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November 23, 2020:
Illinois State partners with Athlete Network. (link)
November 23, 2020:
Outgoing Illinois State Prez Dietz says the school is still on an “aggressive” timeline to hire a new AD. “I have been assured there is a strong and diverse pool of candidates. The search committee is going to be working pretty diligently. The idea is we hope to have an offer out by the end of the year.” Dietz also notes that exiting boss Lyons has indicated he would stay on past January 1 if a successor is not on board yet. At this point, there is no plan to name an interim AD, but Dietz says that could “change pretty quickly if we had to do that,” adding: “The good news is I think we’re as prepared as we can be at this point for spring competition. A lot of the spring planning has already taken place so if we don’t have somebody by the first of the year we’ll be OK.” Dietz also intimated ISU needs a few more donations before it can move to the design phase on a indoor practice facility. “At one time, we were talking more of a bricks and mortar facility. I think we’re going away from that to more of a dome kind of facility. That saves a considerable amount of money, and those are still very, very functional facilities.” (link)
November 22, 2020:
The Illinois State AD search just got a bit more interesting as Redbirds Prez Dietz announced his intention to retire on June 30th of next year. ISU says a search for Dietz's successor will launch immediately. Board of Trustees Chair Jones "we were all a little shocked" by Dietz's decision. (linklink)
October 22, 2020:
Illinois State had a MBB student-athlete test positive earlier in the week, eight others are now quarantining for 14 days. (link)
October 20, 2020:
Illinois State’s AD search is now underway with assistance from search firm WittKieffer. The 10-member internal search committee is chaired by School of Kinesiology and Recreation Chair Beggs. Prez Dietz: “I was pleased with the efforts of WittKieffer in the provost search that resulted in a strong, diverse pool of candidates and the ultimate hiring of Dr. Aondover Tarhule. I expect WittKieffer to similarly produce a strong, diverse pool of qualified candidates for the director of Athletics position at Illinois State.” (link)
October 6, 2020:
Elevate Hoops
 will host an MBB MTE at Nebraska featuring the Huskers, LSU, Northern Iowa, Nevada, Illinois State and Cleveland State with more teams being added. The field could include up to 16 teams. (link)
October 2, 2020:
Illinois State 
Prez Dietz on his upcoming AD search, "We are going to do a search and I am going to spend the early part of next week trying to pull a search committee together and we are going to utilize the help of an outside search firm due to the timing of all of this. It'll be a national search and if we have internal folks, they are welcome to apply, as is to everybody. [...] I believe in the process and we will be aggressive about moving the process forward but also careful about making sure that we have diversity represented in the pool." (link)
October 1, 2020:
Illinois State 
AD Lyons announces plans to retire at the end of the calendar year after 33 years as a part of the Redbirds athletic department. Lyons: "I’m excited. One of your goals is to get to the point of retirement. I’ve been doing this for a long time. So much of your life is nights and weekends and Redbird events and university events. You have to recalibrate a little bit." ISU Prez Dietz says a committee will be formed soon to help hire Lyons' successor, which he wants completed before Lyons exits. Lyons also says the recent developments around his "All Redbirds lives matter" comment did not play a role in this decision. (link)
September 29, 2020:
Illinois State is the latest department to link up with former Adidas staffer Darlow for student-athlete branding. (link)
September 28, 2020:
Illinois State 
FB AC Beathard abruptly left the program after putting a sign on his door that read “All Lives Matter to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.” Neither school officials nor Beathard were willing to discuss what led to the departure, per Football Scoop, but Beathard does say he did not remove any Black Lives Matter sign that wasn’t put on his door. “I took the sign down somebody put on my door. That’s it. I didn’t take anything off that wasn’t put on my door. I wrote the message.” (link)
September 4, 2020:
Here are photos of Illinois State student-athletes marching through campus. (link)
September 4, 2020:
