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Loyola Marymount Prez Snyder announces Oregon Senior Assoc. AD for Marketing & Public Relations Pintens as the new AD for the Lions. Snyder: "Craig Pintens will be a game changer for the LMU Lions. He is a leader, a champion, a builder, and a collaborator who will challenge our student-athletes to be fierce competitors with purpose and integrity. Together with our coaches, he will lionize our athletics programs and amplify LMU’s renown." (link); Pintens penned for AthleticDirectorU on his vision for LMU, "As I take over at Loyola Marymount, Cura Personalis will make up one pillar of our athletics program, the other will be the Jesuit ideal of Magis, which translates most simply into 'more'. At Oregon, everything we’ve done has focused on creating the best outcomes possible for our student-athletes. In undertaking any endeavor, whether we are successful in its execution or not, we always ask ourselves, “how might we do better next time?” The same cultural underpinnings will be a part of our work at LMU. We will seek to become more efficient and effective in every aspect of our work. There’s always a better way to do things." More. (link)
In another big chair move, Austin Peay's Ivey is headed to Stephen F. Austin to take over the Lumberjacks portfolio after three years with the Govs. Official start date is July 1. SFA FAR Collier, who chaired the internal committee, "Ivey comes to us with a plan to build on our students' success in the classroom, on the field, and as members of the community. He is an excellent fit for SFA." (link); APSU says it will execute a national search. No firm hired to assist yet. (link)
Looks like Miami (FL) AD James has received an extension to continue leading the Canes through 2023. No word on exact terms, but the Miami Herald's Jackson notes how James has positioned his department nicely, points to the hire of FB HC Richt & some significant fundraising & facility progress. Additionally, James continues to support his MBB program in the MBB-FBI developments, "I find it hard to believe there will be anything there." (link)
On leave Idaho AD Spear will continue to be just that "until the report has been reviewed and a decision is made on Spear’s employment status." University Director of Communications Walker was asked if the call on Spear will be connected solely to this specific situation or in consideration of the entire job he's done in leading the Vandals, to which she simply responded, "I don’t know what the review will show." Prez Staben: "It is never easy to examine one’s own actions critically. We know we have made improvements in how we approach sexual assault allegations, but we need to know that we are doing all we can to keep our students safe. That is our No. 1 priority." (link)
The Salt Lake City Tribune's Kamrani gets feedback from around the nation on the Utah AD search as longtime boss Hill rides off into the sunset. An unnamed source, "It’s not a win-at-all-costs type mentality [at Utah]. I think that has made the job very attractive." The Athletic's Feldman: "Whoever gets this job, I think, is going to have to balance being a visionary and running the business of University of Utah athletics with also being a leader in where does the Pac-12 go? To me, it’s a lot of moving parts." The Pac-12 Hotline's Wilner points to Utes Deputy AD Brennan, "They’re in a pretty good place, and if you’re in a pretty good place, don’t you usually aim for continuity? When Utah football was rolling and [Urban] Meyer left, they promoted from within … To me, it’s the same thing with the AD as a coach, in a lot of respects. If things are going right, why change?" (link)
SEC Meetings:
+'s Dodd writes on sports gambling with comments from across the league. The notable thread here that grabs the most attention is how injury reports may be handled in an era of bettors looking to get every possible angle on a line. Tennessee AD Fulmer: "If you're on a phone call with a buddy and he wants to know a little bit too much, you say, 'What do you want to know that for? 'That's none of your business.'" (link)
+ Texas A&M AD Woodward notes FB HC Fisher does not have a fully finalized contract for his 10-year, $75M pact, but isn't worried about it getting signed, "I'm sure they're all just about done. If not, it's just a matter of internal procedures and getting the paperwork and the bureaucracy done." (link)
+ More from Dodd, this one of the reality of Fisher needing to win a National Championship. Fisher: "If I didn't think it was capable of being done there, I wouldn't have went. That's what I want for myself. I want to build a program, not a team." Woodward on what success is, "It's so subjective. We're looking at this obviously long term, like I look at all things." (link)
+ Auburn AD Greene believes the conference is at a disadvantage if his Tigers continue to play both Alabama & Georgia on the road every other season, would like to see the structure changed, but understands it could take some time, "It's about trying to do what we think is in the best interest of the league." (link); Tigers brass will also continue talking about the potential for a stand-alone FB facility, which Greene points to as an ingredient for National Championship contending. (link)
