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(Watch) Understanding Development & Donor Cultivation: ECU’s Compher & UNT’s Baker
Latest MBB-FBI storylines:
+ N.C. State received a federal grand jury subpoena back on January 17th. Senior Assoc. AD for Communications & Brand Management Demarest says the request was only for records, not with the intent to interview staffers. (link)
+ Former Auburn MBB AC Person has filed a motion to dismiss his charges, "The government has singled out certain alleged NCAA rules violations as 'corrupt' and decided to prosecute them as federal crimes...The indictment must be dismissed because the allegations do not support a conviction under any viable theory of criminal liability. […] Mr. Person did not act as an agent of Auburn University when he allegedly (recommended advisers), nor did he violate any fiduciary duty he owed to his employer." More. (link)
+ WaPo's Hobson & Dougherty: "Is the FBI cleaning up college basketball, or wasting its time?" It's a long piece & doesn't include a ton we don't already know, but does close with a comment from Adidas boss Rorsted, "We do not expect the situation to have any short- or long-term impact on our business." (link)
+ A comment from NCAA corporate champion Coke on the situation, "Anything that detracts from the mission and ideals of the NCAA is of concern to us." (link)
The Daily Press' Teel gets a sit-down with ACC Commish Swofford & the pair cover some good ground. Swofford on the coming months when the Rice Commission will bring its recommendations while the student-athlete transfer debate is still top-of-mind, "I think we have to be very careful about the unintended consequences with what’s done on both these issues. … You want to be empathetic to the student-athlete and those rights. At the same time, you don’t want to, in an unintended way, create chaos that isn’t good for anybody. Hopefully we’ll find the right balance there." Swofford says he's "still thinking about" the right transfer framework that's fair to all sides. With the full ACC Network play inching closer, the Commish indicates his team & ESPN are starting to talk about talent & programming. There's also chatter among league leaders about the possibility of being a part of a FB bowl game in Chicago at Wrigley Field & Swofford believes the MBB Tourney in Brooklyn has been a hit. More. (link)
The "mutual beneficial resolution" for the exit of ECU AD Compher comes with a buyout of $1.26M. Of note on the terms, "The buyout compensates Compher for about half of what he would earn if he remained employed through the end of his contract. The money will not come from tuition proceeds or state appropriations, ECU officials said. The payout, over a five-year period ending in 2023, will be reduced if he gets a job elsewhere." Board of Trustees Shanahan with what basically sums up the major challenge of being an AD these days, "An athletic director should not be judged solely on wins and losses on the field. At this university, we're about turning out students. What's happened is, unfortunately, the Pirate Nation is just so passionate about football, and sometimes they can't see other things." (link)
Nebraska boss Moos rolls out a new structure for his department, topped by six leaders who will make up the senior staff. Deputy AD Burton will serve as Chief of Staff with oversight of the Adidas relationship, facilities, event management, capital planning & construction & be the point person for FB HC Frost; Deputy AD Jentz will continue his role as CFO; Deputy AD Logsdon will still serve as SWA with other responsibilities including life skills & sports performance divisions; Executive Assoc. AD Boehm still has a wide majority of the external units; Executive Assoc. AD Leblanc will hold it down in academics; and, Executive Assoc. AD Vaughn will continue to lead compliance. (link)
Arizona State Prez Crow on the wire once again, wants to see a "simple" renovation to Wells Fargo Arena that he expects to cost less than $75M. No suites, but "great amenities." Crow also opines on the future of the Pac-12's media rights, "What I feel good about our network is that we own it, all of it. We control it. We're not getting sucked into the bigger (network) beast. When we renew out contract, writers will say wow look what happens when you waited this long to renew your contract in the new super media world." (link); Crow also points to Paterno & Nassar sagas, notes having compliance & Title IX functions "one-half arm's length from athletics" & how "we have people who don't work here any more because of their conduct, and their conduct was legal and consensual, but inappropriate." (link)
