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As we approach the middle of 2013 we hope and pray you are well and having a good year thus far. Read below to catch up on some of what is happening in the life and work of Arise.

Charity Shop (Hidden Treasure)

The new supervisor Edol Schostar and the manageress’s (Sibi & Barbara) are doing a great job at the shop. The first three months were below target but April was a very good month and we are at 98% of target. The challenge is to be able to sort donations, price them, put them on the shelf, and still do the sales. That is why we need regular volunteers, we are very grateful to the ladies who faithfully help out. Donations have been coming in thick and fast over the past few weeks presenting a challenge for storage and sorting. Renovations are being done at the centre and we have been allocated a new shop. Added pressure is on the shop to be more profitable due to the increase in the number of children attending the nursery school, which the shop supports; numbers are up from ± 50 to 123.

Medical Teams

Two medical teams are scheduled to come towards the end of October. We trust that all documentation required by the Health department can be screened in time in order for the doctors to run clinics, etc. It has been difficult trying to liaise with the hospital superintendent. Please pray that all the logistics can be arranged soon.

Building Programme

The building programme is on hold due to the requirements from the authorities for us to get a town planner and an engineer to authorise development. Their services do not come cheap and we estimate that it could cost in the region of R40 000-R50 000 (± $5500).
Mark and Sara are in the process of organising three eco toilets to be erected for the use of the church and nursery school these should be ready before the end of June.

Empowerment Programme

Due to lack of funding for the vegetable garden, and the chicken farming, training we have had to improvise. Mark, Musa and community members have prepared a portion of the land for a vegetable garden. Shade cloth and fencing was put up to protect the crop from animals and the weather. A chicken coop has been erected for Musa. The plan - which is the cheaper option - is to send one or two people to do training at the poultry institute and they will return to train the others.

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Items for Prayer:

  • Increased profits for the shop
  • Medical teams
  • Funding for the building programme
  • Train more nursery school teachers
  • Funding for the vegetable Garden training and chicken farming.
  • Building relationships with key role players in the area of Emmaus.

Allen Family News

  • David and Kate are expecting to add a 7th to the Allen clan in June.
  • Cheryl is very busy with Door of Hope. Tragically they have had 4 deaths of babies over the past few weeks.
Thank you for your prayers


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