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Ohio State AD Smith highlighted yesterday's Alston case proceedings. Selected commentary, in chronological order, from Law360's Atkins: "Gene Smith says if they had to start paying student athletes, 'at the end of the day, sports will be dropped, opportunities will be limited. There’s no question in my mind.' Smith says @OhioState athletics has already 'reached a maximization of revenue opportunities,' and costs keep rising. So if they had to pay student athletes, 'the reality is we would have to reduce expenditures.' […] Smith on paying student athletes: 'People who do not believe that the game would change are being naive." "Would there still be fans? No question.' But there would be less. 'It would be mind boggling' what would happen between players, he says. Smith: 'People talk about wedges between athletes and others. Think about the wedges on the team,' he repeated. 'Think about the wedges on the team...Fans would see something a little different than what they're used to. The product will change, they will change.' […] Smith says most student athletes come to @OhioState with no job experience. 'Helping them understand the work environment is very important to us,' he says. Now, 84% of student athletes graduating already have jobs, are going pro or are getting masters degrees, he says. […] We're back. @OSU_AD testifies that the tournament would change if the @NCAA eliminated pay caps. Smith says there's already some disparity between conferences but 'that river would be widened significantly.' […] Berman asks @OSU_AD if the university has done a formal survey of fans, donors or sponsors assessing demand if certain @ncaa pay rules changed. (Berman asked @Pac12 commissioner Larry Scott the same qs.) Both Scott and Berman say no, they haven't done those specific surveys." Three days left of the trial, starts again this morning a 830a PST. (link)
Maryland: Terps AD Evans says there's no video of the conditioning workout in which late FB student-athlete McNair fell ill, but recording such sessions is now something the athletic department is considering. During a SGA forum, Evans also noted the chain of command in one facet of student-athlete care, "Coaches don't make medical decisions. The ultimate decision to put a player back into play is up to the doctor, who is not employed by the University of Maryland." Overall: "Our goal is to make this a better place for our student-athletes and all students. Athletics brings something special to this institution and we want to make sure that everybody can enjoy that." (link); Reminder: UMD leaders will publicly announce the findings of Walters, Inc.'s investigation this afternoon. (link); ESPN's Dinich reports the McNair family is frustrated they won't get to see the investigation results first. The McNairs attorney: "It is obvious to me that there was no intention to share the report to the McNair family and us prior to its release, given that as of 6:30 tonight they have yet to inform us whether or not they will give us an opportunity to review it and assert Jordan's privacy rights before it's released. Since Mr. Brady and the Board of Regents took over the investigation, there has been no communication with the family or with us, and there was no attempt to coordinate our review of the report prior to its intended release...This whole thing is cruel and lacking any empathy or compassion for the victims here, and instead reeks of orchestration around the interest of the university and its football program." (link)
Virginia is pressing "go" on $180M worth of facility improvements. Center pieces: New FB operations building & new Olympic sports center. Comparative data: UVA raised $135 for the construction of John Paul Jones Arena back in 2006. Cavs AD Williams: "It’s going to take a relentless and sustained effort from everyone to get to the finish line, but I am very hopeful, because of the passion I’ve seen from supporters who absolutely love the University of Virginia. […] It’ll take at least two years to build those facilities. And so hopefully by the summer of 2022 we would have those completed and be able to move in, and then we could start the renovation of McCue. […] Craig [Littlepage] hired some phenomenal coaches, and that’s where it starts. But at some point, there’s only so much great coaches can do without facilities and an operating budget to support their efforts. And so that’s where we are." A bit more. (link)
Texas selects Populous to help revamp Royal-Memorial Stadium's south end zone to the tune of $175M, $85M of which has already been raised. Longhorns AD Del Conte: "They did a lot of projects and they’re obviously one of the best in the country, and their work speaks for itself. What our vision is for our project, we want to have the best facility and work with the best. […] When we’re all done, we will be the standard for people to say, 'Wow, have you seen the University of Texas.'" Some renderings included. (link)
