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Memphis AD Bowen was working under a contract that concluded on June 30 of this year, receives an extension through the end of 2019. Here's UM Prez Rudd's rationale, "Tom and I have agreed to extend the existing terms of his contract through the end of the calendar year until our new AAC conference media rights deal is finalized and the overall financial picture of the University of Memphis Athletic Department for the next several years is clear." As for Bowen, "I’m excited about my future. The contract process is ongoing and once all the finances are secure, I think it’ll move forward very quickly." (link)
ACC Commish Swofford raps with The Herald's Fowler on a handful of topics. On his retirement plans, "not there yet, but we’ll see down the road." How sports gambling will impact his league, "We’re trying to figure that out. We’re taking various steps to educate ourselves with what’s happening, particularly within the 10 states where our schools fall, and also trying to figure out how is this different, being legal, than the betting that goes on now — and that we all know goes on — in an illegal sense. [...] Personally, I would prefer that college athletics be carved out and not legal to bet on, but that day has probably passed. So you need to accept that reality. You can’t have your collective heads stuck in the sand on this. I get a little bit concerned about having 10 different sets of circumstances in 10 different states. So I’d like to see some consistency maybe coming out of Congress, from state to state, in terms of some regulatory features." (link)
Yahoo's Forde believes the NCAA MBB Selection Committee has its hardest job ever with, "At least four teams in the mix for a No. 1 or 2 seed are missing a player or coach, with no definitive news on when those people may return. At least four bubble teams have suspended players or assistant coaches that must be factored either in or out of the equation. And then there is the wretched state of the bubble, and whether this is the year to revolutionize the at-large selection process with greater openness to mid-major candidates. All that, and we haven't even factored in the customary upsets and bid thieves that will complicate matters in the final days and hours of the committee's work." Specifically on LSU, "What LSU shows in Nashville this week — and who participates — will be vital in shaping what the committee decides to do with the Tigers in terms of seeding. Wherever they are seeded and sent, the Tigers are the new lightning-rod team of this tournament." Forde also reviews the merits of Lipscomb, Belmont, Furman, Indiana, Clemson & Alabama. More. (link)
In his weekly column for the Pac-12 Hotline, The Athletic’s Bennett examines how the Pac-12 enters its conference tournament without a ranked team and in danger of becoming the first major conference to send only one team to the NCAA Tournament. Among the factors that have led to the scenario is a lackluster .613 winning percentage outside the conference, according to Pac-12 Deputy Commish Zaninovich: "You make your bed in the non-conference. The numbers are undeniable. We struggled." Zaninovich did cite some mitigating factors for the league’s struggles, including a lack of experience, 40 key players missing significant time and the league playing most of its marquee non-conference matchups outside the Pacific Time Zone. "We have some structural challenges related to scheduling. It’s hard to get teams to come out here." Zaninovich also credits teams for committing to “scheduling up,” perhaps to the point of “overscheduling. Meanwhile, the league continues to bring in consultants to address issues such as scheduling and exposure. Zaninovich: “Everything is on the table for us. We don’t just want to look at things when we’re in a down cycle. We want to be creative in our approach and look at anything we think can help. … Give these great coaches and young guys a chance, and I think you’ll be pleased with results in the future.” (link); headliner Hansen worried about Pac-12 MBB Tournament attendance with Arizona fans potentially staying home after a lackluster regular season. There's also an interesting chart toward the middle of the piece that shows 'Power 6' attendance averages this season: Big Ten (12,527), ACC (11,571), SEC (10,166), Big 12 (10,209), Big East (10,007), Pac-12 (7,313). (link)
Fox is putting together a broadcast lineup it believes will help the network compete with ESPN’s College Football GameDay, according to the New York Post’s Marchand, who reports that Fox has brought in former Ohio State HC Meyer and former USC star Bush to join former USC QB Leinart, former Notre Dame QB Quinn to form a “Mount Rushmore of college football over the last 15 years.” The yet-to-be named pregame show will be broadcast on the network and be hosted by Rob Stone, beginning this fall. To begin, the show will be broadcast out of Los Angeles, but there are plans to take it on the road to a handful of games to be aired on Fox. (link)
North Carolina Representative Walker says he has broad lawmaker support ("It isn’t just going to be a Republican thing") for the bill he's planning to introduce to the House on Thursday through the Ways & Means Committee that would give student-athletes use of their name, image & likeness. Walker says he's met with NCAA officials as he'd like to get the issue settled without having to pass a law, adds, "We’re not asking the NCAA or a university to pay a single dollar to any student athlete at any point in time. The only thing we’re doing is to remove the ban. When they have to sign over and put a moratorium on their likeness and image, we think that’s un-American. We think that’s wrong, and it’s time for that to be resolved." (link)
