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The NCAA, alongside 3 Fold Group, conducted a study on the SWA designation with "the primary identify opportunities to enhance the impact of the designation and the experience of women serving as SWAs." Key findings: Only 59% of SWAs believe they are actively engaged in key decision-making at the institutional level. 71% of ADs believe that's the case. Only 13% of SWAs oversee MBB or FB, "75% of SWAs report being actively engaged in the hiring process for senior-level positions, but only 46% are involved in major financial decisions." Another, "74% of SWAs believe the designation of an SWA provides enhanced opportunities for advancement," and, "84% of SWAs, 56%of ADs and 6% of commissioners agree that without the SWA designation, some institutions would have no women involved in the management of their athletics program." Keep reading. Also included are seven "opportunities to optimize the SWA designation." (link, link)
North Carolina AD Cunningham covers a good bit of ground, on the academic saga, "It took us a long time to really fully understand what happened in that case." Cunningham doesn't see a day when the 'Power 5' will separate from the rest of the NCAA, however, "Could Congress, or the courts, force us to do something? Possibly, but I don’t see us doing anything outside the existing structure." Thinks a change to the MBB one-and-done rule could be coming, also believes decreasing capacity at Kenan Stadium will provide a better fan experience, knows the Smith Center needs some updates, but, "The question is how do we pay for it?" (link)
New Tennessee boss Fulmer says he pinged Wisconsin AD Alvarez, South Carolina leader Tanner, former Alabama AD Battle & former UT AD Dickey about what to expect in the AD chair as a former high-profile HC. Fulmer: "It’s still about building a team. It’s still about communicating It’s about trust. That’s not any different (whether it’s) any business or coaching or being an athletic director. Those principles are the same." UT Chancellor Davenport's point of view: "We needed leadership, and I needed someone I could trust and dependent on. Phillip and I are a great team. He has been welcoming and supportive since I arrived, and I knew he would be a great partner for me." Fulmer also says he's available if & when new FB HC Pruitt needs his assistance, believes he can keep Pruitt out of some "ditches." Bit more. (linklink)
It's been six months since Louisiana Monroe AD Floyd took over the Warhawks' portfolio & a primary focus is clear, "For us to advance competitively, we have to advance our resources and our fiscal base and we will be devoting a lot time, energy and attention to doing that. [...] We’re at the point with the program where you’ll see a much more external presence from a marketing and communication end. We want to get out in front of the folks here and get them to be a part of the progress we’re making from an athletic standpoint." Adding a 10th FB AC will happen, while offering full cost of attendance is "still on the radar." More, including some facilities discussion & roles to be hired within the department. (link)
Utah AD Hill raises his hand, admits it was him shouting at Pac-12 MBB Coordinator of Officials Dibler that interrupted the post-game presser after last Sunday's loss to Arizona State. Hill: "While my emotions were high and I thought our meeting was private, there is no excuse for the inappropriate language I used. I have apologized to the person involved, who is someone I have known for years and greatly respect. I also regret any discomfort to others as a result of my cursing. As the leader of this department, I expect more of myself and I am sincerely sorry." (link)
Texas gets a $20M commitment from two longtime WBB supporters that will lead to the Cecil Reynolds and Julia Hickman Center for Student-Athlete Brain & Behavioral Health. Mental & behavioral health services for student-athletes based around education, prevention, assessment, treatment & self-care will be the focus of the new center. Reynolds: "We want them to be prepared for when they leave the university. When they finish their eligibility, we want them to be prepared, not just academically but emotionally and behaviorally. That will take them a long way in life." Lots here on how the center will be integrated as Longhorns Women's AD Plonsky says Reynolds & Hickman understand the "complexities that face the student-athlete population." (link); More from Austin as student FB tix & seating will be solely general admission, which new AD Del Conte thinks will enhance the game day vibe. Also, no FB season ticket price hike coming for the 2018 campaign. (link)
Furman receives an anonymous $1M gift for the FB program that honors former Paladin Bagwell, who passed away in a car accident in 2003. It's the second such gift to Paladins FB in past five months and will establish the John Bagwell Offensive Coordinator Endowment. (link); Several University of Denver alumni chip in for two $1M gifts toward the $14M Denver Tennis Park, which will serve as home to the Pioneers Men's and Women's Tennis programs and benefit Denver Public Schools and the greater Denver community. (link)