+ Kentucky MBB HC Calipari says he's all about getting rid of the one-and-done rule, adds, "The Players Association is going to want something, the NBA is going to want it this way. I think it will be two years, maybe more. Maybe it stays." (link)
+ More comments from Florida AD Stricklin. This one on comparing student-athlete transfer opportunities to HCs taking new jobs, "I know every time a coach leaves, someone in the media makes that comment, but it’s apples to oranges, and it’s not a fair comment. I just think we should do everything we can to make our student-athletes successful academically and athletically." (link)
Big 12 Meetings:
+ Oklahoma AD Castiglione & FB HC Riley none too pleased with how FB scheduling has played out with the Sooners slated for a number of early starts. Castiglione: "I’m not happy about that at all and that’s all I’m going to say." Riley: "I had to talk to Joe to blow off some steam before I came in here on that one. I don’t agree with it, but we’re not only ones making the call on it. There needs to be some equity. You don’t need to have a string of ’em." (link)
+ West Virginia AD Lyons: "Our fans have really enjoyed the Big 12 conference. Geographically, we’re the furthest east, but we’ve gotten used to that…We feel right at home." TCU boss Donati: "The first couple of years, the biggest issue with our recruits was can they compete. We’ve proven that we can. Now I think our coaches understand the advantages they have being in Fort Worth from a recruiting standpoint. [...] As my predecessor used to say, we came from being the New York Yankees in the Mountain West to the Oakland A’s in the Big 12." (link)
+ More sports gambling talk. Iowa State AD Pollard: "I don’t know what it will exactly look like, but 10 years from now we’ll probably be trying to capitalize on the fact that you could come to the stadium and place bets and do whatever." Donati: "Let’s just say gambling does become much more widespread, I don’t think it will do anything but increase and improve the viewership and participation from a fan experience standpoint." (link)
+ Baylor AD Rhoades says he has the go-ahead from university leadership to raise money for a renovation to the Ferrell Center or to build anew. There's also the possibility of a hoops practice home & a FB-only building in Waco. (link)
South Dakota State AD & Transfer Working Group chair Sell expects the student-athlete transfer notification model change to pass when his group gets back together next week, "We've got nothing but really positive feedback across the board. I'm assuming that's going to go through very easily and smoothly. [...] Our No. 1 deal is to kind of get that win." The group will also continue to discuss allowing an incoming student-athlete to jet if his/her HC leaves, as well as schools having to commit to grad transfers for the length of respective academic programs, not just how long the grad student-athlete is actually in school. (link)
Bradley Prez Roberts, a trained sports lawyer, with some interesting thoughts on sports gambling: "This opens up a whole brave new world of issues – intellectual property issues, commercialization issues, how injuries are reported. It’s too early to sort through all of them, but I know that it’s going to create an industry of people dealing with all of the spin-off issues. […] I also suspect, knowing how entrepreneurial many of our universities are, that they will figure out a way to monetize this gambling. They oppose gambling, but if there’s going to be gambling on their events, they want to figure out some way to make some money off of it. So, we’ll already take a highly commercialized aspect of our universities and even make it more commercialized." The article also includes additional thoughts from LEAD1's McMillen on his confidence that a point-shaving or similar misbehavior will 100% occur if sports gambling is legalized. (link)
You're going to want to give this one a read as former Michigan State FB student-athlete Mumphery opens up about how his involvement in an alleged sexual assault incident in East Lansing, one he was cleared of twice, impacted not only his collegiate playing career, but also his pro prospects. Mumphery was with the Houston Texas, but immediately released when he was found responsible for relationship violence & sexual misconduct on the third review of the case. The NYT's Powell runs through the story, including the "more likely than not" standard of decision-making common in higher ed today. In closing, "I know only this. A prosecutor decided not to bring charges, and a university investigation found Mumphery was not responsible. The only investigation that found him guilty did so apparently without his knowledge and without his offering a defense. That’s not a good definition of liberty." More. (link)
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The AAC will move from Providence to Dallas once its lease is up in two years & the league will host its MBB post-season Tourney in the new Dickies Arena in Fort Worth from 2020-2022. Commish Aresco: "Dallas has become almost the epicenter of college football. I've made no bones about it, we're planning to move our conference offices here. We think we belong closer to more of our schools. We've got a school [SMU] here, which means people are coming in all the time." More Aresco: "I think we're firing on all cylinders but we still have a lot of work to do because we really want to be in that P6. People still don't buy that idea that we're going to do it or it's possible but we're a lot closer than people think and it's not that far off." A new TV deal, with serious negotiations likely starting next year, is a key measuring stick, per Aresco. More. (link, link)