Conference USA will keep its MBB & WBB Tourneys at the Ford Center in Frisco through at least 2021 with the dueling courts setup for early round action. Commish MacLeod: "Last year’s event was very successful, and we made it a priority to build on that foundation and continue our relationship with the Dallas Cowboys. Jerry Jones, Jr. and his team have been outstanding throughout the entire process." 2018 economic impact: $4M. (link)
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SBJ's Smith goes in on the upcoming retirement of Big Ten Commish Delany, gets this from Delany, "I just felt like it’s a good time to break. We’ve got a lot of resources. We’ve got great structure, we’ve got great media partners and we’ve got a great staff. … I turned 71 [March 3]. I feel the same as I did 10, 15 years ago. I’ve got good energy and I thought it was a good time to pass the baton." Smith also adds some interesting names to the list of potential successors: Hulu CEO Freer, Patriot League Commish Heppel & MAC Commish Steinbrecher are a trio I haven't seen listed elsewhere. (link)
Personnel Part I: Weber State AD Bovee with some staff changes as Assoc. AD Crosbie is promoted to Senior Assoc. AD/SWA, Wildcat Club Director Dawes to Assoc. AD for External Ops and Annnual Giving, and Assoc. AD for External Operations Goch switches to to Assoc. AD for Internal Ops. (link); For the fifth consecutive year, Nantz, Hill, Raftery and Wolfson will call the NCAA MBB Final Four and National Championship games on CBS. Full breakdown of championship commentator teams here. Also, rules analyst Steratore will provide rules and officiating analysis in studio form the First Four through Regional finals then on-site in Minneapolis. (link); Arizona MBB HC Miller on his Senior Day speech to the crowd at the McKale Center: "It certainly wasn't a goodbye speech. .. I meant what I said." (link); Here is the complete contract information for Ohio State's FB staff. Co-DCs Mattison and Hafley at $1.1M and $950K, respectively. OC Wilson to make $950K. Two others at $900K+. Receivers coach Hartline at the other end, making $345K. $100K buyout for all of them should they choose to leave before Dec. 1 of the final year of their contract, unless it is for a HC job. (link); Virginia MBB HC Bennett picks up $50K for his ACC COY win. Also do a $1M retention bonus on Friday. (link); Details of Utah FB HC Whittingham's five-year, $22M extension. $1.3M in base salary with a $150K increase annually. $1.1M the first year for radio and TV revenue with $50K bumps each year. $1.14M annually for appearance fees and $462K from Under Armour. Lots of incentives including a $400K one for a New Year's Six bowl or playoff appearance. (link)
Personnel Part II: New MBB HC openings at Fairfield, Mercer, SUI Edwardsville, Niagara. (linklinklinklink);  Sounds like Portland HC Porter will return. (link); New WBB HC openings at North Dakota State & Richmond. (linklink); Buffalo AD Alnutt is pushing to extend MBB HC Oats as he'll undoubtedly be a hot name on the wire as things shake out. (link); SIU AD Kill wants a new MBB boss with Midwest ties, discipline & toughness. (link); Cal Poly AD Oberhelman is using Jeff Schemmel to assist with his search. The Mustangs owe former HC Callero $137K as a buyout. (linklink)
Since it is that time of year, former Minnesota Senior Assoc. AD & current consultant Werle pens for AthleticDirectorU on how to handle leaks that can occur during HC searches. Werle: "Don’t hold negative information any longer than you must. […] Don’t waste time trying to locate the source of a leak and keep your emotions out of it. […] While you will never stop leaks entirely, you can minimize any real financial, reputational or organizational damage the premature or anonymous sharing of private or outright false information may cause." More. (link)
Deals: Utah chooses Tailgate Guys for its premium tailgate & event service expertise in lead up to home FB games at Rice-Eccles Stadium. (link); Wisconsin & Legends link up in a multi-year arrangement that includes general ticketing, premium seating, annual fundraising, marketing & business intelligence integrations. (link); Rutgers & The Aspire Group join hands to boost ticket sales. The on-campus Fan Relationship Management Center (FRMC) will include a specialized staff of 15 focused on new sales, service and retention, group sales, marketing and digital strategy. (link); WDRB's Green reports, "talks w/ @yumbrands on extending naming rights (for the KFC Yum! Center) are moving in the 'right direction,'" for the Louisville Arena Authority. (link)
A Reddit user has untangled the mystery surrounding DII Colorado-Mesa’s (lack of?) invitation to the WAC, which the school turned down, according to a local reporter in Grand Junction. After the story ran, Collegiate Consulting tweeted that the university had not, in fact received an invitation to turn down, and the Redditor contends that it’s “clear that Collegiate Consulting has a close working relationship with the WAC,” citing the firm’s involvement in Dixie State’s and Cal Baptist’s moves from DII to the WAC, among other ties. When asked directly about the matter, WAC Asst. Commish of Media Relations Shuler intimated only that the league doesn’t discuss membership matters, adding: “As much as we’d like to make a comment on this one, we just can’t because once you comment on one, you set a precedent and then have to speak on all of them.” On CMU’s end, the Redditor was told by Director of PR Ludlam explained that CMU researched DI participation but opted not to pursue “shortly after former [Utah Valley Prez] Holland reached out to [CMU Prez] Foster” about CMU’s potential interest. Ultimately, the Redditor concludes that CMU likely received an “informal” invitation, which it privately declined, adding: “The WAC won’t comment, but [Collegiate Consulting stands] firm, opening up questions as to why they would be so adamant. In the end, the newest WAC member-to-be, Dixie State, is left planning a move to the FCS as an independent without a clear path forward and a lot of questions as to whether the WAC will be able to build an FCS conference for them to be in.” Lots more details. (link)
