Fifth Beatle Goes To Chicago Fest
O Quinto Beatle Wins 2 HQMIX Awards in Brazil!!!


We've got some fab plans and splendid news to share this week! Watch out, The Fifth Beatle writer / producer Vivek. J. Tiwary will be invading The Fest for Beatles Fans August 14th - 16th in Chicago, appearing in five panels / sessions on Brian Epstein as well as signing all weekend. Hope to see you there! And we're thrilled and humbled that O Quinto Beatle won two HQMIX Awards, the highest comics industry honor in Brazil -- "Best Artist (Foreign)" for Andrew C. Robinson, and "Best Graphic Novel (Foreign)" for O Quinto Beatle

FEST FOR BEATLES FANS CHIGAGO: It's always a blast and then some hitting The Fest, no matter what city its in! Hope to see you there! Here's a listing of Vivek's appearances, including "The Fifth Beatle Update" 8:45pm on August 14, "The 5th Beatle, The Beatles in Comics, The Big Screen & Beyond" August 15 4:45pm, "Faboratory Presents: Who Is the 5th Beatle? Theory with Vivek Tiwary" August 15, 8pm. "Fifth Beatle Film News" August 16 12:40pm. Full schedule including signings all weekend here.  For an idea of what to expect from this always fabtastic gathering, here are some photos from Vivek's appearance at The FEST NY 2014.

HQMIX Award: What an honor for The Fifth Beatle to receive two HQMix Awards, the most important Brazilian award for comics! We won both awards for which we were nominees:  "Best Artist (Foreign)" for Andrew C. Robinson, and "Best Graphic Novel (Foreign)" for O Quinto Beatle! Biggup to our Brazilian publishers Aleph.

REBEAT Magazine Interview: "If I had to boil down the message of the Brian Epstein story to one succinct message, it’s that no dream is too impossible and no person too unlikely to realize that dream" says The Fifth Beatle writer / producer Vivek J. Tiwary in this illuminating interview with REBEAT Magazine. "Brian was there when they were rough-and-tumble, when nobody wanted them, when no manager wanted them, even when they got kicked out of Germany because they were underage! Brian was there from the very, very beginning, and that’s how Paul explained why he thinks Brian deserves the title 'Fifth Beatle.'”

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