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Covid-19 Socio-Economic

Impacts Real-Time Delphi Study


As a subscriber to The Millennium Project Newsletter, you are invited to participate in an international questionnaire about the socio-economic factors that will influence the future course of the Covid-19 pandemic over the next 12 to 18 months.

There are only 9 questions. All participates will receive the results. The results will be used to create alternative Covid scenarios and actions to address the pandemic. The American Red Cross requested The Millennium Project to conduct this research to organize the many uncertainties into scenarios to help its planning in the United States and to share with others working to counter the pandemic. The Millennium Project will also be available to share this work and collaborate with your country in similar efforts.

No attributions will be made; your answers will be anonymous, no answer or comment will be connected to your name, unless you put your name with the comments you enter. You would be listed among the participants in this study, unless you tell us otherwise.
Please go to

You will be asked create a free account and to enter your email address and then asked to give yourself a password that you will not forget please or have your browser remember your password  for you.  In this way, you can return to the questionnaire as often as you like until the July 22th deadline and see and edit your answers, and see those answers (anonymously) of others. This is a unique questionnaire called a Real-Time Delphi that lets participants respond to each other anonymously improving the quality of the insights over time.
The Millennium Project in cooperation with the American Red Cross is currently running 4 RTDs (2 for US: Medical/Health and Socio-Economic; and 2 for international: Med/Health and Socio-Economic Issues).  You should have received the information about th is last week, if not, and you would like to participate, email

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