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Is Nevada a Good Bet for Asset Protection?

When it comes to protecting assets from creditors, state laws determine whether debtors remain safe from creditors. Florida and Texas have some of the more debtor-friendly state laws, however, with the introduction of N.R.S. 86.401.2(a) in 2011, Nevada became the most debtor-friendly state in the United States.

Despite negative inferences, Nevada legislature explains that there are individuals and businesses whose professions put them at a higher legal risk, like doctors, and the state laws offer them the opportunity to safe-guard their assets and protect themselves from frivolous law suits and creditors.

Nevada is also the best place to form trusts because of the shorter two-year window which creditors have to try and garner debts owed. Once assets have been in a Nevada trust for two years, they are safe from creditors. The two-year time frame is the shortest in the United States.

One of the more popular options available in asset protection is the use of LLCs. This is because, in most states, including California, the laws prevent a creditor of a debtor-member of an LLC from getting to the assets of that LLC.  The only available option open to a creditor attempting to collect on a debt of a member of an LLC is something called a Charging Order.

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