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Maintaining Organizational Stability With Kansas State's Gene Taylor

Kansas State Director of Athletics Gene Taylor sits down with ADU's Tai M. Brown at the annual Women Leaders Convention in Kansas City for a conversation about the strategy behind his career path, which includes stops as North Dakota State AD and Iowa Deputy AD before his arrival at K-State, and the different demands and priorities between the FCS and Power 5 levesl. Taylor also discusses the impact FB HC Bill Synder had on K-State's culture and the power of departmental brand stability.

The conversation is indexed below for efficient viewing.

  • 1:09 - Talk with us about how it feels to be perceived as a stable brand in today's college athletics landscape.
  • 2:16 - What was the thought process behind taking the Deputy AD role at Iowa after serving as North Dakota State AD?
  • 3:46 - What were some of the things you learned at Iowa that you didn't have the opportunity to learn at NDSU?
  • 4:58 - Where there things from your time in the Big Chair that "snapped back" when you took on the AD role at K-State?
  • 6:16 - How do you maintain stability in the current ever-changing college athletics landscape?
  • 7:43 - What's the benefit to cultivating diversity of thought and perspective in a stable department? How do you introduce new perspectives when staffers don't leave?
  • 9:03 - How do you approach recruiting to your department?
  • 10:25 - How do you gain and cultivate buy-in to your departmental culture from new administrators?
  • 12:12 - What is your personal learning process as you continue to evolve in your career?
  • 13:34 - How do you make time for yourself and what does that look like?
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