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Washington State sets a path to balance its budget by 2023, partially on the back of student fees rising from $1.6M to double that number & for media rights fees to surge from $19.6M to $25.2M. Cougars AD Chun on the media rights piece, "We’ve been in heavy dialogue with our conference. It is really an opportunity for growth and everyone from the commissioner on down recognizes that." Chun also note the importance of fundraising, corporate revenues & hoops attendance, "I think traditionally we run between 90 to 95 percent capacity for football, so there are opportunities with football and where we project to be competitively. Attendance is what we have to focus on and there’s no question the two sports we have the greatest opportunity to improve on is simply men’s and women’s basketball." Projections show the breakeven in FY22 after a cumulative debt of $85.1M. (link)
New Mexico will pay former Missouri AD Alden $53K for his assessment of the Lobos department with monies technically coming from the President's office. "A letter from (Prez) Stokes and Athletics Director Eddie Nuñez said Alden would examine the department and its current offerings, and assess viable options. His work has included a campus visit, interviews with athletic department staff, administrators, faculty and staff, student leaders and members of the community." Alden won't make formal recommendations, but his guidance will aid the decision-making process. (link)
By all indications, South Alabama is getting an on-campus FB stadium in a Board of Trustees vote today. Approximately $72M for a 25K-seat venue with monies coming from the athletic department, auxiliary streams & a private/public funding deal. For intended completion by 2020, work will need to start this July. Article includes a video rendering of the new digs. (link)
"This is a stress point. If you were sitting in those sections now, in 2018, we’re going to have a conversation with you and the conversation is going to be, would you like to join the Trojan Club at $200 a year?" That's USC COO Lopes on pricing changes for the renovated LA Coliseum for Trojan fans who sit in 100-level west end zone seats. It's a key part of the repricing strategy for SC & Lopes also notes the project, initially projected to cost $270M, is now up to $300M. Lopes: "It’s a whole litany of things. Honestly one of the biggest impacts has been the Rams. When they had the playoff run that went into January last year, that impacted about three weeks of construction time. We’re running double shifts now, 20 hours a day. The only time they’re not working on this project is 2 in the morning to 6 in the morning. It’s labor costs and construction costs. Things like that." (link)
Money Matters: San Diego State launched the Committed Aztecs Campaign, focusing on scholarship support. AD Wicker: "Growing our Aztec Club community is the key to meeting fundraising goals. With current student-athlete scholarship costs exceeding $9.6 million, scholarship support is a top priority for our athletic department." (link); Duke MBB HC Krzyzewski kicked off a three-year, $15M campaign for the Emily Krzyzewski Center with a $3M donation of his own. The Emily K Center is a non-profit organization that serves as a college access hub in Durham. (link); Syracuse MBB HC Boeheim is part of a group that is buying 21% ownership interest in Galaxy Communications for $2.1M. GC broadcasts basketball and football games for the Orange, among other things. (link)
It's Personnel: PNC Bank AVP Solomon heads back to Miami (OH) as Assoc. AD for Revenue Generation, with oversight of ticket sales and ops, marketing, game ops, communications, broadcasting, and sport administration. He previously served the Red Hawks as director of sales and service from 2006-10. (link); Virginia Tech AD Babcock selects Kennesaw State Softball HC D'Amour for the same role in Blacksburg. Babcock and D'Amour previously crossed paths at Mizzou. (link); D1baseball Rogers reports that he is hearing Penn State will retain Baseball HC Cooper. (link); North Dakota AD Chaves will search for a new Women's Golf HC. (link); Jaimie Hebert, who left his post as prez of Georgia Southern two weeks ago, will begin as provost at his alma mater, Louisiana Lafayette, on July 1. (link); Oral Roberts locks in Prez Wilson for 10 more years. (link)'s Keegan: "Is the University of Kansas willing to pay its athletic director $1 million a year? If so, then it’s worth starting at the top to see if the superstars of the AD field might be interested in taking on the challenge of turning KU into more than a basketball school. If not, don’t bother because that’s how much money it would take simply to engage one of the heavyweights in the field in a serious conversation. It might take more than that to land the big fish, but a million would be a nice starting point." Goes on to discuss the details of Clemson AD Radakovich's contract - to illustrate his point - and Tigers DC Venables' ties to the area, as he believes a FB HC change in Lawrence is possible. "How much KU is willing to spend on an athletic director will be the first indication of how much it will pony up for the next football coach. These are potentially exciting times for Kansas Athletics. The negative momentum, at least for the moment, has shifted into neutral, which counts as progress." (link)
