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Something seemingly small that could end up being quite big as Yahoo's Thamel reports government paperwork to wire tap believed MBB-FBI informant Sood did not include identification of the authorizing justice official, which could make a significant amount of evidence derived from the taps inadmissible. Thamel's information comes from a defendant's filing & he continues, "This blank space in the wiretap paperwork could be problematic for the federal government. The filing goes on to cite a case – United States vs. Scurry – where asterisks were used in place of the authorizing official. A D.C. Circuit Court ruled “a wiretap order is insufficient on its face where it fails to identify the Justice Department official who approved the underlying application. It’s unknown whether that ruling directly translates here, but the motion is clearly an effort to suppress key information." Other filings by lawyers representing the defendants include claims of "overboard warrants" & "lack of probable cause to search and seize the defendants’ cell phones." A bit more as the defense players push their positions. (link); WDRB's Riley digs deeper on the filings in connection to Louisville's standing, finds the Cardinals turned over around 34,000 pages of documents in connection to the case. Of note from Riley, "Unless U of L self-imposes, I don't see any way this criminal case is concluded AND the NCAA then investigates in time to do anything effecting next season & maybe the season after that. Fed cases are quicker than state, but they can still drag out, especially w/ so much evidence." More. (link)
Rice AD Karlgaard inks a contract extension that could keep him with the Owls through 2021. Karlgaard: "We have a lot more work to do. I feel like we built some of that foundation in the last four-plus years here, but I think there’s more to do and I’m happy to partner with (Rice President David  Leebron) and the university to get our athletic department even further along. […] I think among the Group of Five programs it’s about being consistently talked about as one of the best. We want to feel as though on any given Saturday—or day of competition—that we can go out and compete with any of them. That doesn’t mean we’re going to win all those games but I’d like to get us in a position where we can go toe-to-toe with anybody. We’ve got the academic prestige and when you put that together we’re looking to create one of the top experiences available to student athletes." (link)
Ohio State AD Smith, asked about his Texas A&M & Alabama comments from earlier in the week, says there's nothing that can be done to reverse the escalating coaching compensation around the industry. More: "Everybody has a different market, where they are. And what Alabama did was right for them and what Texas A & M did was right for them. But it skews the whole market when those things occur. So it makes it challenging for all of us. But the reality is we have to compensate people consistent with the expectations and their performance. So we have always done that, we'll do the same with your Urban when his contract comes up, you'll see that. But do I think that there's some things that are out of kilter with the entire -- when you look at the market, it has skewed things so crazy, if you include them in the market. I'm not a big believer in 10-year contracts, I'm just not one of those guys. I think that that's, I mean a full guaranteed 10-year contract, I'm just been in this business too long to understand what that means. So I think that skews things. So when you have those one off's and that's rights for them, let's be clear. It's not -- that's right for them, but not right for us." (link)
SEC Commish Sankey indicates he's talked to Missouri AD Sterk about the Tigers' WBB drama with South Carolina, "We had the kind of conversation you would expect. Right now, I will hold that between the two and myself. But we did exactly what we intended." Sankey continues to hold some of the same concerns about FB's early signing period, also comments further on the gun debate in Mississippi, "Our security plans continue to become much more sophisticated. That’s the appropriate way to manage security. I don’t think that in an environment where you have intense competition, the emotions associated with that competition, and potentially alcohol involved, that introducing weapons is a wise idea. I respect greatly the Second Amendment. I understand that. But in those venues, we can provide for public safety through public safety officials, and have a long history of that being a reality." (link); South Carolina AD Tanner says he & Sterk have talked & there's no grudge, however, Tanner does believe a public apology from the MU camp is necessary. (link)
New Mexico: Lobos FB HC Davie releases a statement on his suspension, says he fully cooperated with the outside probe into his program, adds, "While I do not think it is appropriate to discuss specifics of the investigation at this time, I will respond to one of several troubling allegations.  Apparently some unnamed person has claimed that during a team meeting I told the players to “get some dirt on this [victim]”.  None of the investigators told me about this claim or asked me if I ever made this remark.  So there is no misunderstanding, never did I make that or any similar comment." (link); Here's Davie's full petition to the Board. (link); Sports Illustrated legal expert McCann reviews the situation in Albuquerque, runs through possible arbitration, additional legal remedies Davie may have at his disposal & the possibility of Interim Prez Abdallah releasing Davie "for cause." (link)
