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Learning to let it go!!!

My name is Katrina Berry and I am a control freak.

There I’ve said it (these monthly missives are becoming something of a confessional!) and this won’t come as a massive surprise to those of you who know me well.

I like to plan ahead, I work out journeys and timings and get everywhere 20 minutes early “just in case”, I always research an area before visiting (be it holidays, day trips, work) so I KNOW I haven’t missed out on anything. I like to sit in an aisle seat, “just in case”. I like to visualise how things are going to be and mentally rehearse my part so I know I get it right. I’m not someone who enjoys too much change, I thrive, like a lot of people, when I feel safe and comfortable and planning everything helps me feel safe and comfortable.


Sooooo losing my home for hynobirthing after five years of teaching at Born and setting up somewhere new has not only been incredibly sad but it’s been something of a challenge. Luckily I started putting down roots at The Well Garden over 18 months ago when I met the founder Lily and recognised a kindred spirit, I’ve since been sharing a combination of CBT, hypnosis and mindfulness there and loving it.

When Lily mentioned she was thinking of setting up another room for workshops in the always expanding Garden I jumped at the chance to bring Hypnobirthing to Hackney Downs. It turns out that planning the new room and using the opportunity to look at everything I do afresh has been a blessing.



The last few months have taught me an important lesson. I can’t control everything. In fact I have a sneaky suspicion that trying to control everything stifles creativity and potential. I notice it in work and in life.

I’ve been asked many times about teaching hypnobirthing, “don’t you get bored teaching the same class over and over again?”. Here’s the thing, it’s not the same class over and over again. I prefer teaching in small groups so I get to know everyone. Everybody brings their own experiences, expectations, anxieties and desires and I’ve learned over the years not to try too hard to control classes and have it be the way I think it should. There’s much more insight gained when “my” parents lead the way and show me what they need. The benefit of experience allows me to create this freedom so I can ensure we don’t go too far off track while responding to what’s going on for them. It means we cover the material I know it’s important to but in a way that’s meaningful for them. It makes for far more interesting sessions for us all.


In other words I’ve had to learn to “let it gooooooo!” (cue the Frozen song in all the parents’ heads!!!). For a self confessed control freak it’s a balance between preparing and letting go and I think doing one allows for the other. I have a phrase written on the wall in my kitchen


“Over prepare and then go with the flow”


It works with work, with life and with birth… In a week that has seen one of my hypnobirthing couples move from a planned home birth to a hospital and another unexpectedly welcome their son in the bath at home on their own - this seems particularly relevant!

Oh and we’re halfway through our first hypnobirthing course at my new home and yes it already feels like home!

Celebrating dads (it's Fathers Day 21st June!)

Are you aware of Stokey Dads?
Two dads in one of my hypnobirthing groups last year lamented how little there was for dads locally. I suggested they start something, so they did!
It's a group of dads who meet the first Tuesday of every month for a pint at the Daniel Defoe pub on Stoke Newington Church Street N16. 

Find out more and join them here
Dates for your diary

Born Together launches!

Come and meet many of the Born Together team at The Well Garden and learn more about acupuncture, active birth workshops, aromatherapy, cranio-sacral therapy, chinese herbal medicine, doulas, homeopathy, hypnobirthing, nutrition, 
reflexology, yoga & pilates, baby yoga & massage...
From pre-conception to parenting, we're with you every step of the way!

Sunday June 21st 11am - 3pm

HypnoBirthing with Kat

Summer dates are in for small group courses at my new home at The Well Garden. There's weekly classes and weekend courses - something to suit all.

Places go fast though so if you know someone who might benefit from learning hypnobirthing please recommend they book ASAP!
find out about course dates
The home for hypnobirthing in Hackney is open for weekly drop in sessions to help you maintain your practice before and after baby arrives!

These sessions will be tailored around who is there and all are welcome, whether you’re with bump or baby (up to crawling age) this is a chance to review techniques, chat with fellow parents and relish some relaxation and mindfulness time. 
A wonderful way to start the week! 

Every Monday morning, 10.30am - noon 
The Well Garden, Hackney Downs Studios, Amhurst Terrace E8 2BT 
Cost £10 per adult (babies and bumps come free!)
£5 if you've done hypnobirthing with me or are a member of Born Together.
Contact me in advance to book your place

Have you read "Why Hypnobirthing Matters"?

I know that may of you reading this are already well aware Why Hypnobirthing Matters - we need to reach those who don't yet know how it will change their lives.
If you've read the book and would consider leaving a review on amazon or the publisher's website, I would be so very grateful.
You really can play a part in raising awareness and bringing such a powerful tool into the mainstream.

Keep in touch...

You can find me in pretty much every nook and cranny of the interweb these days as I do my damnedest to spread the word about hypnobirthing, CBT, hypnosis and mindfulness. Click, browse and share!
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