Fifth Beatle Nominated For Two Eisner Awards
Brian Epstein Inducted Into Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame
Talk about an uber-FAB week for The Fifth Beatle, both the book and the man! First, Brian Epstein (RIP) was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, and our own Vivek J. Tiwary was there to bear witness and report on Peter Asher's induction speech on Brian's behalf; then we got the stupendous news that The Fifth Beatle is nominated for 2 Eisner Awards: "Best Reality-Based Work" and "Best Painter/Multimedia Artist" for Andrew C. Robinson's luscious art. Plus another rave review, and Vivek and Andrew continuing their signing tour [full details on all news below].

What a thrill to be nominated for 2 Eisner Awards: "Best Reality-Based Work" and "Best Painter/Multimedia Artist" for Andrew C. Robinson. From Vivek: "These are the Academy Awards of the comics industry!! I'm overwhelmed with joy and pride. As George Harrison sang, 'Share my highs-- I'll see you there on Cloud Nine.'"

Vivek worked with The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame + Museum on Brian's behalf and wrote up a "night in review" reporting on the induction, the whole spectacle, and some of the allstar performances, "Acknowledging Brian’s brilliant vision in being the first to believe in the Beatles, Peter Asher [in his induction speech for Brian] then focused on Brian’s passion, faith, and unwavering persistence in convincing an entirely disbelieving music industry—and the world in its wake—that the Beatles were destined to become not just international pop stars but inspiring cultural icons and true artists."

We're proud to present Peter Asher's Rock and Roll Hall of Fame + Museum induction speech on on behalf of both Brian and Andrew Loog Oldham, manager of The Rolling Stones ('63-'67) "When Brian Epstein first heard and saw the Beatles at the Cavern in 1961 he became a believer. That belief was the force behind his absolute determination to advise, to cajole and proselytize to the very limit of his powers. That belief remained intact even when every record company turned the Beatles down before he finally got them an audition with George Martin. Brian loved, respected and protected the Beatles and that love never flagged...."

The Fifth Beatle on Tour! Vivek and Andrew will be making two appearances at Wonder Con this weekend in Anaheim: Friday 4/18, 4:30pm on the "Comics & Pop Music Panel: Beatles & Beyond!" panel and Saturday 4/19 signing at the Dark Horse Comics booth. For future appearances keep an eye on this page.

Rockin' Long Island Press review: "The Fifth Beatle: The Brian Epstein Story, by award-winning Broadway theater producer Vivek J. Tiwary (A Raisin in the Sun, American Idiot, The Addams Family) and artist Andrew Cartwright Robinson, resurrects the seminal Beatles manager, breathing life, color, validity, and resounding beauty, into his short, intense, often-overlooked life and his contributions shaping and molding the four young lads from Liverpool..." 
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