Continuing on Crow's TV rights theme, the Pac-12 Hotline's Wilner notes the timeline of the Pac-12's next Tier I deal, which could be negotiated beginning in the Fall of 2022. Wilner points to key bellwethers of the MLB's new pact in 2021, key NFL packages in 2022 & the Big Ten's move in 2023 as notable to have an indication on where the Pac-12 could land network- and money-wise. League Commish Scott continues to say he expects the likes of Amazon, Facebook, Google & others to be in the mix as each continues to grow its content dreams. (link)
Per SBD/SBJ's Smith there are some unhappy folks at Coke as CBS/Turner MBB Tourney commentator & former Duke stand-out Hill has appeared in commercials for Mtn Dew that "takes shots at the NCAA's trademarks around 'March Madness.'" Coke pays ~$30M annually for its corporate champion rights & understandably "that a CBS/Turner talent is endorsing a rival brand is not going over well inside Coke’s Atlanta HQ." However, Smith notes Hill may not have broken any rules as talent is open to negotiate deals with any brand. (link)
A study executed by professors/economists from Montana State, Texas A&M & Australia's University of Technology Sydney finds, "reports of rape involving victims aged 17 to 24 surged 41% above average daily levels on the day of a home football game, with a 15% increase when there were away games that likely entailed less partying on campus." The data was gathered specifically from police agencies at 96 DI institutions & when extrapolated out would equal and additional 832 rape reports per year across 253 DI FB-playing schools. The trio, who also used FBI data, "the increases were larger for home games, higher-profile teams and games, and on campuses ranked as well-known party schools by the Princeton Review." More. (link)
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With both the Big East & ACC MBB Tourneys going on in the New York City market, how do programs secure practice space around the city? The onus falls on folks like John Jay (DIII) MBB HC Hyland who hosted Wake Forest, Villanova, Marquette & Notre Dame this week after Northwestern, Rutgers, Iowa & Minnesota used the Bloodhounds' digs last week. Hyland has to juggle the requests on top of his college's softball, baseball, volleyball & PE needs, "Some teams will call me at 10 p.m. tonight to see if they can have a place tomorrow." With efficiency & privacy major concerns, there's a limited number of gyms that fit the bill for those in the City. Columbia, St. Francis in Brooklyn, Baruch College (DIII) & Leman Prepatory School are others in the mix. (link)
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More condolences & prayers, this time for the Syracuse family as Senior Assoc. AD for the Orange Club & former stand-out SU FB student-athlete Gedney passed away at the age of 47. Cuse AD Wildhack: "We are shocked and deeply saddened by the passing of Chris GedneyChris was a wonderful co-worker, a friend to all and deeply loyal to Syracuse University and our community. He was a decorated football student-athlete, who served as a mentor to many who followed him." (link)
Bradley AD Reynolds & Atlantic 10 Commish McGlade will join the DI MBB Committee on September 1 to begin five-year tenures. Both Reynolds & McGlade have decorated resumes as hoops student-athletes and, in McGlade's case, also as a HC. The pair have been shadowing current committee members to get a sense of what it's like to be part of the group. (link)
Sounds like Pittsburgh is pushing to not pay a $9M+ buyout to dismissed MBB HC Stallings based on remarks he made to Louisville fans during a game earlier in the season in reference to MBB-FBI allegations connected to the Cards. The two sides have not agreed to an exact buyout amount, but numbers from $4.6M to $7.5M to $9.4M have been reported by various outlets over the last few days. Naturally, Stallings' attorneys believe he is due every penny as dictated by his contract, say the original offer was "far less" than the $7.5M figure. (linklink)
