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5, 4, 3, 2, 1…. HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!
Oh wait, we’re still in December!
Here at BetaNYC, we are excited to ring in the New Year. From our past few newsletters, we’ve made it clear that we are bullish on making 2022 the best year it can be… In January, we’ll tell you why!

We are super thankful for this community and enjoy working with YOU to solve the hardest problems we can find. If you have an extra $22 and are looking to support our apprentices, please consider supporting our 20$22 campaign.


Last month we welcomed our two new fabulous Civic Innovation Fellows. Please welcome to the team Lizbeth Jima and Abdul Wahab! You’ll see Lizbeth and Abdul in our Slack, at (virtual) events, and learning how to perform urban analytics via our RADARs. We’re always excited to have new colleagues and get an extra boost of energy from their eagerness. 


We’ve asked the BetaTeam to run down things we’re hopeful for in 2022...

Abdul -  Since everything is opening back again, especially school, I want to use this opportunity to make as many connections as possible whether it's in school, work or any extracurricular activity.

Gabby - Next year is a big one! Looking forward to celebrating the 10th anniversary of the NYC Open Data Law and delivering insights from the Peoples’ Tech Assemblies to the incoming administration.

Kate - I love Open Data Week so naturally, I am looking forward to reading all of your submissions to this year’s program. I can’t wait to hear what projects you’re working on and how you will engage New Yorkers in creative ways. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, check out our call for proposals.
Lizbeth - I struggle with public speaking and am excited to work on it in 2022.

Onedeige - Working on RADARs, supporting the next Borough Presidents’ needs, and launching a new series of Alumni events. 

Noel - I’m excited to help the next Mayoral Administration and several Borough Presidents sort out their day one public interest tech agenda!! Second, I’m looking forward to hiring a new Civic Innovation Lab Director. Third, I’m super excited to teach new Council Members and their staff about my amazing coworkers and the work they do to improve our City.

Zhi - Redistricting data and maps, and exploring new policies while telling new data stories.
Tweet at us (@betaNYC) and tell us what you’re excited about in 2022! And as usual, read on for recent news and some of our favorite things (including local gift shopping recommendations!).

— BetaNYC

Recent BetaNYC News

Open Data Week is coming! This March, we are gathering online and in-person to celebrate NYC Open Data and the 10th anniversary of NYC’s Open Data Law! Right now, we’re looking for event proposals for the week-long festival program — which includes NYC School of Data (BetaNYC’s civic tech conference is back!!) and Data Through Design, an annual data art exhibition. Calls for proposals are now open! Submit ideas for festival events and conference sessions here and data visualization exhibits here! Learn more in this blog post announcement.

Later on in the newsletter, you’ll find a number of amazing opportunities; we wanted to highlight two of them.
  • First, BetaNYC is hiring a Civic Innovation Lab Director to lead a more robust technical services division. If you have any questions, please email
  • Second, the NYC Mayor’s Office of the Chief Technology Officer is looking for members to be their inaugural member of NYC’s Digital Service team. We have spent EIGHT YEARS advocating for this team and want to make sure they have NYC’s best and brightest.

What's up, NYC

Over the last few months, the City Council has held quite a few oversight hearings. While BetaNYC is fortunate to be invited to testify in front of a few of them, we want you to share with you the ones that seem to be of note.

Open Data Oversight Hearing - This Friday, Council will host its annual oversight hearing. This is always an interesting opportunity to talk about open data. If you want to testify, register here.

NYC 311 City Council Oversight Hearing - It is surprising that the tool that makes NYC government more accessible, isn’t user tested with New Yorkers. 

Contracts Committee Oversight City Council Hearing - This is a 4 hour long hearing where DOITT can’t justify its emergency technology procurements.

Regulating Automated Employment Decisions - NYC has passed some radical legislation around automated employment decision tools. Ok, not exactly radical, but let's see how it gets implemented. 

What else is up?

Here are some recent content picks from our team and community. Share yours in next month's newsletter here.

👀  Serving lewks...

Interested in how population shifts will affect New York’s redistricting? The Redistricting Data Hub has some awesome insights.

Take a trip back ~ 40,000 years in Allen Hillery’s History of Data Visualization: Pivotal Moments Analysts Can Learn From

Are Citizen Portals useful? Carrie Bishop provides some insights in Citizens Portals Y / N?

How has the restaurant industry fared throughout the pandemic in the U.S.? Michael Dunphy shows that there is a disparity based on the state you reside. 

The New York City Mayor's Office of Criminal Justice released new data on the bail law and it’s quite juicy. Check out this report from The City.

GET IT released a groundbreaking toolkit that addresses gender equality issues in transport.

📰 Recently in the news...