The Big Lead's Glasspiegel gets ESPN EVP of Scheduling & Programming Magnus to Q&A. The parts most important to us include Magnus pointing to a deep roster of collegiate rights for ESPN+ to gauge its growth prospects this Fall, can't see a future without Monday Night Football & notes a level of anticipation around the Bristol campus of getting back in on the NHL. On his own contract situation, one that gets plenty of whispers behind the scenes of college athletics, "I don’t want to talk about my personal situation." A bit more. (link); Exactly to Magnus' point, the Atlantic 10 nailed down a deal with ESPN+ that includes 500 events a year, including numerous match-ups from league championship events. (link); Sticking with ESPN for another moment, numerous reports indicate the new Get Up! morning show is skating on thin ice with its paltry ratings thus far. (link)
Western Kentucky AD Stewart on efforts to build the strongest MBB non-conference home slate possible: "I can truthfully say we're talking to everybody." Wisconsin will become the first Big Ten team to play at Diddle Arena when the Badgers come to town on December 29. Saint Mary's comes in on Dec. 1. Next year's home schedule includes Arkansas and Belmont. Stewart: "We’re talking to a number of SEC schools. ACC has not been very receptive to coming here. That’s why I think the NIT was so neat. Getting Boston College to come here, that’s not a game we would’ve gotten any other way. … We’d like to have Dayton and Xavier and Cincinnati and Butler. Those type of regional games would be great ones to have. We’re having conversations with all those people." (link)
Notable Louisville donor & corporate sponsor Lynn says he's pulling out of a deal with Learfield due to a dispute on how the trade portion of his agreement has been handled. Lynn, the owner of Visionworks, has given $8M to the Cards over the years & also has his name on the Soccer stadium, "I will always continue to support the coaches and the athletes. I still have my suites at football and basketball. (But) If I’m going to get back into being a strong financial donor — more than I am already — that’s going to take time." Since I live here I can say this: Sure seems like interesting timing. (link); Attorneys for U of L claim former MBB HC Pitino is refusing to participate in the discovery portion of the case, calling his actions "inexcusable" and "all too familiar." (link)
With Mental Health Awareness Month coming to a close yesterday, here's two reads of note, the first from Northwestern Men's Swim & Dive student-athlete Thorne. Pretty powerful account of his path to & through college, dealing with self-doubt, depression & metal anguish. In closing, "By no means is sharing my journey an easy experience, but if just one person reads my story and realizes they are not alone then it was worth it. If someone reads this and it makes them realize there could be someone in their life who is struggling, then it was worth it. Mental illness is a problem and not acknowledging it only amplifies the problem. Perception is not reality." (link); Cleveland Cavs HC Lue on missing games & being treated for anxiety during the season, "When you're in this position, you're in the NBA, and you have your family and your friends and everybody you want to take care of and make sure they're comfortable, you kind of lose sight of yourself and what it takes for you. So being able to do that and get sleep now regularly is great." (link)
Also Noticed: The new MBB-FBI development is a full list of charges against former Auburn AC Person & notable clothier Michel. No major new details. (link); Delaware is a "go" for full sports gambling on the 5th of this month, New Jersey is looking like the 7th & Pennsylvania is on pace to launch before FB season. (link, link, link); All the FB TV announcements yesterday can inevitably be found in sports TV scheduling expert Sarzyniak's feed. (link); From Now On adds Western Michigan to its growing portfolio. (link): Ohio State & Toledo FB will meet in Columbus in 2022. (link); Louisiana will kick with McNeese State to open 2020. (link)
The Athletic's Feldman sat with Washington FB HC Petersen for a Q&A that revealed why Feldman calls him "one of the most interesting people in football." Petersen on engaging players in off-the-field subjects: "I think it’s really easy for these guys to live in a bubble where they’re extremely focused on football and they’re extremely focused on graduating. And they don’t have a clue what’s going on, and they haven’t really progressed as thinkers outside the box. ... They live on their phones. They get more information than they’ve ever had. They get misinformation — what they need is someone to help ’em figure out how to interpret this information." Petersen doesn't see these issues as political, but rather as "being a really good person that has empathy and can understand the other side." Lots more here. (link)
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(NEW!) Director, Accounting and Finance (Atlantic Coast Conference / Greensboro, NC): Responsible for day-to-day accounting functions of the ACC office while providing regular support for financial and business operations. More details HERE.

