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Nassar: Michigan State's board communicates support for embattled Prez Simon. Chairman Breslin: "Through this terrible situation, the university has been perceived as tone-deaf, unresponsive and insensitive to the victims. We understand the public's faith has been shaken. ... This can never happen again. ...We continue to believe that President Simon is the right leader for the university, and she has our support." Simon: "I continue to appreciate the confidence of the board and the many people who have reached out to me, and to them, who have the best interested of MSU at heart. I have always done my best to lead MSU and I will continue to do so today and tomorrow." More. (link); Spartans FB HC Dantonio: "Well, obviously our hearts go out to the victims in this case. It’s a very, very difficult situation for them. It’s awful. I guess with that said, in 11 years of dealing with President Simon on so many different occasions and in so many different areas, I’ve always found her to be very reflective, very calm in the storm, very on-point. And I’ve always appreciated that about her. She’s much like a head coach. In my little world that I’m in – and I can’t control things at times – I would say she is in a very difficult and delicate situation. I really don’t think that I’m even qualified to talk on it, but I can only speak to my involvement with her and how she’s handled very difficult situations." MBB HC Izzo with lots of thoughts. Of note, "I mean, you have to understand there is nothing I can say that is gonna be right right now, and there is nothing that’s gonna make anybody right. I’ll just stick by what I said. The survivors are the most courageous people – I can’t even imagine. I hate when I’m put in a position when I can almost start saying, 'I know what you’re going through,' because I have no clue what they’re going through and never will, and I hope I never find out. But I also, I just gotta say that that is a situation that I think is being dealt with and has been dealt with. And there is no way I could waver on the support for my administration or my president knowing the 35 years I have spent here on what she has done for this university, what she has stood for – not only athletics, that’s a small part. For women’s groups, for different groups, I think she’s been a champion. I hope and pray that the survivors get through this. But I also hope that we take a serious look at what we’re doing." (link); Sports Illustrated legal expert McCann runs down the legal ramifications for Michigan State, "…the idea that senior university leadership could become embroiled in a criminal investigation is surely concerning to Michigan State’s leadership. Both USA Gymnastics and Michigan State, along with their respective insurance companies, are also likely capable of paying the kind of large financial settlement that would be required to settle the case out of court." McCann also says of potential NCAA punishment, "If Michigan State is revealed to be at fault, and if NCAA is consistent, it would be obligated to punish Michigan State under the Sandusky precedent." Lots more. (link); Yahoo's Wetzel wonders why it took so long for MSU to ask for a review of its investigation. Calls the latest move a "lame public relations ploy." (link)
Our federal government is currently shutdown, meaning Air Force was in limbo a bit as of early this morning. An AFA spokesman: "We will make every effort to play all home events, but will not know for sure until we find out the details of a government shutdown." Getting non-exempt support employees, which includes some coaches, plus trainers & event personnel, added to the exempt list is part of the challenge. Lots of events scheduled for the Falcons this weekend both at home & on the road. (link); Last minute update, per the last paragraph of this article, it looks like all athletic competitions are suspended. (link)
Greene to Auburn: New AD Greene introduced on The Plains, "No. 1, we want our young people to graduate. We will be winners. We will be champions. Our mission is to provide you as student-athletes and coaches every opportunity to win SEC championships. We will invest ourselves heavily to do so. Auburn will stand for making sure that we create and we produce productive members of society. It is incredibly important that we make sure that you are well equipped for the rigors and intensity of the real world. […] I understand that there are lofty expectations for Auburn Athletics and I embrace that wholeheartedly. Without these expectations, how do we expect to grow? How do we expect to better ourselves? How do we expect to push ourselves? The future is bright. It's incredibly bright. I'm so happy to be part of it. We've got some work to do. We're going to roll our sleeves up. We're going to get after it. We're going to be teammates together, and we're going to do all that we can to make the Auburn family proud." (link); AU