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CFP: Expansion talk continues as USA Today's Schroeder gets some new comments & passes along insights from the Learfield-SBJ Intercollegiate Athletics Forum earlier this month in NYC. Big 12 Commish Bowlsby: "Four works. It was hard to get to four with lots of compromises. We should be thoughtful, but shouldn’t refuse to discuss." Big Ten boss Delany: "If people wanted to talk about (expansion), they could talk about it. But it comes really from the presidents. When we were going from two to four, it was with presidential consent. (To go) beyond that, they would have to ask us to do something. It’s not going to come from any one of us (commissioners) because we’re disappointed in a particular year." ACC Commish Swofford: "There will be different people around the room, too, frankly, five years from now, 10 years from now. Most things evolve in one way or another. I don’t mean that in the sense that it evolves necessarily with growth (expansion). We’ll just have to see. But I think we’ve got it right for now, I really do." (link); Executive Director Hancock on last week's piece from The Atlantic's Auerbach, "The story last week was a serious exaggeration of where things stand, particularly the headline. If you dug deeper and got beyond the headline, a lot of people didn’t say what the headline said they said. Anyway, my point here is that since the Playoff started, many people have had thoughts on how to structure it. … People have always shared their thoughts. … The fact is, the commissioners and the presidents who manage it have not talked about new formats yet. They know the time will come, but the time hasn’t come yet." (link); Clemson FC HC Swinney: "I’d be more back to two, to be honest with you. I’m not a 'More is better’ guy. I know there’s a huge crowd out there for that, but I think college football is unique, and now all of a sudden it just becomes like everything else when you do that." (link)
Open records give us a peek inside the emails between UCF AD White & Florida peer Stricklin as the two do the tango on a potential FB series. Stricklin: "UF isn’t in the market for home-and-home or a neutral site games against non-Autonomy 5 opponents. […] We are in need of a home opener for the 2022 season, so the 9/3/2022 date you mention would be a perfect date to begin the series, and we can fill in the remaining games from there." White: "I think that our team has shown on the field that we are far from a typical ‘non-autonomy 5’ opponent. [...] Requiring non-autonomy 5 schools to have to settle for inequitable scheduling seems like an unfair business practice and something we should all address at a high level. […] The system should be such that we can schedule home and homes. As someone who sits on the CFP Committee, I am asking for your help in fixing a broken model by expanding the playoff and putting an end to unfair scheduling practices." (link)
Wisconsin Chancellor Blank provided further thoughts on her testimony in the Alston case during an Athletic Board meeting late last week, "I have no interest in running professional teams at the University of Wisconsin. That’s not our mission. That doesn’t relate to our academics. […] I had the impression that the judge was reasonably hostile toward my point of view, which was that college athletics should be amateur. […] Whatever comes out of this case, if the ruling goes the other way, it will create for some period of time just a lot of chaos about who’s doing what, how are you doing it and what are the rules?" (link)
Miami (FL) MBB student-athlete Hernandez has found new representation in his MBB-FBI situation in the form of Miami-based attorney Setchen, who also recently backed former Louisville/South Carolina student-athlete Bowen. Canes HC Larranaga calls this season the most difficult one of his career, thought UM may hear something from Indy by the end of the day yesterday, but also said, "We don’t know anything. I don’t think there is a timetable. I don’t think the NCAA works that just wait until you hear back from them." (link)
"So while National Signing Day may have ended as a national college football holiday, it has become more manageable for coaches who would have been recruiting now anyway." That's how Sports Illustrated's Staples overviews FB's early signing period that starts tomorrow. Wisconsin HC Chryst liked hosting more official visits over the summer, "Our players enjoyed it. They felt like they had more time and more relaxed time." Chryst also says it feels like he & his staff are recruiting three classes at a time. Baylor's Rhule provides feedback, as well, still liked a piece of the old model, official visits after the season. A bit more. (linklink)
