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(Watch) Villanova's Mark Jackson On The Four F's Of Leadership
Interim Fresno State AD Robertello interviewed on the state of the Bulldogs department, says his second stint as the interim boss is different as he knows who's who around the city & university much better, "so the outpouring of support from the community has been phenomenal." While Robertello doesn't directly indicate he'd like to be the permanent AD, he does note his family's affection for the area. "Focused on the work we need to do to move Fresno State forward" is mentioned no less than four times. Sounds like the AD search will occur at some point in 2018, more. (link); Robertello & other university brass decide not to go after a $60M fundraising plan to enhance Bulldog Stadium, but instead will look to make upgrades incrementally. The structure health of the facility is of primary concern & if major work is required for safety reasons, money for such construction could come from the California State University system's deferred maintenance budget. (link)
Texas Tech fans stormed the court after MBB's win over West Virginia on Saturday & post-game video shows Mountaineers student-athletes involved in physical altercations as part of the on-coming traffic. WVU AD Lyons: "You want to control your emotions, but at the same time, it's tough when you're on the other side. It's like, 'Wait a second, if they didn't rush the court, my player wouldn't be put in that position.' That's what tough about it. Now, should you ever swing at somebody? Absolutely not. That's where you need to control your emotions. […] (the) more I see it, honestly the lack of support that they had for our team and our players was disturbing. Obviously, there was a lot more video than what was on the internet that showed a lack of security to even get players off the court. That obviously doesn't diminish the issue itself with what happened, but I think if you don't rush the court and if you have security, these things don't rise to the level that actually occurred here." (link, link)
Florida AD Stricklin offers additional perspective on the landscape of hiring a new FB HC. Says simply, "Not everybody wants your job." Stricklin indicates he didn't hire a search firm to assist with his recent vetting process as a measure to ensure as few people as possible knew what was really going on behind the curtain. Here's the eye-opener, "If Dan said 'no,' we could have been in a situation similar to Tennessee. The pool of candidates is more like a puddle." (link)
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Priceline CEO Fogel points to China as an example of how mobile payments will eventually impact the airline industry here in the States. Fogel also notes his company's investments in the customer service loop, "When you’re traveling and something is going wrong, no matter whose fault it is … you want help, you want it immediately, and you want it fixed. And that’s something that I think we’re going to put a lot more resources into, because I know that successful customer service, that builds loyalty for life." (link)
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More on North Dakota's hire of Eastern Washington boss Chaves as its new AD with UND Prez Kennedy providing additional context, "I think you need to know and love hockey to be able to effectively lead an athletics department at UND. He’s been at three athletic programs that have had hockey. His son plays hockey. We’re looking forward to him immersing himself into the hockey culture here. He’s well along the way knowing what it takes to succeed in hockey. […] He’s had success fundraising at Eastern Washington. There are things on the plate. We had a long discussion about the High Performance Center Phase II. What does that look like? How big can we scale that? These are parts of the conversations I’ve had with him." Presser set for tomorrow, start date of March 1, base pay of $200K. (link)
FanRag Sports' Rothstein reports leaders studying transfer dynamics are considering a scenario to allow student-athletes to move on without having to sit out a year if their GPA meets or exceeds the threshold of 2.7 or 2.8. If passed, some believe it could go into place on August 1 of this year. Further, this week's NCAA Convention is expected to hear talk on how long a grad transfer student-athlete's scholarship at his/her new institution must be honored as most graduate programs take more than one year to complete. (link)
Arizona AD Heeke has certainly won the opinion of most in the media with his FB hire of new HC & former Texas A&M boss Sumlin. Contract terms for Sumlin are not fully known yet, but he's believed to have signed a five-year deal. The Arizona Daily Star's Hansen points to comments by Aggies AD Woodward that Sumlin operated with "dignity and character" in College Station, which is exactly what Hansen thinks the Wildcats need right now. (link)
Iowa State WBB Player Development Coordinator Urness resigns after sending Twitter messages to a prospective student-athlete, accusing her of using drugs, and being a "fraud" and a "disgrace," among other derogatory names. Urness: "I have reached out and apologized to the Darland family for my comments. I made a mistake and I hope to move forward from this and use it as a learning opportunity." (link - article, link - Twitter exchange)
Interesting read from ESPN's Wojnarowski on the mental grind of high-level coaching as Charlotte Hornets HC Clifford stepped away from his team as a result of constant headaches. Clifford's drive to get & stay ahead led to a less than ideal personal health profile, "I never, ever want to go through that again, feel that way again, and I don't believe I'll ever have to. What doctors have done for me is not only given me a plan to help me feel better physically, but they've educated me on how headaches work. In my case, it's not just how I did the coaching thing, it's how I lived. I have to sleep more, and I have to train my body to sleep more. As the doctor told me, 56 is a little different than 50. The things I did when I was younger, well, the body is telling me I can't do that anymore." More. (link)
More HC Notes: Navy FB HC Niumatalolo is staying put, which the Washington Post's Feinstein calls a "big win" for the Midshipmen. AD Gladchuk: "In the end, I think Ken understood that this is where he belongs." (link); UC Riverside Chancellor Wilcox explained why former MBB HC Cutts is no longer with the program: "You know the record (50-87 under Cutts). It’s far from stellar. But the more troublesome fact is that in most seasons we finish worse than we start. You know athletics as well as I do. You’ve got the same players at the end. If other teams pass you, it’s not because players are better or worse, but more likely the coaching didn’t play out. It’s a pretty regular phenomenon the past several seasons. ... It was the directionality that was concerning. ... The money’s important, but the program’s direction and positive movement is more important. We’re laying the groundwork here. We’ll carve it out of our hide, but we thought that was worth the cost. Again, of course, it’s the athletic director’s decision." (link)
