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Planning Your Estate 
Living Trusts Vs. Wills

You don’t have to plan your estate. No one can force you to. But if you don’t, you might end up like Einar Borglund (The name has been changed to protect the family). Mr. Borglund was not a client of Klueger & Stein, LLP. However, his children are clients. Mr. Borglund, according to his children, was apparently the most ornery old coot alive. Throughout his life, he amassed a good deal of wealth, owning a large collection of apartment buildings in Los Angeles.

Mr. Borglund did not trust janitors or plumbers, so he did most of the repairs on his buildings himself. He did not like property managers, so he collected rents himself. He did not like accountants, or lawyers but most of all; he did not like any of his three children (our clients).

There was one person Mr. Borglund loved, his second wife Bertha. Because he loved Bertha, and hated lawyers, one day, probably when he was nearing eighty, he popped a sheet of paper into a typewriter and typed out:

 Last Will and Testament

I, Einar Borglund, being of sound mind, leave everything to my wife Bertha when I die. I leave nothing to my children.


Can a will that was typed, but unwitnessed hold up in court as a legal document? 

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