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The weedkiller Roundup causes non-alcoholic fatty liver disease at very low doses permitted by regulators worldwide, shows a new peer-reviewed study carried out using cutting-edge molecular profiling analyses. The study is the first to show a causative link between consumption of Roundup at a real-world environmentally relevant dose and a serious disease. GMWatch
After more than a decade of unsuccessful efforts to eradicate the GM grass it created and allowed to escape, lawn and garden giant Scotts Miracle-Gro now wants to step back and shift the burden to Oregonians. OregonLive
France has officially given the boot to harmful chemicals in outdoor places where young children, crucial pollinators and the general public frequently gather. MNN
In a new study, glyphosate levels were measured in German adults between 2001 and 2015. The results showed a steady increase in exposure that peaked in 2012. However, from 2013 there appears to be a reduction in exposure. The authors say this may be due to changes in application of glyphosate in agriculture: Austria, for example, banned the pre-harvest use of glyphosate in 2013. International Journal of Hygiene and Environmental Health