Prez Leath says he's briefed Greene on some key challenges, like the MBB situation. Leath: "I’ve obviously tried to do so he can start with as clean and fresh a slate as possible. But there will be some things that hold over, and in a big, complex organization, there are always issues. […] Bruce and his staff are doing a great job on the court. Clearly Bruce knows that my expectations are that, sooner or later, he’s going to have to come talk to me and others on campus about what is going on in the program, and we’re moving toward a solution on that. Once Allen is here, we’ll get into the details and nitty-gritty and chart a path forward with compliance, the coach, everything involved." (link); USA Today's Wolken calls the Pearl situation the "most awkward in college sports." (link)
We now have another year of $200M+ in operating revenues as Texas recorded the massive amount for FY17 against $207M in operating expenses. On top of the expenses was a $10.3M transfer back to the university's books. Drivers: Tickets surged by $11.6M, the largest single-year industry-wide increase on record, royalties were up by another $9.1M & contributions increased by $2.2M. Overall, FB did $42.4M. Of note on the expense side, debt service payments increased to $27.2M & severance pay was up $5.7M to $9.2M. More. (link)
From the NCAA Convention in Indy, a nice win for student-athletes on post-eligibility medical care as institutions will now have individual campus autonomy to determine which student-athletes qualify for the two-year requirement. Questions still remain a bit on how mid- to low-majors will enact the new framework given its potential financial impact. Outgoing Cal AD Williams: "I think it's really the right thing to do for student-athletes." Additional votes included a 58-21 outcome for getting hoops student-athletes a three-day break during the Christmas holiday. One exemption per four years will be allowed. Also, Hockey student-athletes will now be able to have agents without impacting their eligibility. Lots of media pushed back on this in force yesterday, asking why it can't apply to other sports. (linklink)
More comments from MBB HCs on the potential impact of the looming transfer rule changes. San Diego State boss Dutcher: "I know people say it’s good for the kids, they should be able to go where they want to go. But it’s not going to be good for basketball. Part of the experience is continuity, learning the system, learning to put up with hard times, the character building from not playing as a freshman or sophomore. I just don’t think it’s going to serve the kids well, away from what they do basketball-wise. Everything is not going to be smooth sailing the rest of your life. But it can’t be a cut-and-run society, every time something doesn’t go exactly your way." Southern Illinois HC Hinson stands by his belief that the mid-major ranks will be pillaged, "If you think these guys aren’t going to be contacted (by high-major schools), you’re living in a world that has fairies. And I’m telling you right now Tinker Bell ain’t in college basketball." Indiana HC Miller expects "one of the dirtiest recruiting periods you've ever seen." (link)
North Dakota State AD Larsen sees positives in a potential change to the FB redshirt rules, "A big part of me is in favor of it. [...] It's still going to come down to needs & who's ready. [...] It's interesting, you look at the redshirt rule and it hasn't been revisited in a long, long time and maybe this is the right time to look at it." Missouri Valley Football Conference Commish Viverito says she'll wait to comment until after league meetings in mid-February. (link)
Tulsa AD Gragg continues to push for more support in the stands, points to TV dynamics as changing the fan experience, "The TV deals have changed everything in college athletics, so far more access to the games, so we try to concentrate on what would actually drag someone out of their home in front of their 84-inch plasma TV." However, Gragg says he's committed to resources for marketing & ticket sales in order to realize cash increases. TU may execute a barnstorming tour ahead of next year's FB campaign. (link)
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Three directors from the Ashridge Strategic Management Centre at Hult International Business School pen for HBR: "Here's Why Strategy Chiefs Succeed or Fail." Examined 55 heads of strategy, but focused on 11 highly successful and 10 not so successful ones. 1. The person's capabilities should fit the challenges facing the organization; 2. As corporate priorities change, so should the head of strategy; 3. In some cases, it pays to tailor the job to the candidate's unique capabilities; 4. Make sure the critical skills don't already exist in-house; and 5. Don't underestimate the importance of cultural fit. "To increase the chance of hitting the head-of-strategy jackpot, CEOs should avoid creating an all-encompassing wish list and focus on the most-important capabilities they need from a head of strategy. They should take the time to ensure that shortlisted candidates will complement the senior team and fit in with the organization. They should be willing to customize the job to capitalize on the strengths and minimize the weaknesses of the best candidate." (link)
