VICTORY! Supreme Court Brings The Freedom To Marry Nationwide

"I think Beatles ought never to be married, but they will be someday-- and someday I might be too..." -- Brian Epstein, 1964. 

If only he were here to celebrate with us today. We've been celebrating since we heard the fab news from our friend Evan Wolfson, president of Freedom to Marry, in a historic email that began "Moments ago, the Supreme Court ruled that same-sex couples can no longer be denied the freedom to marry guaranteed by the Constitution..." In light of this wonderful development, and in continuation of our ongoing partnership with Freedom To Marry, The Fifth Beatle trade paperback, due out in October, will feature a freshly revised "Freedom To Marry" afterword essay by the great ‪‎Howard Cruse‬ (Stuck Rubber Baby). In case you missed it, Howard drew a wonderful comic strip in response to the decision. Here are some facts about what this ruling means for American families across the country, and below is Freedom To Marry's announcement verbatim...

Below essay from Evan Wolfson's (President, Freedom To Marry) historic email, sent Jun 26, 2015 at 10:12 AM

We did it! Moments ago, the Supreme Court ruled that same-sex couples can no longer be denied the freedom to marry guaranteed by the Constitution, assuring that, soon, all loving and committed couples will be able to marry throughout the United States.

Today’s ruling is a transformative triumph decades in the making, a momentous victory for freedom, equality, inclusion, and above all, love. For anyone who ever doubted that we could bend the arc of the moral universe toward justice, today the United States again took a giant step toward the more perfect union we the people aspire to. Today, the Liberty Bell rings alongside wedding bells across an ocean of joy.

Today’s win is also the culmination of a campaign that successfully made the case in the court of public opinion, enabling victories in the courts of law. While the work towards equality for all Americans is far from over, the Freedom to Marry campaign has been transformative in Americans’ understanding of who gay people are. The movement will continue to harness the power of the marriage conversation and win in the work ahead – including passage of a federal civil rights bill, securing state and local protections against discrimination, tending to the needs of our youth and our seniors, and ensuring that the lived experience of gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender people is fulfilling, good, inclusive, and equal throughout the land.

But the work of Freedom to Marry is now accomplished. Over the next several months, Freedom to Marry will collaborate with key movement colleagues to smartly and strategically wind down our work and document lessons learned. Then, we will close our doors having achieved our goal of winning marriage nationwide and helping loving and committed couples cross the threshold to marriage and full inclusion in society, with equal justice under law.

This win would not have been possible without your support and passion. It belongs to us all.

Evan, we look forward to continuing our partnership with Freedom To Marry. Thanks for all the wonderful work you do; it's an honor to play a small part in the good fight.

The Fifth Beatle Team

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