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In a move that received acclaim from many in the national media, former Arkansas AD Long is back in the game as the new boss at Kansas. KU Chancellor Girod, in part, "Those who know him describe him as a man of character who cares deeply about higher education and the student-athletes he serves. For all these reasons, we are thrilled to welcome him to the University of Kansas." Long's deal is for five years at a $1.5M base & includes a stipulation that any improprieties by FB, MBB, WBB or Volleyball that went down before he starts in Lawrence & end up in NCAA sanctions equal an extension of his contract to match the length of the penalties. Of the $1.5M, $1.3M will be paid by Kansas Athletics Inc., with the other $200K covered by the university. (link); The Athletic's Kersey uses the words "bold" & "smart." Also, "Considering his contract, Kansas has apparently committed to allowing Long to do his job, and to do it the way he sees fit." (link)
UC Irvine has tapped Deputy AD Smith to serve as interim AD following former AD's Izzi's departure for Cal State-Northridge. Smith, who is in her 13th year at UCI, has served as deputy AD since 2012 and held posts on several national committees during her 25-year career, most recently on the NCAA Division I Competition Oversight Committee and Council. Smith also served as UCI's interim AD from August 2007 to February 2008. (link)
Auburn AD Greene leads a tour of the Harbert Family Recruiting Center, which is set to open this season at Jordan-Hare Stadium. Features include a first-floor recruiting lounge, Daktronics board, Heisman room and locker room while the second floor features the Tiger Walk Club, replete with 12 TVs, game-viewing area and a full-service kitchen. Watch. (link)
Ole Miss has introduced a new system of priority points and tax-deductible donations, pursuant to last year's Tax Cuts and Jobs Act. Under the previous system, supporters earned one point for every $100 donated, as well as one point per season ticket purchased in FB, MBB, WBB and baseball, with all points accumulating together. Under the new system, priority points will now be split into two categories: red points and blue points. In the red points category, supporters will earn one full point through the purchase of a season ticket, and one-half point for every $100 donated to priority seating. The red points total will then be used to determine rankings for seat selections at on-campus events. Meanwhile, blue points will be accumulated the same way as red points; however, donors can also accumulate one blue point per every $100 donated above and beyond seating requirements. Blue points will count toward campus parking allocations and seat selection rankings for non-campus venues. The new system allows Ole Miss to continue using priority points for seat and parking selections, while allowing donors to continue receiving tax deductions for donations above and beyond the seating requirements. (link)
Another consequence of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017 is the excise tax requiring nonprofit entities to pay a 21% tax on payments to its five highest paid employees who make over $1M per year. According to Kentucky AD Barnhart, the new tax will cost UK roughly $2.68M in the coming fiscal campaign when applied to the salaries of MBB HC Calipari, FB HC Stoops, WBB HC Mitchell and, contingent upon bonuses, possibly Barnhart himself, although that is just a matter of time as Barnhart's base salary will eclipse the $1M mark in 2020. Barnhart notes that the new tax will affect every athletic department, adding: "How we make up for that on the other side is really difficult. We have to work at that." At Louisville, four HCs currently earn more than $1M annually: MBB HC Mack, FB HC Petrino, WBB HC Walz and baseball HC McDonnell and could be facing an excise tax of up to $2.49M. If based on the calendar year, that number could climb further due to UL's buyout of Mack's Xavier contract. UL spokesperson Karman says the "calculations could change based on pending IRS guidance...on a number of issues." (link); Here are two super useful ADU pieces from Spencer Fane on the topic. (link, link)
Former Ohio State wrestling student-athlete Dailey has now come forward to dispute Ohio Congressman Jordan's claim that he was unaware of sexual assault allegations against former team physician Strauss, telling NBC News: "I participated with [Jordan] and the other wrestlers in locker room talk about Strauss. We all did. It was very common knowledge in the locker room that if you went to Dr. Strauss with anything, you would have to pull your pants down." Dailey went on to call Jordan a "close friend," adding: "But to say that he had no knowledge of it, I would say that's kind of hurtful." Former UFC champ and OSU wrestler Coleman yesterday also cast doubt on Jordan's claims, asserting: "There’s no way unless he’s got dementia or something that he’s got no recollection of what was going on at Ohio State." (link); Coming to Jordan's defense this week was President Trump, who told a press gaggle aboard Air Force One yesterday: "I don't believe [the former student-athletes] at all. I believe him. Jim Jordan is one of the most outstanding people I've met since I've been in Washington. I believe him 100%. No question in my mind. I believe Jim Jordan 100%. He's an outstanding man." Capitol Police are reviewing email sent to Jordan's personal account from one of the accusers. (link)