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More Auburn: Prez Leath adamant that FB HC Malzahn's new contract is "definitely not" fully guaranteed, "it's above 50, but well under 100" percent. The seven-year, $49M extension has not officially been signed by either party, but Leath isn't worried, "We're still working through the final details. I'm still a trust guy and Gus and I are functioning well together. We know the basic tenets, we've drawn things up, sent it to his attorney. We'll get that cleaned up pretty soon." (link)
More Coaching Notes: North Dakota State hires Indiana AC Regan as Women's Soccer HC. (link); Wisconsin FB HC Chryst gets an extension through 2023. No further details provided. (link); USA Today's Berkowitz reveals details of Arkansas DC Chavis' deal: $995K for 2018, plus 2-year options that Chavis can exercise with pay going to $1.5M in 2019 and $1.6M in 2020. Total salaries for the Hogs 10 on-field ACs = $4.345M, up from the $3.945M it paid the nine ACs this past season. (link, link)
The NCAA has handed down a failure to monitor ruling to Houston Baptist FB based on usage & lack of oversight of a student host group. As a result, HC Shealy "did not promote an atmosphere of compliance." Penalties: Public reprimand, probation running through January of 2020, two-year show cause for Shealy with recruiting sanctions, limit of only 26 official visits per year, reduction of coaches for off-campus eval & big decrease in total evaluation days from 210 to 120 (self-imposed for this academic year). (link)
Former Louisville Lacrosse student-athlete Beck has settled with University of Louisville Physicians, Inc on accusations of failing to provide proper medical care & the release of her private records. No monetary details included. Beck will still move forward with negligence claims against the university, former LAX HC Young & Senior Sports Performance Coach Engel. (link); No word yet from the NCAA on Louisville's appeal. (link)
ESPN: Reports bubbled yesterday that Disney chief Iger had talked to CNN boss Zucker about taking over the top spot in Bristol. Zucker's success at reversing a ratings decline at CNN could be most attractive to $DIS brass. (link); However, SBD/SBJ's Ourand on the reports, "A source who would know tells me that Iger has not talked to Zucker about filling Skipper's job as ESPN president." (link); Headlining author & ESPN expert Miller: "Grab big bucket of popcorn; sit back and watch the action. (No, not @NFL) It's getting a bit crowded out there. #NewSkipper #ESPN #Disney" (link)
Results of a new study out of Boston U.'s School of Medicine & College of Engineering indicates blows to the head, not concussions, is what causes CTE. BU Assoc. Professor Goldstein: "The same brain pathology that we observed in teenagers after head injury was also present in head-injured mice. We were surprised that the brain pathology was unrelated to signs of concussion, including altered arousal and impaired balance, among others. Our findings provide strong causal evidence linking head impact to TBI and early CTE, independent of concussion. The results may explain why approximately 20 percent of athletes with CTE never suffered a diagnosed concussion." New acronym (at least to me) of note: TBI (traumatic brain injury). More. (link)
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Evidently, Facebook won't bid on the NFL's Thursday night package, according to Bloomberg. (link); However, sitting out of the NFL process doesn't mean Facebook isn't still very interested in sports rights around the globe. As such, it looks like Eurosport CEO Hutton is joining the company to help grow the vertical. (link); SportsCenter on SnapChat reached 2M viewers a day, 75% of which are between the ages of 13 - 24. (link)
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Washington State held a candlelight vigil to celebrate the life of former FB student-athlete Hilinski. Straight from The Seattle Times' Loh: "Donning their Hilinski gear, the former players and their parents escorted Tyler’s grieving parents, Mark and Kym Hilinski, and his older brother, Kelly, down the hill, up Stadium Way – which had been blocked off to traffic for this somber event – and out toward the soft glow of candles held by the mourners who’d gathered around the Cougar statue in front of Martin Stadium. More than a thousand people came to pay their final respects to Tyler Hilinski. But the only sounds to be heard on this chilly, still night were sniffles. [...] (After the FB team exited) community members and WSU students took turns going up to the Cougar statue to pay their respects, and then signing the giant poster. Many left flowers, candles or Cougar memorabilia. There was even a can of beer, and a thoughtfully placed pack of tissues." (link); Scroll through Loh's Twitter feed for a bunch of pictures from the vigil. (link)
