'I think you belong here.' I know for a fact that this experience is not unique. It is shared by most who have been associated with this institution. LMU's special goodness is palpable." More. (link)
New Conference USA TV deal:
+ CBS Sports Network to be the primary rights holder for FB & MBB. Nine FB match-ups, plus the league title game & another eight MBB tips with the Men's & Women's Championship showdowns to appear on the network. Facebook & Stadium will also be heavily involved in sublicensing & broadcasting contests. (link)
+ The Virginian-Pilot's Miller reports the cash component of the deals will increase each school's take by $200K over the current terms. Old Dominion boss Selig: "No doubt it’s a step forward, and it’s a step forward financially. […] A league might say they have a $10 million deal with ESPN. What they don’t tell you is $9 million is sent back to ESPN in production costs. So they actually have a $1 million deal with ESPN." Selig also calls the Facebook piece "a huge potential audience." There's also on-going discussions with ESPN, per league officials. (link)
+ North Texas boss Baker: "The agreements provides significantly more revenue & broader distribution through expansion of platforms which have proven to be popular with CUSA fans without adding production costs to institution budgets. […] All in, revenue will be up substantially. I predict overall distribution will be up as well. Most importantly, unlike ESPN3 and ESPN+, we don't have to pay production costs which can be substantial." (link)
+ Marshall's Hamrick: "Media and broadcasting deals in the collegiate athletic space are always evolving. Our new agreement involves low production costs, enhanced revenue for our institutions and facebook provides tremendous exposure. HerdVision productions is growing extremely fast as well." (link)
The Big 12's revenue machine was up 18% year-over-year in 2017, generating $371M in total. Each member institution, save Baylor, received a payout in the neighborhood of $34.3M. The league is currently withholding 25% of BU's take as the independent review of leadership & oversight in Waco continues. Commish Bowlsby credited with $3.05M in total compensation & outside legal expenses ended at $5.8M, up from $3.1M in 2016. (link, link)
New Florida Atlantic AD White introduced in Boca, "I can tell you’re we’re going to have a vision in athletics. We’re going to create a strategic plan. But I want to spend some time getting here, and getting to know everybody here. I need to do a lot of listening and learning. […] It’s not enough just to win. We want to win the right way. That’s going to be the first thing we’re going to implement." The "RIGHT" way, per White: Respect, Integrity, Gratitude, Humility and Teamwork. White also pointed to FB HC Kiffin as one reason he pursued the opportunity with the Owls. (link); Here's video of the full presser, as well as photos & key quotes. (link)
North Carolina's Center for Research in Intercollegiate Athletics releases its second annual Multimedia Rights Agreement Report & you'll want to take a look. CRIA's research shows Learfield & IMG College control 88% of the market per the agreements it has access to review, which includes 55 'Power 5' deals. An estimated total of the FBS marketplace as a whole is $515M with $400M+ generated at the P5 level. More specifically, Texas ($13.11M - IMG), Ohio State ($10.38M - IMG), UCLA ($10M - IMG), Kentucky ($9.5M - JMI) & UConn ($8.828M - IMG) top the list of biggest hauls this year. There's further breakdowns by league, rightsholder & the largest future commitments, like the $19.8M due to Texas from IMG in 2030-31. Lots here, super interesting data. (link)
USA Today's Wolken writes that this year's NCAA MBB Tournament isn't under a dark cloud because of the on-going MBB-FBI developments, instead, "For the first time, this is an NCAA tournament with no use for sanctimony, no dividing programs and coaches into white hats and blacks hats, no more pretending that we know who 'does it the right way.' [...] And you know what? Instead of worrying about the façade being demolished, let the truth set you free." More, including comments from notorious shoeman Vaccaro. (link); ESPN's Lavigne digs into the story of Marty Blazer & how he may have started the snowball downhill for the MBB-FBI situation. (link)
Three Baylor FB student-athletes are not currently with the team as the local NBC affiliate connects the situation to a report of sexual assault involving FB players & an Equestrian student-athlete. Bears HC Rhule: "Things happen all the time, everywhere. You can either hide from it and try to hide it from all you guys so it looks like everything is great, and you end up not doing the right thing. Or you can be very transparent about things, knowing that you open yourself up for criticism. […] People are going to say things, and I get all that, but that doesn't mean there's a bad culture. There's a bad culture when kids do things and grown-ups hide them. And nobody's hiding anything here. And so that's why I know that we're doing things right." More. (link, link)
