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WOW! The year is flying by. We pray you are well and experiencing more of our amazing Saviour, Jesus Christ. Arise continues to stride along and we have some exciting ventures ahead for 2013. Read below to catch up on some of what is happening.

God bless you.

General News

  • Arise purchased a bakkie to be used for the ministry in Emmaus. We want to thank all those who contributed towards this new vehicle.
  • Musa continues to collect and distribute the monthly food parcels.
  • The nursery school has about 60 children attending.


  • Before Mark and Sara went to USA in December they assisted Musa in fencing off the site and a section for the church vegetable garden. A large section was also ploughed to plant crops.

Please Pray for the 2013 Vision:

  • Train the current families receiving food parcels to become self sufficient i.e. grow their own vegetables and make more productive use of their chickens with a view to create a surplus that can be sold to generate an income.
  • Building the capacity of the nursery school teachers.
  • Training leaders for the church plants
  • Building relationships with the schools in the area to offer support to them to improve education and inspire them and give them tools to get out of the cycle of poverty
  • Building programme: extra toilets are an immediate concern; Accommodation block.

Charity Shop (Hidden Treasure)

A new supervisor has been appointed to the shop from the beginning of December 2012. She is very enthusiastic for the ministry and we look to increased profits to use in the Arise ministry, especially the Nursery School. Donations of goods is always welcome.

Allen Family News

  • Carmen had a baby boy Caleb Donald Pretorius on the 26 February, both her and Caleb are doing well.
  • We are grateful to Cheryl’s cousin who very generously donated a Nissan Sani and a trailer to us for the ministry.
  • David and Kate are expecting another little girl in June.
The Allen clan is increasing in size.

Williams Update

Hello from Mark, Sara, and Elijah! We went home for Christmas to raise our support for the next year but also to raise support and awareness for ARISE and it’s many projects. We had 14 speaking engagements at 12 different churches in North Carolina and Virginia. From what we could tell, people were excited and energized by the work and the stories.  We were very encouraged by the response we received and even upon our return to South Africa have received requests asking how to give to help build a well, how to support the widows and orphans and how to sponsor a chicken!
This was also Elijah’s first trip to the states and it was wonderful to be able to introduce him to our family for the first time.
We appreciate the opportunity to work in this ministry and look forward to connecting more people with the work that God is doing in and through the people of Emmaus.

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Urgent funding is needed for the toilets and the training for vegetable gardens.
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Thank You to everyone who continues to support all the work of Arise Ministry Group.
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