Nebraska MBB student-athletes have led the "Hate Will Never Win" movement in Lincoln after a UNL student was part of a video posted by Anti-Fascist Action Nebraska proclaiming he is the state's most active white nationalist. The Cornhuskers saw the video early in the week, arranged a team meeting to address the situation & worked with other students on campus to build momentum behind the message. HC Miles: "I’m proud of them. A coach can drive a lot of things and programs can pretend to be something, but when there’s ownership and it’s player-driven, then it’s truly meaningful. They want to take a stand in a positive way, and I’ll support them any way I can." (link)
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In what will likely be a major topic for discussion at the body's April board meeting, the U.S. Olympic Committee board of directors is contemplating changes to how it oversees individual sports in light of the USA Gymnastics sex abuse case. Each sport currently is run by a national governing body (NGB) that has its own board of directors, management teams and revenue-generating structure, but that model prevents the USOC from asserting much direct influence on an NGB's behavior. The current operating framework dates to the 1978 Amateur Sports Act and it's unclear whether the law would accommodate a model where the USOC becomes a single, consolidated entity with direct oversight over all Olympic sports. USOC board of directors chairman Probst: "We are going to very carefully examine the USOC’s relationship with the NGBs. … clearly some things have occurred that would indicate we need to have a different relationship than we’ve had in the past.” (link)
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Wisconsin AD Alvarez sees his pay increased to $1.125M as a handful of Badgers HCs also get bumps thanks to approval from the Board. FB HC Chryst up to $3.3M, WBB HC Tsipis to $650K. (link); UW brass also say they'll review sexual assault & harassment policies in light of the challenges at Michigan State. Alvarez: "We will use that as incentive for us to take a look at all of our policies in every aspect of our department. Our main concern is the well-being of our student-athletes and staff.  We think we do a good job, but this gives us pause to take a look and research everything that we are doing. It makes everyone aware. I think it's just common sense. That’s a great university and good people there, you see how it affects them, and obviously we have to stand up and pay attention." (link)
Colorado State MBB student-athletes were back at practice yesterday after Thursday's boycott, though it's not entirely clear whether they sat out in a show of support for suspended HC Eustachy, to protest treatment by Interim boss Barnes or to push for more info on the situation from athletic leaders. Rams AD Parker noted on Thursday he was planning to meet with the squad. (link); Some very positive news from Fort Collins is the financial results from year one of the new on-campus FB stadium. A healthy beginning led to $3.2M more profit to be produced than initially projected on a top line of $15.54M. CSU Prez Frank: "We base our bonding and our projections on the full 40-year scope, and I remain highly confident that over the 40 years, the model will perform well." Bond payments sit at $7.9M until 2020 when it increases to $12.18M annually through 2055. (link)
Georgia Tech will launch an investigation into the allegations around MBB HC Pastner by hiring an outside firm to handle the process. The university notes it's received no complaints about Pastner's behavior, but adds context, "However, the institute takes all allegations of sexual misconduct seriously, taking appropriate action when made aware of claims." No word yet on who the outside firm will be. (link)
FB HCs continue to press the importance of passing a new redshirt rule that would allow the participation of student-athletes in four games without burning a year. Georgia Southern AD Kleinlein says he's more in favor of only two games in the first half of the season. Big 12 Commish & NCAA FB Oversight Committee chair Bowlsby: "The biggest (that) the five-year rule with the new redshirting rule is very different than it would be in any other sport. That doesn’t necessarily mean that it won’t pass. It actually makes a lot of sense in many ways. It especially makes sense if you can get your arms around some of the hardship aspects of it and the number of years that it takes to complete your degree and things like that. So, it’s a long ways from being passed, but I think we're at a point where we can think innovatively about some of the problems that have been around for a long time, and that's one of them that I think is going to continue to get some traction." (link)
UNLV Executive Assoc. AD for Compliance Toliver resigns after 26 years with the Rebels. Toliver was placed on leave earlier in the week after claims of harassment surfaced from former student-athletes & staffers. No deeper comments from the university or Toliver yet. (link, link); Penn State Asst. AD for Athletic Training Bream also resigns. No official reason was given for Bream's move, though he's been embroiled in a student death at the Beta Theta Pi house in State College where he lived & served as an advisor. (link)
