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At the end of last year, the University of Florida scientist and GMO proponent Kevin Folta promoted a new Twitter account called @askepticalnurse to attack the anti-GMO movement. But Folta's “nurse” turned out to be a “cosmetologist” – someone trained in hairdressing, nail care or makeup – with a delinquent licence as a nursing assistant. GMWatch
According to ArborGen investor Rubicon, ArborGen is planning to request permission to sell eucalyptus genetically engineered for herbicide tolerance in Brazil. These GM eucalyptus, also engineered for faster growth, would intensify the already serious social and ecological impacts of eucalyptus plantations. Stop GE Trees
Monsanto has announced that it has reached a new global licensing agreement with the Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard for the use of CRISPR-Cpf1 genome-editing technology in agriculture.
The US FDA is not monitoring glyphosate residues in food – a fact that surprises some, including the Government Accountability Office, because it’s so commonly used. CBC Pittsburgh