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Welcome to our new format Newsletter which we trust will be effective in communicating to all our supporters. There have been a number of exciting developments and events in the work - which we praise God for. Read below to catch up on some of the news and see if there is any way you can be involved.

God bless you.

Medical team visit Emmaus

A medical team from Wheeler Avenue Baptist Church (Houston Texas) travelled to Emmaus and spent 11-13 October doing training in first aid, CPR, HIV counselling and nutrition. They comprised of 3 medical practitioners, 1 psychologist and 6 non-medical personnel. They were very well received at the Emmaus hospital and at the church. Most of the attendees were Community Care workers (CCW’s). At the Friday training over 100 attended. The team also had the opportunity to deliver food parcels to needy families. Some First Aid Kits were donated to the Nursery School and church, and CCW’s. We would like to thank the Dischem Foundation for their donation of First Aid Kits and to Wheeler for additional supplements to the Kits and donations towards the food parcels.

Building programme

Plans for the building of the accommodation blocks at the site in Emmaus have been drawn up and will be presented to the municipality for approval. There is a need to build additional toilets for the church and nursery school. Presently only one toilet services the needs.

Charity Shop (Hidden Treasure)

We are grateful to the Lord for enabling us to meet the target for the year to date re monthly takings for the shop. However with increased expenditure regarding rent and costs related to running the nursery school we trust the Lord to improve the takings by 15%-20%. Beverley Bhaskare was appointed as supervisor of the shop at the beginning of August. Her main task is promoting the shop in churches and wherever the opportunity presents itself to solicit donations and volunteers.

Empowerment programme

Food sustainability is high on our agenda. Mark and Sara have been investigating how to make more productive use of the chickens that the families raise. There is a very good programme that is available to train families in this enterprise. We are also looking at training families to develop vegetable gardens. The concept is in line with the government initiative for every family, church, and school to have a food garden. The Food Garden Foundation has many years of experience and we hope to work with them to make this dream a reality.

Williams Update

Mark and Sara Williams are enjoying their time and work in Emmaus. They have been spending time getting to know the community both in Emmaus and surrounding areas and learning both the strengths and resources of the community as well as the needs.
From preaching and training to poultry farming to spiritual warfare to childhood development, they have their hands full and are making some good advancement for the Kingdom.
Click here to read a full update from the Williams.


  • Support for the food parcels that we give to 20 families every month is running low and will be depleted by December. The current cost is ± R350 ($40).
  • Musa is still in need of a more suitable Bakkie for the ministry.
  • Funding for operational cost is a struggle.
  • Funding to the building programme including architect fees.
  • Training and implementation for the food gardens and chicken farming.


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