Washington State AD Chun on being a NACDA Under Armour AD of the Year, "It is really a reflection of our entire athletic program. These awards  are  done for organizational excellence. [...] We’ve made some history, with volleyball, soccer, cross country and football, with (ESPN) GameDay, getting the baseball project approved.  There  are so many wonderful things that happened. Our athletic fund had a record year. So that is one piece of it. It’s  a reflection I believe of President Kirk Schulz and his ability find the people who fit the institution." On the importance of continued FB success, "It’s not an option: It has to, and we are keenly aware of that. [...] We are one of those institutions where our self-esteem is impacted by what happens on the football field in the fall and part of the responsibility of being at Washington State is to field a highly competitive football team. We are focused on the short-term and long-term health of Washington State football. In this next phase, we’re fundraising for a practice facility. That is the next piece." More, though most of it Chun has talked about before. (link)
Old Dominion has sold out of tickets for the premium Priority Automotive Club at S.B. Ballard Stadium two months ahead of schedule. The $2.5M, 5K-sq-ft club, for which ODU received permission from the state to add as part of the stadium’s exhaustive renovation, has already generated $4M, and Assoc. AD for Development Turner says ticket sales will generate $500K annually after expenses. All 97 individuals who purchased the $7,500 ticket packages (388 total tickets) were asked, but not required, to make additional donations to the stadium renovation project. Those donations began at $25K but some, according to ODU were much larger; however, even if those 97 donated just the $25K, those donations would generate almost $2.5M in new revenue. Monarchs AD Selig: “As we discussed the new stadium conceptually throughout the region and local community, we were inundated with requests for premium sideline seating. … If not for President Broderick’s decision to allow this proposal to become reality, we would be missing out on millions of dollars in revenue to help pay for the stadium. He deserves a lot of credit for his leadership throughout this process.” (link)
Attorneys for former Louisville MBB recruit Bowen on Friday characterized Adidas executive Rivers as the “ringleader” in what amounted to a “criminal racketeering enterprise” to direct highly touted recruits to Adidas-sponsored schools. As evidence, attorneys cited testimony that  Rivers oversaw an operation he dubbed “Black Ops” wherein he personally approved bribes to prospects while directing other employees not to mention the bribes in writing. Additionally, Bowen’s lawyers named former Louisville MBB ACs Johnson and Fair as individuals who worked to conceal the payments. Attorneys for Adidas argue there is no evidence the company writ large was not part of the scandal, which they say was spearheaded by a “few” employees. Rivers has not been charged and has not testified on the matter. (link); Also, check out this alleged shadiness as The Sports Agent Blog has gained possession of a proposed broker agreement from 2014 between AAU coach Barrett & Top Tier Management that would compensate Barrett for pushing prospects to the agency. More. (link)
Lipscomb Asst. Dir. of Athletic Operations Ross arrested on Sunday morning at the Tin Roof Bar after three different women accused him of inappropriately touching them inside the bar. Tin Roof's security team had already removed Ross once, before the police arrived, for "extreme intoxication," but he refused to leave the property. The three women did not want to prosecute, but Ross was charged with public intoxication and resisting arrest. He is free on a pre-trial release with court appearance scheduled for next month. No comment from the university. (link)
Also Noticed: No better time than now to consult D1.ticker's MBB comparative ratings sheet. (link); Some LSU students are planning to protest MBB HC Wade's suspension today. (link); Disney is on pace to lose hundreds of millions of dollars in the first half of 2019, according to Bloomberg’s Smith, who reports: “Disney lost just under $100 million on streaming in the first quarter and expects to lose an additional $200 million on its online video efforts in the second quarter, mostly to develop ESPN+. … The company will also surrender about $150 million in operating income after cutting off licensing to competing services.” (link); Ticketmaster and Amazon Alexa have teamed up to make it possible for fans to ask Alexa to find events and then purchase tickets with a linked Ticketmaster account. (link); Portland State FB will travel to Washington State in 2024 for $562,500. The Vikings also add a home-and-home series with North Dakota, first at Hillsboro Stadium in 2020 and then at the Alerus Center in 2025. (link); Portland upgrades to the EditShare XStream EFS single node shared storage platforms for all content capture. (link); Nebraska FB student-athlete Washington self-surrendered in California over the weekend for a felony and misdemeanor charge, but Huskers HC Frost said he expected Washington to return to Lincoln last night after he was "processed." He posted the $35K bail and has an April 10 court date set. (link); Former Cincinnati MBB AHC Davis sentenced yesterday to two years probation after pleading guilty to a federal misdemeanor assault charge last October. He was also ordered to undergo "probation approved psycho-sexual evaluation," do 100 hours of community service, pay a $1K fine and $1,126 in restitution to the victim. (link)
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(NEW!) Senior Associate Athletic Director of Development (University of Pittsburgh / Pittsburgh, PA): This key addition to our staff will be a proven and thoughtful manager and leader, decorated fundraiser, and strategic relationship builder to add to an already dynamic and growing staff. More details HERE.