The McNatt family announces a $3M gift for the North Texas indoor practice facility and "other capital improvement projects" within the athletic department. This, coupled with the $2.5M donation announced last week from the Lovelace family, puts the Mean Green closer to its $16M goal for the venue. UNT AD Baker: "It’s hard to put into words the impact the McNatt family is having on the University of North Texas. At every turn and every project, they contribute. Many times without being asked. I’ve never left a conversation with Jim, Linda, Al or Darlene where they don’t ask what they can do to help the university. We are grateful for their support, friendship and leadership as we continue building champions and preparing leaders at UNT." Shovels hit the ground Sept. 29. (link)
Kennesaw State Baseball receives a $2.5M commitment from alum and former student-athlete Dunn, now the president & CEO of ML Industries. It ties for the largest one-time gift in Owls history. AD Overton: "Their generosity will have a profound impact across our university and, in particular, in making our shared vision for an exceptional student-athlete experience a reality." Owls' skipper Sansing: "There have been many very special moments in the history of KSU Baseball, and this gift by Mickey and his family stands out to me because of the positive impact it will have on the program and student-athletes for years to come." No word yet on how the money will be spent. (link); More from Overton, who calls education the "great equalizer, the vehicle for many Americans to have success." Pointing to his own football career as the starting point for his later success, Overton highlights the "Flight Path" program at KSU where student-athletes work with a career coach to help plan for the future. (link)
Looks like Fairleigh Dickinson is working with Odgers Berndtson on its AD search. At UMKC, former Missouri AD Alden assisting with a similar process for the Roos.
Facilities, continued: Washington State has reached its projected fundraising goal of $10M+ and is ready to move forward with the baseball clubhouse project. After that, AD Chun will turn his attention to a proposed $25M Indoor Practice Facility. (link); Missouri will rename the Memorial Stadium's Columns Club the Walsworth Family Columns Club in honor of the family's $10M gift toward the south end zone project. (link); Here is a breakdown of the facilities arms race in the Big 12. (link); UMKC will play its MBB home schedule in Swinney Recreation Center after January 1. For the first half of the season, the Roos will continue playing at Kansas City's downtown Municipal Auditorium. (link); Pitt and West Virginia will play the baseball version of a Backyard Brawl at PNC Park in May. (link)
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Some Coastal Carolina teams were spread across the U.S. last week when South Carolina Governor McMaster ordered a closure of state schools due to to Hurricane Florence. The Conway campus won't reopen fully until next Saturday. FB has been camped in Jacksonville since last Thursday, has been practicing at local high schools & killing time off the field with movies, plus college FB & NFL on TV. Men's Golf went from Minneapolis to Chicago for events & is now back staying in off-campus housing. Men's Soccer trained in Orlando. Volleyball student-athletes split between home towns, Virginia & Atlanta. More. (link)
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Ohio State "insider" Snook reports many OSU trustees disagreed with the suspension discipline handed down to FB HC Meyer. Per one unnamed trustee, "It was clear to us that there was no substantiated domestic abuse and there was no coverup of such. The other issue we looked hard at was whether there was any violation of Title IX. There was not." Another was, "largely disgusted at the fallout and the perception that Urban Meyer was suspended for covering up domestic abuse. That couldn’t have been further from the truth and we made that clear when we left the room that night. We wanted it portrayed accurately (by Drake). It was not. It reflected poorly on the university. It damaged the university's credibility." More. (link); Check out performance reviews from last year for Meyer, OC Wilson, DC Schiano, former AC Smith & other coaches on the OSU staff. (link)
Former Louisiana Softball HC Lotief has sued the university. Lotief's attorney: "They were going to get rid of a man who constantly complained about gender equity issues. They had to come up with something ugly so they could do it and survive the public criticism." Lotief's camp says there's a questionnaire completed by 16 former ULL Softball student-athletes & none of them recall seeing any abuse, the grounds for which he was removed from his position. The university will "vigorously refute his false and baseless allegations in court." More. (link); Auburn economics professor Stern filed a civil suit against AU on claims of retaliation for pointing out holes in how the Tigers were handling student-athlete clustering into the Public Administration major. The university says it has not been served yet. (link)
