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We pray you are well in whatever part of the world you find yourself. Read below to catch up on some of what is happening in the life and work of Arise Ministry Group.

Charity Shop (Hidden Treasure)

The shop has really done very well the past four months and we have achieved 111% of target for the year to date. Thanks once again to our dedicated and hard working staff Edel (supervisor), the 2 manageress’s (Barbara & Sibi), and the volunteers. Thanks must also go to those who donate goods to the shop. Special mention must go to Door of Hope, Northcliff Union Church, Chinese church contacts, and Riverside Community Church. The new owner of the complex has done extensive renovations to improve people’s shopping experience and we pray that this will draw more customers to our new shop. The “Branch out” team from Riverside assisted with moving us into our new shop. One of the members generously donated and helped install new shelving. God is good.


It has been a busy few months with numerous teams visiting the Emmaus project. Mark and Sara have hosted several volunteer teams from the States that came to help and work with the preschool children.  The teams came from Broadway Baptist Church in Texas and First Baptist Church in Richmond, VA. They will be hosting 2 local volunteer teams from Johannesburg at the end of this month. The first team will be a group of youth from Refilwe Community and the second a group from Riverside Community Church. These teams will seek to build relationships with the community of Emmaus while coming alongside to help with ongoing projects like the garden.

Two medical teams are scheduled to come towards the end of October. We trust that all documentation required by the Health department can be screened in time in order for the doctors to run clinics, etc.
We also look forward to a volunteer team from Tennessee in November. 

Building Programme

The building programme is on hold due to the requirements from the authorities for us to get a town planner and an engineer to authorise development. Their services do not come cheap and we estimate that it could cost in the region of R40 000-R50 000 (± $5500). A number of proposals have been submitted to potential donors. Our lease expires at the end of 2013 and the requirement is that we have proof for developing the land in order for a long term lease to be signed. Mark travelled to Pretoria to fetch three eco toilets and they have been erected for the use of the church and nursery school. A soccer field and basketball court have been set up. Money was also raised to install new playground equipment for the nursery school.
The preschool has continued to go well and the children have enjoyed all the visitors this past month. Thanks to support that was raised from Fairy Farm Baptist Church Fredericksburg and First Baptist Church Richmond, Virginia; we were able to build a new jungle gym for the children. They were so excited that it was difficult to keep them off of it for the cement to dry.

Empowerment Programme

We were able to send two young men to be trained at the Poultry Institute. They are super excited about what they learned and this month we will help them build their chicken coops to start their chicken business. In return for the training and help getting started they have already begun to train others in the community with the same information that they have learned.  We look forward to seeing the results of their hard work.

Items for Prayer:

  • Increased profits for the shop
  • Teams (medical, general helpers)
  • Funding for the building programme
  • Train more nursery school teachers
  • Funding for the vegetable Garden training and chicken farming.
  • Building relationships with key role players in the area of Emmaus.

Allen Family News

  • Don and Cheryl have been blessed with 2 new grandchildren in 2013 (Caleb) born to Carmen and Brent on 26 Feb. and Kiana born to David and Kate (25 June).
  • Cheryl is very busy with Door of Hope.
  • Richard is doing well at Riverside and one of his responsibilities is to head up the “Branch out” team
Thank you for your prayers


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We continue to enjoy learning and growing alongside the Emmaus community. We value their passion to know God and eagerness to learn the scriptures.
Thank You to everyone who continues to support all the work of Arise Ministry Group.
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