(NEW!) Senior Associate Athletic Director Business Operations (University of New Mexico / Albuquerque, NM): The Univ. of New Mexico is seeking a Sr. Assoc. Athletic Director for Business Operations. To view full Job Description and to Apply: PI108364985. More details HERE.

Associate Athletic Director (19760B) (University of Utah / Salt Lake City, UT): Serve as the primary communications and media contact for the Utah Athletics department, and oversee and direct all aspects of the athletics communications office for Utah’s 20 Division I sports. More details HERE.

Assistant Athletic Director - Equipment/Operations (Middle Tennessee State University / Murfreesboro, TN): Work to oversee and manage all aspects of the Athletic Equipment Room for the University’s NCAA Division I Football program and its 16 additional athletic programs within NCAA guidelines. More details HERE.

Assistant Athletic Director, Brand Advancement and Fan Engagement (University of South Alabama / Mobile, AL): Seeking someone to provide vision and leadership in the areas of brand advancement, marketing, creative content and in-game entertainment programming. See our link for details and requirements. More details HERE.

Director of Digital Marketing (Paciolan / Irvine, CA): Responsible for creating strategic digital marketing programs and managing and leading a team of digital marketing experts to help clients sell more tickets through a variety of marketing efforts. More details HERE.

Marketing Automation Manager (Paciolan / Irvine, CA): This position will act as a strategic consultant to engage live entertainment clients and help them to deploy best practices and strategies to engage customers, drive ticket sales and build sales ops. More details HERE.

Recruiting Associate (Turnkey Search / Haddonfield, NJ): The Recruiting Associate will connect with countless industry professionals on a daily basis, including those from teams, leagues, athletic departments, media companies, agencies, brands, and more. More details HERE.

