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A Florida company,, has set up a “Glyphosate free” certification programme for foods. Heavenly Organics, manufacturer of 100% organic, raw, pesticide and antibiotic free honey from wild beehives, has announced that some of its honeys are now Glyphosate Free Certified. [GMW: As yet we don’t know which testing method Biochecked is using – some methods are reliable, others not. We’ll keep our readers posted.] Black Hills Today
Neal Carter, founder of the company that produced the GMO Arctic non-browning apple, has made an interesting admission. He says that labelling the apple as GMO would effectively “demonize” it in the eyes of shoppers. The apple’s GMO status will be hidden behind a barcode. CBC News
Amid consumer skepticism over GMOs, restaurants can attract higher-income diners with non-GMO options. QSR
UK scientists say a first-ever long-term study shows the popular weedkiller Roundup caused severe liver damage in rats. Al Jazeera; comment by GMWatch
A proposal to give member states the power to ban the use of EU-approved GM ingredients in food will likely stay stuck in a legislative limbo for several months. The Maltese presidency has not planned for the EU Commission-generated proposal to be discussed by agriculture ministers, whose approval is required for the plan to become law. [GMW: The proposal to allow member states to ban EU-approved GMOs in food and feed is unworkable and is nothing more than an attempt by the Commission to entice member states with an anti-GMO view to drop their opposition during votes on approving GMOs.] EU Observer