(NEW!) Compliance Coordinator (University of Alabama Department of Intercollegiate Athletics / Tuscaloosa, AL): Position is responsible for all aspects of Bylaw 13 for all Olympic Sports, provide interpretive guidance to coaches and staff, process waivers and violations and other duties as assigned. More details HERE.

Chief Operating Officer (University of Connecticut - Division of Athletics / Storrs, CT): The Chief Operating Officer will work with the Director of Athletics with the overall planning, implementation, administration, direction, and supervision of the Athletic Department. More details HERE.

Senior Associate AD-Facilities & Operations (University of South Dakota / Vermillion, SD): Will serve as a key decision-maker and member of the senior leadership team while having oversight of athletics facilities and event operations for the universities 18 NCAA DI athletic programs. More details HERE.

Assistant Athletic Director for Development (South Dakota State University / Brookings, SD): The Assistant AD for Development will maintain a portfolio of annual fund, capital, and endowment donors, with conjunctive oversight of development office day-to-day operations and budget management. More details HERE.

Associate Athletic Director for Student-Athlete Health and Wellness (University of Louisville Athletic Association / Louisville, KY): The Associate AD for Student-Athlete Health & Wellness is responsible for the overall leadership and direction of the mental and physical well-being of the University of Louisville's student-athletes. More details HERE.

Director of Sales and Sponsorships (Belmont University / Nashville, TN): This position is responsible for growing sponsorship revenue through prospecting, securing, fulfilling, and retaining corporate sponsorships for Belmont's intercollegiate athletics program. More details HERE.

Regional Sales Manager (Tailgate Guys / Austin/Chicago): Opportunity to join Tailgate Guys as the Regional Sales Manager - Positions will work under our SVP of Sales & Business Dev & directly with each of our General Managers to assist w/ sales leadership. More details HERE.

Assistant Director-Media Relations (2 positions) (University of Tennessee / Knoxville, TN): Assistant Director for Media Relations in The University of Tennessee Athletics Department. (2 positions). More details HERE.

Business Office Manager (University of Tennessee / Knoxville, TN): The Business Office in the Department of Athletics is searching for a Business Office Manager. The primary purpose of the position is to manage and supervise the daily business activities in Athletics. More details HERE.

Director of Communications and Digital Media Strategy (Horizon League / Indianapolis, IN): We are seeking an innovative leader to oversee all aspects of media communications for league sports, including men's basketball, with an emphasis on creative social media strategies. More details HERE.

Assistant Athletic Director for Annual Fund and Ticketing (Southern Illinois University Edwardsville / Edwardsville, IL): The position will oversee special fundraising projects, develop and implement fundraising initiatives and events, manage the Athletics Excellence Fund, and oversee all ticket operations. More details HERE.

Marketing and Promotions Manager (University of Colorado / Boulder, CO): The Athletics Department at CU Boulder is now accepting applications for a Marketing and Promotions Manager! This position oversees game day operations and entertainment to maximize the fan experience. More details HERE.

Associate Athletic Director for Leadership and Development (University of Richmond / Richmond, VA): The Associate Athletic Director for Leadership & Development will supervise, manage, and implement the department's leadership and development initiatives for student-athletes, coaches, and staff. More details HERE.

Associate Director of Athletics for Compliance (University of Richmond / Richmond, VA): This position ensures that all operations are carried out within the spirit and letter of the rules and policies of the NCAA, applicable conferences, and the University of Richmond. More details HERE.

Assistant/Associate Athletic Director for Strategic Communications (University of San Diego / San Diego, CA): Responsible for managing the Athletics Communications office, ensures integration with Athletics Marketing office to buildout the vision/set direction for our strategic communication & digital efforts. More details HERE.

Assistant Athletics Director for Development (Eastern Kentucky University / Richmond, KY): The Assistant A.D. for Development- is responsible for managing and leading a comprehensive program with the purpose of identifying, soliciting, & closing individual and corporate major gifts. More details HERE.