Associate AD Ticket Operations & Sales (University of Colorado / Boulder, CO): Direct and manage all ticketing operations and sales related to Athletics including developing strategy to maximize ticket sales, revenue and retention and managing box office operations. More details HERE.

Associate Director of Athletics for Development (State University of New York at Buffalo, Athletics / Buffalo, NY): This position supports and enhances the mission of the State University of New York at Buffalo Athletics Department and is responsible for working to optimize philanthropic support for Athletics. More details HERE.

Coordinator, Ticket Sales (University of Arizona / Tucson, AZ): Position will be tasked with generating revenue for Arizona Athletics via sales of season, partial and group packages through outbound calls. More details HERE.

Athletics Marketing Assistant (Charlotte 49ers / Charlotte, NC): The Charlotte 49ers are seeking a highly motivated, organized, creative, and outgoing individual to serve an internship in the area of athletic marketing, and promotions for the 2019-20 academic year. More details HERE.

Head Women's Basketball Coach (East Carolina University / Greenville, NC): Organize and direct all aspects of a NCAA Division I Women's Basketball program including developing, directing and coaching an intercollegiate Varsity Women's Basketball Program. PI108302195. More details HERE.

Associate Athletic Director for Strategic Initiatives and Communication (Clemson University / Clemson, SC): This an Executive level role that is responsible for assisting the Director of Athletics with developing, communicating, executing, and sustaining strategic initiatives. More details HERE.

Director of Fastpitch Softball (Athletx Sports Group / Louisville, KY): We’re looking for someone who can lead the recruiting for both our team and individual softball events, as well as work with the Operations Team to integrate and execute the softball experience within our events. More details HERE.

Coordinator of Learning Services (Lindahl Academic Center, University of Minnesota / Minneapolis, MN): Successful candidate will meet with academically underprepared student-athletes to foster academic success, monitor progress in classes and communicate with staff, and identify gaps to build academic skills. More details HERE.

Athletics Marketing Assistant (University of North Carolina / Chapel Hill, NC): The Athletics Marketing Assistant will support the marketing office in their efforts to generate revenue by enhancing the fan experience in effective ways while advancing the Carolina Athletics brand. More details HERE.

Assistant Athletic Director for Business Operations (Florida Gulf Coast University / Fort Myers, FL): The Assistant Athletic Director for Business Operations manages all fiscal activities associated with the Athletics Department and for all aspects of the Athletics Business Office. More details HERE.

Assistant AD for Game Day Experience - (1900004D) (Towson University / Towson, MD): Assistant AD for Game Day Experience - (1900004D). Towson University is accepting applications for an Assistant AD For Game Day Experience to plan & execute inspiring Game Day, in-game Experience & environment. More details HERE.

Director of Development, Athletics/Assistant Athletics Director for Development (Ohio University / Athens, OH): This position will serve as a major gifts officer on behalf of Intercollegiate Athletics and University Advancement for Ohio University. More details HERE.

Compliance Coordinator (University of Alabama / Tuscaloosa, AL): Responsible for ensuring that staff, coaches, student-athletes, and representatives of athletics interest abide by NCAA and SEC rules and regulations pertaining to initial eligibility and admissions. More details HERE.

HR/Payroll Manager (University of California, Riverside / Riverside, CA): Under the general supervision of the Senior Associate Athletics Director/CFAO-SWA, serve as the Intercollegiate Athletics payroll and personnel specialist, as well as other duties as assigned. More details HERE.

Sr Associate Athletics Director- Development (Temple University / Philadelphia, PA): Incumbent is responsible for the management of all advancement activities for the Department of Intercollegiate Athletics. More details HERE.

Director of Development, Major Gifts (University of California, Berkeley / Berkeley, CA): This position is responsible for helping Athletics meet its fundraising objectives through the identification, cultivation, solicitation, and stewardship of major gift-level prospective donors. More details HERE.

Director of Development, Intercollegiate Athletics (Purdue Research Foundation / West Lafayette, IN): Identify and establish personal contact with current and prospective donors, making a minimum of 150 face-to-face personal visits annually, including a minimum of 50 discovery visits. More details HERE.

