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+ NCAA Prez Emmert sent a letter to the association's Board of Governors yesterday. In part, "You may have seen a report in “The Athletic” and subsequently repeated in other news outlets yesterday evening that infers in the headline I was informed of widespread sexual assault at Michigan State University in 2010. The implication of the headline, which has also been widely repeated, is that I was informed of sexual assaults at MSU by a whistleblower and did nothing in response. Nothing could be further from the truth. […] Our work to prevent sexual assault on campuses has much further to go. There can be no room for this scourge anywhere in higher education. The assertion that I and the NCAA are not reporting crimes, however, is blatantly false. We cannot let stories of this kind deter us from our important work." Really, you need to read the whole letter. Too important to just slice out certain sections. (link)
+ Michigan Attorney General Schuette yesterday, "Quite frankly, I think that’s in part what’s gotten Michigan State in some trouble here in the sense that they withheld certain information, maybe because it was going to put them in a better light, but you simply can’t do that. [...] My department and this investigation will find out who knew what and when, who took action, who failed to take action, what did or did not happen and what should have happened. [...] I don't need advice from the Board of Trustees at MSU about how to conduct an investigation. Frankly, they should be the last ones to be providing advice, given their conduct throughout this entire episode." (link)
+ The entire U.S.A. Gymnastics board has now stepped down. (link)
+ Yahoo's Forde: Michigan State prized image protection far more than the truth. Thesis: "Every school engaged in the Faustian bargain of big-time athletics must weigh its tolerance for the unsavory against the regard for its own reputation. And when those two come in conflict, the only acceptable approach is to meet the situations honestly and forthrightly. As two news reports Friday showed, Michigan State has failed the honest and forthright part. To disastrous effect." (link)
+ The All-American's Mandel: "Whatever his culpability, Dantonio will have an awfully hard time avoiding the tidal wave of anger currently being directed at nearly everyone in power at his university. Now more than ever the public is demanding accountability from their leaders, and Dantonio is responsible for the actions of his players. The best thing he can do right now is step up and accept that responsibility, and in doing so stand in stark contrast to other Michigan State leaders." (link)
+ USA Today's Wolken: "If I were a coach/AD, I would outsource all discipline for athletes to some independent person or group. Don’t tell me details, don’t ask my opinion. Just tell me the punishment." (link)
Clemson AD Radakovich says four teams is enough for the College Football Playoff & points to both his experience on the selection committee, but also his program's participation in three of the last four years. "The logistics going through all of this become very, very difficult if you go beyond (four)." Further, Radakovich says the CFP selection committee was the best group he's ever served on, "Not only from the way the College Football Playoff, Bill Hancock, Michael Kelly and their entire staff helped set the table for the committee members, but just the professionalism, people coming prepared, doing their job, making sure that if they had a particular stance on a team or a conference that they would have information to back it up." Indicates he'll get 12 to 15 hours per week back on his own schedule next fall/winter now that he's cycled off the committee. (link)
Pretty neat opening to yesterday's ESPN College GameDay from West Virginia as the crew of Davis, Bilas, Greenberg & Williams were filmed walking down a true country road in their jeans & plaids. Though the quartet can't exactly carry a tune, the faithful inside the WVU Coliseum helped complete John Denver's 'Country Roads.' Davis: "How awesome is this?!" One thing I can't figure out... what does Greenberg pull out of his mouth when he enters the picture? Toothpick? Wheat stalk? Stogie? (link)
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Good morning to those of you in Sanibel where the weather looks to be in the low 70s today. Tough gig. NACDA is hosting its Winter Meetings & it looks like yesterday included panels & discussions with the likes of's Dodd, Georgia Tech Senior Assoc. AD for External Affairs Taylor-Dixon, Rutgers Deputy AD Baumgartner, Georgetown AD Reed, North Carolina boss Cunningham, LEAD1's McMillen, Maryland AD Anderson, new Washington State AD Chun & others. (link)