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Missouri Softball student-athlete Nash discusses participating in the MINK summer college baseball league, saying she's "not out here to take anyone's spot. I'm just out here to prove something." That "something" concerns the lack of opportunities for female student-athletes, especially SB student-athletes, in the summer. Nash, who made her debut with the St. Joseph Mustangs, adds: "My real goal for all of this is have enough people see this, that I have to play baseball to be able to play during the summer. I don’t even get to play my own sport. I have to play someone else’s sport." Mustangs GM Turner admits he was unaware of the lack of opportunities when he first considered Nash, an all-SEC selection in 2017 and Mustangs intern, until she told him why she wanted to play, at which point Turner noted: "This isn't really about a promotion. This is about a statement." (link)
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Kansas State 247Sports site has examined the details of KSU's contract with Nike, which runs through June 30, 2021. The initial deal, signed in 2006, allowed for KSU to spend up to $800K per year on apparel for all athletic programs, with the university also receiving a free pair of FB cleats for every two pairs purchased, assuming KSU purchased at least 350 pairs. Additionally, KSU would receive cash consideration in the amount of $235K annually; however, if the school used that money to purchase more Nike products, it would receive $3 of retail for every $1 spent. In the interceding years the allotment amount has grown to $1.89M this year and is scheduled to total $1.965M in 2021. The contract also calls for all KSU staff, student-athletes and coaches to exclusively wear Nike apparel and use Nike products during myriad activities, including but not limited to games, practices, exhibitions and clinics. Each athletic coach is also required to be available for two appearances pursuant to the deal, which includes prominent signage at Snyder Family Stadium. More details inside. (link)
Minnesota AD Coyle says the athletic department is headed in the right direction, with 11 conference titles in the last two years and all 25 teams earning cumulative GPAs of at least 3.0 in the spring semester. And despite recent difficulties in FB and MBB, Coyle points out that both programs are trending upward thanks to improved recruiting. "You have to be able to recruit the right student-athletes to come to Minnesota to compete. If you look at what Coach Fleck is doing on the football side, he has had very highly ranked recruiting classes. I think our recruiting class for 2019 is ranked in the top 25 in the country and top four in the Big Ten. … But there is no doubt we need those sports competitive and healthy to compete at a high level." On the financial side of the coin, Coyle didn't directly address talk that the B1G Network is losing revenue, but noted that the "exposure for our team and our department" made possible by the network is "a big help as we move forward." Additionally, Coyle intimated that with a few weeks left in the fiscal year, the department expects to make its $114M budget, which is "our goal and our commitment back to the president that we always turn in a budget that is balanced for him." Full interview. (link)
Western Kentucky MBB HC Stansbury has hired the guardian of highly-ranked incoming hooper Bassey as an AC for the Hilltoppers at a pay rate of $200,004. Hennssy Auriantal, who was on the staff at Jackson State from 2013-15, will make an equal amount to top AC Hsu but considerably more than 30-year AC veteran Johnson. The Courier-Journal's Greer: "Western Kentucky didn’t do anything against the rules in hiring Charles Bassey’s guardian. But the program is inviting more scrutiny by doing it." (linklink)
More Personnel: DePaul AD Lenti Ponsetto picks former Blue Demons All-American pitcher and NC State AC Adix-Zins as the new Softball HC in Chicago. (link); University of Nebraska Omaha AD Alberts goes with Purdue AC Rivera-Eberhart to lead the Mavericks Softball program. (link); D1Baseball's Rogers reports Wright State Baseball AC Sogard will get promoted to the top spot for the Raiders. (link); Purdue AD Bobinski promotes Track & Field/XC AHC Elliott to HC. (link)
Facebook Rights & Fox's RSNs: I can't quite find an English version of this news, but Facebook has secured English Premier League streaming rights in a handful of Southeast Asian countries. (link); Facebook is also reportedly working on a deal with international soccer superstar Cristiano Ronaldo for a behind-the-scene video series. (link); One more FB as Awful Announcing's Keeley reviews issues the World Surf League had with its Facebook streaming partnership. "The league was forced to apologize earlier this week to fans who experienced issues watching live streams of events on Facebook. As fans have tuned in to watch the early rounds of the Corona Open J-Bay, they’ve been met with a slew of streaming issues, including being unable to watch the event at all." (link); The Wrap's Baysinger writes on Amazon being a potential purchaser of the 22 Fox RSNs if they end up hitting the market. Notable media consultant Wolk: "Amazon’s a really interesting possibility. […] The flip of Amazon is that they don’t have a whole lot of viewers and they haven’t done a great job." (link)
Baylor: The latest from the university on claims by former Bears AD McCaw of how things went down in Waco, "As specifically described in our legal response, McCaw’s unsubstantiated claims of a conspiracy by regents, racism and scapegoating at Baylor are bizarre, blatantly false, and nothing more than speculation and gossip of which he has no firsthand knowledge. [...] To further discredit the board, McCaw now claims that the alleged conspiracy was racially motivated — a cynical and preposterous charge that would deserve no attention but for its reckless repetition by plaintiff’s counsel in a federal court pleading." More. (link); The AP's Vertuno: "Jane Doe lawyers filed a bunch of July 3 notice of subpoena for documents. Those targeted include Art and Kendal Briles, Ken Starr, half a dozen regents, former interim prez David Garland and many more. 30 total."(link); The Chronicle of Higher Ed dives in with, "How Independent Are Those ‘Independent’ Investigations Into Campus Sexual-Assault Scandals?" (link)