What exactly is going on at Memphis? Tigers MBB HC Smith's attorney to the media, "If you’ve got somebody that wants the job and they’re controlling most of the talent in the city, I’m not casting aspersions. I’ll let you draw conclusions. […] But (Smith) gets hit with by the local media that he’s not getting the Memphis kids. They’re recruiting the Memphis kids. They’re bringing them on official visits. They’re making the phone calls. They’re going to the games. They’re talking to the parents … It would only be speculation on my part on what’s going on there, but it’s the worst kept secret in America that (Hardaway) wanted the job and there may come a time when coach has exited that he’ll get the job." Lots more around this seemingly dicey situation as the Tigers beat Tulsa on a buzzer-beater yesterday to advance to the AAC semifinals today. (linklink)
More Personnel: Former Louisville MBB HC Pitino says he's coming back & has inked with notable agent Bazant. Pitino: "Every night I go to bed, I'm bitter at the U.S. Attorney's office and at the Board of Traitors at Louisville. I'm not bitter at the school, but at the Board of Traitors." (link, link); Little Rock AD Conque will hire a new MBB HC. (link); UConn MBB HC Ollie believes he'll be back in Storrs, no word from Huskies brass. (link); Bowling Green AD Moosbrugger now has a WBB HC search on his plate. (link); The future of Georgia MBB HC Fox is still a bit foggy. (link); Northern Illinois AD Frazier hires UIC AC Colhoff as his new Women's Soccer HC. (link); Alaska Fairbanks Interim AD Gutierrez on the hunt for a new Men's Hockey HC. (link); Lots more hoops HC bonus babies given post-season accomplishments as continued by USA Today's Berkowitz. (link); ESPN expert & notable author Miller on the exit of SC6 anchor Smith from the show, ".@SportsCenter may not enjoy popularity of previous eras, but inside much of @ESPN it is sacrosanct. Mess w/it’s DNA at your own risk. (Even if you’re asked to do so)" (link)
Variety's Wallenstein dives in on new ESPN Prez Pitaro, asks if he'll be "out of his league?" Wallenstein talks to a number of sources throughout the Disney ecosystem who wonder what Chairman/CEO Iger saw in Pitaro to give him responsibility of one of the company's crown jewels. One former company leader, "It’s like they love him as an executive independent of what the results of his work are." While Pitaro has all sorts of digital chops, there are also questions on his acumen around ESPN's continued core, television. Lots here in a fascinating read that's just as much about corporate policies as Pitaro's skill set & viability as the new boss. (link)
Good read from ADWEEK on the marketing value of human connection & word of mouth as we all continue to freak out about the importance of digital. Thesis: "Marketers often ignore the importance of these interactions because they’re so much harder to measure and report back up the chain. As a result, they move forward with marketing strategies that lean too hard on inauthentic digital relationships, and they end up ignored by consumers themselves." Lots more. (link); Facebook inks a deal with Major League Baseball to exclusively streaming 25 Wednesday games during the upcoming season. Price point is between $30M - $35M & MLB Network will handle production. (link, link)
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Outgoing Maine AD Creech concludes his four years with the Black Bears tomorrow and the Bangor Daily News believes many boosters will be pleased with the change, while coaches will miss Creech once he heads to Denver. M Club Prez Rogers: "The M Club is glad he's gone." Longtime donor Jordan with some even sharper words, including, "I don’t think he understood what his real role was up here and he didn’t care. He isn’t a bad guy. Personally, I like him. But he was reclusive at times and that’s not what you need for an athletic director." WBB HC Vachon sings Creech's praises, while Senior Assoc. AD for Development Woodcock offers this support: "Without question, when it came to making decisions for our athletic department, Karlton always put our student-athletes first and I admire him for that." Creech: "You do the best you can and hope you make progress and I think we did that. I think I worked to the best of my ability and as hard as I could for the student-athletes, the coaches, the staff and the university. But there is a lot of work to be done and the next athletic director can pick that right up and keep going." More. (link)
Wright State MBB qualified Tuesday for its first NCAA Tourney in 11 years and given the financial struggles of the school, Raiders AD Grant calls it a "complete win-win" and points to "literally millions of dollars in exposure ... this is a great shot in the arm for any university." Per a report from the university, positive media surrounding the team since its Horizon League championship is $4.64M, while free press to-date for this fiscal year is $16.43M in ad spending, surpassing last year's $12.6M. School spokesman Bauguess: "When you consider athletics... there is no bigger megaphone [than the NCAA Tournament]." More than 2,100 stories and 70M impressions since Tuesday. (link)