Latest SBJ: College beat headliner Smith with more backstory on Vanderbilt's hire of new AD Turner. Commodores Chancellor Zeppos asked Korn Ferry's Hughes to meet Turner the next day after first seeing his resume, "I was in awe of all that he’s accomplished. I feel like he can build something really extraordinary. [...] He’ll have a learning curve. Heck, I had a learning curve. But people will see what a quick study he is." Wasserman leader Jordan: "The number of high-level business issues that he helped clients solve is going to serve him well as an AD. I can’t think of many experiences he’ll face as an AD that he hasn’t already faced on behalf of a client." (link); New Big Ten Network Prez McGillicuddy: "When it comes to our business, it’s all about the passion of the fan. But I think that the passion in the collegiate space is a really special bond — for alumni and fans in those communities. It’s one of the deepest bonds in all of sports." (link); This year's 'Most Influential' list has the "American Sports Gambler" at #1. As you might imagine the list is a who's who. Fanatics' Rubin a #21, Big Ten boss Delany at #28, Learfield's Brown at #39, NCAA Prez Emmert at #46. (link)
The population migration from the Rust Belt to the Sun Belt over the last few decades undoubtedly impacted which cities became the most fertile recruiting grounds, which is why this New York Times piece on how some mid-sized U.S. cities are flourishing & others are falling behind is quite interesting. Trending up: Orlando, Austin, Nashville, Columbus, Indianapolis. Trending down: Birmingham, Providence, RochesterMoody's Analytics Economist Kamins: "A place like Birmingham hasn’t fallen off the map, but it’s been bypassed by these places that have moved into this more clearly defined second tier. It’s treading water, and treading water tends to not be enough." More. (link)
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More changes in senior leadership at New Mexico as Senior Assoc. AD/CFO Robinson will exit to return to his home state of Tennessee & practice law. Robinson: "The opportunity that presented itself back in Tennessee was one I just couldn’t pass up." Lobos AD Nunez says the $105K per year role will be replaced, but may be restructured. (link); The JMI Sports unit at Clemson will now be run by former Charlotte Hornets VP for Partnership Development Metzger. Metzger's official title will be Chief Revenue Officer. (link)
It's That Time of Year: Elon AD Blank promotes DC Trisciani to lead the Phoenix FB program. (link); Sacramento State AD Orr goes with Utah OC Taylor. (link); Syracuse HC Babers on his recent extension, "I know now that they believe in me and we’re going to be able to go out and do some great things together. […] There were a lot of things to fix and as long as the left hand is helping the right hand and the administration and the community and the student body, if everybody is working together, we can do great things here." (link); The Pac-12 Hotline's Wilner breaks down the cost-per-win around the league. Arizona State's Edwards the best deal in 2018 at $285K per victory. At the other end is UCLA's Kelly at 1.1M. Wilner also looks at three-year numbers. (link); From FootballScoop's Barnett: "Forty-two FBS schools have hired head coaches over the past two cycles. Of those 42, 34 had a background on the offensive side of the ball." (link)
Kansas State AD Taylor on what role social media played during his search, "I don’t shut it out completely, (but) I certainly don’t let it sway my decision. In this particular instance, there was quite a bit out there, so certainly you have to talk about it, at least a little bit, and discuss the potential ramifications if you eventually take a candidate that’s not the most popular." On KSU's post-hire promotional plans, "I think it was equally important, whether it was the most popular candidate or not, just because you want to get it out there. You want your fans to have as much information as they can. […] But if it’s a candidate that maybe they don’t know as much about or maybe came with a little negative stuff, you want to overcome that on your side. Not only was it successful, but I would say it was really, really successful at the end of the day." More from the Wildcats on executions around new HC Klieman. (link)
More Personnel: New Mexico extends Baseball HC Birmingham another three years. (link); Eastern Kentucky AD Lochmueller promotes AC Fouch as HC of the Volleyball teams, both indoor and beach. (link); The NBA's Indiana Pacers have a new Asst. GM in the WNBA's Indiana Fever Sr. VP Krauskopf, the first female in NBA league history to be an Asst. GM in the role's modern day format. (link); Stephen F. Austin Prez Pattillo will retire at the end of the calendar year to focus on resting and recovering from the benign brain tumor he had removed earlier this year. (link); All signs point to regents approval of Minnesota sole presidential finalist Gabel, who, during her two-hour interview with the board pointed to her history of supporting athletics as the "front porch of the university." (link); Wilkes University (DIII) Prez Leahy will assume the same role at Monmouth effective August 1. (link); Coastal Carolina Prez DeCenzo will step aside at the end of June 2021. (link); Sounds like UConn has narrowed its Prez search to five finalists, with hopes of naming a new leader in early 2019. (link)
