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The Senate Agriculture and Environment Committee has approved two measures that provide more oversight over pesticide use by Hawaii's seed industry. One bill calls for an expanded oversight committee that would establish statewide standards for long-term, low-level exposure to pesticides, as well as creating policies for buffer zones from spraying. Hawaii News Now
In the UK, open field trials of a GM supposedly higher-yielding wheat have been approved by ministers, despite fears it will contaminate other crops. However, claimed yield increases with GM wheat are unproven, while the “fairy gold dust” trope used to promote the wheat is deceptive. Daily Mail; comment by GMWatch
Todd Fryhover, president of the Washington Apple Commission, wonders why we need the GMO Arctic non-browning apple when there are already non-GMO apples on the market that naturally don’t brown. KIRO Radio, Ron and Don Show Reporter; comment by GMWatch
Researchers are tinkering with nature’s DNA in new and potentially problematic ways and without clear regulatory guidance, writes Dana Perls of Friends of the Earth. One example is the GMO non-browning apple. STAT
GMOs for pest control could end up as contaminants in agricultural products throughout the globe, and organic farmers are particularly at risk. Science Daily
Officials at biotech and seed industry giant DuPont say they need an extra three months to complete the merger with rival Dow. Iowa Farmers Union President Aaron Lehman says the delay will give union members more time to weigh in with their opposition to the merger, as well as to other proposed pairings in the industry. Radio Iowa