Pricing Strategy Consultant Mohammed explains for the Harvard Business Review "How Retailers Use Personalized Prices to Test What You're Willing to Pay." Mohammed gives the example of car salesmen being able to profile potential customers by talking to and observing them, "Web retailers can similarly profile their shoppers. Just as someone’s clothing can provide pricing clues, so can the manner in which a customer accesses an online store. Is a shopper using a laptop, app, desktop, or internet on their smartphone? What operating system are they using? Where are they located? A customer’s actions also provide pricing clues: What other products are they looking at? How many times have they visited the site? Much like car salespeople, web retailers can electronically evaluate the characteristics and actions of each shopper to create a profile that generates a personalized price." Could this ever be applied to ticket purchases? (link)
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According to the Wall Street Journal's travel expert McCartney, Delta, Alaska/Virgin America, Southwest, United & Frontier were your top 5 performing airlines in 2017. Delta led the pack for on-time arrivals as the overall industry bettered itself to 79.6%, up from 78.3% last year. On the "needs improvement" matrix, while less flights were canceled last year, more sat on the tarmac for two hours or more. Which brand had the worst in '17? JetBlue. (link)
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Rutgers AD Hobbs on the recently announced extension for MBB HC Pikiell (through 2023-24, $15.5M guaranteed), "My thought was, 'Why wait?' I was certainly going to do it at some point this year. A lot of times, ADs will wait until the end of the season, but my thinking is always, 'How do I put my coaches in the best position to recruit?' We've got the right staff here. This is a staff we're going to build sustainable excellence with going forward. And so let's let everyone know it as soon as you can and keep moving. [...] Look, if you look at the most successful programs in the country, the administration is in complete alignment with the coaches of those programs. That is a communication to your alums, to your donors, to recruits and their families that I'm committed to those guys and I know our success depends on the success of those coaches." (link)
MBB success may lead the way, but it's across the board nationally competitive programs that have West Virginia AD Lyons excited, "This is what I wanted when I came here as athletic director. I want our sports programs at the top. [...] When you’re seeing West Virginia come across that ticker year around, it helps every sport in recruiting. It helps in branding our university." Senior Assoc. AD for External Affairs Wells projects $4.1M to $4.2M in MBB ticket revenue for this season. Lyons closes with the importance of the fan experience over simply selling out the building. (link)
The Courier-Journal's Wolfson profiles Louisville Board of Trustees Chairman Grissom, a strong hand behind the scenes pushing to rehabilitate the Cardinals brand. Grissom was a stand-out Track & Field student-athlete at Centre College (DIII), yet staunch in his belief academics, not athletics, should be the focus of a university. Humana co-founder, local benefactor & Grissom's mentor Jones on a leadership mantra shared by the pair & connected to recent moves at U of L, "If it happens on your watch, you are responsible for it." Notable local businessman Stone: "(Grissom) is a first-class, world-class executive, and we are fortunate to have someone like him on our team." (link)
SEC Asst. Commish for Compliance Lawler named Georgia's Executive Assoc. AD for Compliance. Dawgs AD McGarity says Lawler has an "extraordinary depth of experience," which includes stops as Director of Compliance at Tennessee, Asst. AD for Compliance at Western Kentucky, Compliance Coordinator at Arkansas State and four years as an attorney in Birmingham prior to his time in the conference office. (link)
USC MBB HC Enfield took a timeout up by double-digits with 21 seconds remaining in Wednesday night's game against Colorado in a move Pac-12 Hotline's Wilner thinks was connected to Buffs HC Boyle's comments about the satisfaction of beating opponents wrapped-up in the MBB-FBI developments. Post-game, Enfield, "We are disappointed in Tad Boyle’s comments, and what they imply …" Boyle: "I will say this, that was a very strategic timeout from Andy Enfield and I’m not going to forget about it, and neither will our players." (link); Speaking of Boyle, a one-year extension will be added to his contract, which could keep him in Boulder through 2022-23. (link); Speaking of Enfield, embattled Trojans student-athlete Melton will not suit up for the rest of the season in connection to the MBB-FBI situation. (link)
More HC & Personnel Notes: Georgia Tech and FB HC Johnson agree in principal to a two-year extension, which would keep him in Atlanta through 2022. Johnson made $2.97M this season and his current deal has him making $3.25M in its final year. No word yet on the rest of the new deal's financial parameters. (link); Central Michigan FB HC Bonamego's five-year extension comes with some more cash: $430K in base salary and $175K for media/promotional appearances with $10K/year bumps to the base. (link); Baylor AD Rhoades expects FB HC Rhule to remain in Waco. (link); Southern Utah AD Corum will look for a new volleyball leader as HC Choate announces his retirement. (link); Toledo AD O'Brien hires Indiana AC/former High Point HC Oliver as the Rockets next Volleyball HC. (link); Ole Miss Volleyball HC McRoberts gets a four-year extension. (link); Oregon agreed last spring to a lump sum of $8.1M for former FB HC Helfrich with the understanding that future earnings through Jan. 31, 2020 would not exceed $1.7M, or else Helfrich would have to repay UO 50% of his post-termination compensation. The Chicago Bears hired Helfrich as their new OC yesterday, but the compensation package is not yet known. (link); Football coach to college president to senator? Ohio Republicans want former Ohio State FB HC/current Youngstown State Prez Tressel to run for Senate. (link); Evansville Men's Soccer HC Ray gets an extension. (link)