Assistant Athletic Director, Athletics Marketing (University of Hartford / West Hartford, CT): Responsible for the year-round planning, development, implementation & execution of marketing & promotion for the Athletic Department, including generating revenue and enhancing the athletics brand. More details HERE.

Executive Director of Development, Major Gifts (University of Louisville Athletic Association / Louisville, KY): The Executive Director of Development-Major Gifts is responsible for developing/leading a comprehensive program with the purpose of identifying, soliciting, & closing individual/corporate major gifts. More details HERE.

Assistant Director of Marketing (Northwestern University / Evanston, IL): Responsible for oversight of select sports. This position facilitates the creation & execution of strategic plans supporting brand awareness, ticket sales & other revenue-generating initiatives. More details HERE.

Head Coach - Baseball (Middle Tennessee State University / Murfreesboro, TN): Duties include : enhance and maintain a quality competitive baseball program by recruiting quality NCAA Division I student athletes who can compete in the field and in the classroom. More details HERE.

Assistant Athletic Director for Development (Eastern Michigan University / Ypsilanti, MI): Incumbent will serve as a major gifts officer on behalf of Intercollegiate Athletics and University Advancement focused on pipeline building of prospects capable of giving $10,000+. More details HERE.

Director of Creative Media (Athletx Sports Group / Louisville, KY): Leading youth baseball & softball events & media company looking for a super-talented digital professional who has cut their teeth in college athletics & wants to put their fingerprints on building a portfolio of brands from the ground up on digital. Very competitive salary range & the Director will lead a media team of four, including a Director of Video & two Content Strategists. Athletx brands already have 500K+ social media likes/follows. More details HERE.

Director of Video (Athletx Sports Group / Louisville, KY): Leading youth baseball & softball events & media company looking for an outstanding video lead to capture the essence of the industry, Athletx's brands & its corporate partners. Excellent opportunity to shape the digital roadmap of a surging company. Very competitive salary range with significant creative freedom. More details HERE.

Director of Ticket Operations (Ohio University / Athens, OH): Assist with the management of all areas of the athletic ticket office. More details HERE.

Assistant Director of Athletics, Compliance (University of Arizona / Tucson, AZ): Responsible for all activities associated with NCAA & Pac-12 eligibility for current & prospective student-athletes. Supervise:initial & continuing eligibility/hardships/waivers/transfers, & Bylaw 14. More details HERE.

Assistant Director, Athletics Communications (George Washington University / Washington, DC): The Assistant Director of Athletics Communications is the primary contact for five of GW’s 27 sports including women’s basketball, which generates significant external media coverage. More details HERE.

Head Coach, Baseball (San Jose State University / San Jose, CA): The Baseball Head Coach will report directly to the Senior Associate Athletics Director for External Relations. The incumbent will be a positive energetic leader with the ability to teach, motivate, and recruit student athletes. More details HERE.

Chief Financial Officer (University of Nevada, Reno / Reno, NV): The Chief Financial Officer (CFO), Athletics oversees the budgetary, fiscal, and business operations of the Department of Intercollegiate Athletics (ICA). More details HERE.

Associate Athletic Director- Compliance (UC San Diego / La Jolla, CA): The Assoc AD- Compliance will coordinate and oversee the Intercollegiate Athletics’ compliance and recruiting daily operations; particularly the institution's transition from NCAA DII to DI. More details HERE.

Senior Director, Big Screens and Fan Entertainment (Virginia Tech / Blacksburg, VA): In-arena fan entertainment. Deliver personalized, significant and unexpected experiences to Virginia Tech's home venues. More details HERE.

Ticket Operations Director (UC San Diego / La Jolla, CA): Manages ticket operations, development of the ticketing platform, policies and procedures, including setting up venue seat mapping and digital ticketing programs for Athletic Department events. More details HERE.

Coordinator, Big Screens Motion GFX (Virginia Tech / Blacksburg, VA): In-arena fan entertainment. Assists in developing, producing, and directing content, shows, and presentations. More details HERE.

Coordinator, Women's Basketball Operations (Long Beach State University / Long Beach, CA): This position provides administrative support to the Women's Basketball program. More details HERE.

Associate Athletic Director, Strategic Communications (University of Arizona / Tucson, AZ): Seeking experienced professional to serve as primary communications and media contact for VP/Director of Athletics and the department; oversee and direct all aspects for 21 Division I sports programs. More details HERE.