Middle Tennessee AD Massaro says he's starting to write in provisions to coaching contracts that include language around reporting knowledge of domestic violence, sexual assault or harassment. New MBB HC McDevitt's deal has not been signed yet & Massaro indicates the new clauses will be on paper. Massaro points to situations at Ohio State & Maryland, notes, "You could argue that it's sort of already in there on some moral clauses. But now we're being a little bit more specific, so it's not ambiguous enough to interpretation of others. It's pretty point blank in the contract that these are serious issues and it could lead to firing with cause." (link)
The beef between Washington & ESPN is explored by the Seattle Times' Jude. Former UW FB stand-out Huard is part of the broadcast team for tomorrow night's matchup with Arizona State & Huskies AD Cohen sees things this way, "The unfortunate tweet we saw can get all of us discouraged, and we can react to that. I love that our fans are so protective and passionate about our program and also our brand. But that was one person. And several people within (ESPN) were very responsive in their desire to move forward from that and they don’t expect those types of things to happen again. And anytime you’re in a partnership with folks, you just have to trust and believe that that’s the direction we’re going." (link)
More Personnel: Florida Atlantic AD White hires Vanderbilt's Asst. Dir. of Communications Poole as the next Senior Assoc. AD for External Affairs for the Owls. (link); Cal State Bakersfield Senior Assoc. AD for Compliance appointed to a three-year term on the NCAA Division I Amateurism Fact-Finding Committee. (link); Neither UConn MBB HC Hurley nor FB HC Edsall have signed their contracts yet with the Huskies. (link);'s Mink wonders what would have happened if Syracuse had hired former student-athlete/AC Edsall, who is now of course the UConn FB HC, instead of Pasqualoni back in 1991. Edsall says he has no regrets on how he answered a particular question in his interview with then-AD Crouthamel which he knows cost him the job. (link); UCLA Women's Gymnastics HC Kondos will retire after this, her 29th season. (link); The Oregonian's Lundeberg profiles Oregon State interim Baseball HC Bailey. (link); Mississippi State Track & Field HC Dudley resigns for "personal reasons" effective immediately. AC Woods steps into the interim HC role. (link); Rutgers Prez Barchi gets a two-year extension. Base pay remains at $705K. (link); Knoxville businessman Boyd will serve as interim prez of the University of Tennessee System for potentially up to two years. (link); NASCAR promotes COO Phelps to prez spot, effective Oct. 1. Current prez Dewar will step aside and transition to a senior consulting/advisory role. (link)
More ESPN: ESPN+ has exceeded the 1M subscribers mark. A major milestone no matter how you cut it. (link); Bristol expert & best-selling author Miller indicates the break even point for + is 6M subs. Others, like Recode's Kafka, wonder why ESPN won't spell out how many subscribers are new & how many were ported over from ESPN Insider. Word from the Worldwide Leader is simply that a "vast majority" are new subscribers. (link); Disney boss Iger praises ESPN boss Pitaro for his early leadership, says both he & Pitaro felt like ESPN had swung "too far from the field" on its political commentary, which has since been corrected. (link)
Colorado Chancellor DiStefano believes Buffs AD George has been one of his best three hires, if not the best, since his oversight of the university began back in 2009. DiStefano reflects on his thought process in hiring George, "I knew we really had to step it up if we wanted to be competitive in the Pac-12 with schools like Southern Cal and UCLA, Washington and so on. To me, it meant let‘s go out and really bring in a person that – and it‘s a cliché about taking us to the next level — but that‘s exactly what we had to do to be competitive. Those are difficult decisions, but those are ones that move the university forward." George says his six years of leadership has gone by pretty quickly, points to major facility upgrades as key to the beginning of his tenure. What's next for George? "I would like to endow our student athlete development areas. I‘d like to be able to address our aging facilities; the west side (of Folsom Field) is an area that really needs to be fixed. CU Events Center needs a facelift. Those are the things that I look at in the next five years. The endowment piece is so important." (link)
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"We're focused on what we can control. We're still making long-term plans, still recruiting and running like we should. I don't think we're looking over our shoulders." That's Louisville AD Tyra in response to a question about how the MBB-FBI saga has impacted the Cards' brand. Birmingham-based attorney Gimenez, who specializes in NCAA compliance cases, believes the steepest penalties against U of L could include a multi-year post-season ban. Gimenez also points to the upcoming trial involving former Adidas employees, "Presumably there will be all eyes and ears from many schools across the country figuring out what's gonna be publicly disclosed in that trial. Are there more so-called bad actors that are going to come to light or have we seen majority of this conduct played out in indictments and press conferences?" Like Tyra, new Louisville MBB HC Mack says, "We don't let it affect our job. I don’t have that feeling of anxiousness or whatever people want to label it." (link)
