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6 days in May
6 days in the middle of São Paulo 
6 days to complete a mission
6 days 
and some long nights of intense work with 15 exceptional experts - I was happy to be one of them
Mesa & Cadeira, a brilliant think tank invited Berndnaut Smilde to be head of the table for a short 
workshop to devolop 
a present to the people of São Paulo. One, they would remember.
>> Present(e) <<

The Makers:
Alberto Blumenschein | Annegret Kellner | Camila Simas | Carol Luck | Daniela Ruiz | Fernanda Baffa | Gabo Gesualdi | Gabriel Giacomini | Henri Honda | Joana Dambrós | Karen Rozenbaum | Ligia Giatti | Lívia Araujo | Mariana Cobra | Victor Mendizabal

La Condition Humaine

6 June – 11 July 2015 | Dapiran Art Project Spaces | Springweg 59 Utrecht
Opening: Saturday, June 6th, with a performance of Robert Wittendorp
Anna van Suchtelen, Annegret Kellner and Johan Rijpma
The exhibition La Condition Humaine at Dapiran Art Project Space in Utrecht opens today and is in the run, part of the cultural program during the Tour de France, starting on 04 & 05 of July in Utrecht 2015. Therefore, the merely video based works deal with the seduction for fame, power, competition, the boundries of time, resistance and the limits of mental and physical endurance.


Global Draw Project 
A kick off ot the Global Draw Project took place last weekend at the Collectors House Heerlen. More updates on the final presentation will follow soon in the Oude Stadsgalerij
The GlobalDrawProject offers a visualisation of everything that is possible to achieve by linking up with ‘others’. The GlobalDrawProject connects and visualises connection.

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