Head Coach, Women’s Tennis (University of Arizona / Tucson, AZ): The University of Arizona is seeking applications for an experienced professional to oversee and lead the Women’s Tennis Program. More details HERE.

Development & Events Coordinator for Athletics (University of Rhode Island Foundation / Kingston, RI): The dev/events coordinator assists with coordination and implementation of an athletics-focused donor relations and stewardship program, as well as oversees athletic development -related events. More details HERE.

Director of Intercollegiate Athletics (Oakland University / Auburn Hills, MI): Oakland University is searching for an AD to lead their D1 program. For all inquiries, please contact Glenn Sugiyama of DHR International c/o John Buechli, Associate at More details HERE.

Senior Associate Athletic Director of Development (San Diego State University / San Diego, CA): Establish, develop, & implement goals. Identify, cultivate, solicit, and steward of donors/prospects for major gifts. Overall planning, implementation and day to day operations of the Aztec Club. More details HERE.

Assistant Athletics Director for Development (Kennesaw State University / Kennesaw, GA): Responsible for developing and implementing strategies to acquire private support for Kennesaw State University (KSU) Department of Athletics, with an emphasis on major gifts. More details HERE.

Assistant AD for Marketing & Event Experience - Position # P100038805 (University of Miami / Coral Gables, FL): The Assistant Athletics Director, Marketing and Event Experience is responsible for the creating a first-class experience for all University of Miami athletics events. More details HERE.

Assistant AD for Business Operations - Position #P100038812 (University of Miami / Coral Gables, FL): The Assistant AD for Business Operations is responsible for oversight of all financial policies, procedures, controls, and reporting systems for the University of Miami Department of Athletics. More details HERE.

Physician (Purdue University Chief of Athletic Medicine) (Franciscan Physician Network / Purdue University / Lafayette, IN): Franciscan Physician Network is seeking an experienced Board Certified Sports Medicine physician with five years of experience to serve as the Head Team Physician at the prominent Purdue University. More details HERE.

Graphic Designer - Position # P100038811 (University of Miami / Coral Gables, FL): The Graphic Designer supports the sales, marketing, communications and digital initiatives of the department through the design and layout of various creative elements. More details HERE.

Ticket Office Assistant (San Diego State University / San Diego, CA): Provide customer service & ticket sales in person & via telephone. Assist outbound ticket sales team. Assist with seat relocation requests. Serve in a supervisor role on game night for football. More details HERE.

Senior Associate Athletic Director (Middle Tennessee State University / Murfreesboro, TN): The position will oversee, direct, and manage all aspects of Athletic Fund Raising, Sponsorships, Marketing, Merchandise, and Licensures associated with the MTSU Athletic department. More details HERE.

Associate/Assistant Athletics Director, Compliance (Seton Hall University / South Orange, NJ): This position’s primary responsibilities include but are not limited to, all compliance related activities for (14) assigned sports. More details HERE.

Director of Major Gifts & Advancement (Rose Bowl Stadium / Pasadena, CA): The global icon and National Historic Landmark Rose Bowl Stadium is seeking candidates for the position of Director of Major Gifts & Advancement within its 501c3 organization, the Legacy Foundation. More details HERE.

Assistant Director for Athletics Giving Programs (University of North Carolina Wilmington / Wilmington, NC): The Assistant Director for Athletics Giving Programs is a member of a team of development and advancement professionals within a dynamic and growing athletics program. More details HERE.

Director of Athletics (Bethany College / Bethany, WV): Bethany College (DIII), a member of the Presidents Athletics Conference, seeks a dynamic and energetic leader to become its new Director of Athletics. More details HERE

Director of Advancement- Senior Associate Athletic Director (University of Illinois at Chicago / Chicago, IL): The University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC) invites applications for the Director of Advancement/Senior Associate Athletic Director role. TO APPLY DIRECTLY, GO TO More details HERE.

Assistant Director - Ticket Operations (Stanford University / Stanford, CA): The Stanford University Department of Athletics, Physical Education and Recreation (DAPER) is currently accepting applications for the position of Assistant Director, Ticket Operations. More details HERE.

Assistant Director of Compliance (Southern Methodist University / Dallas, TX): The Assistant Director of Compliance assists with the day-to-day operations of Athletics Compliance Office. More details HERE.