USF AD Kelly starts his letter to the editor in the university's campus newspaper with, "Thank you." It's aimed at the student body for "your incredible support at our first two home football games of the year at Raymond James Stadium, both victories for the Bulls. Thank you for those who made the 1,200-mile trip to Chicago for our victory over Illinois on Saturday. We saw you, we heard you and we thank you." Kelly continues by pushing for students to attend tomorrow night's AAC opener against East Carolina. "Thank you" used seven times. (link)
"They’re hard to get. You’ve got to be very, very talented, and you’ve also got to be a little bit lucky, in my opinion. So they’re hard to come by. ... That’s our goal. That’s our ultimate goal, to compete for championships. These kids here are working really hard to change the culture. We’ll see where we go and how fast we go." That's Tennessee AD Fulmer on winning a national title, which he says is "just a matter of time." More, on FB HC Pruitt: "You feel like you got the right guy when you hire somebody, but you really don’t know until you’re with him. Now I’m nine months into it, and I’m more convinced than ever. I love our coach. I think he’s a coach’s coach and a player’s coach. He knows the game and he loves the game. He understands because he’s been around some really great places and some really great coaches." (link); Fulmer teams up with Yee-Haw Brewing Co. to create a limited-edition beer made with honey produced by his honey bees. The creation is called "Coach's Honey Blonde Ale." (link)
Incarnate Word releases its annual report. Highlights: Two conference championships, 17 All-America honors, hiring of two new HCs, facility improvements, 5,500+ hours of community service by student-athletes and more. First-year boss Wickstrom: " It hasn’t just been my first year leading UIW Athletics, but the 2017-18 academic year was also our first year of Division I postseason eligibility. During this year, we have had success on the court, in the classroom and in the community ... We have enjoyed our success on the field over the past year, but we won’t dwell on it. We know that we need to keep getting better. We recently installed new field turf at Gayle and Tom Benson Stadium, and I’m excited about the national coverage our camo end zones have brought us. We are currently in the early stages of renovating our baseball and softball fields, and there are many other ongoing projects as well. These projects include two of the top three commitments in the history of UIW Athletics. With all of the progress we have made over the past year, I’m excited to see what the future holds for us at UIW." (link)
Nike boss Parker says his top priority is "fostering an environment of openness and accountability" during a shareholder meeting that also reviewed the firm's financial results from the past year. New HR processes, employee training, as well as manager & leadership development programs are key to The Swoosh's plan to right the ship after a series of internal personnel developments. Parker: "We are absolutely focused and committed to creating an environment of inclusivity and diversity and empowerment and respect." (link); Under Armour is cutting its workforce by another 3% as part of its on-going restructuring process. UA expects its operating loss this year to be $60M. (link)
Also Noticed: Nebraska gets its 12th game, will host Bethune-Cookman on October 27. $800K guarantee for the Wildcats. (link); Cal State Bakersfield partners with Dignity Health, a move that will provide student-athletes a "boost in their health care coverage." (link); The America East Conference goes with TickPick as the official ticket marketplace of the league. (link); Former LSU FB HC Miles will debut in his first "major role in feature film" in November when The Last Whistle premiers at the Lone Star Film Festival in Fort Worth. (link); Oklahoma's traveling portion of the home-and-home agreement with Army could be impacted by the pending renovation of Michie Stadium. The Sooners are scheduled to play there in 2020, but the game could change locations. (link); Rutgers will pay Delaware $350K for a 2021 home game at Stadium. (link); The Portland Trail Blazers announce a multi-year jersey sponsorship deal with Performance Health. Blazers now the 24th NBA team to include a corporate sponsor on its jerseys. (link); Harvard raised $9.62B over the course of a five-year campaign, which had an original goal of $6.5B. (link) powered by Turnkey Search
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(NEW!) Director of Media Relations (Ohio University / Athens, OH): Responsible for arranging and coordinating media coverage for assigned varsity sports (women’s volleyball, men’s basketball, and baseball). More details HERE.

