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(Watch) Memphis’ Tom Bowen On The Human Element Of Leadership
Word out of Knoxville has Tennessee AD Fulmer on the cusp of a four-year contract to lead the Vols in the range of a reported $900K annually. Fulmer is said to be currently negotiating a raise & extension for MBB HC Barnes & reviewing the situation of WBB boss Warlick. Gridiron Now says UT's settlement with former AD Currie "cleared the last hurdle" for Fulmer's deal to get done. (link)
Insights from Ivy League Commish Harris on her league's new pact with ESPN, indicates discussions with the Worldwide Leader had been going on for over a year, "But really, until the BAMTech deal, they weren’t in a position the way they are now to step forward in the way that they have." More from Harris: "We’ll have a good number [of games] annually on regional [television], if our schools choose to do that. […] We expect to see the quality of our broadcasts and production to increase. That may or may not happen overnight in every sport, but we expect the partnership with ESPN to also be reflected in the quality of our broadcasts." No word yet on where the archive from the Ivy League Network will go. (link)
Straight from Indy, "The Division I Committee on Academics will recommend to the Transfer Working Group that four-year transfer student-athletes who meet specific grade-point average and progress-toward-degree requirements be able to compete immediately at the second school." Benchmark GPA range: 3.0 to 3.3, plus the requirement that the exiting student-athlete be eligible at the time of his or her exit. The group considered different standards depending on the academic year of the transfer, but concluded the single GPA benchmark is a strong indicator of future graduation. There's also the potential of phasing in the proposed rule in 2019-20 & the eventual phase-out of the current one-time transfer rule in 2020-21. More. (link)
Facility Notes: Northwestern officially unveiled its new Ryan Fieldhouse on the banks of Lake Michigan. First practice in the new digs is tomorrow as FB HC Fitzgerald notes, "I think back to the guys, the generations before me. To think about the lack of support they had to the amazing support we have now, we stand on the shoulders of those guys. We’re very thankful. It’s a surreal day. It shows the commitment from the university. It’s continuing to make that climb as a program." Wildcats AD Phillips says he toured 64 peer facilities to get an idea of what would work best in Evanston with campus integration at the top of the list, "Some (colleges) are building these separate entities — athletics here, university here. We’ve tried to go the other way."  (link - article, link - video); Colorado State is adding a party deck for Moby Arena in a push to leverage the success from the New Belgium Porch at FB's new on-campus stadium. No indication on the cost of the addition, which will reduce capacity by roughly 500 seats & likely have two to three tiers of viewing options. (link); UT Chattanooga gets the green light on a new $600K scoreboard at Finley Stadium. 24' (h) x 70' (w). (link)'s Dodd goes in on Arizona State FB HC Edwards saying publicly that he'll be cutting some student-athletes from his squad, even possibly those with full scholarships. Dodd: "Edwards made public a harsh truth in college athletics. New coaches routinely "run off" players who don't fit the plan. There are different ways of accomplishing this task. We usually don't get to view how players are told their services are no longer required. […] All of it sounds cruel, savage, and professional, just like the NFL. Actually, it's all those things. Welcome to major-college athletics." Of particular note in Edwards' comments was that he doesn't believe he needs 85 student-athletes on the roster to win games, "How know many guys play in a game? Forty-five guys. Your ones and your twos, some special teams guys. That's the truth." (link)
New Learfield Directors' Cup standings are out now that hoops & fencing seasons are complete. Top 10: Stanford, Penn State, Michigan, N.C. State, Ohio State, Texas, Duke, Wisconsin, USC, Notre Dame. Top-ranking non-Power 5 is Princeton at 31. Additional non-P5s in the Top 50: Villanova at 42, New Mexico at 44, BYU at 45, Boise State at 46, & New Hampshire at 50. If I'm counting right, the SEC has the most institutions in the Top 50, 11, for the P5 leagues, followed by the ACC and Big Ten, which each have 10 in the Top 50.  (link)
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The ACC & Charlotte join hands to keep the conference's FB championship game in the city through the 2030 version. Charlotte Sports Foundation Executive Director Webb says the league approached him about such a longterm arrangement. (link); Commish Swofford also touched on other issues impacting the industry during his presser yesterday. On potential additional compensation for student-athletes, "There's no interest of people in higher education to go that route. There's so many complications that come with it. I've not talked to a single athletic director, commissioner or president that has any interest in paying players." On upcoming changes to the MBB landscape, "When it's all said and done in August, we'll have some significant conceptual changes in and around college basketball." (link)