After Loyola (Chicago) MBB HC Moser read the Yahoo Sports story published last month about the MBB-FBI scandal, he couldn't shake these six words: "University presidents should be losing sleep." So he sent an email to Prez Rooney to reaffirm that he runs a clean ship. Rooney on the move: "When Porter reached out directly and we eventually had a long conversation about how, at the core of it, he tells his players it’s all about hard work and determination, not giving up or taking shortcuts, that says a lot about his commitment to running a program the right way and brings you back to say, you know what, there are ways this can be done. That sets an example." Rooney knows Moser will be courted by other programs, given the Ramblers' first NCAA Tourney appearance in 33 years: "Porter talked about building a program, and part of that is making sure we’re paying folks competitively without sitting back and we’re always reviewing that. He is a valuable asset. We’re hoping to keep him and his coaching team he’s developed for as long as we possibly can because it’s a great fit. ... I see our team represent the best of what Division I college basketball can be. Porter’s team brings everybody back to what Division I college athletics can be if people are willing to work hard." (link)
More from Idaho as Vandals AD Spear comments on the mishandling of allegations involving a FB student-athlete: "I really think at that time there was a feeling that we were trying to protect a football student-athlete, and that was not true. That was never true. We wanted this investigation to happen. I think the expectation was that the individual (Level) should not have been provided any due process and be removed from the team. Not having him on this campus was what the end result was. … We should have apologized, and we didn’t." (link)
Miller v. Minnesota Duluth updates: Miller, UMD's former Women's Hockey HC, took the stand yesterday and got in just over an hour of testimony before court broke for the weekend. During that time she began outlining complaints she made to the athletic department and administration brass during her coaching years regarding disparities between her program and the Men's equivalent. Miller described AD Berlo as "Jekyll and Hyde," as initially their relationship was positive, before souring in January 2014. Berlo wrapped up his testimony, pointing to APR concerns and the fact that he and Chancellor Black gave Miller the option on how to publicly end her tenure: "Ms. Miller really had full decisions-making power on if she'd coach the end of the season, what the messaging would be and when we'd make the public announcement." (link); Washington State FB HC Leach in the spotlight again, this time from former student-athlete who was dismissed from the team after being caught and charged with third-degree misdemeanors last season. Leach has three non-negotiable rules in his program: 1) Don't be violent towards women; 2) Don't do illegal drugs; and, 3) Don't steal. Webb alleges that Leach "inconsistently applied the rule to him" as others were allowed to remain with the program for similar or worse transgressions. (link)
Also Noticed: A little bump action between Auburn MBB HC Pearl & Alabama Strength & Conditioning coach DeNeed led to some words after Bama's victory yesterday afternoon. (link); Utah MBB HC Krystkowiak after Thursday's loss to Oregon, "I’ll say it going to my grave — nobody wants to watch college basketball where guys sit on the bench in foul trouble. What other sport is there on the planet where you penalize guys for fouling. There’s nothing — soccer, baseball ... the NCAA championship game last year, you look at how many fouls are called — how much fun is that? [...] I can’t figure out the rules, because there’s a lot more fouls being called at the end of the season for some reason than were called at the beginning of the season. So I’m confused about what’s happening." (link); Interesting title behind a Biz Journal wall, "USF Athletics playing for bigger stakes and higher revenue." (link); South Carolina fans seem to be ok with the FB ticket sales increase as most note the $7 per game jump as not too much, but hope it doesn't happen every year. (link); Hawaii MBB decides not to play in the CIT or CBI. (link)
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