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Forty-one civil society organisations, including GMWatch and several of the organisers of the successful European Citizens’ Initiative #StopGlyphosate, are urging EU Health Commissioner Stella Kyriakides to guarantee that the ongoing assessment of glyphosate is based on updated independent scientific evidence and remains free from vested interests. GMWatch
Environment secretary George Eustice plans to ignore the results of his own public consultation and push on with proposals to dismantle GM safeguards, warns GM Freeze. Please ask your MP to tell him it’s time to start listening. GM Freeze via GMWatch
Recent reviews have deepened the link between exposure to pesticides and, among others, various types of cancer, cognitive disorders, and Parkinson’s disease. In the light of these analyses, the European Union’s pesticide assessment procedure appears to be incomplete, so action must be taken. You are invited to a scientific webinar on Friday 15 October (in English), which will present the gaps in this procedure and establish a line of action through a common public intervention by members of the scientific community. Speakers include Prof GE Séralini. GMWatch