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The biggest hangover of my life

For those of you that knew me in my previous life, you'll know I don't make a statement like that lightly. Throughout my twenties and early thirties I worked and partied hard with musicians, bands and record producers - and I did it well!
Nothing, however, compares with the hangover I've been suffering the past couple of weeks since my book "Why HypnoBirthing Matters" was released into the world. 
Sadly this hangover isn't a result of several bottles of trés expensif champagne; rather it's what the wonderful "researcher / storyteller" Brené Brown refers to as a "vulnerability hangover". Writing a book is one thing, it being out in the world means people are able to read it and have opinions about your work - crazy as it sounds this is something that only recently occurred to me. The feelings of vulnerability that come with poking your head above the parapet and being visible, and the fear of disapproval that might come your way slapped me right about the face - hard!

It’s something that comes up in my work as a psychotherapist a lot. There’s a heavily creative population here in Hackney and being seen, whether by someone you care about in a relationship, a presentation at work, creating and showing a work of art or writing something to be read by others means being vulnerable. Having the courage to put yourself out there is daring and Brené Brown challenges us to dare greatly.

Read more about my hangover  and how I'm curing it here...

Help me get over my hangover

Born and I are throwing a little shindig this Saturday afternoon to celebrate the book being born and you're all invited! There'll be cake, balloons and bubbles and it would be wonderful to see you all for a catch up and a hug!
Everyone is welcome, bumps, babies, toddlers... let me know if you can make it (so I have enough cake!) via the button below, or email, text or call and I can't wait to see you all!
Dates for your diary

Celebrate WHM launch!

Come have some cake and bubbles (drinkable and blowable!) and help me celebrate the publication of 'Why Hypnobirthing Matters' at Born.

Saturday April 18th 2pm-4pm
let me know you're coming

HypnoBirthing with Kat

Summer dates are in for small group courses at The Well Garden.
Places go fast though so if you know someone who might benefit from learning hypnobirthing please recommend they book ASAP!
find out about course dates

and breeeeaathe....

I've just returned from a week in the mountains just North of Faro, Portugal. The sweet, heady smell of orange blossom was particularly thick this year and it's one of my favourite aromas. The essential oil derived from orange blossom, Neroli, is expensive but a popular one for use in pregnancy and birth. It is one of the best oils for nervous tension as it is so calming and deeply peaceful... and it smells amaaaaaazing!

Repeat after me...

Affirmations continue to help me in daily life, you can find a whole range of birthing images and affirmations to download from my Facebook page here. I have more mindfulness related images and pins on Pinterest.
Have them as your phone, iPad, laptop home screen and screen saver and
drip feed more helpful thinking into your every day life!

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