Assoc Director/Director of Development/Major Gifts (Ole Miss Athletics Foundation / Oxford, MS): Assoc Dir/Dir of Dev/Major Gifts is a member of the Ole Miss Athletics Foundation staff charged with identification, solicitation, raising of philanthropic gifts to support Ole Miss Athletics. More details HERE.

Vice President of Texas Region (Tailgate Guys / Austin, TX): Tailgate Guys is seeking an executive to head up our TX Region - dynamic leader with proven track record in a service oriented hospitality business, managing a team, and driving revenue and growth. More details HERE.

Associate or Assistant Athletic Director for Development (Utah Valley University / Orem, UT): Raises funds from external constituencies. Manages an assigned portfolio of donors and prospects. Identifies and qualifies prospects. Engages and cultivates current and prospective donors, etc. More details HERE.

Director of Development, Seattle Operations (Washington State University / Seattle, WA): Member of the WSU Cougar Athletic Fund team based in Seattle, sharing significant responsibilities for the advancement of the CAF’s annual, major, and planned giving development efforts ($25,000+). More details HERE.

Director of Clinical & Sport Psychology (University of Wisconsin-Madison / Madison, WI): The Director of Clinical Psychology for student-athletes will oversee the delivery of clinical and sport psychology services to student-athletes within the established medical model. More details HERE.

Annual Fund Coordinator (Washington State University / Pullman, WA): Member of the Cougar Athletic Fund team responsible for the development, coordination, and implementation of all aspects of the annual fund as well as some operational and administrative support. More details HERE.

Compliance Coordinator (University of Richmond / Richmond, VA): The Compliance Coordinator independently coordinates, plans, organizes and implements all monitoring systems of the Athletics Compliance program, developing/implementing programs and procedures. More details HERE.

Senior Associate Athletic Director for Compliance (San Jose State University / San Jose, CA): Job ID: 24742, Classification: Administrator II, Hiring Salary: Commensurate with experience. More Details HERE.

Coordinator of Student-Athlete Development (University of Oregon / Eugene, OR): Assist student-athlete development staff to develop and implement innovative programs and individualized support services that empower student-athletes to succeed in college and in life. More details HERE.

Assistant Director of Media Relations (College of the Holy Cross / Worcester, MA): Assistant Director of Athletic Media Relations - College of the Holy Cross - Please apply at More details HERE.

Assistant Coach, Men's Lacrosse (University of Richmond / Richmond, VA): This position is responsible for assisting with all phases of the Division I Men’s Lacrosse program at the University of Richmond. Specific responsibilities include but are not limited to: coaching an. More details HERE.

Director of Sports Nutrition (University of Louisville Athletic Association / Louisville, KY): Position oversees all aspects of the Sport Nutrition program to advance the development and delivery of nutrition services for 23 sports. More details HERE.

Assistant Athletics Director for Communications (California Baptist University / Riverside, CA): Oversee the day-to-day communications and media relations for all 18 NCAA Division I sports under the supervision of the Associate AD for External Relations. Serve as primary men’s basketball contact. More details HERE.

Assistant Director, Multimedia Services (Boise State University Athletics / Boise, ID): The individual will work with Bronco Athletics staff members to design, create and implement the department’s graphic identity for production, print, digital and web applications and special projects. More details HERE.

Assistant Coach, Cross Country/Track & Field (Brown University / Providence, RI): Assist Director of Cross Country, Track/Field in all phases of the program, recruiting, coaching, training, with a particular emphasis on coaching distance events and cross country. More details HERE.

Deputy Athletics Director, Business Operations (University of Notre Dame / Notre Dame, IN): University of Notre Dame is accepting applications for a Deputy Athletics Director, Business Operations. For full description view EOE/AA. More details HERE.

Director of Creative Design and Services (American Athletic Conference / Providence, RI): The individual will work with conference staff members to plan, design, prepare and execute the conference’s graphic identity for production, print, digital and web applications and special projects. More details HERE.

Athletics Annual Giving Officer (San Jose State University / San Jose, CA): Develops a plan to identify & prioritize new prospects, make discovery calls & build a prospect pool based on new prospects & past donors at the leadership giving level of $2,500 or greater. More Details HERE.

Ticket Sales and CRM, Database Manager (University of Arizona / Tucson, AZ): Arizona athletics is looking for a dynamic leader that will assist in supporting sales, marketing and development campaigns by providing metrics and tracking for success. More details HERE.