Student-athletes from 16 of 17 Illinois State programs (all except Baseball) will participate in a march and rally today as part of an ongoing boycott that began after AD Lyons commented “All Redbird lives matter” in a department-wide Zoom call last week. (link)
September 2, 2020:
Illinois State 
AD Lyons says he has no plans to step down as his department continues to work with student-athletes on Black Lives Matter developments. Lyons: "I mean there’s a process if they’re unhappy with my job performance, there are avenues for them to express that to my direct supervisor and they’re welcome to do that. My commitment is to making improvements so that we make their lives better and make their experiences at Illinois State in the athletic department and on-campus better." (link)
September 1, 2020:
Developments continue at Illinois State as some student-athletes aren't totally satisfied with the response of Redbirds AD Lyons & plans by the athletic department to address the Black Lives Matter movement. Boycotts of practices, team meetings & workouts have occurred. Track & Field student-athlete Wilkerson: "We’re not here to cancel Larry Lyons. Our whole movement isn’t just to fire him ... I do believe that if he doesn’t do what he says he’s committed to doing, then he should be dismissed." (link)
August 31, 2020:
Illinois State announces an action plan for social change, starting with an athletic department statement reaffirming the Black Lives Matter. AD Lyons and his administrative staff will complete the "Race and Cultural Diversity in American Life and History" educational program. More, including Lyons having weekly "drop in" office hours to "engage with individual student-athletes and teams to better understand their experiences." (link)
August 28, 2020:
Illinois State AD Lyons has apologized for saying "All Redbird lives matter" during a Zoom call with student-athletes on Thursday. Lyons: "Black Lives Matter. I understand that and I support that. They need to hear that from me. I need to apologize to them. It was a comment that was offensive to our student-athletes. That was not my intention but that's how it was interpreted. I have to own that and I do regret the comment." Football student-athlete Proctor: "We all talked. The football team is angered about that statement. [...] Personally, I believe actions speak louder than words. We’re waiting to see." (link)
August 21, 2020:
Illinois State AD Lyons points to students being back on campus and greater socialization for the 31 positive tests by student-athletes in the past week, "I think we ended up with the perfect storm." In terms of fulfilling its 10-year, $19.8M deal with Learfield IMG College with fewer games, "We are going to become very creative as we go through the fall and to provide those exposures and those positive touches to the Redbird fan base." (link)
July 22, 2020:
Out of 123 recent tests on student-athletes and staff, Illinois State announced three positive ones - two on the FB team and one on the MBB squad. (link)
July 15, 2020:
Illinois State Volleyball student-athlete Hilliard continues her guest hosting of @1QLeadership, catches up with Michigan State FB student-athlete Flowers to discuss keys to handling the current challenges. Workouts, academics, activism & getting up to speed with a new HC are all covered. Flowers: "Staying connected with friends and family back home has been important because they keep me motivated to reach my goals. [...] It was amazing to see my teammates and coaches from all different backgrounds supporting each other and looking for solutions. [...] I try not to shy away from opportunities to speak up because I gain courage and get more comfortable every time I speak." More. (link)
June 29, 2020: 
One Illinois State FB student-athlete tests positive out of 160 tests (101 players, 59 coaches/support staff). (link)
June 9, 2020:
Miami (FL) Senior Assoc. AD for Administration Myles Payne chats with Illinois State SAAC VP/Volleyball student-athlete Hilliard on the latest @1QLeadership podcast. The pair discuss MOAA's statement on social injustice, the most important tools for productive dialogue & more. Myles Payne: "We (MOAA) tried to be more prescriptive in our statement in how we want our allies and institutions around the country to look at what needs to be done to move forward. [...] Do your part. When everybody does their part, the change becomes real and relevant. [...] Designate a Chief Diversity Officer and make sure they are empowered to do the job." More. (link)
May 28, 2020:
Illinois State