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Former Missouri Softball HC Earleywine says he felt "totally blindsided" by his dismissal and "as confused as anyone else as to why this has happened." Barleywine asked Tigers AD Sterk for an explanation and claimed his response was "I'm not required to give you a reason." Earleywine: "I don’t know what’s 'required' administratively speaking, but I do know what’s right -- looking someone in the eye and telling them specifically why they are being fired after giving 11 years of their life to the university is the RIGHT thing to do. ... Political correctness, allowing kids more power than people in positions of authority, and their love affair with soft-coaching has gotten the University where it is today. I used to care deeply, now it’s someone else’s problem." Softball administrator/Assoc. AD for Integrated Healthcare & Inclusion Brown was not in attendance during the termination meeting, which, Earleywine observed: "Maybe because for the past several months, he has been telling my staff and I repeatedly what a great job we’ve been doing. On the other hand, known critic and major player in the investigation from two years ago, (Senior Deputy Athletics Director) Sarah Reesman, was in attendance." (link)
New Hampshire Executive AD Danos in the spotlight as revenue generation is top of mind in Durham. Handling ESPN3 productions internally is one key method to controlling the quality of the output & driving more dollars for student-athlete & program support. "We’re trying to be the most responsible we can with our investment. [...] There will always be a need to generate revenue and be a source of pride for the university. One thing you know for sure - this landscape changes on a daily basis." More. (link)
Boise State will host first & second rounds of this year's MBB Tourney in an effort that's expected to drive $15M in economic impact to the market. Assoc. AD for Facilities & Operations Carney says preparations current take up 50% of his bandwidth, a share that will reach 100% as the event gets closer. The addition of a VIP fan package has changed the layout inside Taco Bell Arena & GM Janeczko remarks, "The one thing that I found interesting this time around was that the setup has been so specific because it’s very important to them that it looks consistent on television from site to site. We’ve had to figure out some new ways to do things to provide that consistency." More. (link)
Cal Poly continues upgrades to Baseball's Baggett Stadium as 20ish poles previously supporting netting have been removed from dugout to dugout, creating much cleaner sight lines for fans. Construction on the Mustangs new $8M clubhouse will get moving in earnest in March & take 10 months to complete. (link); Miami (FL) hosted an initial tour of its new indoor FB digs, which basically consists of a bunch of steel at the moment. FB HC Richt narrates part of the review, as does Senior Assoc. AD for Development Marks. (link)
More Personnel: Additional context on the extended deal for Arkansas MBB HC Anderson comes from Razorbacks Senior Assoc. AD for Development & Administration Fagg, "We began discussions with Coach Anderson about an extension in April following the NCAA Tournament, including our tightly contested matchup with eventual national champion North Carolina. Razorback men’s basketball is on the rise. Our team is among the best in the SEC this season and the upcoming recruiting classes are among the best in program history. We are excited about the future and partnering with Coach Anderson and his staff as we take our program to new heights." (link); NC State MBB HC Keatts led the Wolfpack past rival North Carolina early yesterday, then hopped behind the counter at Howling Cow ice cream to dish out flavors. (link)
The New York Times continues telling digital stories in super cool ways & this time it's the dicey world of buying Twitter followers that gets a thorough review. Devumi is one of the companies behind the scenes that relies on a roster of 3.5M automated accounts & has "collected millions of dollars in a shadowy global marketplace for social media fraud." Notable sports celebrities/reporters, such as Ray Lewis & Britt McHenry, revealed as those who have purchased thousands of fakes. Looks like lots of Devumi's operations are out of the Philippines. Super long read. (link)
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CBS on-air personality LaForce attempted to pull off the MBB double yesterday by handling duties at North Carolina-NC State in Chapel Hill, followed by a run over to Durham to do the same for Duke-Virginia. LaForce: "One of the best things that CBS has going is our coverage of the NCAA tournament, so all season long, we’re just building up and waiting for that moment and showcasing the great games that we’re able to air during the regular season. [...] Primarily, I’m covering both games from a social perspective, and then I’m going to be doing the games as a sideline reporter in addition to that. I think that’s how we’re approaching it at CBS, because normally these games wouldn’t have had a reporter." More from LaForce, though no post-game wrap on her Twitter feed yet on how things went. (link)