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Michigan State Asst. AD/Assoc. Director of Development Morton gets the nod as Augustana's (DII) new AD. Presser scheduled for today. Morton is no stranger to the Dakotas as he previously served as Assoc. AD at North Dakota, where he raised more than $22M from 2009-2012. Morton is also the son of former North Dakota State/Tulsa/Wisconsin FB HC Don Morton. (link)
$4M is the settlement amount between San Diego State & former WBB HC Burns. There's also $1M in litigation fees & another $250K in monies for former AC Barrett. All in all, you're looking at $5.5M to $6M from the Cal State University System. Comparatively, Burns originally asked for the $880K left on her deal at the time of the 2013 dispute, plus another $25K in attorney fees. Burns herself will receive $1.55M. Her attorney: "There’s a lesson in this. And that is: Make sure you have your ducks in line and don’t create a pretext for firing someone, because you can get caught and when you do the consequences can be severe, as they were here." (link)
Texas AD Del Conte believes former Longhorns FB HC Brown can play a key role in returning UT to gridiron greatness, "When Mack got here, he had [former Texas coach] Darrell Royal to lean on. We’re bringing Mack back into the fold. Mack Brown will be in the building. We have an office for him where he sits around and gets to talk to Tom about what Darrell educated him on." There's also a fundraising & fan-unification angle, "Here, Darrell Royal had a saying: If you let the BBs out of the box, it’s hard to get them back in. Well, how do you start to put all the BBs back in the box? You get all the people that have won, you put them in the same boat, and you start sharing a shared vision. And if we get everybody rowing that direction, this is a reckoning. It’s not a tsunami." (link)
Ohio State FB HC Meyer gets a pay bump in Columbus from $6.4M to $7.6M for next season, including an extension that could keep him with the Buckeyes through the 2022 campaign. Pending board approval today, Meyer would join Alabama's Saban & Michigan's Harbaugh as the only other public school FB HCs over the $7M mark. Texas A&M's Fisher is also believed to be part of the elite group, but his deal has not been publicly released yet in College Station. For Meyer, there's also an annual 6% escalator, meaning in 2021 he'll make a touch under $9M. Also notable, OSU will pay its ACs $7.06M in 2018-19, up sharply from $4.485M last year. More. (link)
Former Louisville MBB HC Pitino says, again, he's done his last interview for a while. Pitino chatted with Dan Patrick & said "it's probably not going to work for me in college basketball," though he does believe his name will eventually be cleared. Pitino notes he wouldn't believe his story if he were another President or AD, indicates he has had conversations with a school recently about a HC opening, but it wasn't Rhode Island. Of note, "I only got hit with a five-game suspension, and I would've won that appeal. The thing that bothers me so much is that Tom Jurich and I weren't there to fight." (link)
More Personnel: Fresno State Interim AD Robertello selects San Diego State AC Hutson as his new MBB HC. Interestingly, Hutson announced in his presser he's engaged to Aztecs WBB HC Terry. (link); Florida Gulf Coast AD Kavanagh works quickly, promotes MBB AC Fly to the top spot. (link); Pitt AD Lyke will hire a new WBB HC. (link); UT Arlington AD Baker goes with Texas Tech MBB AC Ogden to take over the Mavs program. (link); Iona MBB HC Cluess gets a three-year extension. (link); Indiana Wrestling HC Goldman is retiring after 26 years of leading the Hoosiers. (link); Populous has hired notable architect Barraza, who was previously a VP at HOK. (link); Navy FAR Cooper has been added to the Knight Commission. (link); StubHub hires former Google & Amazon executive Singh as its new Prez. (link)
Villanova AD Jackson commented on why he believes MBB HC Wright will stick with the Wildcats during yesterday's National Championship parade in Philly, "He's the most comprehensively successful coach in America, not only what he does on the court, but graduating players and as an ambassador for Villanova. It goes beyond basketball for him. His wife is an alum, there's value in raising his family in Philadelphia and his connection to the Villanova community. [...] He understands what works in this town. [...] He's been a tremendous partner for a new Athletic Director who's still figuring this city out." (link)
Fans at Kinnick Stadium won't see alcohol sales in general seating areas anytime soon according to Iowa AD Barta: "I would never begin selling beer or alcohol because of an increase in revenue. It’s something that we’re not having active discussions. I watch what’s going on around the country. I’m aware. If the tipping point every happens nationally, then it would be more about customer service, not about trying to make an extra dollar. If the tipping point ever occurs." The Hawkeyes have sold beer and wine in the luxury suites since 2006.  (link)