Oklahoma State AD Holder offers more insights on the current facility projects in Stillwater & others yet to come, "People have the misconception that donors are just giving their money away, but they invest. They are investing in athletes and programs, and they expect a return on their investment. They want their donation to make a difference in the present and future for the student-athlete and program." OSU Senior Assoc. AD for Development Reece: "This has been such as transformational period. So I tell my staff all the time that we’re going to look back one of these days when we’re nearing retirement and stick our chest out and be proud that we were a little bit a part of this renaissance." (link - article, link - new video board in Boone Pickens Stadium); Bethune-Cookman's FB home has a new name, Daytona Stadium, and will get $20M worth of upgrades. (link)
Clemson revamps its FB student ticket process to hopefully ensure better attendance in Death Valley. For one,1,500 of the 10,200 available per home game won't be distributed until game day. For two, 3,600 will be sold to students at an average of $40 per kick. Tigers Deputy AD Neff: "At the end of the day, it's not like we can make students come to the game. We feel good about the product on the field and the experience and we're trying to create a process that helps get the tickets in the hands of the right kids. We feel good that this is a good path ahead and we do feel good that this was comprehensively discussed between certainly student leadership and campus leadership and other student organizations." (link)
From Law360: "The NCAA must make three witnesses available for pretrial questioning in a lawsuit challenging the organization’s rules that prevent athletes from being paid beyond their scholarships, a California federal judge ruled after former college athletes who brought the lawsuit accused the NCAA of playing games with its witness lists. U.S. District Judge Claudia Wilken on Wednesday granted a motion to force the National Collegiate Athletic Association to make two college conference administrators and one of its directors available for depositions if it plans to use them... (link)
A touch late on this, but Ticketmaster continues to fight secondary market players Prestige Entertainment & Renaissance Ventures on claims it subverted primary options for Hamilton tickets & reaped the rewards of putting some inventory directly on secondary platforms. There's also allegations of Ticketmaster giving bots preferential treatment in the mass sales process over normal buyers. (link); The magical season for the NHL's Vegas Golden Knights now also includes a lawsuit between the franchise & StubHub based on unpaid profits from the club's Playoff run, marketing messaging sent to fans by StubHub that was not cleared first & more. $1.5M is the what the team says it's owed. (link)
Also Noticed: Indiana AD Glass hints that beer sales could be coming to Memorial Stadium: "I think that [beer sales] probably will. We are not ready to make an announcement yet." (link); "With Keurig's $18.7 billion deal for Dr. Pepper Snapple Group (DPS) set to close on July 9, surging sports drink brand BodyArmor -- which is more than 15% owned by Dr. Pepper Snapple Group -- could find a new home" with Coca-Cola per Wells Fargo analyst Herzog. (link); Air Force launches as the Falcons transitioned to a new ticketing and donation system this week. (link); East Tennessee State debuts its new Buccaneer Salute season ticket program, whereby the public can purchase season ticket packages for $100 for the upcoming FB season and ETSU will partner with local organizations to distribute said tickets to local veterans and active duty military members. Will also happen for Basketball season. (link); Fox Business Network's Gasparino: "SCOOP: Bankers/analysts say @comcast CEO Brian Roberts could announce his intentions regarding @21CF assets at next weeks big Allen & Co., media conference more now @FoxBusiness @LizClaman" (link); Rice and Texas Southern agree to a FB matchup at Rice Stadium in 2021. (link); Acxiom Marketing Solutions does indeed get sold to Interpublic Group. (link
Last month USA Swimming launched a new ad campaign showing young swimmers participating in other sports, all part of the push to change the image of the organization to one that is a home for multisport athletes. The organization is also rolling out an entry-level membership program called FlexSwim for youth ages 5-18 who want to give competitive swimming a go but don't want to train every day. CMO Farrell: "We know that swimming can be perceived as an all-or-nothing type of sport, and we know that today’s families are busier than ever with activities. So we were facing a choice: Do we want to fight that culture, or decide to own it? ... We’re telling people it’s OK to do other sports. We know that even within our own sport, not everyone is going to agree with that, but it’s a real philosophical shift, and we think it’s the best long-term view." (link)
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(NEW!) Head Women's Golf Coach (University of Oregon / Eugene, OR): This position is responsible for the management and administration of all phases of the women's golf program in a manner that upholds the philosophy and objectives of the Oregon Athletic Department. More details HERE.