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Given the amount of travel for leaders in college athletics, some of you are undoubtedly missing your kids games & performances back home. The Wall Street Journal's Shellenbarger has some advice in a piece titled, "Quit Feeling Guilty About Missing Your Child's Performance." Shellenbarger sources experts who advise, in part, "skipping the melodrama when telling your child you’ll be M.I.A. You may be disappointed, but don’t make it into a bigger thing than it is, by repeatedly apologizing or begging for forgiveness or saying, ‘What can I do to make it up to you?' […] Children tend to follow parents’ examples. If you send a message that this is devastating, your child is going to think it’s devastating. Instead, model good coping skills: 'I’m so excited for the game tomorrow. I have to work, but I’m going to call you at 5:30 and I can’t wait to hear all about it.'" More. (link)
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The latest from Gonzaga MBB HC Few on a potential conference move for the Zags, says the Mountain West is not the only league Bulldogs leadership has talked to. Few: "This was the one that I guess leaked out. It’s not something we’re going to spend a lot of thought on this week ... but after the dust settles down, (athletic director) Mike (Roth) and I and President (Thayne) McCulloh will figure out what’s best for Gonzaga and go from there." (link)
The AP's Graves goes in on MBB programs in the Tourney who may have a sought-after HC with Rhode Island & Iona as examples. Gaels AD Cole Jr. says the excitement of making March Madness is always tempered by trying to figure out how to hang onto HC Cluess, "When you have greatness you're always worried about retaining greatness." URI HC Hurley, when asked about his name being involved for other openings, "It's something, social media age, for me to sit up here and say I have no awareness would be, you know, it wouldn't be truthful." (link)
There's certainly no love lost between LSU & Louisiana MBB staffs as the HCs Wade & Marlin continued their back & forth last night as the Tigers upended the Ragin' Cajuns in an opening round NIT contest. At the center of the beef looks to be non-conference scheduling practices & UL pushing for a future home & home arrangement. Tigers HC Wade called a timeout with 40 seconds while leading comfortably, "They don’t get to play us very often, so I thought they should enjoy it." Of course, there was also a post-game handshake line scuffle & Wade took some major shots after the game. Lots more ice in the links. (link, link)
Utah State AD Hartwell says his MBB HC decision was based on the trajectory of the overall program as the Salt Lake City Tribune's Falk points to slipping attendance numbers in Logan. Hartwell says the $380K to buyout Duryea will come from department revenues. More from Hartwell, who thinks annual finishes in the top third of the Mountain West is reasonable, "I believe from a facilities standpoint, from our practice facility and the Spectrum, and looking at the tradition of our program, it’s a realistic expectation." (link)
More Personnel: Memphis owes outgoing MBB HC Smith around $10M over six years as Tigers AD Bowen is now in the market for a new hoops leader. (link); Yahoo's Thamel updates his carousel piece, looks at UConn, Georgia, Pitt, Louisville, Ole Miss & Colorado State. (link); UC Riverside AD Smith-Jones pegs TCU AC Patrick as the next MBB HC for the Highlanders. (link); Georgia State AD Cobb is in queue for a new WBB HC. (link); Air Force brass elevate AHC Brown to the top spot overseeing Falcons Water Polo. (link); Seton Hall has a new Women's Tennis boss as former HC McGlynn returns to lead the Pirates again. (link); Mount St. Mary's also goes the promotion route as Women's Soccer AC Krause is named HC. (link)
+ New ESPN Prez Pitaro met with employees in Bristol, says he does not see the Worldwide Leader as a political organization, says he's already had discussions with the NFL on perceived friction, "There is a very very solid foundation that exists between ESPN - years and years of success - and also, on top of that, trust." (link)
+ Looks like former Prez Bodenheimer will stick around through the end of the year as an advisor to Pitaro. (link)
+ Disney revamps some business lines & reporting units as key strategy leader Mayer will now oversee a new direct-to-consumer portfolio that will include streaming operations. Parks chief Chapek gets consumer products added to his plate as many believe the moves setup a run-off between the two on who will succeed current Chairman & CEO Iger. (link)
+ Notable author & ESPN expert Miller on the news, "Reorg at @Disney can be met w/equal parts fascination & befuddlement given players involved & dynamics of @espn Plus & ad sales world. (Is this goodbye to #espn3?) Those who believed not being named @espn prez was step back for Kevin Mayer may want to reconsider." (link)
+ GBH Research's Ives still believe the likes of Facebook & Amazon will be major sports rights players & the next 12 to 18 months is a key window. "...we believe the next 12 to 18 months is a pivotal window for platforms like Facebook and Amazon, among others, to aggressively secure the rights to various professional sports programming, especially as the Disney/ESPN launch of ESPN Plus over the coming year will be at the epicenter to Iger's master streaming initiatives and 'raise the stakes' for securing future sports content in our opinion." (link)
How is Florida State preparing for the upcoming linear launch of the ACC Network? Seminole Productions is planning on the addition of two more control rooms to complement its existing pair at an expected cost around $3M. New camera towers are also needed at Baseball's Dick Hauser Stadium & Softball's JoAnne Graf Field. FSU doesn't have near the amount of work to do as other ACC peers as Seminole Productions has been ahead of the curve for a number of years. (link)