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Outgoing Eastern Washington AD Chaves says his focus has always been on student-athletes first, while The Spokesman-Review's Allen indicates EWU Prez Cullinan determined last year she wasn't going to renew Chaves' contract with fundraising challenges front & center. Competitive success in Cheney & the selection of HCs who have won dozens of trophies is clearly a testament to Chaves' leadership. On some of the hurdles that will remain for the next AD, "The one thing that is challenging is that the (Spokane-area) marketplace is a bit cluttered. EWU is not in the Pac-12 and it hasn’t gone to the NCAAs 20 times in a row – those are awesome achievements that should be celebrated, but you have to carve your own niche." (link)
The Murray State News looks at the Racers' Title IX balance in recent years, after the Men's Tennis program was cut in 2016 to remain in compliance. Murray AD Ward acknowledges Title IX is a federal requirement, but that he doesn't enforce it in that vein, "Personally, I don’t look at Title IX as much as a mandate. For me, it’s the right thing to do. If I’m going to have a sport, whether it’s men or women, I’m going to treat them the same and I’m going to provide them with the same opportunities. I don’t want to have someone out here that is not given a chance to be successful. So for me, there’s just a right way to go about doing things." Ward continues, suggesting that the 1972-mandate may benefit from some tweaking at this point, "I don’t think it ever hurts to reexamine what you’re doing. Especially when you’ve gotten to a point to where you feel some real progress has been made and there has been a real change in the mentality as far as how you address the women’s sports. Let’s make it a positive rather than a negative. Title IX and gender equity for some can easily become a negative." (link)
Despite noticeably empty seats in the Bank of Colorado Arena, Northern Colorado Senior Assoc. AD Sabolcik isn't worried, "Attendance is down for everybody in the country. It's a battle for everybody. Revenues are up for every sport. We had more complimentary tickets issued last year. We cut that back about 20 percent for football this year. Now, unless our attendance is down more than 20 percent, we're doing fine. We also had two bad weather games." Sabolcik attributes the dip to several factors: social media, weather conditions and games being scheduled during the Christmas break. MBB HC Linder: "Maybe what's happened in the past (an NCAA violation) effects the support a little bit, but with the product on the floor, I can't see why the community can't rally around this team. Especially after what our student athletes had to go through the last 18 months." Football averaged 4,383 this season, down from 4,895 a year ago. MBB numbers this year are 1,194, compared to 1,205 last year. WBB down to 720 from 1,078. Volleyball dropped to 806 from 919 in 2016. Wrestling averages 582 this year versus the 704 mark from last year. Lots more explanations from staff members. (link)
Since former Arizona Track & Field student-athlete Gibson filed a civil suit against the university and former AC Carter, the state has paid more than $850K in legal fees for representation of the school and Carter, who at the time of the filing was still a state employee. The money comes from an insurance fund provided by the Arizona Department of Administration. (link)
If the illegal sports gambling marketplace is $200B in size & each major sports league in the U.S. were to receive 1% of all wagers on its product - just as the NBA is proposing with its "integrity fee" - the annual haul for the NCAA could be in the range of $600M. Legal Sports Report's Gouker: "Quite simply, the leagues stand to make a lot of money if “integrity fees” are copied everywhere. And that profit would likely far outstrip and costs associated with integrity the leagues would incur." (link)
Also Noticed: San Diego Union-Tribune beat writer Zeigler none too pleased with the media setup inside UNLV's Thomas & Mack Center as San Diego State visited last night, "Like to tell you what happened to Trey Kell, but the media seats at Thomas & Mack are so far up that we've got no clue what's happening. What's so embarrassing for the MW about these media seats is that the NCAA basketball committee (that MW commissioner Craig Thompson sits on) put out a best practices memo to ADs this season saying media should sit lower. And UNLV completely defied it." (link); Oregon MBB got some new kicks thanks to "Uncle Phil." HC Altman isn't quite sure he could pull them off though. (link) powered by Turnkey Search
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Deputy Athletic Director (University of Delaware / Newark, DE): Act as the Chief Operating Officer and oversee the Intercollegiate and Recreation Services ongoing internal operations, maximize resumes & be responsible for the internal efficiency of the dep't. More details HERE.