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The Ringer's Luckerson calls Hulu, "Hollywood's last line of defense against a tech takeover." Luckerson argues the streaming service has finally carved out its own niche with a subscriber base that's grown to 17M & programming lineup that includes a roll call of top shows. However, change could be coming with the Disney-Fox deal that includes a 30% stake in Hulu (which would take $DIS' share to 60%), plus NBC brass get a chance to impact the company's direction starting this September after years of having to be hands off, per the FCC (NBC also owns 30%). Luckerson's thesis: "More than anything, Hulu’s biggest advantage going forward is that Hollywood desperately needs to stop Netflix from remaking all of entertainment in its own image." (link)
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North Carolina AD Cunningham on the new federal tax situation, "I’m not sure we have an answer for all of the questions that have arisen out of the change in the tax law. I think it’s a little premature to understand the full impact of the new tax legislation right now. […] We’re still not sure how university contributions will be characterized. Our system is based on points that theoretically don’t have any value, but the order in which you select your seat has value. So, we’re working with outside consultants and our university general counsel on how to move forward and how to advise ourselves and our donors about the appropriate way to categorize these gifts." Further, Cunningham is still looking for clarity on excise tax stipulations & indicates a solution may not be as simple as renegotiating coaching contracts to limit the university's piece of overall compensation, "You write up scenarios and provide them to the IRS, and they give you feedback. Or they create scenarios and send them to you. Then you make your recommendations of how you want to proceed. Again, there is an unlimited number of scenarios that you could run by the IRS for some clarification. I think that’s what all schools are going to do." (link); Down at South Carolina, Gamecocks AD Tanner chimes in, "Could it affect the way we run our business? It certainly could, but we have to wait and see where we end up. We know right now the seat license fee is affected. We clear around $6 million off that." In-state peer & Clemson AD Radakovich: "Sometimes, you want the answer right away and it’s probably good to take a step back — let the IRS do their regulations and understand exactly what you’re doing. Now, with our donations, the way they go to IPTAY, there’s a part of it depending on how many seats you have in what section of the stadium, that much of your donation may be philanthropic. There will be a part that has the seat equity piece, which is no longer deductible, but then there will be another part of your donation that is philanthropic, which is still 100 percent deductible." More. (link)
Former Wildcats MBB student-athlete/NBA All-Star Lowry gives $1M to Villanova as part of the school's "For the Greater Great: The Villanova Campaign to Ignite Change" campaign. It is the largest single gift from a Nova hoops alum and henceforth the locker room in the under-renovation William B. Finneran Pavilion will be called the Kyle Lowry Men's Basketball Locker Room. HC Wright: "Kyle Lowry was a great teammate who took tremendous pride in the Villanova Basketball program. This gift is another illustration of Kyle's generosity to his fellow members of our basketball family. We're all very proud of the player and, more importantly, the man, Kyle has become." (link)
Big Ten Network host Revsine offers his analysis of BTN Prez Silverman, who will now oversee Fox Sports National Networks, "I cannot state enough how much I like him personally and professionally. I would tell you the same thing on or off the record: His door is always open literally and metaphorically. You always feel like he is available. He doesn’t micromanage, he hires good people and lets them to their thing. I think Mark is really smart about how do you position your network or networks in the marketplace? Where is your competitive advantage? Where does your philosophy need to  be? He is a big-picture thinker. He won’t come in and say my way or the highway. He will listen to input from a lot of sides. And if he hears an idea that’s not his that he likes, he is a consensus builder who will go with that." (link - scroll down)
Former Minnesota two-sport student-athlete Cheever pens for the Minnesota Daily: "I have had enough of athletes violating sexual misconduct code at the University of Minnesota." Cheever's letter, in part, "Over the last decade, the University of Minnesota athletics department has received numerous complaints about sexual violence, including former athletics director Norwood Teague’s sexual harassment of colleagues and reporters and multiple incidents of male student-athletes taking turns raping an intoxicated young woman. Basketball player Reggie Lynch is the latest male student-athlete to have made headlines for violating the athletics department’s sexual misconduct code. I have had enough. I was introduced to this disastrous cocktail of hypermasculinity, rape culture and entitlement during my first semester as a University of Minnesota soccer player. ... Male student-athletes have incredible power and social status on campus. Many people want to hang out with them, and some of those people want to have sex with them. However, the athletics department is not doing a sufficient job of teaching our student-athletes the difference between rape and consent or holding them accountable when they choose to commit acts of violence. ... What if we spent a fraction of the athletic budget on creating a comprehensive sexual violence prevention program for student-athletes including education, bystander training and clear policies?" More. (link)
In this Harvard Review Piece, the RHR International trio of Leonard, Wiita and Milane contend that "The Best Senior Teams Thrive on Disagreement." They used previous research and looked at specific domains of capability and performance based on a team's structure, processes, results and dynamics. Ask 1. What are the key tensions? Risk vs. Results; External vs. Internal Pull; Top-Down vs. Bottom-Up Innovation. 2. How can a team embrace these tensions? Use these three key team behaviors: Reframe tension and dialogue openly; Keep the customer front and center; Hold the team accountable for fostering innovation. (link)
Also Noticed: Here is a searchable database of employee salaries at Arizona, which notes AD Heeke's $500K base pay. (link); Appalachian State FB attendance continues to generate press as the Mountaineers drew an average of 25,787 fans for home games this season, better than the NFL's Los Angeles Chargers' average of 25,335. (link); Oklahoma State mega-booster Pickens closes his energy hedge fund, BP Capital, citing his diminishing health. (link)
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Piggybacking off last night's AthleticDirectorU release of Villanova AD Mark Jackson discussing the "Four F's of Leadership," Jackson chatted with 1.Q this time last year on how a MBB National Championship has impacted the entire VU department. Topics include branding & prospective student-athlete recruitment, as well as a side conversation on how Jackson structures staff retreats for his team. Listen by clicking the link. (link) (length - 7:59)
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Athletics Marketing & Promotions Graduate Assistantship (Ball State University / Muncie, IN): Execute in-game promotions for football, mens/womens basketball, women’s volleyball, baseball & softball. May include the role of mascot coordinator, supervision of 6-10 sports mktg student staff. More details HERE.