Assistant Director of Development-Varsity P, Intercollegiate Athletics (Purdue Research Foundation / West Lafayette, IN): Assist in achieving the Athletics Director’s advancement goals by building strong relationships with a broad base of alumni and increasing giving from Purdue Athletics alumni. More details HERE.

Ticket Sales Representative (University Athletic Association Inc. / Gainesville, FL): The University Athletic Association is looking for a positive and passionate individual that is committed to providing first-class customer service to the Florida Gators fan base as a Ticket Sales Rep. More details HERE.

Senior Associate Commissioner; Women's Basketball (Atlantic Coast Conference / Greensboro, NC): Position will serve as chief assistant to the Commissioner in the oversight of ACC women’s basketball. More details HERE.

Senior Associate Athletic Director for Advancement (William & Mary / Williamsburg, VA): W&M seeks a Senior Associate Athletic Director, Advancement, to lead athletics fundraising at W&M. Please review the job posting and apply at the link provided. More details HERE.

Associate Athletic Director for External Affairs (Fairleigh Dickinson University / Hackensack, NJ): The Associate Director is expected to build and supervise a comprehensive marketing and promotions program for the athletics programs and solicit sponsorship support for athletic events and facilities. More details HERE.

Athletics Marketing Graduate Assistant (University of Kentucky Athletics / Lexington, KY): Presenting an exciting opportunity for potential fall 2019 graduate students to assist with day-to-day activities, including the creation and implementation of marketing plans and strategies. More details HERE.

Associate Athletic Director, Development (Boise State Athletics / Boise, ID): The primary responsibility of the Associate AD, Development is to supervise and coordinate the activities of the Development Staff, Athletic Ticket Office and coordinate all major gift fundraising. More details HERE.

Director of Events (WeCOACH / Anywhere, United States; no relocation necessary; home-office): The Director of Events will create and drive strategy, provide leadership and event management and coordinate the WeCOACH educational and program offerings. More details HERE.

Development Associate-Events, Intercollegiate Athletics (Purdue Research Foundation / West Lafayette, IN): Assist the Associate Director of Development - Events with all aspects of designing, planning and executing events on and off campus. More details HERE.

SalesForce CRM Manager (USC Athletics / Los Angeles, CA)USC Athletics is looking for detail-oriented candidates who can help to ensure our campaigns are managed effectively and our data is accurately displayed. More details HERE.

D1.ticker Internship (D1.ticker / Perched on Top of the KFC YUM! Center / No, actually Anywhere, USA): D1.ticker is looking for interns to join our fast-growing team! More details HERE.

Sr. Assoc. AD External Ops-Revenue Generation & Brand Management (William & Mary / Williamsburg, VA): This senior member of the Dir. of Athletics’ leadership team will serve as a primary advisor for the Dir. and the Dept. with responsibility for multiple areas from a portfolio of external functions. More details HERE.

Coordinator, Technical Operations (Stanford Athletics / Stanford, CA): Responsible for audio/video equipment and content management for varsity events. Oversees event staffing, inventory control, creating/loading content, testing, and is the liaison for television crews. More details HERE.

Assistant Director, Athletics Communications and Digital Media (Marquette University / Milwaukee, WI): Assistant Director, Athletics Communications and Digital Media assists primarily with the media relations functions for select sports and coordination of the department’s video production efforts. More details HERE.

Associate / Assistant Athletic Director for Ticket Sales & Operations (University of New Mexico / Albuquerque, NM): The Assoc./Asst. Athletic Dir.-Ticket Sales & Ops, will manage the operations of the Athletic Ticket Office. More details HERE.

Assistant Athletic Director for Facilities & Events (University of Richmond / Richmond, VA): The primary responsibility of the Assistant Athletic Director for Facilities & Events is to serve as the coordinator for all sports programs and athletic events and to act as the department’s liaison. More details HERE.

Senior Associate Athletics Director, CFO (University of California, Berkeley / Berkeley, CA): Developing & implementing financial planning concepts, resource planning, & control of organizational budget. Recommendations for financial plans, annual resource allocation, & operating forecasts. More details HERE.

Assistant Director of Marketing (19513B) (University of Utah / Salt Lake City, UT): Job duties include the main marketing contact for Women’s Basketball and Volleyball marketing. More details HERE.

Major Gifts Officer, Athletics (The Citadel Foundation / Charleston, SC): This individual will build on the Foundation’s strengths and successes to help move The Citadel to a new level of philanthropic and alumni engagement in support of Athletics. More details HERE.