Outbound Ticket Revenue Manager (San Diego State University / San Diego, CA): Increase season ticket sales, mini plan sales, & group sales. Hiring/training of staff. Working with Marketing & Ticket Office on football, basketball, volleyball, baseball, & softball ticket sales. More details HERE.

Associate Director of Athletics - Diversity & Inclusion Initiatives (Brown University / Providence, RI): This position serves as a key member of the Department of Athletics senior management team with a specific focus on diversity & inclusion initiatives. More details HERE.

Assistant Athletic Director 4 (Assistant Athletic Director for Marketing) (Pennsylvania State University / University Park, PA): Penn State University Intercollegiate Athletics is seeking an Assistant Athletic Director for Marketing. Please view full job description at More details HERE.

Assistant Director of Ticket Services (Kansas State University / Manhattan, KS): Oversee daily TO operations. Primary contact for w-basketball and w-soccer, & baseball supervision. More details HERE.

Associate Director of Athletic Communications (Baylor University / Waco, TX): The Associate Director of Athletic Communications is responsible for coordinating outgoing messaging to shape, enhance and protect the Baylor Athletics brand and image. More details HERE.

Assistant AD for Major Gifts (Temple University / Philadelphia, PA): Incumbent will devise strategies and be responsible for the cultivation, solicitation, and stewardship with the purpose of advancing donor levels with major gifts and leadership annual gifts. More details HERE.

DIR/MULTIMEDIA SERVICES (Central Michigan University / Mount Pleasant, MI): Create & manage content including productions, broadcasts, social media/website, scripting, videoboard content, promotions, music, live broadcasts on ESPN3. Oversee budget, equipment & staff. More details HERE.

Asst Dir-Athletics & Director of Philanthropy (Eastern Washington University / Cheyney, WA): Eastern Washington University is currently seeking an ASSISTANT DIRECTOR-ATHLETICS & DIRECTOR OF PHILANTHROPY. To apply and view job detail, please visit

Director of Athletics (Clayton State University / Morrow, GA): Clayton State University, a member of the Peach Belt Conference, is seeking an Athletic Director responsible for managing all aspects of intercollegiate athletics. More details HERE.

Director-Managerial (Standard) Associate Athletic Director - Development (University of Texas at El Paso / El Paso, TX): Associate Athletic Director Directs, coordinates, and implements all fundraising initiatives for Department of Athletics. UTEP is an Equal Opportunity Employer. More details HERE.

Assistant Athletic Director, Facilities & Event Management (Tulane University / New Orleans, LA): The Assistant AD, Facilities/Event Management reports directly to the Sr. Associate AD, Business & Operations. Manages the day-to-day aspects of facilities maintenance activities. More details HERE.

Director of Communications (American Athletic Conference / Providence, RI): The individual will serve as a key member of the American Athletic Conference's communications/external relations team with primary responsibilities focused on men's basketball. More details HERE.

Assistant Athletic Director for Development (Eastern Illinois University / Charleston, IL): This position will direct all aspects of the fundraising arm of intercollegiate athletics with oversight of special events and fundraisers and the coordination of the courtesy car program. More details HERE.

Assistant Athletic Director for Compliance (Eastern Illinois University / Charleston, IL): This person will be responsible for the oversight of Athletics compliance with NCAA and OVC rules and regulations. The incumbent will serve as a member of the Athletic Department's Senior Staff. More details HERE.

Assistant Athletic Director for Communications (Vanderbilt University / Nashville, TN): Will oversee the communications and media operations for the Vanderbilt Athletics Department, including the planning and execution of communication efforts for Vanderbilt’s 16 sports. More details HERE.

Head Fencing Coach (University of North Carolina / Chapel Hill, NC): The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Department of Athletics is seeking applications for the position of Head Fencing Coach. Responsible for the men's and women's fencing programs. More details HERE.

Asst AD - Football Communications (Clemson University / Clemson, SC): Asst AD- Football Communications-Primary external contact for Clemson Football. More details HERE.

Associate Director of Development Events-Intercollegiate Athletics (Purdue Research Foundation / West Lafayette, IN): In cooperation with the Intercollegiate Athletics development team (John Purdue Club), assist in achieving the Athletics Director’s and the John Purdue Club’s development goals. More details HERE.

Digital Marketing, Program Coordinator (University of Notre Dame / Notre Dame, IN): This position will manage digital advertising and email marketing campaigns within Athletics Marketing at University of Notre Dame. EEO/AA. More details HERE.
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