 AD Lyons says about 60% of spring sport seniors have indicated they plan to come back, and ISU will honor their scholarships at the same level as last year. To fund those scholarships, Lyons explains that “we did a really good analysis on what summer school is going to look like this summer and made some adjustments there. … I think we're in a pretty good spot budget-wise. We're fortunate, but at same time we need to be prepared in case there's unforeseen things that we need to react to pretty quickly." (link)
May 25, 2020:
Illinois State FB will travel to Oklahoma in 2023. (link)
January 10, 2020:
Illinois State AD Lyons on alcohol sales at Hancock Stadium and Redbird Arena thus far: "I was very pleased that there was very little flack and you really didn’t even notice alcohol was being sold." (link)
December 11, 2019:
USA Today's Jacoby reports on a year's worth of research & investigation on the topic of student-athletes embroiled in sexual offenses at one institution who land at another & continue their playing careers. Of note. "At least 28 current and former athletes since 2014 transferred to NCAA schools despite being administratively disciplined for a sexual offense at another college. The investigation found an additional five who continued playing after being convicted or disciplined for such offenses through the courts." Schools mentioned: USF, Tennessee State, Kentucky, Purdue, Oregon, Ohio State, Austin Peay, Illinois State, Tennessee, UNC Wilmington, Air Force, Stony Brook, Idaho. Jacoby contends part of the problem is a lack of standardized background checks for transfer student-athletes, though some conferences have stepped up their game over the last couple of years. Big Sky described as having "the most comprehensive misconduct policy in college sports to date." Lots more, including comments from victims. (link)
December 4, 2019:
What's the best AD job in Missouri Valley Conference? According to sitting ADs & executive leaders around college athletics who responded to the latest Athletic Department Power Index survey from AthleticDirectorU & Athlete Viewpoint, it's Northern Iowa. Illinois State & Loyola (Chicago) follow the Panthers, with Missouri State, Drake, Bradley & Southern Illinois making up the middle tier. Valpo, Indiana State & Evansville in the bottom third. UNI also topped the list on the question of which MVC AD chair is most likely to lead to a 'Power 5' gig. More, including results to questions about facilities, institutional alignment, quality of life, non-revenue sports, donor support, etc. (link)
November 25, 2019:
Illinois-Springfield (DII) has named Illinois State Senior Assoc. AD for Internal Operations Deterding its new AD. Deterding, who spent 12 years at ISU: “After meeting with Chancellor Koch, it became very evident that with her level of support and with the foundation in place, this is truly an exciting time to be a part of Prairie Stars Athletics. The opportunity for growth within athletics and the campus as a whole provides an atmosphere that one can be immensely energetic about.” Deterding will take over at UIS on December 9. (link)
November 12, 2019:
Illinois State 
WBB HC Gillespie, Baseball HC Holm & T&F/Cross Country boss Bovee all ink extensions through 2024. (link)
October 29, 2019:
Illinois State AD Lyons: "I think it’s a good move to want the divisions to look at it individually. I don’t think the model will fit for a Division I school as it would for a Division III school for instance. Now we just have to allow the folks who are working on this at the NCAA to do their work and come back with suggestions as to how to move forward."(link); Illinois State Rep. Welch points to the House Higher Ed Committee passing the Student-Athlete Endorsement Act, despite "a group of millionaire athletic directors opposing." (link)
October 10, 2019:
Illinois State
 AD Lyons: "It would be, I think, in the best interests of college athletics that we are all working on the same page, following the same rules. If we have rules that are different in different states, I think that causes more problems than it solves." (link)
August 23, 2019:
 extends with Illinois State and Marshall. (linklink)
August 14, 2019:
Illinois State 
earned the Missouri Valley Conference All-Sports Trophy. (link)
August 8, 2019:
 adds a home FB game with Illinois State to the 2027 schedule. (link)
July 18, 2019:
Illinois State
 will offer public beer & wine sales at both Hancock Stadium & Redbird Arena with other venues still being finalized. ISU AD Lyons says his team has reviewed the national landscape on the topic & says it's "becoming the norm and will provide an improved game day experience at Redbird athletic events for our patrons." (link)