Athletics Operations Intern (University of Kentucky Athletics / Lexington, KY): Seeking passionate, dedicated candidates for three paid intern positions in Operations (Facilities & Event Management), providing an elite and challenging learning experience in a demanding field. More details HERE.

Director of Marketing & Fan Experience (Purdue Intercollegiate Athletics / West Lafayette, IN): Advances the department's marketing initiatives. Responsible for helping achieve departmental goals. Directly responsible for all marketing and game day responsibilities for football. More details HERE.

Accounting Technician I (San Diego State University / San Diego, CA): Process and review purchase order payments and direct payment requests, coordinate all aspects of student payroll, coordinate payments to game officials, and track assigned sports budgets. More details HERE.

Director of Intercollegiate Athletics (University of California, Irvine / Irvine, CA): University of California, Irvine (UCI) seeks a Director of Intercollegiate Athletics to lead the planning, coordination, and implementation of a broad-based program of Intercollegiate Athletics. More details HERE.

Assistant/Associate AD for Development (University of Wyoming Intercollegiate Athletics / Laramie, WY): The University of Wyoming announces the opening for an Asst/Assoc AD, Development in the Athletic Cowboy Joe Club. Job details can be found at UW Human Resources website, Job Opportunities. More details HERE.

Assistant Athletic Director/HR Strategic Partner (Pennsylvania State University / University Park, PA): Penn State University Intercollegiate Athletics and Human Resources are seeking a Human Resources Strategic Partner to be part of the ICA leadership team. More details HERE.

Associate AD for Marketing & Video (University of Kansas / Lawrence, KS): This position is a senior staff level administrative position responsible for the oversight and coordination of all marketing, video services and broadcast services within Kansas Athletics, Inc. More details HERE.

Associate Athletic Director - Academics (University of Illinois at Chicago / Chicago, IL): UIC Athletics seeks an Associate Athletic Director - Academics. Individual will be responsible for the overall administration and supervision of Academic and Student Services for Student Athletes. More details HERE.

Chief Executive Officer (Maccabi USA / Philadelphia, PA): The mission of Maccabi USA (MUSA) is to build Jewish pride through sports. The CEO is responsible for the overall successful leadership and management of the organization. More details HERE.

Assistant Director, Army A Club (West Point Association of Graduates / West Point, NY): The Assistant Director will manage a list of 400+ donor/prospects and actively identify, cultivate, and solicit gifts for the Army A Club. More details HERE.

Assistant Coach, Women's Volleyball (Quinnipiac University / Hamden, CT): Quinnipiac University's Department of Athletics seeks applications for an Assistant Coach in Women's Volleyball. More details HERE.

Assistant Athletic Director - Development & Revenue (Eastern Washington University / Cheney, WA): Serve as the leader of annual giving and ticketing efforts, balancing philanthropic generosity w/the critical revenue needs associated w/annual scholarship and operational funding for EWU Athletics. More details HERE.

Director of Athletic Communication - 10900BR (CSU Fullerton / Fullerton, CA): The CSU, Fullerton Director of Athletic Communications represents Sports Media in developing a communications plan that will increase the visibility and brand for the department and University. More details HERE.

Assistant Director/Director for Strategic Communications (University of San Diego / San Diego, CA): Most beautiful campus in America serving seventeen (17) NCAA Division I teams. Looking for a dynamic individual who is digitally proficient in storytelling and branding. EEO Employer. More details HERE.

Assistant Coach 2 - Football (Middle Tennessee State University / Murfreesboro, TN): Assist the Head Football Coach in developing a quality NCAA Division I Football program that will be competitive on the field and in the classroom within NCAA guidelines and in a professional manner. More details HERE.

Deputy AD (University of South Dakota / Vermillion, SD): Reporting to the Athletic Director, the Deputy AD directly assists the athletic director with overseeing the day to-day operations of the Athletic Department, including operations and sport oversight. More details HERE.

Assistant Coach, Indoor Volleyball (University of North Carolina Wilmington, Wilmington, NC): The Assistant Coach, Indoor Volleyball, assists the Head Coach in providing leadership for a NCAA Division I program. Assists with all aspects of the program and plays an integral part in the day-to-day administrative responsibilities, and more. More details HERE.
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