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Facebook announced yesterday that users will begin to see more posts from friends and family in their News Feeds and less from publishers, which, in theory, should lessen the amount of time we all spend scrolling. Recode's Wagner thinks this will be bad for "publishers who rely on Facebook for traffic, or a business who uses it as a form of organic marketing" and for investors in Facebook, as "less time, at least on paper, seems like it will correlate to less revenue." (link)
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Last week Kentucky AD Barnhart sent a letter to the Pac-12 expressing his frustration with league officials who called the Cats' Music City Bowl game against Northwestern in December, which included the highly controversial ejection of standout student-athlete Snell. The letter, in part, "We feel great disappointment that what was supposed to be a quality bowl experience for our young people and our university was marred by these incidents. ... The intent of the no-contact rule — protection of officials — was not adhered to in this case. Video of the incident does not support the call made on the field or the statement made by the officiating crew postgame. ... The character and intent of a quality young man in our program have been unfairly called into question as a result." (link)
Sports Illustrated legal expert McCann breaks down the trademark suit brought by Army against the NHL's new Las Vegas Golden Knights. Lots of legalese in the analysis, but here's a thesis from New Hampshire law professor & trademark expert Roberts, "if you show up at a rink expecting to see a hockey game, but you form an assumption that the team adopted and uses the name “Golden Knights” with Army’s permission, or that the hockey team has some affiliation with the U.S. Army's parachute team or the armed forces, that type of confusion or deception is enough for the USPTO to refuse registration. It’s true that the team can continue to use its name without registration. But if registration is refused, Army’s next step could be a lawsuit seeking an injunction on the same grounds." (link)
Arms Race: Arizona State gets a bunch of new academic space as a byproduct of renovations to Sun Devil Stadium. Executive Senior Assoc. AD Boyd: "We went from having not all necessities met and not many luxuries to a space that functionally provides everything you need to be a high caliber performer. This is an upper tier academic performance center." Pics included. (link); Dirt is moving for ECU's enhancements to Dowdy-Ficklen Stadium. (link); Check out Old Dominion Baseball's new videoboard. (link); Air Force's FB locker room is getting tripled in size, work is in progress. (link); JUCO FB power Iowa Western is not playing around. New FB locker room & athletic facility is pretty sharp. #NoJUCOstruggleHERE. (link)
Spotlight: Diverse Issues in Higher Education profiles Wisconsin Director of Diversity and Inclusion Hunter, who has a law degree, previously worked as an academic specialist/coordinator at Cal and as a teacher in her native New Orleans. Hunter: "A lot of times we look at diversity from a racial standpoint, but socioeconomic issues are critical. From an academic standpoint, a lot of student-athletes get tracked. A lot of student athletes are discriminated against just because they are athletes. ... [There is ] an assumption they were not there on academic merit but only on athletic merit, [and that] "tends to take a toll on a student’s academic identity and their academic confidence." Thinks being creative in how the discussion around issues of diversity goes is an important factor for student-athletes. (link)
Looks like a Villa 7-style Baseball event is going down in College Station as a number of prominent ADs from around the nation join a cohort of leading ACs to connect the dots on future HCs & discuss the health of the sport. D1Baseball's Rogers: "This Surefire Event is just getting started, and what a fun first night. Great to see so many bright rising coaches and multiple administrators." (link, link - includes attendees list)
Also Noticed: Here are the uncut media interviews for the four North Dakota AD finalists. (link); Minnesota MBB student-athlete Lynch appealing an expulsion ruling in a process that could take months to play out. (link); From Law360: "A former University of Southern California linebacker lobbed another bid to convince the Ninth Circuit to revive his wage and overtime class action against the NCAA and the Pacific-12 Conference, arguing the “economic realities” of the case prove that players are being underpaid." (link); Auburn MBB student-athlete Wiley has been ruled out for the entire 2018-19 due to impermissible benefits. Wiley can appeal. (link); LSU Gymnastics is using a crown as its version of Miami (FL) FB's 'turnover chain.' (link)
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Assistant Director of Marketing and Promotions (University of North Texas / Denton, TX): The Athletics Depart at the University of North Texas is hiring an Asst Director of Marketing and Promotions. Focus on Olympic sports with an added emphasis on Football and Basketball game day. More details HERE.

