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Research by Testbiotech has shown that cows and their offspring stemming from cloned bulls are registered in a professional breeders database in the UK. It is likely that a considerable number of animals stemming from clones have already entered the EU. At present, the EU has no labelling or registration requirements for these kinds of imports, which makes it almost impossible to identify breeding material stemming from cloned bulls. GMWatch
Monsanto is preparing a fresh effort to promote GM crops to the UK public. The company recently appointed former World Bank communications strategist Vance Crowe as its "Director of Millenial Engagement", a job that involves convincing the public about the benefits of GM. In March, Vance will be in the UK to give a series of talks, including one in Glasgow as a guest of Glasgow Skeptics, an organisation committed to “promoting science and critical thinking”. Countercurrents
In mid-January, the CEOs of Bayer and Monsanto, Werner Baumann and Hugh Grant, reported in a joint statement that they had a "very productive meeting" with the incoming President Trump about their potential $66 billion merger. However, farmers fear that a merger will result in increased seed and chemical prices. Business Insider UK