The Texas Tech student newspaper takes a quick look at student athletic fees of nearby or conference rival schools and how much revenue they generated for the athletic department: Baylor ($7.6M) and Oklahoma State ($5.5M) top this revenue list, while Texas State ($300) and Houston ($250) have the highest per-semester fees. Texas Tech's $57.20 semesterly fee generated $3.283M in FY17. Since TTU's original student athletics fee in 2002 ($50), there has been a 16-year increase of 14.4% (link); More student paper digging, this time at Buffalo, where student fees accounted for the second-largest source of revenue for athletics as $8.981M of the FY17 budget came from the students. "Direct institutional support" was the largest revenue source as the Bulls finished $3,337 in the black on their $35.9M budget.(link)
Eastern Michigan Accounting Professor Bunsis says the school will lose money by cutting four athletic teams, noting that EMU didn't account for the lost tuition from the student-athletes on the wrestling, softball, women's tennis and men's swimming & diving teams. Bunsis: "The majority of the student athletes that participate in these four sports pay their own way to go to school at Eastern Michigan and that revenue is going away." Bunsis, who takes into account the university's overestimation of wrestling costs (by $279K) and the loss of NCAA contribution to scholarships, estimates EMU will lose $61K/year with the cuts. His solution? Drop Football down to Division II and he plans to release a full analysis on this idea in the coming weeks. EMU's response says the school stands by the move and that Bunsis' report "fails to fully incorporate several key items, most notably the institutional aid (vs. athletic scholarships) received by student-athletes, which totals nearly $626,000 annually. It also likely overestimates how many athletes will leave the University." (link)
Sports Illustrated legal expert McCann takes a look at the Alabama-LeBron James barber shop chats dispute. Overall, McCann believes decisions in past cases heavily favors the Crimson Tide, though protection of "Shop Talk" or "The Talk" can likely be upheld. There's also common verbiage & logo use that could come under fire. "The concept of substantial similarity is often judged by the spontaneous response of a lay observer. Even if such an observer knew little about sports, he or she would probably regard “The Shop” and “Shop Talk” as unique takes on the same setting. It’s also hard to imagine such an observer believing that the shows are in any way related." More. (link)
Also Noticed: Rice extends with Adidas through 2023-24, (link); From Law360: "The NCAA told the Ninth Circuit on Wednesday that a U.S. Supreme Court decision in an overtime case Monday undermined the arguments of a former University of Southern California linebacker trying to revive his wage and overtime class action. Lamar Dawson is asking the circuit to... " (link); ESPN MBB analyst Goodman: "Siena College is conducting an investigation related to its men’s basketball program and has retained an independent law firm to assist college officials in the inquiry. The investigation was initiated when the college received an allegation of discriminatory conduct. The scope of our investigation has since broadened." (link); Illinois gets a $250K donation from the family of current FB student-athlete Allegretti that will go toward the FB performance facility capital project. (link); With snow in the forecast, West Virginia cancels its Gold-Blue Spring FB game that was scheduled for tomorrow. AD Lyons cites "fan and player safety" as top priority in the decision. (link); "SportsCenter All-Access" will provide a real-time look into the making of its April 10th episode with behind-the-scenes footage from the control room, green room and more. (link); The SEC Network will debut "Rally Cap" this Sunday at 8 p.m. ET, with host Nowkhah, ESPN baseball analyst Dellucci and ESPN softball analyst Braud in the studio. (link); Kobe Bryant will produce and star in a new basketball analysis show called "Detail" that will air on ESPN+. First episode will be available April 12. (link)
Army Officers Reynolds and Meyer explain for the Harvard Business Review, "When It Pays to Collaborate with Competitors at Work." The duo recounts sharing their successes and shortcomings with each other and how it directly led to better results in their companies. "Deciding to share personal and team failures with competitors in hopes of collaborating can be tough. You have to know whom you can trust. But once you sort that out, there’s much to gain for individual leaders as well as the larger organization." As for our world of sports, remember when the Jacksonville Jaguars and New England Patriots got together for joint practices and scrimmages ahead of the 2017 season? The year before, the Jaguars went 3-13, but likely benefited from the preseason interaction with the more recently successful Patriots, and the Pats, having worked intimately with the Jaguars in the preseason, perhaps had an edge when the two teams met for the AFC Championship in January. (link)
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(NEW!) Advancement Director - Major Gifts - Intercollegiate Athletics (University of Missouri / Columbia, MO): Identify and close individual major gift prospects and execute premium seating sales for Football and Men’s Basketball. More details HERE.

