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Water quality sensors and data loggers for AQUON

Observator recently won a tender from AQUON for the supply of water quality sensors, including data loggers with an internal modem. As a water board laboratory, AQUON uses these measuring instruments to monitor water quality in the central and southern regions of the Netherlands. AQUON carries out these monitoring activities on behalf of nine affiliated water boards.

Because AQUON is going to carry out more and more of these monitoring activities, they need more sensors and data loggers. For this reason, AQUON – in collaboration with a few companies, including Observator Instruments – has created a framework agreement for the supply of this equipment.

The first orders within this contract have now been placed. This mainly concerns EXO multi-parameter probes from Xylem/YSI. With this probe, it is possible to measure – among others – temperature, conductivity, dissolved oxygen, pH, chlorophyll, blue-green algae and nitrate. These probes have a central wiper, which keeps all sensors clean. This makes it possible to perform long-term measurements without intermediate maintenance. The multi-parameter probes are often used in combination with Observator’s OMC-048 data logger with an internal modem. This makes it possible to immediately view the measurement data online.

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