July 3, 2019:
"The new normal of legal recreational marijuana, I think that everybody is going to have to adjust to it in some way. I’m most concerned about the edibles, accessible they are going to be, how do you regulate the dose or how strong it is. [...] I think that society is going to have to deal with this, not just us and college athletics. To me, that opens up a whole new spectrum that we are going to have to get used to dealing with." That's Illinois State AD Lyons on legalization developments in Illinois. More, "...we are going to have to do some really good education and having some pretty frank conversations with our student-athletes." (link)
June 6, 2019:
With a recreational marijuana bill nearing completion, Illinois State AD Lyons says "the education process is going to have to really ramp up" as student-athletes will still be subject to NCAA rules. More: "So we are going to have to take a really serious stance on this. I think we are going down the path that eventually federally it will not be against the law, and then the NCAA is going to have to react on that. Society is interesting where it goes when you want to chase revenues and there is going to be some side-effects to that, there is no question about that." (link)
May 13, 2019:
Illinois State AD Lyons goes with Indiana AC Hamilton as the next HC for his Swimming & Diving program. (link)
April 25, 2019:
Illinois State
 AD Lyons is representing 12 collegiate ADs throughout the state to make their feelings clear on the possibility of legalized sports gambling, "We are in agreement that we oppose legalized gambling on college sports. […] A lot of the potential betters are going to be walking on campus, they're going to be living in residence halls and apartments, they're going to be going to these games, they're going to be their friends and neighbors on that campus." Illinois Governor Pritzker thinks the state could make $40M to $80M annually by legalizing the activity, though he's pushing for licensing terms far more aggressive than neighboring Iowa & Indiana, which are both well on their own way to legalizing. (link)
February 21, 2019:
Illinois State's 
BoT will likely approve a $1.2 deal today to replace the Horton Fieldhouse roof, which was last replaced in 1993. Work would begin in July with a November completion date. (link)
February 1, 2019:
Goodman with his latest 'Conference Chain of Command' with the Missouri Valley. Final rankings on the most/least attractive MBB HC jobs in the league based on votes from coaches: Illinois State, Bradley, Northern Iowa, Loyola (Chicago), Missouri State, Southern Illinois, Valpo, Indiana State, Drake, Evansville. Biggest outlier data points vs. final rank: Illinois State #6 in history/tradition, but 1st overall. The Purple Aces #5 in facilities, but 10th overall. (link)
January 12, 2019:
Illinois State
 is planning to upgrade seats inside Redbird Arena. Better upholstery, cup holders & additional leg room are all on the docket. (link)
October 22, 2018:
Here is a breakdown of the salaries of HCs of women's teams at each school in the state of Illinois. DePaul leads the way, with average pay of $224,721, while Northwestern ($202,206), Illinois ($181,452), Illinois State ($96,034) and Bradley ($90,123) round out the top five. (link)
October 15, 2018:
Illinois State's 
Board of Trustees will decide whether to green light up to $6.8M to replace lower bowl seating and add ADA compliant seats, box seating locations and a suite to Redbird Arena, as well as replace the floor in Horton Field House. The two projects - $6.2M for the arena upgrades and $600K for the field house floor - would be covered by bonds, which will be serviced by facility revenues. (link)
August 31, 2018:
Illinois State AD Lyons on policies pertaining to political activism: "We’re in a little different time now with those kinds of things, and there are different expectations on our student athletes. We ask them to act appropriately and consider what the best thing for them to do is, but we don’t make a big issue out of it at all. We’ll address that issue as it happens." FB HC Spack thinks sports are an outlet to "get away from the heavy issues in life" and doesn't see the two mixing. (link)
August 30, 2018:
 FB will host Illinois State in 2020. (link)
August 29, 2018:
 adds four non-conference FB games to future schedules: Kent State in 2021, South Dakota State in 2022, Illinois State in 2024 and Northern Illinois in 2025. (link)
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