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The Star Tribune's Hartman asks if some Minnesota head coaches are successful enough for AD Coyle to extend or renew their contracts. Coyle calls it a "great group of coaches across the board in all of our sports," pointing particularly to WBB HC Stollings whose team rebounded this season to make the NCAA Tourney. Men's Hockey HC Lucia has one more year left on his deal - Coyle: "With men's hockey we haven't shied away from that. We have a hockey program that should be competing for championships each year. Obviously we're ranked 13th in the country [in the PairWise], and we'll find out March 18th where we'll play in the NCAA tournament. We'll continue to evaluate that program like we do all the programs. Coach Lucia is in his 19th year and I have a lot of respect for what he has done for our program and how he operates." Injuries hurt them this year, but a strong recruiting class for MBB has Coyle "confident coach Pitino and that staff will be competing for Big Ten Championships like we want to do." Looks for stability in the future from FB HC Fleck and says ticket sales are already strong for next season.  (link)
Arizona State Executive Senior Assoc. AD Boyd continues with 1.Question's Brown on specifics of how the NFL-type setup will work for Sun Devils FB. Boyd mentions messaging to student-Athletes, recruiting, and continuity amid changes as major benefits of the new structure. Seamless communication also seems to be a major factor. Nine-minute listen. (link)
Tulsa will switch things up for FB home games next season, with new general admission seating available, a Family Fun Zone and a new location for the student section and band. Asst. AD for Marketing Malay: "We’re looking at everything that might deter somebody from coming to a game and providing them with an option. We’re trying to be really aggressive with our ticketing and pricing options." After suffering a sixth straight season of declining attendance in Chapman Stadium this past season, Malay, "The attendance issue is nationwide. It’s something to where we need to make the experience of coming to the game so good that it overcomes the experience of watching it on your couch and having a bathroom 10 feet away and beer in the fridge." AD Gragg points to filling up the east side of the venue for TV purposes.(link)
Miller v Minnesota Duluth: Jurors will hear closing arguments and final instructions this morning after eight witnesses took the stand yesterday as testimony concluded in the seven-day trial. Former Women's Hockey HC/plaintiff Miller and her partner/former UMD Softball HC Banford, and AD Berlo were all called back to the stand. Berlo denied several of the things Miller and Banford accused him of saying in closed door meetings. Stay tuned. (link)
Inside Higher Ed looks at the walkouts that took place on college campuses yesterday, one month since the tragic shooting at Parkland High School in Florida. At Virginia, 1,500+ students participated, where Student Council President Kenny led the charge: "I stand firm in the position that gun reform and commonsense policies are necessary and inherently political. Furthermore the students in Parkland, they wanted this to be political to prevent another community being altered by such a tragedy." University of Oregon also profiled, where professors delayed classes 20 minutes to allow students to participate. (link)
Also Noticed: Former Delaware student-athlete and Baltimore Ravens star Flacco and his wife have made a "significant gift to the future of UD Athletics." Also noted as the largest ever from a former Blue Hens FB student-athlete. (link); Tennessee MBB with an interesting "Don't Pick Us" video that looks to be made specifically for The Players' Tribune. (link); Check out how student-athletes are now getting the honor of advance their team sticker in the MBB Tourney. (link); From Law360: " Like the NCAA itself, the universities that compete in the yearly March Madness basketball tournament are strict enforcers of their trademark rights. To celebrate Thursday's tip-off, here's a roundup of how the 2018 tourney's top-ranked teams protected their brands over the past year." (link); The Big Ten Network will air 400 baseball and softball games this season. (link); Renderings of LSU's baseball weight room that will get a $2M expansion, starting at the end of this season. (link)
Fast Company's Snow reveals what it was like to use a paper calendar after years of phone apps. The FranklinCovey rep who convinced him to try it also suggested he follow the 'Time Matrix' diagram from Covey's The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People. Here are the four steps the company proposes: 1) List out your things you want to do; 2) Assign a letter–A, B, or C–to each: ‘A’ for things that absolutely have to get done in this time period; ‘B’ for things you should do; ‘C’ for things you could do if you get to them; 3) Assign a number to each: ‘1’ for the thing you need to do first, ‘2’ for second, and so on; and, 4) Block out time in your schedule to accomplish all of the As, followed by whatever Bs you’re able to get to, and then any remaining Cs you can still fit in. Ultimately found a balance between his Google calendar and his new paper one, the latter of which he uses for lists, planning and a broad-view approach. (link)
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