Major League Baseball is considering giving its franchises in-market streaming rights, which previously were held by the league. MLB's pact with the 22 Disney-Fox RSNs expires at the end of the year. From the New York Post, "This streaming model plan would really hurt the cable companies, a sports investment banker told The Post. [...] The cord cutting is not the issue, it is the cord nevers." (link); DirecTV & U-verse are increasing monthly fees starting news month & some of the bumps are related to RSNs. (link)
Cal AD Knowlton with a Q&A for the Alumni Association titled, "Big Changes Ahead." In regards to a new strategic plan, "It’s going to take probably 12 months. That’s a challenge for me. The organization gave us all this great feedback and now they want to know what’s next. And you’d like to roll out the strategic plan the next day, but in order to do that you have to talk to everybody." Priorities: Budget, Title IX prong one, morale, internal & external communication strategies, "re-integrate" athletics with campus. Why did Knowlton take the job? "Well, the headhunter called me twice and I said, 'No.' And the third time he called me and said, 'I just met the Chancellor. You will love the Chancellor.' So I came and interviewed with the Chancellor and I said, 'Yes, there are great opportunities here at Cal.' And the challenges are all solvable with the Chancellor. She’s a great partner. Her vision is incredible, and I think she has got this University starting to move in a very positive direction. I’m just excited to be part of that." More. (link)
Texas' new $300M hoops arena will be built & managed by the Oak View Group, setting aside roughly 60 dates annually for MBB, WBB, graduation & other university needs. Oak View will keep all facility revenues in the first 10 years of the pact, then the Longhorns will share the pot for the next 20. After the 30-year term, UT will own the building. Overall a seemingly great deal for Texas, who has $14M annually on its books through 2044 in debt service payments. (link); Check out this behind the scenes look at Providence's new Ruane Athletic Development Center from technology, recovery, strength & conditioning, lay-out & design perspectives. (link)
Straight from the Twitter feed of Stadium's McMurphy, "Nebraska adds 2025 home game w/ Akron. Zips will receive $1.45 million for game. Also NU & Akron reach settlement w/Akron receiving $650,000 for 2018 cancelled game." (link)
Colorado has joined hands with InXAthlete "an online employment platform, free for job candidates, that connects student athletes with employers who value the skills that athletes translate into the business world." Buffs Asst. Director of Student-Athlete Leadership & Career Development Unrein: "InXAthlete has an original approach to promoting student athletes’ unique skill sets to employers through a searchable, sortable database, that will help our student athletes connect with local and national organizations. It will provide student athletes with internship and full-time opportunities that they may not have found elsewhere." (link)
Apparel maker Badger Sportswear has been linked to forced labor camps in China, though the Chinese call the internment camps "training centers" where an estimated 1M Muslims are detained. Badger CEO Anton says his company has sourced through manufacturer Hetian Taida for a number of years, "We will voluntarily halt sourcing and will move production elsewhere while we investigate the matters raised." Lots more. (link)
Also Noticed: Here is an updated look at MBB rankings comparing NET, RPI, KenPom KPI and Sagarin ratings. (link); Dads in uniforms is an interesting new aspect of the recruiting visit & process. (link); The Football Bowl Association commissioned SDSU and George Washington to perform a study in 2016 of the previous season's 41 bowl games and found that they produced a combined $1.5B impact. Some generated as low as $5M, while others, like the national title in Atlanta that year, saw a $70M impact. More. (link); Introspective ESPN piece with New York Knicks/MSG owner Dolan. Interesting quote on why he wants to sell the WNBA's Liberty, "I don't know how to be successful with the Liberty. We've always tried to be helpful with the league, and I believe in the Liberty product. If you go to a Liberty game, they're fun basketball games to go to. But I'll be damned if I know how to get people to go to those games. ... We've pumped tons of marketing dollars, we've done everything we can to make the team successful, and people don't come. I think it's the time of year and the perception that the sport is not as good as the NBA." (link); Sports TV guru Sarzyniak has updated his post-season look at appearance numbers for most P5 & G5 leagues. (link); Sign of the Apocalypse? The Permian Basin Youth Football League celebrates all its incoming players - from ages 4 through 12 - with a letter of intent & signing ceremony. (link)
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(NEW!) Director of Finance - Athletics and Recreation (University of Denver / Denver, CO): Director of Finance is responsible for budget, finance, accounting, and reporting functions for the Division of Athletics and Recreation and all of its Division I Intercollegiate Athletic Programs. More details HERE.