Assistant Director of Multimedia (Conference USA / Irving, TX): Serve as primary strategist for the C-USA social media initiatives, as well as lead development of the visual style and communication of C-USA online outlets. More details HERE.

Assistant/Associate Commissioner for New Media and Technology (Missouri Valley Conference / St. Louis, MO): Management of creative/digital content; contributions to Conference marketing and promotional initiatives; oversight of the league website/social media/graphic design and producing video content. More details HERE.

Assistant Director of Athletics, Communications (University of Richmond / Richmond, VA): The Assistant Director of Athletics/Communications oversees all public relations and media relations activities and budgets, including supervision of full-time, part-time, student, and game day staff. More details HERE.

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Assistant Director of Marketing and Promotions (University of North Texas / Denton, TX): The Athletics Depart at the University of North Texas is hiring an Asst Director of Marketing and Promotions. Focus on Olympic sports with an added emphasis on Football and Basketball game day. More details HERE.

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Assistant Athletic Director/Mrktng & Game Experience (Northern Illinois University / DeKalb, IL): Serving as a Department Head, this individual is responsible for oversight of all marketing, sales, and group plans to increase revenue generation for Intercollegiate Athletics. More details HERE.

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Director - Athletic Facility Technology (Georgia Institute of Technology / Atlanta, GA): Provide professional level support in operations and management of GT Athletics broadcast and venue production facilities. Ensure technical production facilities are innovative and efficient. More details HERE.

Senior Associate AD, Governance & Compliance (University of Delaware / Newark, DE): Lead, plan & organize all phases of a Division I NCAA governance & compliance program for 21 varsity sports and more than 550 student-athletes, athletics dept & University administration & staff. More details HERE.

Director of Athletics (West Chester University of Pennsylvania / West Chester, PA): West Chester is a NCAA Division II school with outstanding athletics tradition & a member of Pennsylvania State Athletic Conference. For a detailed leadership profile visit the Witt/Kieffer link below. More details HERE.

Assistant Director of Enforcement (Football Group) (NCAA / Indianapolis, IN): This position is responsible for developing specific expertise in and knowledge of the football recruiting environment through monitoring, investigation, outreach and educational efforts. More details HERE.

Assistant Athletics Trainer (University of Akron / Akron, OH): The Assistant Athletics Trainer will primarily provide day-to-day care of our Women’s Soccer and Softball programs. Requires a 2+ years experience in athletic training in a Division I college setting. More details HERE.

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