(NEW!) Director, Corporate Partnerships (Seattle University / Seattle, WA): Seattle University is seeking a Director of Corporate Partnerships in Athletics. Responsible for Corporate Sales, Ticket Revenue, Marketing and Attendance, Administration/Budget. BA Degree required. More details HERE.

(NEW!) Assistant Director of Athletics Communications (James Madison University / Harrisonburg, VA): Serve as communications contact for women's basketball, field hockey and tennis with an emphasis on digital and social media. More details HERE.

(NEW!) Senior Post Production Manager (University of Minnesota / Minneapolis, MN): The Senior Post-Production Manager will primarily be responsible for providing creative direction and oversight of Gopher Athletics multimedia post-production endeavors, including video features and motion graphics on multiple platforms, as well as live event production, as part of Gopher Digital within the University of Minnesota Athletic Department. More details HERE.

Associate Director/Communications (Social Media & Web Development) (Boston College / Chestnut Hill, MA): The candidate will serve as a full-time member of the athletics communications staff with primary focus on social media. Administers communications activities for one or more Olympic sports. More details HERE.

Assistant Director of Ticket Operations (University of Oregon Athletics / Eugene, OR): Assist with the day to day operations in the Athletic Ticket Office, specifically the Matthew Knight Arena Box Office. Strategize with Athletic Ticket Office directors on day to day office activities. Ensure successful staffing of events. More details HERE.

Head Coach - Womens Basketball (Cleveland State University / Cleveland, OH): Responsible for the organization and administration of all facets of the women's basketball program to ensure a quality program and successful Division 1 team. Application Deadline April 13, 2018. More details HERE.

Head Coach - Wrestling (Cleveland State University / Cleveland, OH): Responsible for the organization and administration of all facets of the wrestling program to ensure a quality program and successful Division 1 team. Application Deadline April 13, 2018. More details HERE.

Leadership Gift Officer, Athletics Development (Columbia University / New York, NY): Fundraising and alumni relations position. Assists with fundraising activities in support of Columbia Athletics, including front-line fundraising, working with coaches and other staff in Athletics. More details HERE.

Assistant Director, Athletic Communications (University of South Florida / Tampa, FL): Administer all communications, media relations and social media for USF’s nationally ranked women’s basketball and men’s soccer programs as well as secondary duties with football. More details HERE.

Assistant Director, Athletics Development (Boston University / Boston, MA): The Assistant Director, Athletics Development serves as a key member of the fundraising team and will develop, implement and manage an annual giving program for Boston University Athletics. More details HERE.

Athletic Major Gifts Officer (Virginia Polytechnic Institute / Blacksburg, VA): The Virginia Tech Athletic Fund seeks Major Gifts Officer, multiple openings, to report to the Associate Athletic Director of Major Gifts. Apply online at More details HERE.