Associate Athletic Director for Annual Giving (San Jose State University / San Jose, CA): The Aspen Leadership Group is proud to partner with San José State University in the search for an Associate Athletic Director for Annual Giving. More details HERE.

Head Volleyball Coach and Associate in Physical Education (Columbia University / New York, NY): The Head Volleyball Coach is responsible for organizing and administering all aspects of the volleyball program. Quicklink: More details HERE.

Associate AD for Marketing and Strategic Communications (Samford University / Birmingham, AL): The Associate AD for Marketing & Strategic Communications will provide leadership and oversight for the areas of marketing, communications, and fan engagement. More details HERE.

Asst. Director of Marketing & Fan Experience (University of Oklahoma - Norman / Norman, OK): Asst. Director of Marketing & Fan Experience will advance the mission and values of OU Athletics by coordinating ticket sales efforts, directing advertising campaigns and executing game entertainment. More details HERE.

Senior Associate or Associate Athletics Director for External Affairs (University of California, Riverside / Riverside, CA): Liaison between the Athletics Director and all Athletics fundraising activities and revenue operations. Emphasis on enhancing UCR’s Division I relevancy, revenue generation and new market outreach. More details HERE.

Director of Clinical Counseling Services for Student-Athletes (Mississippi State University / Starkville, MS): Provision of general psychological services (evaluation, treatment and education) to student athletes. More details HERE.

Executive Director of Development/Assistant AD for Development (George Washington University / Washington D.C.): GW seeks a dynamic & strategic leader to join a high performing fund raising team as Exec. Director of Development. Will manage team and direct their development efforts to ensure fundraising success. More details HERE.

Director of Digital Media Services (Mid-American Conference / Cleveland, OH): Create video content that drives fan engagement and views of website and social media platforms. Serve as liaison for ESPN3 campus productions. Direct media relations activities for select sports. More details HERE.

Compliance Coordinator (Oral Roberts University / Tulsa, OK): The Compliance Coordinator will assist in the development and implementation of a comprehensive program to ensure compliance with University, Summit League and NCAA rules and regulations. More details HERE.

Athletics Assistant Director for Business Operations (University of Nevada, Las Vegas / Las Vegas, NV): The University of Nevada, Las Vegas invites applications for Athletics Assistant Director for Business Operations, Intercollegiate Athletics. More details HERE.

Assistant Director for Financial Reporting (University of Nevada, Las Vegas / Las Vegas, NV): The University of Nevada, Las Vegas invites applications for Assistant Director for Financial Reporting, Intercollegiate Athletics [R0107169]. More details HERE.

Assistant Athletics Director for Sports Performance (CSUN / Northridge, CA): Responsibilities: Management and supervision of the Sports Performance staff, weight training facility, including development of policies and procedures for risk management, appropriate supervision. More details HERE.

Facilities & Operations Coordinator (Oregon State University / Corvallis, OR): Reporting to the Associate AD, Facilities & Event Management, the Facility & Operations Coordinator will assist the Associate AD with the coordination of assigned home athletic contests. More details HERE.

Athletics Marketing & Promotions Graduate Assistantship (Ball State University / Muncie, IN): Execute in-game promotions for football, mens/womens basketball, women’s volleyball, baseball & softball. May include the role of mascot coordinator, supervision of 6-10 sports mktg student staff. More details HERE.

Assistant Director of Multimedia (Conference USA / Irving, TX): Serve as primary strategist for the C-USA social media initiatives, as well as lead development of the visual style and communication of C-USA online outlets. More details HERE.

Assistant/Associate Commissioner for New Media and Technology (Missouri Valley Conference / St. Louis, MO): Management of creative/digital content; contributions to Conference marketing and promotional initiatives; oversight of the league website/social media/graphic design and producing video content. More details HERE.

Assistant Director of Athletics, Communications (University of Richmond / Richmond, VA): The Assistant Director of Athletics/Communications oversees all public relations and media relations activities and budgets, including supervision of full-time, part-time, student, and game day staff. More details HERE.

Assistant Athletics Director for Marketing and Multimedia Services (San Jose State University / San Jose, CA): The Assistant Athletics DIR will be responsible for the development, implementation, maintenance of all marketing and promo strategies... Apply here:, Job ID: 24378. More details HERE.

Associate Director of Development, Major Gifts (Michigan State University / East Lansing, MI): MSU Athletics is now seeking an Associate Director of Development, Major Gifts. The Associate Director is responsible for identifying, cultivating and soliciting gifts from donors and prospects. More details HERE.

Assistant Athletic Director, Athletics Communications (IRC13296) (Tulane University / New Orleans, LA): Supports Tulane athletics programs and external departments to promote and enhance, through media, public relations, web and social media, the image of the Department of Intercollegiate Athletics. More details HERE.

Assistant Director of Marketing and Promotions (University of North Texas / Denton, TX): The Athletics Depart at the University of North Texas is hiring an Asst Director of Marketing and Promotions. Focus on Olympic sports with an added emphasis on Football and Basketball game day. More details HERE.

Assistant Athletic Director - Marketing (Rice University / Houston, TX): The Assistant Athletic Director of Marketing will play an integral role in driving revenue and attendance for the Department of Athletics, as well as serving as guardian of the Rice Athletics brand. More details HERE.

Associate Director of Administration, Donor Relations and Events (University of Oregon / Eugene, OR): The Associate Director of Administration, Donor Relations and Events directly assists the athletic director in the management, operations, and administration of the Athletic Department. More details HERE.
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