Director of Development (Razorback Foundation, Inc. (Univ of Arkansas) / Fayetteville, AR): Responsible for identification, cultivation, and stewardship of donors in the advancement of annual fund & major giving development efforts. More details HERE.

Director, Communications (Stanford Athletics / Stanford, CA): Directly responsible for leading and executing all communications initiatives as the primary contact for football, in addition to a spring sport to be assigned. More details HERE.

Ticket Office Associate (University of Missouri Athletics Ticket Office / Columbia, MO): Assist with ticket responsibilities and provide a secondary level of checks and balances for ticket office accounting. More details HERE.

Assistant Athletics Director- Digital Strategies (University of Texas at San Antonio / San Antonio, TX): Direct, execute and lead social media strategies across all platforms to advance the UTSA Athletics brand. More details HERE.

Associate Director, Database and CRM (University of Arizona / Tucson, AZ): Arizona athletics is looking for a dynamic leader that will assist in supporting sales, marketing and development by providing database support, metrics and tracking success. More details HERE.

Assistant Director of Marketing and Communications (Pepperdine University / Malibu, CA): The Assistant Director of Marketing & Communications assists in the promoting of Pepperdine’s Athletics Department with an emphasis on social media, digital/video, website and media relations. More details HERE.

Lecturer OR Professor of Practice (Sandra Day O’Connor College of Law at Arizona State University / Tempe, AZ): The Lecturer/Professor of Practice will teach four to six courses per academic year (2-3 per semester), with a primary focus in any one of these areas: sports finance, economics, marketing, or analytics. More details HERE.

Associate Athletic Director Development (Florida International University / Miami, FL): Services as a front-line fundraiser for the FIU Intercollegiate Athletics program. Advances FIU Athletics program by developing and implementing strategies to secure major gift funding. More details HERE.

Head Athletic Trainer, Football (Stanford Athletics / Stanford, CA): As Head Athletic Trainer, Football you will be working cohesively and collaboratively with coaches, researchers and world-renowned physicians to ensure the health and safety of student-athletes. More details HERE.

Deputy Director of Athletics/Senior Associate AD, External (Pennsylvania State University / University Park, PA): Req Bachelor's deg & 12 yrs exp prefer at NCAA Division I level, demonstrated executive leadership/exp in strategic planning/communications, public relations, advancement, & business development. More details HERE.

Associate Athletic Director for Marketing & Communications (University of New Mexico / Albuquerque, NM): The University of New Mexico Athletics Department is accepting applications for the Associate Athletic Director for Marketing & Communications. Apply Here: More details HERE.

Head Coach - Women's Volleyball (Quinnipiac University / Hamden, CT): Quinnipiac University's Department of Athletics & Recreation seeks applications for Head Coach - Women's Volleyball. More info: More details HERE.

Development Director (University of Miami / Miami, FL): Miami is seeking a dynamic and energetic fundraiser that will be responsible for increasing gifts through relationships with assigned prospects and athletic constituents. More details HERE.

Director of Athletic Video Productions (University of South Dakota / Vermillion, SD): Responsible for creating video content for external use and in-game presentation, producing live events and coordinating video projects in support of the athletic department’s strategic plan. More details HERE.

Assistant Coach, Football (Brown University / Providence, RI): This 11-month position (3 assistant coach positions) assists the Head Coach in all phases of the Football program, with specific focus on a position area to be determined by the Head Coach. More details HERE.:

Associate/Sr. Associate Director of Athletics for Development (State University of New York at Buffalo / Buffalo, NY): This position will support and enhance the mission of the State University of New York at Buffalo Athletics Department and is responsible for working to optimize philanthropic support for Athletics. More details HERE.

Director of Fan Engagement , Marketing & Promotions - LSU (OUTFRONT Media / Baton Rouge, LA): Planning, coordination and implementation of all in-venue production and entertainment to create memorable fan experiences across all LSU athletic events with focus on men’s basketball and gymnastics. More details HERE.

Director/Associate Director Creative Content (Virginia Tech Athletics / Blacksburg, VA): The Director/Associate Director, Creative Content HokieVision will assist External Operations in the creating and strategizing of video and digital content for Virginia Tech Athletics. More details HERE.

Head Strength & Conditioning Coach (University of Hartford / Hartford, CT): Responsible for developing effective strength and conditioning programs that will produce, enhance and elevate performance for all student-athletes, while following NCAA and Conference rules. More details HERE.

Senior Associate AD - Development (Kansas Athletics / Lawrence, KS): The Senior Associate AD - Development is responsible for the oversight and coordination of all revenue development including annual giving, major gifts, and capital campaign fundraising efforts. More details HERE.

Director of Digital Marketing (Louisiana State University / Baton Rouge, LA): LSU Athletics is looking for someone well versed in digital marketing strategies and branding initiatives. A Bachelor's degree and three years' experience in sports industry marketing is required. More details HERE.

