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Kevin Folta has responded to accusations that he knowingly promoted the diet and health expertise of an unqualified nurse, by condemning the criticism as "libelous" and the work of "evil people". But he has failed to rebut the charge that the person in question is not a nurse, yet calls herself one, and that he knew it. GMWatch
Colombia has started fumigating coca crops with glyphosate again, the government announced Wednesday, after the technique was suspended in 2015 over health and environmental concerns. Telesur
The Malta government is banning glyphosate products that contain the POE-tallowamine co-formulant. And the Environmental Landscapes Consortium, which "has been operating since 2003 to improve the landscaping and general maintenance of public areas and gardens in Malta", says it's phasing out all glyphosate products. Times of Malta; comment by GMWatch
The Canadian Food Inspection Agency fast-tracked safety tests on eggs from GM salmon in order to hit an export deadline last year, according to internal government documents. Council of Canadians