More Personnel: Michigan State is "taking steps" to remove dean of the College of Osteopathic Medicine Strampel, who was technically the boss of former disgraced doctor Nassar. Strampel cited illness last month and stepped down from his managerial role, but now the school is moving to revoke his tenure and sever ties completely. Interim Prez Engler: "William Strampel did not act with the level of professionalism we expect from individuals who hold senior leadership positions, particularly in a position that involves student and patient safety. Further, allegations have arisen that question whether his personal conduct over a long period of time met MSU's standards. We are sending an unmistakable message today that we will remove employees who do not treat students, faculty, staff, or anyone else in our community in an appropriate manner. I sincerely hope the courageous survivors of Larry Nassar will see this as an unmistakable indication that things are changing quickly at Michigan State. I said last week that their efforts would not be in vain. This is just the first step in restoring trust in Michigan State." (link); Listen to this edition of AthleticDirectorU's Dynamic Leadership Podcast with TV analyst and former NBA HC Gundy, hosted by Maine MBB HC Walsh. Van Gundy expounds on leadership lessons he learned from players and coaches, discusses the intricacies of working in the league and specifically addresses the impact Pat Riley had on his life. (link)
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Score another win for traditional TV outlets as Facebook, Google & Netflix won't end up bidding on the English Premier League's next round of media rights. Incumbents Sky & BT are believed to be leaders in the clubhouse, though Amazon could still get a smaller package. Once again, a full-digital future for live sports rights is still a ways off. (link)
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Should an AD make some additional cash for endorsing the products or services of area businesses? That's the question some at Tennessee are asking as new boss Fulmer continues to do so for the likes of Hullco window repair. UT Chancellor Davenport is ok with Fulmer's current relationships & Vol Network GM Early adds, "I think it’s perfectly ethical to look at what opportunities are out there and if they make sense to do ‘em. If they don’t, we won’t. We’ve always been very selective with how we utilize our coaches. As far as (Fulmer's) endorsement scenario, it’s not been a major topic of discussion with either of us. We have a fantastic working relationship and we did going back to the days when he was coach. So I think we are both very comfortable that we’ll address the topic and arrive at an approach that makes sense for the school." (link)
Minnesota: Wrestling gets $2.6M from anonymous donors to fund an overhaul of old hoops practice space for new program space. Gophers AD Coyle: "The program has succeeded at the highest levels despite the challenges of its current practice space, which is too small and showing its age. This new facility will be a better, safer space for wrestlers to train. We’re grateful for the donors who invested in this project, the latest in a series of ambitious improvements to the everyday facilities used by Gopher student-athletes." (link); The university is also pushing forward on sexual misconduct training across campus. Prez Kaler: "We know there is a problem in society; we know there is a problem on our campus. It has got to stop." More than $500K has been spent on the effort thus far with more funding to come. More. (link)
Illinois AD Whitman on continued debate around the Chief Illiniwek situation, "In today's world that the ability to have a respectful and civil dialogue about issues that are controversial or cause disagreement is increasingly becoming a lost art. So I'm hopeful that our fans and community can demonstrate that we're capable of doing that and engaging in a constructive discussion and hopefully finding a way forward." (link)
MBB attendance dynamics at Tulsa & Oral Roberts reviewed by the Tulsa World's Haisten. The Golden Hurricane are currently averaging 4,583 per game, good for ninth in the 12-member AAC. The Eagles' average of 2,432 is good for second in the eight-school Horizon. Haisten throws up his hands a bit & asks what can be done, noting the challenge of TV & a competitive marketplace that also completes for attention amid Oklahoma, Oklahoma State & NBA fervor. Haisten: "Not that long ago, a crowd of 5,000 was considered a disappointment for TU. Today, it would be celebrated. Today’s somewhat lofty yet somewhat reasonable goals: At ORU, a consistent 3,500 for basketball. At TU, a consistent 5,000 for basketball and 20,000 for football." (link)
The San Diego Union-Tribune's Miller notes the smarts at UC San Diego as the Tritons prepare for DI ascendence. UCSD AD Edwards points to how change can make some constituents feel uncomfortable, but is super confident the academic prestige of the university won't all of a sudden start to play second fiddle to athletic pursuits. Edwards: "...when you think what it’ll do at a local, regional and national perspective, then it’s a whole different story." MBB HC Olen is already selling prospective student-athletes on the possibility of redshirting their freshmen years in order to play all four in the DI ranks. (link)
Also Noticed: Grand Canyon showed off its sparkling new 1,200-seat softball stadium, which features some chairbacks, a shaded seating area, and broadcast-ready wiring with this week's season-opener (link); The Alabama System board of trustees will consider turning nearly 7,500-sq ft of the Mal Moore Athletic Facility into a new FB recruiting lounge through a $2M renovation (link); The MAC hosted its inaugural Diversity & Inclusion Summit on Thursday, with conference administrators and NCAA leadership sharing ideas and best practices (link); Brenda Tracy: "Fun Fact: I'm coming back to Houston in March to work with @UHCougarFB." (link); MARTA's top execs cited "inadequate staffing, poor communication and ineffective crowd control" as the reasons for the post-CFP National Championship at Atlanta's Five Points Station last month (link); Coastal Carolina softball opened Friday, with fans seeing a $5 admission charge at the gate for the first time ever. (link) powered by Turnkey Search
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