Why the vaccinated population is higher than the census population in some NYC neighborhoods by Epicenter NYC

5 ways Eric Adams could revamp how NYC uses tech by Annie McDonough

For Final Budget Act, de Blasio Makes $4B in Red Ink Disappear — But Leaves Adams Billions of Worries by Greg David

Did De Blasio Make A Dent In The ‘Tale of Two Cities’? A New Analysis Of NYC Income Inequality Makes A Case by Elizabeth Kim

Native American tribes are gathering in Plymouth to mourn on Thanksgiving by The Associated Press

A Fix-It Job for Government Tech by Shira Ovide

News Alert: Dads Have a Role to Play in the Paid-Leave Fight, Too by Elie Mystal

After Years Of Delay, NYC Opens First Supervised Injection Sites In US To Fight Opioid Overdoses by Caroline Lewis

‘We’re Not Alone’: Families Share How They’re Coping With Grief in COVID’s Long Wake by Madeline Muldoon

Midtown Will Become More Pedestrian-Friendly For The Holidays by Jen Carlson

Crisis At Rikers: How Case Delays Are Locking Up More and More People For Years Without Trial by George Joseph

Somewhere In The Subway, West Side Story's 'Somewhere' Is Always Playing by Ben Yakas

Your Old Radiator Is a Pandemic-Fighting Weapon by Patrick Sisson

Councils to pilot UK standard for algorithm transparency by Sarah Wray

🎧  Listen on your commute...

WNYC - Transgender Troops On Protecting Their Right To Serve

PBS NewsHour - Can asteroids be veered away from Earth? New NASA spacecraft aims to find out

WNYC - What people miss in the conversation about banned books


Brooklyn Streetsworks - Chris and Veronica Whong’s T-Shirt Store!!

Triple Prime Voters Hoodie

War On Cars Store

NYC City Store

NYC Parks Store

Transit Museum Store

Allied Media Store


We compiled a list of books that we have recommended over the last year - enjoy!



Civic Design 2021 is a new conference running through tomorrow December 10th and our dear friend and civic designer, Ariel Kennan,  helped put it together. Be sure to tune in and follow #CD2021 as you attend events!

Tweet of the Month

Participatory budgeting for the win! Thanks for sharing Jackson!

Upcoming Events


Nov 28 - Dec 6 Happy Hanukkah!  

Dec 8-10 Civic Design 2021

Dec 9 PrestoCon conference 

Dec 13 - 15 The Opportunity Project Summit

Dec 14 at 12pm Architecting the Future of Cross-Cloud Data Collaboration

Dec 14 at 2pm Web Scraping & Social MediaMining For Text Analysis & NLP

Dec 15 at 1pm Maximizing GPU Utilization and Model Accuracy With Data-centric AI Practices

Dec 15 at 6pm Data Science Bootcamp Open House

Dec 15 at 7:30pm BetaNYC Virtual Holiday Mixer

Dec 21 at 1pm Responsible AI Dashboard: A tool for operationalizing Responsible AI

Dec 24 Christmas Eve

Dec 25 Merry Christmas!

Dec 26 - Jan 1 Happy Kwanzaa! 

Dec 31 New Year’s Eve

Jan 1 Happy 2022!

Mar 5-13 NYC Open Data Week 2022 (Save the date!)

Announcements and Opportunities

To contribute to our listings, be sure it is mission aligned and submit your announcement, job listing, opportunity or request here.

BetaNYC is hiring a Civic Innovation Lab Director. If you have any questions, please email

The Planned Parenthood Federation of America (PPFA) is looking for a Director of Data Infrastructure.

The ACLU is seeking a Data Scientist II- Algorithmic Justice Specialist.

The Manhattan District Attorney's Office is hiring a Technical Product Specialist.

The NYC Office of the Public Advocate is seeking a Director of Technology, Development, & Data.

The NYC Mayor's Office of Data Analytics is searching for an Open Data Intern

The NYC Mayor’s Office of the Chief Technology Officer is looking for members to join their NYC Digital Service team.

The NYC Department of City Planning is hiring for several analyst/research and IT positions.

The Tech Talent Pipeline at John Jay College is seeking Teaching Assistants for their Winter Bootcamp.

The Queens Public Library is searching for a Part-Time Data Assistant. To apply, please send your resume and cover letter to and reference “Part-Time Data Assistant_EXT” in the subject line.

Henry Street Settlement Leap Fund is looking for a Senior Program Lead.

Numina is searching for a Business Development Representative.

Bokksu is hiring a Growth Marketing Associate/Manager.

The National Association of City Transportation Officials (NACTO) is seeking a full-time Director of Engagement.

Level 12 is looking for Full Stack Web Developers.

Social Ink is hiring a Client Relationship Manager. Please email a brief letter of introduction along with desired salary, resumé and two references to 

Civic Fact of the Month 

David Dinkins, in a tan coat and red scarf, stands at a lectern and in front of  American flags
Image Credit: Newsday. 

Planning on traveling this holiday season? If you’re at JFK, take a moment to acknowledge the AirTrain!

On December 18, 2003 the groundbreaking AirTrain at JFK opened, allowing passengers to commute among airport terminals, mass transit stations and off-airport terminals at Jamaica and Howard Beach. Learn more about the AirTrain and its amenities here - happy holidays and travel safe!   


Time for a little news: after 5+ truly rewarding years at BetaNYC, directing the Fellows’ program and helping the team with lots of other brilliant programming, I’m transitioning to a new role. From our staff and CUNY fellows, I have learned so much about life, dedication, family, hard-work, and adventure. I will miss everyone dearly, but am also excited to see the team grow.

I would just like to thank everyone in this community for enriching our organization’s work and engaging in so many wonderful projects and building connections with each other over the years. I hope the New Year brings sweet fruit for us all, and to see you happily in 2022!




Want to support the public interest tech talent pipeline in NYC!

Donate $21 to our 20$21 campaign to support employment opportunities for Civic Innovation Fellows and Apprentices to continue working and growing with us. Thank you!

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See you next month! Peace, openness and gratitude!

- BetaNYC 🗽
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