Assistant Director, Ticket Sales (University of Arizona / Tucson, AZ): Position will be tasked with generating revenue for Arizona Athletics via sales of season, partial and group packages through outbound calls‬. More details HERE.

Assistant Director of Development - Premium Seating and Annual Giving (Purdue Research Foundation / West Lafayette, IN): Lead the premium sales and stewardship management needs, primary contact for premium seat holders, identify new and cultivate existing donors, and direct and coordinate game day operations. More details HERE.

Director of the Roadrunner Athletic Fund (Assistant Director of Development) (University of Texas at San Antonio / San Antonio, TX): This position is responsible for increasing overall participation in the Roadrunner Athletic Fund by developing and coordinating all fundraising strategic plans. More details HERE.

Ticket Office Assistant (San Diego State University / San Diego, CA): Provide customer service and ticket sales in person & telephone. Assist with seat relocation/additional seat requests. Assist outbound ticket sales team. Supervisor for football and baseball games. More details HERE.

Assistant Athletic Trainer (UGA Athletic Association / Athens, GA): Supervise and coordinate athletic training services for student-athletes participating in intercollegiate athletic programs for the University of Georgia Athletic Association. More details HERE.

Senior Director of Development, Athletics & Associate Athletics Director (Marquette University / Milwaukee, WI): This position is responsible for raising gifts to support the mission, vision and priorities of Marquette University. The position will cultivate, solicit and steward identified athletics donors. More details HERE.

(Assistant Athletic Director of Development - Major Gifts (San Diego State University / San Diego, CA): Oversee the identification, qualification, cultivation, solicitation & stewardship of major gift prospects. Primary liaison of the Aztec Club to promote SDSU Athletics. Secure annual and major gifts. More details HERE.

Videographer (University of Oregon / Eugene, OR): The Videographer will be responsible for producing high-quality video board content for all sports within the University of Oregon athletic department. More details HERE.

Director of Development (Cal Poly / San Luis Obispo, CA): Director of Development is responsible for providing advancement and fundraising services designed to increase private support for the priorities of Athletics and the University. More details HERE.

Sr. Director/Director of Development (University of Nevada, Las Vegas - UNLV / Las Vegas, NV): The University of Nevada, Las Vegas invites applications for Sr. Director/Director of Development, UNLV Athletics, [R0112744]. Please visit: More details HERE.

Head Women’s Soccer Coach (UC San Diego / La Jolla, CA): Overall operation of the Women’s Soccer program in accordance with University, conference and NCAA regulations. The position is a 100% time, 12-month contract position with full benefits. More details HERE.

Vice President | Client Relations (SIDEARM Sports / Syracuse, NY): Lead SIDEARM's externally-facing teams with key focus on providing exceptional service to our 1,100 collegiate athletic partners. More details HERE.

Assistant Director of Development, Athletics (Northwestern University / Evanston, IL): NU Athletics Development is seeking a new frontline fundraiser focusing on leadership annual fund donors, major gifts and engaging former student-athletes. More details HERE.

HEAD COACH, FOOTBALL (Brown University / Providence, RI): Head Coach of Football program with coaching, recruiting and administrative duties. Incumbent also maintains positive relations with alumni and friends' groups. More details HERE.

Executive Director of Compliance (Duke University / Durham, NC): This position is responsible for education, monitoring, and enforcement of all ACC and NCAA rules, including but not limited to rules related to amateurism, recruiting, eligibility, and financial aid. More details HERE.

Director Of Development - Athletics (University of New Hampshire / Durham, NH): The Director of Athletics Development will join UNH at an inflection point at the University as it welcomes a new President and begins planning for its next campaign period. More details HERE.

Senior Associate Athletic Director (Army West Point Athletic Association / West Point, NY): Senior Associate Athletic Director overseeing Administration and Sports Performance. Direct oversight of Football, Athletic Training, & Strength and Conditioning. Reports directly to AD. More details HERE.

Director of Championships (Atlantic Coast Conference / Greensboro, NC): Oversees the regular season and championship event for designated sports; manages officiating programs and conference schedules; and serves as head coaches' liaison. More details HERE.

Director of Video (Athletx Sports Group / Louisville, KY): We’re looking for someone who can lead the video efforts for a media team focused on the strategic direction of all Athletx Sports Group digital & social media properties (including, but not limited to, native websites, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, event apps and more). More details HERE.
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