Associate Director of Annual Fund (Arizona State University Foundation / Tempe, AZ): Help us lead the annual fundraising for Arizona State University Athletics and help grow ASU the most innovative university in the US! More details HERE.

Assistant Athletic Director/Ticket Operations Coordinator (San Diego State University / San Diego, CA): Assist with administering all aspects of the day-to-day operations of the ticket office. Provide lead work direction/training to staff & students. Supervise events. Assist with annual ticket planning. More details HERE.

Director, Ticket Sales and Service (University of Texas at San Antonio / San Antonio, TX): Lead the UTSA Athletics Ticket Sales and Services team to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of customer ticket sales and service. More details HERE.

Director - Athletics Information Technology (Texas Tech University / Lubbock, TX): Direct and manage all information technology activities for the Intercollegiate Athletics Department; knowledge and experience with the latest hardware/software, programming, planning and development. More details HERE.

Director, Risk Management and Compliance Services (University of Texas at Austin / Austin, TX): To maintain and ensure an effective risk management and compliance program and ensure institutional control within Texas Athletics with a high level knowledge of NCAA rules and regulations. More details HERE.

Director, Athletic Compliance (University of Southern California / Los Angeles, CA)The Director, Athletic Compliance will assist in developing, implementing, and maintaining a comprehensive, in-depth, and effective athletic compliance program. More details HERE.

Assistant Director of Compliance (Pepperdine University / Malibu, CA): The Assistant Director of Compliance is responsible for monitoring and documenting compliance with the NCAA and West Coast Conference legislation for Pepperdine Athletics. More details HERE.

Sports Science Coordinator (University of Oregon Athletic Department / Eugene, OR): Responsible for the development and planning of performance support for world class student-athletes. Assess and enhance athlete readiness, performance, and recovery. More details HERE.

Assistant Director, Communications (Stanford University / Stanford, CA): Stanford University seeks a highly-motivated, energetic and team-orientated individual with strong communication skills to fill the role of Assistant Director, Communications. More details HERE.

Head Cross Country & Track and Field Coach (CSUN / Northridge, CA): The Head Cross Country & Track and Field Coach oversees the management of all aspects for both the Men's and Woman's programs. More details HERE.

Asst. Track & Field and Cross Country Coach (Montana State University / Bozeman, MT): Responsible for assisting the Montana State University’s Men’s & Women’s Track & Field and Cross Country programs in Bozeman, Montana. More details HERE.

Senior Associate Director of Athletics - External Affairs (University of Alaska Anchorage / Anchorage, AK): The UAA Department of Athletics is seeking applicants for the Senior Associate Director of Athletics - External Affairs position. Apply at Careers at UA (, no. 510184. More details HERE.

Assistant Athletic Director for Ticketing (Vanderbilt University / Nashville, TN): This position will manage the day-to-day elements of the Vanderbilt Athletic Ticket Office processes. More details HERE.

Director, Premium Seating and Major Gifts (Syracuse University / Syracuse, NY): The Director of Premium Seating and Major Gifts will work with the Athletics Development Team with specific responsibility for developing, marketing and evaluating the premium seating program. More details HERE.

Athletics Compliance Specialist (University of Delaware, Newark, DE): Responsible for implementing a Division I compliance program for 21 varsity sports teams made up of 600 + student-athletes, athletics department and University staff. More details HERE.

Vice President, Sponsorship Sales (JMI Sports | Clemson Sports & Campus Marketing / Greenville, SC): Key member of executive team. Athletic & Campus sponsorship sales. Recruiting, training, mgmt of sales staff. Partner relationships/procurement/account mgmt/strategic planning/financial analysis. More details HERE.

Assistant Athletic Director Ticketing Sales and Service (Pennsylvania State University / University Park, PA): Penn State Intercollegiate Athletics (ICA), a Division I and Big Ten Conference Institution, is seeking an Assistant Athletic Director for Ticketing Sales and Service. Apply at More details HERE.

Sr. Account Executive (JMI Sports | Clemson Sports & Campus Marketing / Greenville, SC)Athletics & Campus sponsorship sales. Develop and leverage strong relationships with brand decision makers to generate mutually beneficial partnerships that boost the Clemson brand and provide RIO to partners. More details HERE.