(NEW!) Head Women's Softball Coach (University of Oregon / Eugene, OR): Position is responsible for the management and administration of all phases of the women’s tennis program in a manner that upholds the philosophy and objectives of the Oregon Athletic Department. More details HERE.

(NEW!) Assistant Coach, Women's Soccer (UNC Wilmington / Wilmington, NC): The Assistant Coach, Women’s Soccer, assists the Head Coach in providing leadership for a NCAA Division I soccer program. Assist with all aspects of the women’s soccer program. More details HERE.

Associate Director of Athletics for Business Operations (University of Richmond / Richmond, VA): The Associate Director of Athletics for Business is responsible for the management of all financial matters within the Department of Athletics and is the department’s liaison with other departments. More details HERE.

Assistant Director, Athletic Communications (University of Oregon / Eugene, OR): Prepare student-athletes and coaches for interview settings; provide stories, updates, and content related to the program and ensuing competitions to elevate interest in Oregon athletics. More details HERE.

Assistant Director of Marketing and Communications (Central Michigan University / Mount Pleasant, MI): The assistant director is responsible for social media strategies and managing content. This position has external communication oversight over multiple sports, including women's basketball. More details HERE.

Visual Media Specialist (Baylor University / Waco, TX)The Visual Media Specialist is responsible for producing video content and building graphic animations and still graphics for distribution to external constituents on digital platforms. More details HERE.

Assistant Women's Golf Coach (San Diego State University / San Diego, CA): Assist in organizing and administering appropriate pre-season, season, and post-season programs necessary for a quality women’s golf program. More details HERE.

Associate Athletics Director for Internal Affairs (Southeast Missouri State University / Cape Girardeau, MO): This position is responsible for managing internal operations for department of athletics including oversight of facilities and event management, sports medicine, strength and conditioning. More details HERE.

Director of Finance and Accounting (Florida International University / Miami, FL): FIU Athletics is seeking a Director of Finance & Accounting to oversee all financial activities of Athletics Operations. Ensures successful operation of the Business Office & works with Athletic Dir. More details HERE.

Assistant Director of Digital Media (Purdue University / West Lafayette, IN): Will be responsible for developing bold and intentional content for Purdue Athletics digital platforms. Also serve as the marketing and communications liaison to the varsity men’s and women’s tennis. More details HERE.

Senior Account Executive (University of Louisville Athletic Association / Louisville, KY): The Senior Account Executive will be responsible for hitting yearly ticket sales goals in order to generate new business revenue for the University of Louisville Athletic Department. More details HERE.

Account Executive (University of Louisville Athletic Association / Louisville, KY): The Account Executive will be responsible for generating new business revenue for UofL Athletics by prospecting new sales opportunities via phone, networking events and face-to-face presentations. More details HERE.

Head Coach, Men's & Women's Track & Field/Cross Country (University of North Carolina Wilmington / Wilmington, NC): Administer and teach all phases of training and fundamentals for a successful program in accordance with NCAA, CAA, and UNCW’s rules and regulations. More details HERE.

Chief Operating Officer (College Football Playoff / Irving, TX): Responsible for managing the National Championship Game and affiliated events. Responsible for bowl relationship management, host committee management, host city bid process, contracts, television. More details HERE.

Chief Financial Officer/Senior Associate Athletic Director (Ohio University / Athens, OH): This position directs and oversees the finance unit of the Department of Intercollegiate Athletics and is the financial spokesman for the department. More details HERE.