The five-month, $125K feasibility study to determine if Little Rock should add FB to its sports portfolio officially got underway in December. Conventions, Sports & Leisure is the lead firm for the study, and will "identify a football program's personnel structure; its salaries; equipment and facilities, and their price tags; and where the money will come from." For comparison's sake, the average Sun Belt FB program spent $7.092M in FY16. UALR's entire athletics budget that year was $9.117M. Enrollment issues in Little Rock are part of the picture, as the Trojans have the highest student athletic fee in the state. The Arkansas Democrat-Gazette's Kubena breaks down the processes at UTSA to start a FB program, at UAB to bring one back and at Wichita State to not pursue one. (link)
Temple will file a project submission to the City Planning Commission of Philadelphia seeking approval to build an on-campus FB stadium. Owls Prez Englert: "This is not the final step but the next step, where we formally make application to the city and go through the city process. More importantly, we continue working with our neighbors." The Temple Board of Trustees authorized the development of preliminary studies and designs nearly two years ago, which include multipurpose retail space adjacent to the venue and a price tag of $130M. In the meantime, the school has exercised two one-year options to remain at Lincoln Financial Field through the 2019 season. (link)
More Facilities: Georgia's new videoboard at Sanford Stadium will be in place for the FB spring game, April 21. The rest of the $63M west end zone project should wrap up in July. (link); The image of former Tennessee FB HC Jones is still on the Jumbotron at Neyland Stadium, but AD Fulmer hopes that it can be removed by February, calls it "not an easy process." (link); Houston MBB is 8-0 in home games at H&PE Arena at Texas Southern this season, as the construction on the Cougars' Fertitta Center continues. (link); UNLV's new Cox Pavilion Court will be unveiled today, home to WBB and Volleyball. (link); The first phase of Memphis Football's Indoor Practice Facility will be online by Spring 2019. Includes new offices, training and recruiting rooms, meeting spaces and more. (link); When Dead & Company comes to Autzen Stadium in June, it will be the first time in 21 years that live music has played in Oregon's FB venue. (link); The tennis programs at Texas has new digs. Here are some pics. (link)
Also Noticed: San Francisco becomes the fifth to add a Women's Triathlon Program, joining Arizona State, East Tennessee State, South Dakota and Wagner College. Brings the Dons' portfolio to 17 sports. (link); Update: 119 college football players have forgone their remaining collegiate eligibility to enter the 2018 NFL Draft. (link); Former LSU Running Back Guice signs with Top Dawg Entertainment, becomes the first athlete to ink with the record label that is "opening up a sports division." (link); North Carolina and Gonzaga agree to a MBB home-and-home, starting in Chapel Hill next season, with a return trip to Spokane the following year. (link); Amazon Prime set to raise monthly subscription costs 18%, from $10.99/month to $12.99/month. New rates being Feb. 18. (link); HBO released the trailer for "Paterno," its upcoming film about former Penn State FB HC Paterno, played by actor Al Pachino. (link) powered by Turnkey Search
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Assistant Athletics Director for Marketing and Multimedia Services (San Jose State University / San Jose, CA): The Assistant Athletics DIR will be responsible for the development, implementation, maintenance of all marketing and promo strategies... Apply here:, Job ID: 24378. More details HERE.

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Assistant Director of Marketing and Promotions (University of North Texas / Denton, TX): The Athletics Depart at the University of North Texas is hiring an Asst Director of Marketing and Promotions. Focus on Olympic sports with an added emphasis on Football and Basketball game day. More details HERE.

Assistant Athletic Director - Marketing (Rice University / Houston, TX): The Assistant Athletic Director of Marketing will play an integral role in driving revenue and attendance for the Department of Athletics, as well as serving as guardian of the Rice Athletics brand. More details HERE.

Associate Director of Administration, Donor Relations and Events (University of Oregon / Eugene, OR): The Associate Director of Administration, Donor Relations and Events directly assists the athletic director in the management, operations, and administration of the Athletic Department. More details HERE.

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