Please take a moment to watch writer/producer Vivek J. Tiwary give a hit TEDx Talk, chronicling Brian Epstein's influence on his career!

Also from a Fab Fall of fun honors-- Vivek was chosen as a "Special Guest of Honor" at Comic Con India, where he had an exhilarating, inspiring time as reported by The Washington Post. And Vivek along with artist Kyle Baker spoke about The Fifth Beatle at The Library of Congress at The National Book Festival 2014.

VIDEO: Vivek J. Tiwary's TEDx Talk: Vivek spoke to a rapt audience at TEDxFultonStreet about the birth of the Beatles and impossible dreams: "So, you've got in Brian Epstein a 26-year-old gay Jew, running around a dirty old port town in the north of England, saying 'I’ve found a rock n’ roll band who are going to elevate pop music into an art form.' For me, emotionally speaking, that didn’t seem so distant from the 26-year-old scrawny Indian weirdo that I was, running around New York City’s Lower East Side saying 'I’m going to write comic books and I’m going to take a punk rock album and put it on a Broadway stage.'” 

Washington Post's Michael Cavna reports on Comic Con India: "The Fifth Beatle creator Vivek J. Tiwary carries message of arts-career dreams to young Hyderabad fans..." Says Vivek, "I'm proud to have taken the message of The Fifth Beatle to Comic Con India-- No dream is too impossible, and no person too unlikely to realize that dream. If I've inspired folks in my Homeland, it will have been my life's work done well!"

VIDEO: Fifth Beatle at The Library of Congress National Book Festival 2014:  Vivek and artist Kyle Baker talk The Fifth Beatle at The Library of Congress at The National Book Festival 2014, moderated by Washington Post's Michael Cavna. Says Vivek, "Through passion and persistence Brian Epstein turned The Beatles, in just a handful of years, into the biggest pop culture icons possibly the world has even known.... "

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