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Talent vs Work

Hey Delfi, I have just a few quick thoughts for you...

Having natural talent is useful/convenient in the beginning, but it can get you in the long run.

A person who relies on talent alone:
  • Doesn’t know what to do when their talent is no longer sufficient.
  • Get’s surprised and confused when someone who relies on hard work passes them by.
  • Doesn’t maintain a consistent practice schedule, and therefore will have trouble delivering on time.
  • Will binge and crash with their output, they have trouble being consistent.
  • Is not interested in the process, but the product.
  • Will not find repeatable success easily.
  • Has a hard time working in groups / Will alienate people around them.
Is being talented bad? No. It will often give you a jump start in learning a new skill. It can be a bad thing, however, when you fail to transition your native talent into a process of refinement, leveraging the principles of consistent hard work.

<3 Travis
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