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Senior Associate AD, Governance & Compliance (University of Delaware / Newark, DE): Lead, plan & organize all phases of a Division I NCAA governance & compliance program for 21 varsity sports and more than 550 student-athletes, athletics dept & University administration & staff. More details HERE.

Director of Athletics (West Chester University of Pennsylvania / West Chester, PA): West Chester is a NCAA Division II school with outstanding athletics tradition & a member of Pennsylvania State Athletic Conference. For a detailed leadership profile visit the Witt/Kieffer link below. More details HERE.

Assistant Director of Enforcement (Football Group) (NCAA / Indianapolis, IN): This position is responsible for developing specific expertise in and knowledge of the football recruiting environment through monitoring, investigation, outreach and educational efforts. More details HERE.

Assistant Athletics Trainer (University of Akron / Akron, OH): The Assistant Athletics Trainer will primarily provide day-to-day care of our Women’s Soccer and Softball programs. Requires a 2+ years experience in athletic training in a Division I college setting. More details HERE.

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Director of Development for Athletics (University of North Carolina Wilmington / Wilmington, NC): Responsible for planning, development & implementation of strategies that position UNCW to acquire, manage & distribute funds that will enhance educational mission of the Department of Athletics & UNCW. More details HERE.

Coordinator of Academics for Football (University of Akron / Akron, OH): Position will assist football student-athletes in pursuit of their educational goals by developing and assisting with study plans to increase retention and graduation rates of athletes. More details HERE.

Director of Aztec Club (San Diego State University / San Diego, CA): Promote the SDSU athletic program; solicit private contributions; and sponsor or host activities to provide alumni, donors, and fans a vehicle to remain loyal to SDSU Athletics. More details HERE.

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