Director of Annual Giving, Athletics (University of Pennsylvania / Philadelphia, PA): Manage, implement, and grow the Penn Athletics annual fund by engaging alumni and other external sources. BA/BS. 3-5 years experience. Apply online at: More details HERE.

Associate Athletic Director for Annual Giving (San Jose State University / San Jose, CA): The Aspen Leadership Group is proud to partner with San José State University in the search for an Associate Athletic Director for Annual Giving. More details HERE.

Assistant Athletics Director for Broadcasting & Production (University of Maryland / College Park, MD): The Asst. AD for Broadcasting & Production will serve as the departmental lead for all video production and broadcasting with the primary purpose of enhancing the Maryland Athletics brand. More details HERE.

Director of Athletics (University of South Carolina Upstate / Spartanburg, SC): The AD will have strong interpersonal skills & an ability to deal effectively with all levels of students, faculty, administrators, staff, & the BOT & various community & professional organizations. More details HERE.

Assistant Athletic Director, Facilities and Operations (University of South Alabama / Mobile, AL): The University of South Alabama is looking for an Assistant Athletic Director, Facilities and Operations. More details HERE.

Director of Annual Giving, Duck Athletic Fund (University of Oregon Athletic Department / Eugene, OR): The Director of Annual Giving is responsible for building a broad base of sustainable, annual support for the University of Oregon Athletic Department from alumni, parents, faculty and students. More details HERE.

Director of Marketing and Promotions (University of Massachusetts Amherst / Amherst, MA): The University of Massachusetts Amherst Department of Athletics is accepting applications for a Director of Marketing and Promotions. More details HERE.

Development Coordinator (University of Tennessee Foundation / Knoxville, TN): The Development Coordinator is a vital support role for the Director of Development & Tennessee Fund team. To learn more about this position, follow the job link and use keyword, 18000000E2. More details HERE.

Assistant Director for Communications (The Rams Club / Chapel Hill, NC): Supports the growth and development of The Rams Club through assisting with the production of effective and coordinated communications pieces. More details HERE.

Marketing & Promotions Assistant (Washington State University Athletics / Pullman, WA): Comprehensive strategic mktg and promotions plan for all home athletic events; manage a variety of public relation activities; advisor for WSU’s student fan group; student practicum program oversight. More details HERE.

Assoc. Athletic Dir./Dir. of Student Athlete High Performance (William & Mary / Williamsburg, VA): This position will be responsible for all areas that impact student-athlete performance including sports medicine, athletic training, sports psychology, nutrition, speed, strength, and conditioning. More details HERE.

Director of Video Production (Purdue University / West Lafayette, IN): Shoot, produce, direct and edit video content for internal & external areas of Purdue Athletics. Technical liaison to Purdue Athletics for video production and future multi-media development. More details HERE.

Strategic Digital Marketing Coordinator (University of Alabama / Tuscaloosa, AL): Develop and implement strategic digital marketing plans that generate revenue, engage fans, drive attendance and build the Crimson Tide brand. More details HERE.

Development Coordinator (Air Force Academy Athletic Corporation / Colorado Springs, CO): The AFAAC seeks a Development Coordinator to assist with the Falcon Pride Club Annual Giving program in support of Air Force Athletics. More details HERE.

Director/Assistant Athletic Director of Athletics Development (University of Arkansas at Little Rock / Little Rock, AR): Serves as Little Rock Athletic's major gift officer, along with managing the Trojan Athletic Association (TAA). This position will also be responsible for the success of all athletic special events. More details HERE.

Associate Director, Athletic Advancement (Kent State University Athletics / Kent, OH): Provide leadership to the annual funds programs and major gifts programs for the Department of Intercollegiate Athletics. Develop, implement, and execute annual fundraising strategies. More details HERE.

Director of Athletics (University of Alaska-Anchorage / Anchorage, AK): UAA seeks strong athletics administrator with great interpersonal skills who will embrace the Anchorage community, lead department and the student-athletes of the 13 intercollegiate athletic teams. More details HERE.

Associate Athletics Director - Strategic Communications and Management (UC San Diego / La Jolla, CA): Responsible for positively influencing the external dialogue about UC San Diego Athletics through expertise in communication methods, information flow, media relations and brand management. More details HERE.