Assistant Director of Annual Giving, Athletics (University of Pennsylvania / Philadelphia, PA): The Assistant Director of Annual Giving is a member of a Development and Alumni Relations team focused on achieving the fundraising and alumni relations goals of the Athletics Department. More details HERE.

Asst. Dir of Development (William & Mary / Williamsburg, VA): The Asst. Dir. of Development works closely with the Director to build a high-level program that generates significant revenue for William & Mary’s priorities. Full time with benefits. More details HERE.

Assistant Director, Athletic Advancement (Florida Gulf Coast University / Fort Myers, FL): Assistant Director of Athletic Advancement is responsible for all aspects of growing, communicating, delivering benefits and development cycle progression. More details HERE.

Asst. Sports Info Director (Davidson College / Davidson, NC): A NCAA Division I school and member of the Atlantic 10 Conference, is now accepting applications for the position of Assistant Sports Information Director. More Details HERE.

Assistant Athletics Director for Development (Director of Development, Major Gifts) (University of Texas at San Antonio / San Antonio, TX): The Assistant Athletics Director of Development will be responsible for identifying, cultivating, soliciting and stewarding major gift ($25,000+) donors and prospects for Intercollegiate Athletics. More details HERE.

Coordinator, Marketing and Fan Engagement (University of Arizona / Tucson, AZ): The Marketing Coordinator will be in charge of marketing and game presentation for Arizona Soccer, Gymnastics, and Softball and will have a hand in football game day presentation/operations. More details HERE.

Assistant Media Relations Director (Texas A&M Athletics / College Station, TX): The Asst.Media Relations Director (classified as Info Rep II) is responsible for being a liaison between the Athletic Department and the Media (print, radio, television and other electronic media). More details HERE.

Men’s and Women’s Diving Coach (Davidson College / Davidson, NC): This position will prepare student athletes for competition and recruit qualified students. More Details HERE.

Assistant Swimming Coach (Davidson College / Davidson, NC): This position will prepare student athletes for competition and recruit qualified students. More Details HERE.

Student-Athlete Affairs Assistant (Florida Gulf Coast University / Fort Myers, FL): The Student-Athlete Affairs Assistant oversees all aspects of the Student-Athlete Development program including the Student-Athlete Advisory Committee. More details HERE.

Associate Athletics Director/Director of Athletics Development (Boston University / Boston, MA): Boston University Athletics is seeking a qualified candidate to lead the strategy and execution of the department's fundraising efforts, including oversight and management of development staff. More details HERE.

Assistant Director of Athletic Communications (Vanderbilt University / Nashville, TN): This role will work with local and national media to promote the Vanderbilt women’s basketball brand, in addition to other assigned sports, as well as provide content for our More details HERE.

Assistant Director - Membership Services (University of South Carolina / Columbia, SC): Position plays a key role in guiding the athletics annual fund- tracking benefit fulfillment, updating priority points and directing membership drives. Focused heavily on ticketing and gift reporting. More details HERE.

Assistant Athletic Director - Development (Air Force Academy Athletics Corporation / Colorado Springs, CO): The Assistant Athletic Director, Development will be responsible for developing and implementing a comprehensive fundraising program in support of Air Force Athletics. More details HERE.

Assistant Director of Athletic Communications (Northwestern University / Evanston, IL): Chicago’s Big Ten Team is recruiting a creative, collaborative, forward-thinking communicator with PR & graphic design experience to dynamically share the stories of Wildcats student-athletes & staff. More details HERE.

Assistant Athletic Director, Student Athlete Development (Rice University / Houston, TX): This position will conceptualize, develop, and implement all programmatic aspects critical to the personal, social, and professional development of over 350 student-athletes. More details HERE.

Leadership and Well-Being Coordinator (Columbia University / New York, NY): The Leadership Coordinator is responsible for the development and ongoing management of the Athletic Department's leadership program. More details HERE.

Graphic Designer (University of Miami / Miami, FL): Miami Athletics is seeking a graphic designer to support the sales, marketing, communications and digital initiatives of the department through the design and layout of various creative elements. More details HERE.

Athletics Development Coordinator/Denver (Colorado State University / Denver, CO): Develop and execute a comprehensive strategy of programs and efforts to increase philanthropic support for the Ram Club among residents of the Denver metro area. More details HERE.
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