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Nutrition is an environmental factor that affects pests’ susceptibility and underestimate pest resistance to Bt toxins (the insecticides genetically engineered into GM Bt plants), a new study shows. Most Bt bioassays employ carbohydrate-biased rearing diets, but the pest insects do best on a high protein diet. When they eat an optimal diet, they are less susceptible to Bt toxins. The results suggest that Bt resistance tests that use unsuitable diets overestimate pest susceptibility and underestimate resistance. Scientific Reports
Bermuda’s environment minister Cole Simons is not prepared to lift the ban on weedkillers containing glyphosate “at this point in time”, he stated. Sustainable Pulse
Ted McKinney has emerged as the latest contender for the job of secretary of the US Department of Agriculture. McKinney is former director of global corporate affairs for Elanco Animal Health, a division of pharma giant Eli Lilly, and a former executive on the government affairs team for seed/pesticide giant Dow AgroSciences. Mother Jones
An agreement with the US could instantly shatter the Brexiters’ dream of ‘taking back control’, limiting sovereignty in key areas. The Guardian