'Foreign Country Due Diligence: A Checklist', 

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Foreign Country Due Diligence : A Checklist

In any acquisition, merger or joint venture, there is nothing more important than thorough due diligence.  When we represent a client, we can never know too much about a prospective target’s operations, finances and legal issues.  Due diligence can mean the difference between an acquisition that succeeds and one that fails.  At the very least, thorough due diligence can result in a reduced purchase price or different terms.
If the buyer is located in California, and seller is located in Oregon, the due diligence entailed may be extensive, but at least we don’t need to perform due diligence on seller’s country.  All that changes if one party to a transaction is located in a foreign country.  Following is a brief foreign-country due diligence checklist.

Are there restrictions on foreign direct investment?  
Are there currency restrictions or restrictions on the repatriation of profits
How onerous are local employment laws?  

Are local anti-trust laws an impediment?  
Is there a local “special economic zone”?  

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