Assistant Athletics Director - Business and Administration (San Jose State University / San Jose, CA): Job Title: Assistant Athletics Director - Business and Administration Job ID: 24615 Compensation Classification: Administrative Analyst Specialist Exempt – III Anticipated Salary: $6,667/ month. More details HERE.

Director, Athletics Development / Senior Associate Director, Athletics (Boston College / Chestnut Hill, MA): Responsible for all aspects of fundraising for Athletics at Boston College, in alignment with the Athletic Director’s vision for the program, the University’s mission, and fundraising best practices. More details HERE.

Assistant Director-Athletic Event Management (University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill / Chapel Hill, NC): This position will be responsible for providing outstanding leadership to support Game Day Management for as many as 10 of UNC’s 28 sport programs. More details HERE.

Senior Coordinator of Spirit & Traditions (Baylor University / Waco, TX): Baylor is seeking a Senior Coordinator of Spirit & Traditions to serve as a liaison between Student Activities & the Athletics department. More details HERE.

Human Resources Strategic Partner (Pennsylvania State University / University Park, PA): Penn State University Intercollegiate Athletics and Human Resources are seeking a Human Resources Strategic Partner to be part of the ICA leadership team. Apply at More details HERE.

Account Executive, Ticket Sales (Stanford University / Stanford, CA): 2 positions open for Account Executive, Ticket Sales. Position is responsible for selling season tickets, partial plans, group tickets, and premium seating. More details HERE.

Head Coach - Golf (Middle Tennessee State University / Murfreesboro, TN): The Head Golf Coach will direct, organize and administer all aspects of our Division I Men’s Golf program. More details HERE.

Associate Athletics Director, Compliance (Stanford University / Stanford, CA): Provide day-to-day oversight over all DAPER initiatives for compliance with NCAA and Pac-12 Conference rules. More details HERE.

Assistant Athletics Director of Facilities and Operations (Florida International University / Miami, FL): Seeking an Assistant AD/Facilities & Ops to oversee the facility management of Riccardo Silva Stadium. Serves as the Athletics department facility liaison to the FIU Football program. More details HERE.

Coordinator, ACC Network (Virginia Tech Athletics / Blacksburg, VA): The Coordinator will assist in the day-to-day execution of ACC Network/ESPN broadcasts of Virginia Tech Athletics. More details HERE.

Assistant Director of Digital Strategy (University of Washington / Seattle, WA): Assist in the ideation and execution of web design, graphic design, video production, social media and other digital and online projects towards generating revenue and enhancing fan engagement. More details HERE.

Development Officer for Athletics (University of Albany / Albany, NY): Designing and executing solicitation strategies to secure gifts of $25,000+ from alumni and friends of the University, with special responsibility for securing gifts to UAlbany's athletics program. More details HERE.

Director, Annual Giving - Athletics (University of Alabama / Tuscaloosa, AL): Generates charitable support for the Crimson Tide Foundation’s annual fund. Responsibilities include soliciting annual fund gifts; creating, administering, and tracking annual giving programs. More details HERE.

Assistant Coach 1 - Baseball (Middle Tennessee State University / Murfreesboro, TN): Under the supervision of the Head Baseball Coach: assist in the administration, organization and coaching of the university’s NCAA Division I Baseball program. More details HERE.

Assistant Coach 1 - Pitching (Middle Tennessee State University / Murfreesboro, TN): Assist the Head Baseball Coach organize and administer all aspects of our NCAA Division I Baseball program. More details HERE.

Bob Hammel Communications Internship (Big Ten Conference / Rosemont, IL): Responsibilities: Communications, public relations, publications. Assist: Statistical compilation, press releases, media guides, records books, championship programs.Engage social media Must have 4yr degree More details HERE.

Director for Student-Athlete Development (University of Massachusetts Amherst / Amherst, MA): The University of Massachusetts Amherst Department of Athletics is accepting applications for a Director for Student-Athlete Development. More details HERE.

Digital Marketing Coordinator (University of Arizona / Tucson, AZ): This position will be responsible for results-based marketing of Arizona Athletics. Responsible for overall digital strategy, including customer experience and outbound marketing. More details HERE.

Assistant Athletics Director for Creative Media & GatorVision (University Athletic Association / Gainesville, FL): Leads creative strategy of all external video content and story-telling for Florida Gators. Coordinates development of video content for all digital platforms in conjunction with creative media team. More details HERE.

