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2013 was a good year where the Lord remained faithful in providing for Arise and blessing everyone involved. The year was not without its challenges however, which included: the extensive renovation to the complex where the Hidden Treasure shop operates, moving the shop within the complex, increased rental, and limited storage space. Also, trying to raise funds for the various phases of the project in Emmaus. And perhaps the biggest challenge was when Mark and Sara went back to the USA on furlough. Arise and the community are really missing them.


We have finally got our Facebook Page up and running and will do our best to make sure it remains so. Please click here or on the image to the right where you will be taken to our page and you can click 'like' to join in. We will endeavour to provide relevant information and helpful content as we journey forward.

Charity Shop 

We ended 2013 on a positive note financially. The staff and volunteers enjoyed a celebratory breakfast early in December and look forward to 2014 with renewed enthusiasm as the renovated complex becomes fully operational. Pray that we will meet the target set for 2014 and that the donations for the shop will flow in abundantly.

Nursery School

Word has got out in the community that we operate a good nursery school and one of the school principals in the area has endorsed the school encouraging parents to send their children. The numbers have increased and have reached 140 with only a supervisor, 2 teachers, and a cook (we have recently had to hire a part-time cook’s assistant). Please pray for additional teachers, an additional venue as children come from far, and the funds to operate the school and improve its excellence.


2014 is off to a bang. Don was accompanied by 3 Door of Hope volunteers on a planning trip on the 17-19 Feb. They went down to plan for various teams that are set to arrive in the coming months, and to say thank you to friends of Arise in Winterton/Bergville. Teams that will visit and work with Arise are: Sunday school and leadership training (Flo and Don 20-22 Mar.); 2nd Baptist Arkansas (Chris Ellis-25-30 April); 2nd Baptist Wilmington North Carolina (Matt Cook 23-27 May);Wheeler Ave. Baptist Church Houston TX Maurice Carr June or July).  Riverside Community Church (Richard Allen Oct); and 2nd Baptist Memphis (Stephen Cook & Daniel Johnson Sept-Oct).

Building Programme

Our lease on the property expired at the end of December 2013. Our application for an extension for a further 3 years was granted
Proposed work for teams:
  • Children’s programmes at local school
  • Drainage behind toilets (Cement and slope)
  • Drainage and paving outside back door of church
  • Retaining wall by water tank.
  • Vegetable garden at project
  • Vegetable gardens at homesteads.
  • Training in farming, cooking and hygiene, administration, record keeping, finances data bases, etc.
  • Visit Hospital with Musa and hand out gift packs in maternity ward
Mark and Sara are busy raising funds to purchase and install a solar pump for the well that was completed towards the end of 2013. We still need to raise funds for a town planner before we can develop the site. This is one of the requirements of the provincial authority who grants the lease.

Empowerment Programme

The vegetable garden at the church has not done well due to lack of care. However the bean crop seems to be doing well. We need to look at other means of creating income and being more productive with the chickens and training more people.

Family News

The family are all doing well. We thank the Lord that there have been no major illnesses. David is getting closer to the time when he will be retrenched. We are praying that he will find a new job soon. Cheryl and Carmen are doing a great job at Door of Hope, and the church where Richard is Associate Pastor is growing in leaps and bounds. Mark and Sara are expecting their new arrival at the end of this month.

Items for Prayer:

  • Mark and Sara on home assignment
  • Sara’s pregnancy.
  • Hidden Treasure shop
  • Funding for projects
Thank you for your prayers

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