Director of Athletics Facilities and Operations (College of the Holy Cross / Worcester, MA): This position is an integral part of the Athletic staff, assisting in the management of all aspects of facility and event operations. More details HERE.

Head Coach - Women's Basketball (University of Massachusetts Lowell / Lowell, MA): The Head Coach is responsible for leading all aspects of developing and managing a competitive Division I program within the parameters designated by the University, AEC and the NCAA. More details HERE.

Assistant Women’s Soccer Coach (Goalkeeper Coach) (#10762) (University of Akron / Akron, OH): The University of Akron, a NCAA Division I (FBS) University is seeking applicants for the position of Assistant Women's Soccer Coach/Goalkeeper Coach. EEO/AA Employer/Veterans/Disabled. More details HERE.

Director of Major Gifts (University of Louisiana at Lafayette / Lafayette, LA): Director of Major Gifts works cooperatively with university Development Officers in a coordinated effort to achieve the University of Louisiana's fund raising goals. More details HERE.

Executive Producer, Football Creative Video (Stanford University / Stanford, CA): The Executive Producer will serve as the primary producer for Stanford Football, creating dynamic content that elevates the Stanford brand and tells the stories of its elite student-athletes. More details HERE.

Director - Athletics Social Media (Oregon State University / Corvallis, OR): Reporting to the Associate Athletic Director for Ideation, the Director of Social Media creates, directs, and provides education on all aspects of primary social media accounts. More details HERE.

Senior Associate Director of Athletics for Compliance (University of Nevada, Las Vegas / Las Vegas, NV): The University of Nevada, Las Vegas invites applications for Senior Associate Director of Athletics for Compliance [R0108335]. More details HERE.

Director of Multimedia Integration (University of Oregon / Eugene, OR): The Director of Multimedia Integration will be responsible for creating, managing and maintaining dynamic content that strategically enhances the brand of the University of Oregon Athletic Department. More details HERE.

Assistant Director of Athletic Communications (Campbell University / Buies Creek, NC): This person will serve as the primary graphic designer for the Campbell Department of Athletics and assist with implementing public relations services for assigned sports. More details HERE.

Executive Associate Athletics Director (University Athletic Association, Inc. / Gainesville, FL): The Executive Associate AD, External Relations will provide administrative oversight, vision and leadership for assigned departments and sports at the University Athletic Assoc at the Univ of Florida. More details HERE.

Director of Athletic Communications (James Madison University / Harrisonburg, VA): Position will coordinate communications, media relations and sports information strategies of JMU Athletics. More details HERE.

Assistant Director of Development & Internal Operations (University of Georgia Athletic Association / Athens, GA): This position manages and coordinates the processing of all athletic priority seating related to major gifts, provides support in managing data, points and acknowledgements sent to TGBC donors. More details HERE.

General Manager of Ticket Sales (Air Force Academy Athletics Corporation / Colorado Springs, CO): The General Manager (GM) of Ticket Sales will drive ticket revenue in support of Air Force Athletics. More details HERE.

Director of Development - Athletics (Iowa State University Foundation / Ames, IA): Join the Athletics development team at Iowa State University Foundation to connect donors’ philanthropic interests with unit priorities and make an impact in moving the Cyclone program forward. More details HERE.

Assistant Director, Ohio Bobcat Club (Ohio University / Athens, OH): This position will focus on assisting the Associate Director with the day-to-day operations of the annual campaign. More details HERE.

Associate Director/Communications (Boston College / Chestnut Hill, MA): Administer all media relations for baseball and serve as secondary contact with football and other sports. Will also oversee social media & content generation for assigned sports. More details HERE.

Assistant Athletic Director for Public Relations (University of Washington / Seattle, WA): This position will oversee the Athletic Communications team, strategic and critical messaging, and special projects. For complete details, see and apply to job #153755. More details HERE.

Assoc. Director of Stewardship (University of Tennessee Foundation / Knoxville, TN): Reporting to the Dir. of Development, the role will work with the TN Fund staff, manage, develop, & implement a comprehensive donor relations program. Use keyword 1800000099 to learn more & apply. More details HERE.
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