Director of Development (Ohio State University / Columbus, OH): The Director of Development will develop and implement long and short term plans to secure major gifts from alumni, friends, volunteers, corporations, foundations and other entities. More details HERE.

Director / Assistant Director, Marketing (Stanford University / Stanford, CA): This position will support all marketing efforts to generate revenue, increase attendance and build affinity through email marketing, digital advertising & supporting traditional advertising efforts. More details HERE.

Assistant Director of Development, R Fund (Rutgers University / New Brunswick, NJ): R Fund is seeking an ambitious development professional to join their team. This position is responsible for the oversight & execution of athletic donor-related events & stewardship. More details HERE.

Assistant Manager of Annual Giving (University of Alabama at Birmingham / Birmingham, AL): This position will assist in carrying out designated duties and responsibilities for the Blazer Boosters Annual Giving Program. More details HERE.

Development Associate (University of Alabama at Birmingham / Birmingham, AL): The University of Alabama at Birmingham seeks a Development Associate assisting Blazer Boosters. This is a 10-month paid internship. More details HERE.

Head Coach, Softball (Brown University / Providence, RI): This position is responsible for all aspects of the Softball program. The incumbent also maintains positive relations with alumnae and friends groups. More details HERE.

Photographer/Media Specialist (University of Tennessee / Knoxville, TN): The University of Tennessee Athletics Department is searching for a Photographer to join their Media Relations unit. This position serves as the secondary photographer for Tennessee Athletics. More details HERE.

Assistant Athletic Director-Athletic Marketing & Promotions (University of South Dakota / Vermillion, SD): Is responsible for all aspects of marketing and promoting USD Athletics, including developing and implementing a comprehensive marketing plan that drives attendance, ticket sales and revenue. More details HERE.

Director, Athletics Compliance (University of Miami / Miami, FL): Director, Athletics Compliance will be responsible for performing work related to compliance with all NCAA and ACC rules and regulations, concentrating in the area of financial aid and time demands. More details HERE.

Annual Giving Officer / Senior Annual Giving Officer, Athletics (Bucknell University / Lewisburg, PA): The role of the AGO,Athletics is to secure annual unrestricted and designated funds through the cultivation, solicitation and stewardship of alumni, parents and friends. More: More details HERE.

Ticket Analyst (University of California, Berkeley / Berkeley, CA): Helps streamline deposit process and assists with ticket revenue reconciliation. Employee must be able to analyze ticket sales based on historical data, goals, and benchmarks. More details HERE.

Assistant Coach, Volleyball (University of Notre Dame / Notre Dame, IN): The University of Notre Dame ( is accepting applications for an Assistant Coach, Volleyball. Visit AA/EOE. More details HERE.

Video Production Assistant (Part-Time) (University of Akron / Akron, OH): The Video Production Assistant (Part-Time) will assist the Director of the Zips Digital Network in the production of all athletics multimedia content. More details HERE.

Associate Director of Development, Annual Giving & Alumni Relations (University of California, Berkeley / Berkeley, CA): This position is responsible for the identification, cultivation, solicitation, and stewardship of annual gift-level prospective donors and comprehensive fundraising and alumni relations programs. More details HERE.

Associate Athletic Director - Academics (University of Kentucky / Lexington, KY): Responsible for providing leadership to the Center for Academic and Tutorial Services (CATS), delivering comprehensive, world-class support services to University of Kentucky student-athletes. More details HERE.

Associate Director of Development (University of Michigan / Ann Arbor, MI): The purpose of the Michigan Athletic Development team is to garner financial support to enable the Athletic Department to provide the necessary resources to all varsity teams and student-athletes. More details HERE.

Video Coordinator for Football (University of Akron / Akron, OH): The Video Coordinator for Football is responsible for all video operations within the football program. More details HERE.

Athletics Head Coach - Lacrosse (Indiana University of Pennsylvania / Indiana, PA): Indiana University of Pennsylvania (IUP) invites applicants for Head Lacrosse Coach to assist in all aspects of the IUP Women's Lacrosse program at the Division II level. More details HERE.

Athletics Head Coach - Softball (Indiana University of Pennsylvania / Indiana, PA): Indiana University of Pennsylvania (IUP) invites applicants for Head Softball Coach to assist in all aspects of the IUP Softball program at the Division II level. More details HERE.

Lead Communications Engineer - Athletics (Texas Tech University / Lubbock, TX): Responsible knowledge of engineering principles that applies to telecommunication and broadcast systems. Knowledge of media production, communication techniques and methods. Search req#ID 14442BR. More details HERE.

Assistant Athletic Director/Director, Athletic Development (Boston University / Boston, MA): Responsible for planning and advancing athletic fundraising programs and priorities and securing gifts to advance the Campaign for Boston University and meet Campaign goals for Athletics. More details HERE.

Associate/Sr, Associate Director, Athletics Major Giving (Boston College / Chestnut Hill, MA): Responsible for the cultivation and solicitation of alumni, parents and friends of Boston College who are capable of making gifts of $100,000 to $999,999 to support Boston College Athletics. More details HERE.

Regional Sales Manager (Tailgate Guys / Atlanta, Gainesville, Austin): Opportunity to join Tailgate Guys as the Regional Sales Manager - Positions will work under our SVP of Sales & Business Dev & directly with each of our General Managers to assist w/ sales leadership. More details HERE.

Director - West Coast Region (Tailgate Guys / Los Angeles, CA): Opportunity to be part of Tailgate Guys westward expansion. Director will report to COO and oversee the sales and operations in this new and growing market. More details HERE.

General Manager - Northeast Region (Tailgate Guys / Pittsburgh, PA): Join Tailgate Guys as General Manager of the NE Region. Position will report to the Director of the NE. The GM will oversee all sales & operations with opportunities for growth in the NE Region. More details HERE.

Project Manager (Tailgate Guys / Oklahoma City, OK): Join Tailgate Guys as a ​Project Manager​ in Oklahoma​. Position will report to the Senior PM. Serve as the ​primary point of contact for this growing property.​ More details HERE.

TICKET SERVICES COORDINATOR (Kansas State University / Manhattan, KS): Assist the Assist Dir of Ticket Serv to ensure consistent daily ops of the KSA ticket office. More details HERE.

Athletics Communications Intern (University of Akron / Akron, OH): Seeking an athletics communications intern to establish and maintain relationships with local, regional and national media to maximize coverage and exposure of Akron Athletics. More details HERE.

Senior Associate Commissioner (Big South Conference / Charlotte, NC): A senior leadership position with the Big South Conference with oversight of the operating units of men’s basketball and external relations and reporting to the Commissioner. More details HERE.

Ticket Office Sales Representative (San Diego State University / San Diego, CA): Provide customer service and ticket sales duties in person and via the telephone. Customer base includes current season ticket holders, SDSU students, SDSU faculty/staff, and the general public. More details HERE.

Assistant Coach 1 - Women's Basketball (Middle Tennessee State University / Murfreesboro, TN): Assist the Head Women’s Basketball coach to organize and administer all aspects of our NCAA Division I women’s basketball program. More details HERE.

Senior Associate Athletic Director (University of Southern Mississippi / Hattiesburg, MS): Oversight of the following operating units: Athletic Compliance, Athletic Academic Services (SAEP), Athletic Training, and Strength & Conditioning (including the nutrition program). More details HERE.

Associate Athletic Director for Marketing and Communications (University of New Mexico / Albuquerque, NM): The University of New Mexico Athletics Department is accepting applications for the Associate Athletic Director for Marketing & Communications. More details HERE.

ASSISTANT ATHLETICS DIRECTOR, ATHLETICS MARKETING (Eastern Michigan University / Ypsilanti, MI): Research, develop and execute comprehensive, integrated marketing communication plans for football, basketball and volleyball, and develop plans as needed for EMU's other Division I Athletic programs. More details HERE.

Assistant AD Sales and Corporate Sponsorhips (University of Missouri - Kansas City / Kansas City, MO): This position reports to AD, and is responsible for the overall corporate sponsorship and sales efforts for the department including planning, implementation & evaluation of annual & long-term goals. More details HERE.

Assistant Director, Marketing & Fan Engagement (Marquette University / Milwaukee, WI): The Assistant Director – Marketing & Fan Engagement will serve as the primary marketing director for women’s volleyball team and men’s lacrosse teams. More details HERE.

Associate Athletic Director for Compliance (CSUN / Northridge, CA): The Associate Athletics Director for Compliance Services is responsible for the overall quality and comprehensive nature of the Compliance Program for the CSUN Department of Athletics. More details HERE.

Manager of New Media (University of Wyoming / Laramie, WY): Manage official UW Athletics website; manage all UW Athletics social media efforts; manage the media trade program, assist in discovery of new social, mobile and digital advertising opportunities. More details HERE.

Head Men's Golf Coach (Ohio University / Athens, OH): Position is responsible for coaching and developing a highly competitive Division I men’s golf team with a full complement of scholarships and cost of attendance. More details HERE.

Athletics Ticket Office Intern (University of Kentucky Athletics / Lexington, KY): Currently seeking candidates for 2 paid intern positions in the Ticket Office. This internship is designed to provide learning opportunities & expose individuals to all aspects of ticket operations. More details HERE.

Associate Director, Development (University of California, Los Angeles / Los Angeles, CA): UCLA is seeking an experienced fundraising professional to cultivate and solicit major gifts for annual fund, endowments, capital projects, and individual sports funds. Search Requisition #28122. More details HERE.

Assistant Women's Basketball Coach (#10879) (University of Akron / Akron, OH): The University of Akron, a NCAA Division I (FBS) institution is seeking applicants for the position of Assistant Women's Basketball Coach. Bachelor's required. EEO/AA. Employer/Veterans/Disabled. More details HERE.

Assistant Athletics Trainer (University of Akron / Akron, OH): The University of Akron, a NCAA Division I Institution and member of the Mid-American Conference is accepting applications for five full-time Assistant Athletic Trainer positions. More details HERE.

Director of Fan Experience/Community Outreach (University of Wyoming / Laramie, WY): Responsible for promoting Men's and Women's sports programs, oversee game presentation for all sports and be a point of contact/facilitator for community outreach initiatives. More details HERE.

Assistant Athletics Communications Director (Purdue University / West Lafayette, IN): Manage press relations & assist with publicity for Volleyball/Softball or Women's Soccer/Track & Field - including draft & post press releases, page design, writing and editing. Represents 2 positions. More details HERE and HERE.

Head Athletic Trainer (Brown University / Providence, RI): The Head Athletic Trainer manages the Sports Medicine Program, providing supervision and direction to the athletic training staff. More details HERE.

Assistant Director of Development Marketing and Communications-Intercollegiate Athletics (Purdue Research Foundation / West Lafayette, IN): Strategize with the Director of Annual Giving and Premium Seating on communication and marketing techniques to increase membership, retain existing membership, and determine solicitation calendar. More details HERE.

Director of Development (Utah State University / Logan, UT):The Director of Development will oversee the day-to-day operations of the athletics development office, including annual giving, stewardship, and special events. More details HERE.

Associate Director of Creative Solutions - New and Creative Media (Clemson University / Clemson, SC): Strategist and content creator for high-visibility social platforms and management of athletics website as part of the creative team within athletics. More details HERE.

Assistant Director, Ohio Bobcat Club (Ohio University / Athens, OH): The Assistant Director of the Ohio Bobcat Club will focus on assisting the Associate Director with the day-to-day operations of the annual campaign. More details HERE.

Director of Ticket Sales (Rice University / Houston, TX): The Director of Ticket Sales will lead the ticket sales team in increasing athletic ticket revenue by selling tickets to Rice Athletics events, and elevating the Rice Athletics brand. More details HERE.

COORDINATOR, EVENTS (The University of California, Intercollegiate Athletics / Davis, CA): The University of California, Athletics Department is seeking the position of Coordinator, Events. To submit an application: More details HERE.

Assistant Women's Rowing Coach (San Diego State University / San Diego, CA): Functions include, but are not limited to: recruiting, administration, coaching, counseling, teaching, staging, fundraising, and public services. Works 10 months per year and is paid over 12 months. More details HERE.

Director of Athletics (Abilene Christian University / Abilene, TX): Lead ACU athletics:Strong faith integration, fund-raising skills, ability to attract and develop great talent & strong understanding of complex NCAA landscape and ability to navigate it strategically. More details HERE.

Senior Associate Athletic Director for Business Operations & Internal Affairs (University of Hartford / West Hartford, CT): Administrative oversight of financial and budgetary operations of the University’s athletics programs, oversee the Business &Ticket Office & Equipment Room & provide leadership, supervision of staff. More details HERE.

Director of Compliance (Rutgers University / Piscataway, NJ): This position will supervise all aspects associated with Bylaw(s) 11, 12, 13, 14, 16, 17, and 20 for a subset of sports and liaison groups. See link,, for info. More details HERE.

Dir./Asst. Dir. Compliance (College of William and Mary / Williamsburg, VA): The Asst. Director or Director of Compliance assists with day-to-day operations of the Compliance Svcs office. Position will coordinate all aspects of NCAA DI Compliance for assigned sports/depts. More details HERE.
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